For almost a year, he and his friends have been on the run, hoping to stay one step ahead of Tom Riddle and his Death Eaters, hoping to survive and finished the job left to them by Dumbledore.

For almost a year, he and his friends have evaded capture to destroy Tom Riddle’s Horcruxes.

He has already unknowingly destroyed the first horcrux, the diary of a young yet twisted Tom Riddle. Albus Dumbledore destroyed the ring with great cost to his own life. Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger took care of the locket and the cup. Just a few hours ago, Draco Malfoy and his bumbling cohorts inadvertently helped them destroy the tiara by igniting a fiendfyre.

Only one horcrux remained.

The snake…

All their effort to destroy it has been undone. His mad walk to his own death and surviving the killing curse was to no avail. He thought the snake would be killed but the one he chose failed to do it. Neville tried to hack the snake’s head off only to be hexed into kingdom come by Voldemort. Neville survived the hex only thanks to the Gryffindor’s sword.

Their moment of triumph has gone awry.

Now they all hang in the precipice of defeat.

Unless he, Harry Potter- the Chosen One, The-Boy-Who-Lived could change the tide.

Too much has been sacrificed for him to lose now. Hedwig, Dobby, Remus, Tonks, Fred…they are just a few of those who have fallen against the darkness.

Now, the school, his home, is in ruin and a handful of his friends lay dying in the battleground. He doesn’t even know where Ron and Hermione are anymore. The Hogwarts Defenders are in full retreat. The tide has turned against them when Neville failed to kill the snake.

Much has been lost already…

But the fight rages on as he and the Dark Lord draws perilously close to fulfilling the prophecy.

Both destined to fight each other…one cannot live while the other exist…sewn together by destiny…destined to oppose each other in a one climatic duel…

That final confrontation has finally come…

Yet the snake still lives.

The Dark Lord is still immortal…

“It cannot end like this.” Harry James Potter murmured as he supports himself against a pocked-marked wall with his bloodied left hand. His robes are singed and in tatter, his glasses askew over his bruised and smudged face. He was panting from too much exertion and he offhandedly swipe blood from his forehead as he stared into the depths of the Dark Lord’s cold eyes.

Most of the combatants, both defenders and invaders, surrounded him and the Dark Lord, all of them waiting for the outcome that would decide the fate of the wizarding world.

“Is that all you got, Harry Potter?” Lord Voldemort cocked his head as he raised his wand, the same wand that he stole from Dumbledore’s grave. Though he was standing upright, he was having a hard time controlling his breathing. Fighting Harry Potter has taxed him too. “You might as well drop your wand and accept your fate with open arm. This time I promise you. You will not get up.”

Harry only glared at his nemesis, knowing that talking won’t matter anymore. He must defeat Tom Riddle and later hunt for the snake, hoping to kill it before he is resurrected once again.

“No last word, Harry Potter?” Voldemort sneered as they circled each other.

“It is not yet too late, Tom…” Harry finally spoke. “It is not too late for some remorse…”

“You dare!” Anger flashes from Voldemort’s eyes even as the light from a new dawn glistened through the hole in the wall. “You will pay for your perfidy!”

“Let us end this then.” Harry took a deep breathe, knowing the time has finally come.

As soon as they were bathed in orange, new day light, Harry and Voldemort both raised their wand.

“Avada Kedavra!


Both red and green spells collided in midair, showering sparks everywhere and forcing the onlooker to back away.

“This ends tonight.” Harry shouted as he pushed his wand forward. He watched with satisfaction as the red spells gained ground.

“This can’t be…” Voldemort’s eyes bulged as he lost ground. He felt his wand, the elder wand, buckled from his hand. “No!” He shouted as the wand finally flew from his hand and his own spell rebounded against him.

Harry, with the unerring skills of a seeker, caught the elder wand with left hand before he stumbled to his knees. He looked up when he heard the onlookers’ grasps.

Tom Riddle, the Dark Lord Voldemort, was still standing, body bathed in a shimmering green light.

“I have gone where no wizards has gone before to secure my immortality. Do you think I could be affected by something as simple as a rebounding curse?” Lord Voldemort pointed a finger at Harry, the shimmering light focusing on its tip.

Wandless magic

Harry knew what was coming. He wanted to stand up and fight, to use the elder wand he had just acquired but he was so weak. The moment he grasped the elder wand, it was as if he was zapped of all strength and power. His body felt numb, his arms stiff. He shivered from the cold that was slowly enveloping him. He blinked, trying to clear his visions. It was as if a haze has been placed over his eyes.


Harry recognized her voice, the love in it as well as the fear. It somehow broke through the cold sweeping him. With much effort, he turned toward her, giving her a reassuring smile.

Truth be told, he has always been aware where she is the whole time he was battling the Dark Lord. Now, at the cusp of death, he drank every feature of her beautiful face, the fire in her eyes, the full of her lips, the freckle-smeared cheeks…

“Look at me!” Voldemort shouted as he released the energy he had focused on his fingertips. Like lightning, greenish light arched toward the kneeling Harry Potter, bringing with it the potency of the killing curse.

Harry didn’t break his eye contact with the woman he loves. He knows it is over, that he has failed, that he would be leaving her. But Ron and Hermione still lives. They will continue what he had started and they will ensure her safety. They had promised.

“I love you…” He murmured before the killing curse hit him, giving him a greenish aura before his body was carried a few inches away by the force of the curse. He was dead even before his body landed on the ground in an odd angle.


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