Chapter Twenty-One – Skylar




 The summer had barely begun and already things were in motion. The ‘operation’ was happening tonight and we were all nervous.




 Ginny was chewing on a piece of hair, a new habit that came about whenever she was scared or worried. I, on the other hand, was pacing.




 “Stop it.” She said, spitting the hair out, “You’re only making me more nervous.”




I nodded but kept pacing.








I stopped abruptly, startled. Then I collapsed backwards onto my bed, “Sorry,” I muttered, “I’m on edge.”




Ginny smiled grimly, “We all are. But they’ll be here soon.” She said, “At least then we won’t have to worry anymore.”




 On queue there was a loud noise from outside. Ginny ran to the window and was then halfway down the stairs before I’d even tried to get up.




 When I got outside and saw Harry standing, looking rather bedraggled might I add, I flung myself at him.




 “Easy.” He laughed.




I thwacked him on the arm, “You could have died.” I said, “And you’re telling me easy?




 There was a flash of light and Lupin appeared with a bloody and quite obviously injured George.




 “Oh God.” I whispered as we followed him at a half – run back to the house.




 George’s ear was a hole. A very large, bloody hole. I had to keep my hands firmly over my mouth to stop a gasp escaping. When Fred got back and George came to, I breathed a massive sigh of relief and before long the two were joking quietly.




Then Bill said, “Madeye’s dead.”




I covered my mouth again but my shocked and sad gasp managed to escape from beneath my fingers. Glancing round the room I saw that every head was bent in sadness. And so this was the beginning of a long and painful year.






 The day of the wedding was bright and sunny. Ironic, considering a time it was that we were living in.




 Hermione and I had yet to change, our dresses hanging at the back of the wardrobe. Hers a startling red, mine a deep sea green with paler sleeves. Both were fairly short, stopping a couple inches above the knees, and incredibly beautiful. And yet, I couldn’t bring my self to wear mine. Not yet.




 “It seems odd, doesn’t it?” Hermione said.




I turned my head to face her; we were both lying flat on our backs, “What does?”




 “The wedding.” She replied, propping herself up on one elbow, “I mean, if you consider what’s going on.”




I frown a little, “Well, perhaps that’s why they’re having it. Because of what’s going on. You know, because we might all be dead within the next twenty – four hours.”




 “Hmm…” Hermione flopped back down onto her bed, hands crossed on top of her stomach.






 After a surprise visit from Scrimgeour, the Minister for Magic, Hermione and I changed into our dresses and prepared for the night ahead.




 With the help of a wand or two, I had my hair styled in a sort of elaborate bun with several intricate twists and twirls and plaits charmed into place. I then pulled out one of my mother’s old pendants and clasped it round my neck. I glanced at myself in the mirror and saw only my mother. Not literally of course. But I looked so much like her in that moment that it was impossible not to look at me and see a glimpse of her. I smiled softly in memory. I was ready.






 The wedding was perfect. Fleur looked absolutely stunning in her black and white gown and Bill looked more than incredibly handsome. Everyone seemed to be having a fabulous time. Luna was there, too, with her father and, seeing as I didn’t feel like exchanging countless niceties that I did not mean in any way with people I barely knew, I spent the night talking to her and getting to know her father. It was all wonderful, until disaster struck.




 The Death Eaters apparated in without so much as a hint of warning, though that was probably the general idea. People scattered, some were killed, others apparated or fought. Harry, Ron, Hermione and I managed to find each other in the chaos and were able to apparated away, causing us to land in a busy street.




 I screeched as a bus went past, almost hitting us. Ron grabbed my wrist and yanked me away before any real damage could be done.




 “Thanks.” I gasped, air rushing back into my lungs as I realised I had been holding my breath.




 We started to speed walk along the pavement, dodging people and looking for any sign of incoming danger.




 “Hermione.” I said, eyeing the small bag she was holding.




She looked down and nodded, “Right. Come on, this way.” We turned a corner and found ourselves in a deserted alleyway.




Hermione opened the drawstring bag, “We need to change.” She muttered before reaching her arm so far into it that it quite nearly engulfed her shoulder.




 “Bloody hell.” Ron muttered as she drew a change of clothes for each of us out of the tiny bag.




She smiled slightly, “Always the tone of surprise.”




 Once we were all changed, Harry cast a nervous glance around the area. Satisfied, he nodded once, as if to reassure himself, and said, “Let’s move.”



And so, our journey had now begun. 



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