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A/N: I've tried to fix any spelling or grammar mistakes in this chapter, but unsure if I managed to get everything. I hope you like this chapter, the younger ones are off to the pub! :-D Alcohol and problems are a good mix right? :-D

“What’s going on?” Roxanne mumbled rubbing her eyes tiredly as she strolled into the front room of the house the adults were staying in.

The others shrugged as they sat on sofas, the floor, and the table. Everyone was bunched up next to each other not leaving much room for stretching, moving or breathing without hurting someone.

“Ow!” Amelia cried as Albus stretched his arms out and caught her in the face with his hand, she rubbed her face with one hand before she shoved him roughly with the other one, sending Albus falling into Dominique who whirled around and shoved Albus back.

“What’s your problem Al?” she cried in annoyance. Everyone was tired and extremely moody from having been woken up by Bill and Fleur who told them that there was some important news that everyone needed to know.

“It’s nine in the morning!” Molly junior cried as she leant her head on Louis’s shoulders and closed her eyes. “Why do we need to get up so early whilst we’re on holiday?”

“I’ll have you know that most of us have been awake since six,” Harry told the group as he shifted slightly on the sofa, Ginny was sitting on his lap because Ron was taking up two seats on the sofa whilst he lay down.

“That’s because you’re old!” Lucy cried as she leant on Louis’s other shoulder. Louis was currently leaning backwards, his head on Arthur’s knees as he sat on the floor in front of his Granddad. Louis was beginning to snore loudly, matching Arthur who was taking his morning nap.

“Is everyone here?” Bill asked cheerily as he looked around the room at his family, half of them were disgruntled and glaring at him. Roxanne had found a seat on the floor next to her brother who looked like he was struggling to keep his eyes open.

“Good good,” he beamed at them, most of them glared in response. “I bet you’re wondering why we’ve asked you all down here. Well me and Fleur have been told the best news. And we just couldn’t be happier - ”

“Will you get to the point?” Lily called sleepily, “Some of us have sleep to catch on.”

“No amount of beauty sleep will make you look better Lily so there’s no point in you even trying,” Albus shot back at Lily, who let out a yell of anger before throwing herself at her brother and over James, Amelia and Hugo who were startled by her action. There were yells of pain and unhappiness as Lily struggled over her cousin, brother and sister in law to get to Albus, who was leaning on Dom to get away from Lily.

“That’s enough you two!” Ginny snapped causing Lily to calm down and Albus to smirk at her. Lily went back to where she was sitting with a huff as James, Amelia and Hugo rubbed their arms and legs, sure that bruises would begin appearing.

“As I was saying,” Bill carried on, quite used to his nieces and nephews behaviour by now, “We have some news. Victoire and Teddy?” he asked looking over at the two who stood up and grinned at each other before looking out at the family who were all watching them carefully.

Louis and Arthur had woken up by now due to Molly senior hitting them on the head with her daily prophet and Molly junior had opened her eyes to look up at Victoire and Teddy.

“We’re going to be having a baby,” they told them together.

It took the family a few seconds to react in their sleep filled state but all at once they all scrambled to their feet and ran forward, knocking over things in their path as they all tried to get to Teddy and Victoire, including Charlie who stumbled to the floor and had to be helped up by Audrey. A group hug formed as some people began screaming in happiness, including all of the girls and Hugo.

After they had all recovered and everyone moved away from Victoire in fear of hurting the unborn baby they all clambered around Teddy who was yelling at them to stop hurting him although he had a smile on his face the whole time.

“You know what this calls for don’t you?” Hugo called to the family, “Celebratory drinks down the pub!”

"That’s the best plan you’ve ever had Hugo!” Albus cried moving away from the group still hugging Teddy and throwing an arm around Hugo as they began walking to the door. “Let us all get dressed and meet down here in about two hours, that way Nan can make us some lunch before we go!”

The younger ones all agreed heartily as they let go of Teddy and all ran for the door, shouting congratulations as they passed them. All of them excited to get out of the house and drink, all tiredness forgotten in their haste to be the first one dressed and down.

“Excited bunch aren’t they?” Teddy said to the remaining adults who were all shaking their heads at their offspring, wondering if they were ever going to be normal. They stayed where they were, all still congratulating Teddy and Victoire and also Bill and Fleur who were beaming proudly.

