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“She was pissing me off anyway” James snapped.

Hannah Parkinson had just left their table after James asked her leave after she said Remus looked like shit, after the full moon. All the boys sat in an uncomfortable silence, shifting nervously in their seats.

“Well, on a lighter note” Sirius grinned, “Let me eat” he grabbed two chicken legs and half a foot long baguette whilst Peter sat there staring at him in astonishment.

“Padfoot how can you eat all that?” Peter squealed.

Sirius shrugged and tucked into a ham sandwich which he swallowed practically in one. James chuckled grabbing half a baguette for himself and demolishing it in about a minute, Remus chuckled and rolled his eyes. Luckily Louise showed up before he could start criticizing them about eating too much.

“Hi” She smiled kissing him on the cheek and plonking herself down next to him, he beamed at her, “How much have you eaten today?” she grinned at Sirius; Sirius looked up at her, his mouth full of crisps.

“Not much” he mumbled spitting crisps everywhere, James laughed.

“Lovely Black” Louise made a face, Sirius grinned a crispy grin at her and returned to his food.

“Hey it’s a specialty” Sirius said simply.

“Really? I thought your specialty was sleeping with girls and then breaking their hearts” came the irritated voice of Rosie Chaplin behind them, she wasn’t as quite as forgiving as Louise had been, “oh no wait that’s you Potter, you just like to cheat on them Black” she said bitterly.

“I sleep with girls, I eat, I prank, I date girls, I eat, I prank, I am a man of many talents” Sirius said ignoring the jibe.

James snorted and grabbed his bag, the bell went for first lesson of the afternoon, he had transfiguration with the rest of the Marauders and Louise was going back to the common room first to grab her books, Rosie was going with her, so they said goodbye to them and carried on walking.

“Do you love her Moony?” Peter asked casually on the way to transfiguration, the three boys turned around and gaped at him, Peter wasn’t usually one to ask about feelings or talk about them, he blushed and Remus grinned.

“Yeah” He shrugged, James stared at him shocked, Remus had never mentioned anything before, Sirius also looked a bit shocked, Remus obviously noticed their shocked faces as he blushed, “I haven’t told her though” James hit him over the head with his transfiguration book.

“Moony, you’re a bigger idiot than Padfoot” James told him, they turned to Sirius who was muching away on a cauldron cake, James shook his head grinning, how could he eat so much.

“Hey I’m not an idiot” Sirius protested, “Well, not that big of an idiot anyway” he said, he was staring at something, James followed his gaze and his eyes landed on Alexandra McCord who was stood with Lily Evans just laughing and chatting, James smirked and hit his best mate over the head, Sirius flushed and looked at the floor, “Yeah so you should tell her Moony” he muttered to his feet, James sniggered and Sirius looked up at him glaring, he drew his wand, James drew his.

“Tarantellegra” James smirked, Sirius yelped and dodged it, “Very Gryffindor Padfoot” James sniggered, but he didn’t notice Sirius hit him with the Jelly Fingers curse, James swore under his breath as he dropped his wand and Sirius dropped to the floor in fits of laughter, James walked over to Remus asking for his help but Remus couldn’t stop laughing either, eventually he gathered his breath and turned James’ fingers back to normal.

“Accio wand” James hissed with Remus’ wand in his hand, when his own was back to him he chucked it back to Remus, whilst Sirius was wetting himself, “Locomotor Mortis” James said silently and before Sirius knew what was going on he had fallen back to the floor with his legs attached together.

“Prongs, you prick” Sirius snapped at him, James grinned at him.

James turned around and grabbed Sirius’ copy of Quidditch through the ages, thinking very hard about the Quidditch Pitch he whispered ‘portus’ he put a time limit of 15 seconds on it, he dropped it to the floor, Sirius growled and moved towards it, the minute he touched it, he disappeared, everyone looked shocked James and Remus however could not stop laughing, knowing Sirius had a bind on his legs and could not walk all the way from the Quidditch pitch to McGonagall’s classroom was very amusing.

