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Hermione looked longingly across the table at Harry and Ginny. The Potters had come to stay for a night at their house and Hermione had made dinner. Ron started an argument and said that nobody eats spaghetti on a Sunday and said that he wanted roast beef. Ron had argued a lot with her lately. He acted weird around other girls too but not in the same way. He had been flirting with nearly every girl he came in contact with. Hermione wondered whether they had been the perfect match. Harry and Ginny's marraige had worked out great and he seemed to be happy so why hadn't Hermione and Ron's? She got up to clear away the dishes.

"I'm going out, ok Hermione?" Ron said.

"Where? You have to help me clean away all this." Hermione said firmly.

"Hemione, honestly, you're not my mother. I'm meeting a friend." Ron laughed.

Hermione gave him a dirty look and continued to clean the dishes. Harry gave her a sympathetic smile and got up to help her.

"I'm going to bed, you coming Harry?" 

"No, I'll just finish up with Hermione."

"Ok, goodnight." she said dissapointedly.

Harry gave her a warm hug and told her that maybe Ron way actually going to meet a friend.

"Thanks Harry, I hope so, only he has been acting so strange recently I don't know anymore." she said

"Look, I know Ron and he would never go behind your back."

"I hope your right, anyway thanks. I needed that." she replied.

He gave her a kiss on the cheek.

"No problem, I was doing myself a favour, Ginny's terrible in bed..." he smiled at her.

She laughed and said goodnight to him. Harry had always helped her feel better on occasions like these. She was getting herself in a state over Ron and then Harry would come along and make it better. He was always the one Hermione had stuck by and likewise. She thought about her feelings for him that she never revealed. Feelings she thought she had buried. She had always disguised those feelings as sisterly affection. All the hugs, kisses and cudles she loved every moment of them. But she had never thought he felt the same for her.




Harry climbed into the cold bed beside Ginny. She was snoring slightly and so was James in his cot. He though back of the earlier moments with Hermione. He had always held back with her. She was his forbidden fruit. He could never forgive himself if he broke her heart. Anyway he would be worst than Ron if he did anything now. He had passed a small coffee shop yesterday where in the window was Ron practically eating the face off Lavender Brown. She was into Ron for his popularity as she had asked him out in his 6th year beacause he was suddenly Mr. Save everything for Gryffindor man. Now Ron, Harry and Hermione were basicly stalked by the Daily Prophet beacause of the war and she was interested in him again. He had told Hermione what he said beacauce he didn't want her to be hurt. He fell asleep thinking of her....

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