“I’ll make a special brunch for us all!” Molly senior cried as she wiped the tears from her eyes and gave both Victoire and Teddy a kiss on the cheek.

"That would be lovely mum,” Angelina said as she walked forward and congratulated Teddy and Victoire as well. “I’ll be glad to help you prepare it.”

“Well someone should go supervise them at the pub,” Ginny stated and as Harry was just about to tell her that they would be fine as they’re adults, Ron cut in.

“Me and Harry will go supervise them!” he cried, Harry took a deep breath and turned to face Ron who was smiling at him.

“Well I kind of wanted to -” he began but one look at Ron and he knew that he wouldn’t be getting out of going with him “Fine. Me and Ron will go.”

As the group all walked up to the pub after they all had some lunch, Harry couldn’t decide who was more excited, the kids or Ron; who seemed to be bouncing around in excitement and pushing everyone playfully out of his way as he ‘lead’ the way.

Harry felt himself sigh as he watched the others in front of him, all acting immature and yelling loudly and he was regretting Ron’s decision for making him go, knowing that he was going to be the sole responsible one in the group.

They pushed their way into the pub, the regulars staring at the fourteen of them as they made their way to the back of the pub and found two tables with enough room for them to sit together if they pulled them together.

Harry looked over at the others as they sat down and pulled out their money, the girls deciding to get a few bottles of wine between them and the boys deciding to buy themselves shots and beer, or just anything that they could get their hands on.

Harry suggested to everyone that they have something to eat from the food menu that was laying on their tables but they all chose to ignore him, instead giving money to certain people who were going up to the bar and getting ‘rounds’ in.

Harry let out a sigh as he sank in his seat and looked around at everyone, some of them his children and one of them his best friend, knowing that it was going to be a long day.

“Come on dad lighten up!” Albus cried as he came back over to the table carrying a tray of drinks for the men of the group to drink. He handed out the drinks as he sat down and handed everyone a shot of something that was vivid red in colour. Harry looked at it sceptically as his son handed it to him; he watched as everyone else downed their shot and grimaced at the after taste.

Harry downed his own drink quickly thinking that it would be a lot more fun if he drank something as well.

Three hours later Harry knew that he had made the right decision in coming, he had slowed everyone down on their drinking so between them they only had a few bottles of beer and a few shots each, and the girls had only had a few bottles of wine between them.

He watched as his two sons were laughing at Hugo who was trying to balance quite a few food menu’s together to try and make a pyramid as Fred and Louis began adding drinks together in a bigger glass and daring Ron to drink it with loud laughs, he looked in slight horror as Ron drank whatever concoction it was that Fred and Louis had made.

The girls were gossiping together, loud giggles filling the air as they looked around the bar at the people sitting around them, catching the eyes of a few of the men. Harry made a mental note to look out for all of them and make sure no one felt the need to converse with any of these people.

Ron cheered loudly as he finished his drink and banged the glass on the table, Fred and Louis also cheered and clapped their uncle on the back. Hugo’s pyramid fell down causing Hugo to become sad for a few moments before Lily passed him a glass of white wine and he quickly became happy again as he drank it a lot quicker then he should have.

“Let’s get another drink!” James cried as he stood up and climbed over his brother to get out from behind the table, Albus ignored him as he began to have a serious conversation with Fred. James walked over to the women’s table and stood next to Lucy who was currently arm wrestling with Dominique, and losing.

“Would any of you ladies care to come with me to the bar?” he said looking at Amelia and winking at her. Amelia giggled back at him as she stood up and Molly moved so she could get around her.

“I’ll love to,” Amelia told him and James gave her a warm smile. Lucy, Fred and Rose exchanged hopeful glances as James and Amelia walked over to the bar. Fred quickly stood up he mouthed to Lucy and Rose ‘I have a plan’ before he rushed over to the bar.

The two women watched as Fred stood next to Amelia and James who were standing close to each other their heads together as they seemed to be in a conversation with each other, Amelia had placed her hand on James’s arm and was leaning towards him a smile filling her face at what James was saying to her.