Eventually McGonagall turned up asking where 'Mr Black' was, everyone just shrugged. They made their way into the transfiguration classroom. James sat in his usual seat alone as Sirius was ‘absent’. McGonagall was talking about animagi; James luckily didn’t have to listen as he knew all about animagi anyway being one.

“The spell used to turn an animagus into its original form is the Homorphus charm... Ah Mr Black, how nice of you to finally join us” McGonagall said bitterly, Sirius was 45 minutes late, James snickered, Sirius glared at him and walked towards his seat next to him.

“It took 35 minutes for someone to find me, you tosser” he hissed, James sniggered, “then I had to run here, when did you learn that spell?” he added sounding a little bit impressed, James grinned and mouthed ‘tell you later’ as McGonagall was sending them evils.


“I’ve had an idea” Rosie was saying, they were walking from Herbology, one of the only classes the four of them did together.

Lily was tired, they had a free period, not many people were out, most people were up in their common rooms or in class, the four girls were walking past the potions storage cupboard when Rosie had announced she had an idea.

“Yes Ro? What is it this time?” Alex sighed, Lily smiled, Rosie always had a ‘great’ idea and it usually failed.

“Well” She said stopping, they stopped to face her, “You were telling me about the James and Sirius and that portkey yesterday, well I can’t be bothered to walk all the way to the common room, so let’s just make a portkey, Louise or Lily can turn it into one, whoever has studied it and we could be back in the dormitory in seconds, we just need to keep lookout” Rosie grinned, Lily raised her eyebrows, Rosie noticed her skeptical looks, “Come on Lil, live a little” Louise giggled, Lily rolled her eyes.

“Let’s do it” Alex grinned.

“Fine” Lily sighed, they sat on the floor hoping no teachers would come along, Alex was their lookout.

“Right” Louise muttered pulling out her book; they had decided she would do the spell as she had read a lot on portkey’s and Remus had explained to her in potions how James had done it, “umm…” she muttered to herself whilst reading.

Lily leaned against the wall, her thoughts on James, as usual, she knew he had a free as well, she wondered what he was doing, probably something with that stupid Hannah, Lily found herself automatically glaring and turning her nose up, James was too good to be with a bitch like Hannah. Lily was never mean about people, she was quite shocked with herself, but Hannah had threatened her.

“Someone’s coming, quick we’re not meant to be wandering the corridors and even we’re caught making illegal portkey’s we’ll be in detention for the rest of the year” Alex hissed sprinting down the corridor to them, Lily looked up and grabbed the handle of the potions cupboard door whispered ‘alohomora’ and pulled them all inside.

“Colloportus” Rosie whispered, pointing her wand at the door when they had got inside the door automatically locked itself.

“I wanna see who’s there, I can hear their footsteps they must be at the top of the corridor, Lou carve a small hole in the wood” Alex urged quickly. Louise sighed and grabbed her wand.

“Deletrius” she muttered, making a small hole big enough for one eye to fit in. Luckily it did not make a noise, Alex shoved Louise out the way and stuck her eye up to it, she gasped.

“What?” Lily muttered, Alex didn’t pull her eyes away, she just shook her head.

“Lily don’t look” Alex hissed.

“Why?” Lily murmured curiously. Rosie shoved Alex out of the way, she put her eye to the hole and gasped.

“Jeez, Lil don’t” Rosie muttered.

But Lily had shoved them both out the way and put her eye up to the peep hole, she repeated their gasp, a little too loudly, she had to duck because Potter and his girlfriend, Parkinson were stood outside the door practically eating each other and they heard Lily and had turned around, Lily braved herself to look up again, they had continued their ‘feast’.

“Eww” Lily giggled, her friends breathed in relief, Lily found it more amusing than upsetting.

“Get a room” Louise giggled when she got to the door, she moved away from it again, going back to the book they were turning into a portkey, she had started muttering spells.

“If we’re not careful they might try and use this room” Rosie hissed, Lily bit her lip and gave Louise her most panicked face, Louise glared at her and continued to mutter to herself.

“Right, it hasn’t got a timer on it, so let’s get out of here” she hissed at them, Lily raised her eyebrows at her and then nodded to Rosie whose eyes were still on James and Hannah.

“No” Alex suddenly muttered, the other three girls looked at her in confusion, she noticed their curious expressions, so she continued, “let’s play a little Marauder prank on the chief Marauder himself” she smirked, Lily grinned and Rosie squealed.

“Let’s aguamenti them, come on lets, pleeeeease” Rosie begged, Alex nodded her head and pulled out her wand and aimed it in the hole making sure it was pointing directly at Potter and Hannah. Lily giggled as Alex whispered.

“Aguamenti” all you could hear was squeals and shouts, the girls laughed silently as Potter would recognize their laughs, Alex had a peep through the hole, “they’re soaked” she giggled, James was shouting and trying to open the door, Lily looked through the door

Putting her bright green eye to the little hole was a bad idea, he frowned slightly and stopped shouting, he brought his face closer to the tiny hole and look straight into her eye. She gasped quietly and drew back.

"Go, go, Go" she hissed, all throwing themselves onto the portkey.

They landed in the dormitory; luckily Alisha and Jasmine were in class so if anyone asked they’d been there the whole time. They all fell about on their beds laughing. When they had finally got a hold of themselves, Alex stood up and moved toward the door.

“Let’s go, Peter and Remus are down there so if we walk down, talking loudly they’ll notice we’ve come down from the dorm, so when James comes we’ll have witnesses to testify where we are and good job you got rid of that portkey Lou” Alex told them.

Louise grinned and the girls followed her out the door, Lily was pleased with herself, Potter had looked hilarious soaked and shocked, they made their way down to the common room talking loudly and luckily Remus and Peter looked up smiling at them. They sat down by the fire and joined them.

“I thought you were up there” Remus smiled, kissing Louise on the cheek when they got down there.

“Yeah, we went straight from class and did our homework up there, so we could enjoy our free time” Louise beamed at him.

She was an excellent liar and people would believe anything she said, Remus smiled at her and returned to his book, Alex and Louise led down by the fire deep in conversation, Rosie was playing exploding snap with Peter and Lily grabbed a book called ‘Tales of Beedle the Bard’ it was a story book, full of fairytales, Alex had leant it to her as Lily was muggle-born she had never been read them.

She was getting into one of the stories when the portrait door opened and in walked a soaking James Potter; he was bright red in the face and cursing under his breath. He looked at them and walked over; Lily ignored him and went back to her book, smirking a little.

“James” Remus said shocked, “what the fuck happened to you?” he checked outside obviously to see if it was raining, Lily down at Alex who was trying to hide a laugh.

“Someone aguamentied me and Hannah, when we were well you know” he added hastily, his voice was full of anger; Lily raised her eyebrows, her eyes still on her book. Suddenly Alex let out a loud snort of laughter, Lily looked at her she was bright red in the face and was laughing a lot.

“Is something funny McCord?” James snapped at her, Alex shook her head, sniggering, “go on spit it out?” Alex glared at him.

“Oh dear poor Jamesy he got a tinkle bit wet when he was snogging his bitch of a girlfriend” Alex said sarcastically, “Looks like you finally got what was coming to you Potter, maybe next time don’t act like such a two faced man whore” Alex said sweetly to him, James glared at her, his eyes widening, realization was obviously kicking in, luckily for them, he had no proof.

“You four” he hissed, glaring at them, Lily looked up at him and found his eyes on her, he let out an angry snarl, “you did this, you lot did it” he snapped.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about James” Rosie said nonchalantly, returning to her game.

“Cut the crap Chaplin” James shot at her.

“James, im sorry but we’ve been here the whole time” Louise shrugged, Remus raised his eyebrows as James looked at him.

“Sorry mate it’s true, I saw them come down from the girls dormitories, when did this actually happen?” Remus asked him.

“About 15 minutes ago” James muttered, Remus shrugged.

“They were up there, sorry mate, they never even came in through the portrait, and they went up there straight after class” Remus told him returning to his book. James glared at them; Lily knew this was her time to shine.

“I know they did it” James snarled.

“How could we of? Some of us can’t work portkey’s you know” Lily sighed not looking up from her book, Rosie giggled and Alex sniggered, Louise had a huge grin on her face. James bent down from behind the sofa, his face red with anger and he muttered in Lily’s ear.