Fred edged towards them until he was standing directly behind James; he gave a quick glance at the couple before he lost his balance and toppled into James, who fell forwards onto Amelia. Everyone steadied themselves and stood straight, Fred held his hands up to the guy standing a few meters away from him and said loudly, “Alright mate, calm down there’s no need to shove.”

The guy looked quite confused and turned away from Fred who turned back around to look at James prepared to offer him and Amelia his apologies when he stopped and a smile spread across his face.

After James had fallen onto Amelia he had grabbed hold of her waist to steady himself and her, when they stood up straight they noticed with hitched breaths just how close they had got to each other, they could only stare at each other for a few moments neither of them wanting to move away from the closeness.

Amelia felt an internal struggle fill her as she thought about how much she wanted to close the gap between them, her eyes flickered down to his lips as she realised just how much she had missed this, the closeness of him, the feel of his breath on her face, the feel of his lips on her.

Her mind was screaming at her to not do what she was about to do but she ignored it, ignored how much it would pain her to do this, how much she would regret it when she was perfectly sober, but she just couldn’t resist him anymore. She moved forward and pressed her lips to his as she wrapped her arms around his neck. James froze in shock at her action before he gave in and kissed her back.

Fred punched the air in what could only be described as celebratory as he walked back over to where he had been sitting, making sure to request a high five from Lucy and Rose as he passed them, their first plan had failed but this one had surprisingly worked, now they just had to sit back and wait for James and Amelia to get back together. ‘Absolutely fool proof,’ Fred thought as he grabbed for Albus’ drink and downing it, slamming the glass on the table after he had finished.

“Oh get a room!” Molly yelled loudly as everyone else had spotted James and Amelia kissing at the bar and let out yells as they saw the drinks on the bar waiting to be brought over to them. Amelia and James pulled away from each other looking at each other for a moment as Amelia raised her hand to her lips, the realisation of what she had done filling her face as she grabbed the two bottles of wine and moving away from James as she rushed back to the table.

James stared in disbelief as he watched Amelia sit down and pour herself a glass of wine before she drunk it quickly, her hands shaking and her eyes flickering over to James before looking away and drawing Dominique into a conversation.

James grabbed the tray of drinks for the boys before he walked back over to them and sat down dishing out the drinks as he sat in the seat next to Albus turning to look quickly at Amelia who was glancing back at him, neither of them knowing how that had just happened. James tried to hide his smirk as he grabbed for his drink and leaned forward to talk to his father who was trying to stop Ron from charming the drink away from Hugo who was trying to get out of his father’s reach and finish his drink quickly.

Fred, Lucy and Rose exchanged looks knowing that their plan may not have gone to plan but was still having the desired effect as James and Amelia couldn’t go a few minutes without looking or staring at each other, all they needed now was more alcohol and more chances to give them alone time.

“Excuse me please,” Albus said as he elbowed his way out of his seat at the table, pushing Louis out of his way and into the grip of Molly and Lily who held him down and yelled out, “Grab me my bag! I have the perfect thing to put on him.”

Albus walked over to the bar and leant on it as he winked at the girl standing next to him, “Hey good looking,” he said, causing the girl to look at him in slight horror and repulsion as she backed away from him. Albus raised an eyebrow but didn’t let her reaction affect him in any way as he turned around and faced the other way to the girl standing on his other side.

She was staggering slightly and laughing with her friend and Albus noticed with a smile that she was drunk. “Why hello there,” he said taking her hand and kissing it the girl let out a giggle. “What brings you two girls to a place like this?”

“Oh it’s my friend’s birthday,” The staggering girl said pointing to her friend who flashed her birthday girl badge at him. Albus smiled as he raised an eyebrow seductively at her as he suggested that he should give her a birthday kiss. But before he could get near her someone grabbed him from behind and pulled him back. The girls looked confused and Albus whirled around quickly to see Amelia was standing behind him with tears in her eyes.

“Amelia... what?” Albus began but he was met with a slap to the face, he tottered on the spot as his hand flew to his face and rubbed it, it was stinging and had turned red.

“How could you!” Amelia seethed pointing at Albus, “after everything that we’ve been through, I have to find you here talking to these girls! Didn’t what we had mean anything to you?”

Albus stared at her a fearful look in his eyes as he glanced back at the girls who were watching Amelia crying in front of them, neither of them knowing what was going on.