“Heads meeting now” he hissed, before storming to the heads common room.

Lily sighed, putting down her book, she waved goodbye to her friends and reluctantly walked towards the heads common room. When she got in there, James was pacing up and down an angry look on his face.

“Fucking hell Evans” He snapped at her, Lily had the strangest urge to laugh at him, he was being so ridiculous.

“What’s the matter Potter?” She said innocently, knowing it would drive him insane, he let out a frustrated growl.

“What is your problem?” He hissed. She snorted at him.

“What do you mean?” She asked him with nonchalance in her voice.

“Why do you hate me so much?” He glared at her, she rolled her eyes.

“Not everything is about you Potter” she replied calmly, keeping her temper in for a change.

“YOU AGUAMENTIED ME AND HANNAH!” he roared, still pacing.

“Like I said before, I don’t have a clue what you’re talking about, I was upstairs the whole ti..”

“Bullshit” James interrupted her, “you’re a talented witch Lily Evans, I don’t doubt that, you could make a portkey in an instant and it would go wherever you wanted it too. And if you seriously believe i wouldn't recognise your eyes for two seconds then you're kidding yourself” he hissed.

“I’ve never made a portkey in my life” Lily said truthfully, ignoring his comment about recognising her eyes, James snorted and took a step towards her.

“Jealous Evans?” he taunted, Lily raised an eyebrow.

“Of you and her?” she snorted, “you’re the perfect couple, the bitch and the man whore” she said nastily, before stepping around him and stalking out of the common room.


The common room was practically empty, it was one o clock in the morning, it was a Saturday tomorrow so Louise and Remus were up studying and talking, when Remus had finished his homework he let out a large yawn, Louise looked up at him and giggled, she put her homework away as well and joined him on the sofa.

Louise wouldn’t admit it but she was tired, she was eager to go to bed but her and Remus hardly ever spent alone time together. She snuggled up to him on the sofa, he yawned again and stood up, and Louise raised her eyebrows at him.

“What?” he asked sleepily.

“Well, im tired too, but I wanted to spend time with you” she whined, she hated whining she sounded like a five year old, but she did really want just to be with her boyfriend.

“Go to sleep then dear” he smiled, he leant in for a kiss but she diverted it to her cheek, she was ticked off. He lifted his head up; he didn’t look amused he looked exactly how she was feeling.

“What was that?” He snapped, she widened her eyes at him, Remus had never snapped at her whilst they had been dating.

“I say I want to spend time with you, as in my boyfriend, and you get up and head off to bed. What is wrong with you?” Louise retorted, going red with anger.

“Lou, I’m shattered” he muttered, she gaped at him.

“Fine” she murmured, “go to bed” he looked at her guiltily, obviously knowing he had done something wrong.

“Lou” he started.

“No, go on Remus if you’re so tired” she snapped.

“I wanna talk to you too” He told her, she ignored him.

Glaring at the wall, she felt tears in her eyes, she blinked them away, her and Remus never fought, she was also angry because she loved him, she loved him and he wouldn’t tell her he loved her, she was waiting for him to say it all the time, but people were always around, sometimes she didn’t believe he loved her at all, she could feel the tears slowly falling down her cheeks, Remus had noticed them too.

“Love, what’s the matter?” He asked gently. She shook her head.

“Do you even like me?” She whispered she was doubting everything.

“Of course I do, how could you say that?” He asked shocked.

“Well we’ve been together, three and half months and well, I mean you’ve never said or shown any indication of… well I don’t know I mean im so confused…” she was babbling and she knew it, Remus chuckled and put his hand under her chin and kissed her gently but deeply, she smiled in between kisses.

When they stopped she looked up at him, feeling embarrassed about crying in front of him, she was about to say something but he held his hand up to interrupt her.

“Lou” He breathed, he sounded nervous, she felt nervous too, “Louise, I love you” he whispered, she smiled, happy tears were running down her cheeks, she flung her arms around his neck.

“I love you too” she whispered in his ear, he pulled away from her smiling but sadly, “what?” she said noticing his smile.

“I need to tell you something” he muttered

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