“I thought that I was your one and only! First you ran off with my brother... And now you’ve gone for these! You make me sick Albus! SICK!” she shoved him roughly and stormed back over to the table. Albus watched her walk off before turning back to face the girls and opening his mouth to speak to them but they too slapped him and staggered away muttering about how he made them sick. Albus turned back to face Amelia seeing her high fiving Roxanne and Charlie.

Albus stormed over to the table as he fumed angrily. “Would someone care to tell me what that was all about?” he asked them, “and also what in the name of Merlin’s pants are you doing here Uncle Charlie?”

“I gave the others the slip,” Charlie said with a shrug as he stretched out in his seat and reached for Ron’s drink, claiming it as his own and taking a long drink of it. “You have no idea how boring that meal was -” he told them with a shake of his head before looking down at the drink a look of disgust on his face, “- and apparently someone needs to educate you all in what’s an appropriate drink to have,” he stood up and clicked his fingers causing the barmaid to turn around and face him.

“Would you be so kind as to bring me two bottles of your strongest Firewhiskey and put it on Harry Potter’s tab!” Charlie yelled winking at Harry, who rolled his eyes before smiling at his brother in law.

“He doesn’t have a tab,” the barmaid told him loudly back as she grabbed two bottles.

“Well he’ll be starting one,” Charlie told her before sitting down and putting his arm around his brother Ron who was smiling goofily around at everyone.

“You still haven’t explained what on earth happened over there!” Albus cried as the barmaid brought the Firewhiskeys over and placed them in front of Charlie as well as enough glasses for everyone sitting around the table.

“Remember back when you ruined my chances of taking those lovely women home the other day, by claiming that I still wet the bed?” Charlie asked, the barmaid looked up at Charlie slight disgust on her face, “don’t worry sweetheart it was a lie,” the barmaid nodded before she backed up and walked back over to the bar. “Well this is my revenge.”

“By making up that lie?” Albus asked taking a seat next to his father and glaring at his Uncle.

“Hey it got those girls away from you didn’t it? Plus don’t you already have a girlfriend?” Charlie asked his nephew as he poured out drinks for everyone.

“Yeah what’s your point?” Albus stated as he sat down next to Charlie and grabbed for the glass. “She’s making her way over here in the next few days, I’ve got to amuse myself somehow.”

Charlie rolled his eyes at Albus before handing out the drinks.

“Everyone take a drink. I’m going to show you how to get drunk properly,” and before Harry could protest Charlie’s suggestion, everyone had taken their drink and downed it in one, each of them pulling faces as it burned on the way down.

Harry let out a sigh as he too drank his drink, feeling the familiar burn that you never got used to burn its way down his throat and into his stomach. Charlie was the party animal of the family and the younger ones really loved him, maybe it was a good thing that Harry was here to keep an eye on everyone.

“I feel so ill!” Louis cried as he walked outside of the pub, the rest of his family in tow. Louis had clutched hold of his stomach and was crouching over slightly, “I knew I shouldn’t have eaten that packet of crisps that Uncle Charlie gave me; I think they’re repeating on me.”

“Oh yeah it has nothing to do with the pints and shots you drank,” Amelia slurred as she walked next to him, James following and throwing an arm around her shoulders, Amelia leaned into him.

“Well you look great!” Fred said loudly as he stumbled on the other side of Louis and having to be held up by Dominique who although had drunk most of the wine was able to walk straight and wasn’t slurring her words. Fred blew Louis a kiss and Louis frowned at him.

“It’s not my fault Lily and Lucy pinned me down whilst Molly put make up on me is it?” Louis cried as he turned to point at Lily and Lucy who were following them.

“We did no such thing!” Lily told him heatedly, “besides, you were the one who told me to use the blue eye shadow because it complimented your skin tone.”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about!” Louis cried as he threw his arms up in the air.

“Where are the others?” Molly asked turning around and seeing that everyone was walking behind them. Charlie was carrying Hugo up the path over his shoulders, he was completely drunk as was almost everyone else in the group, Harry was still the one who had to supervise them so didn’t drink anymore after the Firewhiskey and he was now currently dragging Ron along the path, struggling to keep both him and Ron steady.

“You know what Harry?” Ron cried loudly his words slurring badly as he threw his arm around Harry’s shoulder, Harry winced as a stench of alcohol hit him. “If you were a girl, or I was a girl or I found you remotely attractive in the slightest ... or if you were half as attractive as me. Then we could work, you and me!” he pointed between them both as he squinted slightly.

"That’s nice to know Ron,” Harry admitted, used to Ron’s declaration of love for him that seemed to happen more often then he cared to mention. “But I’m afraid to tell you that I love your sister.”

“What did you say about my sister?” Ron demanded throwing his arm from Harry’s shoulder and standing angrily on the spot, wobbling slightly as he glared at Harry, fist clenched in front of him.

Harry tutted and rolled his eyes at Ron’s behaviour. “I said that I loved your sister.”

Ron walked forward with an “Oh well that’s ok then! Because you should keep her she’s lovely."

“Ron you know you’re talking about taking me away from your sister don’t you?” Harry asked putting Ron’s arm back around his shoulders so he could keep him upright.

“Oh bugger, I really shouldn’t be saying these things should I?” he asked.

“No Ron, but it’s ok because we’re going to take you home and put you to bed,” Harry told him as he caught up with Charlie who had stopped his walk, Hugo still unconscious and dangling from Charlie’s shoulder, “and you and Hugo can sleep this all off,” Ron nodded as he walked along with them.

James and Amelia had stopped their walk and were currently bickering with each other, Fred and Lucy had stopped their walk and held back in case they needed to step in and intervene, both annoyed that their plan hadn’t worked and they seemed to have been put back to square one. Alcohol didn’t seem to be a good idea anymore.

“You can’t keep avoiding this Amelia; we need to have this talk. We kissed each other you can’t admit that that wasn’t anything?” James told her loudly, Fred and Lucy were glad that everyone else had walked off ahead as James and Amelia didn’t seem to care who was able to hear them.

“What do you want me to say James?” Amelia cried as she staggered backwards slightly, angrily pointing at him, “Do you want me to say that I still love you? Want me to say that I can’t stop thinking about you, that I can’t stop wishing that we were back to what we were?”

“Why can’t you admit to what we have Amelia? What are you so scared of?” James shot back.

“I’m scared of this James. I’m scared that I’m letting my guard down by letting you in because I swore that I would never let myself think about you again. I’m scared of how you’re making me feel and I’m scared of how I know that I will never find anyone else in this world that I love as much as I love you. I’m scared of what’s going on between us and being this close to you and I don’t think I’m strong enough to push you away anymore.”

She took a deep breath and carried on ignoring James who was staring at her and opening his mouth to speak to her, and trying to ignore Fred and Lucy who had began walking over to them from the other side of the street after noticing that James and Amelia weren’t following them anymore.

“And I’m terrified that letting you go was a mistake but I’m even more terrified that taking you back would be a worse one. And I am struggling with letting myself fall back in love with you and it scares me to know that I probably never have and never will fall out of love with you ... so that James is what I am scared of!” she pushed him roughly with her hand and James looked down at it, his head fuzzy from the copious amounts of alcohol he had consumed.

“You are brave Amelia,” James slurred as he grabbed hold of her hand and looked into her eyes, Amelia looked down and was struggling not to cry, Fred and Lucy had stopped their walk and was watching from afar but Amelia had forgotten that they were there. “You have coped with this much and you’ve been able to get through it... And I ... I’m sorry for what I’ve put you through and it kills me inside to know I’ve hurt you this bad. But you’ve never let anything get you down ...”

Amelia looked up at James as her eyes swam with tears they stared at each other for a moment, Amelia tried to shake her head to stop it from spinning but it just made it worse. James brought his hand up to her face to stop her shaking it and pulled her forward, placing a small kiss on her lips before he pulled away. Amelia almost pulled him back to her, “Thank you for everything you’ve done for me,” he told her.

“You’re welcome,” Amelia said softly, James let out a low breath before he turned around his hand still holding hers and walking over to Fred and Lucy.


A/N: Hands up who thinks they'll remember what happened the next day? :-D I know Ron and Harry are a bit OOC in this chapter/story but I love writing them like this, they're more fun I think :-D

Let me know what you all think!

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