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Chapter 10: Dangerous to Know


Harry stared down at the unopened letter in his hand. He had withheld it from Danielle for a week not and the group was about to head back to Hogwarts. He couldn’t understand why Draco Malfoy was sending a letter to Danielle.


It could be possible that Danielle didn’t know the answer to this question also. But Harry couldn’t put it out of his mind that maybe, just maybe, she and Draco had something more going on than what meets the eye.


Finally after several sleepless nights he had decided to on what to do. He was going to leave the letter for Danielle in her room and wait and see what she does.


Hermione, Ginny, and Danielle went to the joke shop with the twins for the day while Ron and Harry stayed behind to sleep in. He left the letter on her pillow. Later at dinner everyone ate and talked as usual. Danielle showed no signs of strangeness.


Little did Harry know, she had read the letter, and she had no idea what to do about it.




Danielle had just gotten back from a day with the girls at Fred and George’s joke shop. She ached with the pain of George’s lame yet still hilarious jokes and his constant flirtatious attitude. What she needed was a nap.


“I’m exhausted, what about you guys?” Danielle asked her friends.


“Not really, you can go upstairs and lay down for a bit if you want.” Ginny replied. Hermione smiled and nodded in agreement.


“You don’t mind?”


“Of course not. Go ahead.” Hermione said.


Danielle dragged herself upstairs and into the room she was sharing with Ginny and Hermione. Right before she plopped down on the bed she noticed an envelope lying on the pillow. It had her name on it. What freaked her out the most was that it was from Draco.


With shaking hands she ripped open the envelope.




There is something that I have been wanting to tell you. Something that I wanted to say since the Yule Ball. I thought about waiting until after the Holidays but it couldn’t wait. I wasn’t completely in honest with you. My life is complicated. You have no idea what my family is like. They don’t understand what its like to be me. I’m different, but the thing is I’m not allowed to be. If I ever told my father that I didn’t want to follow in his footsteps, I could be…in trouble. My family could get in trouble. Like I said, it’s complicated. I thought I was protecting you by pretending to hate you but I can’t do that. I don’t blame you if you never want to speak to me again. Maybe we can start over. Try to be friends? If I don’t hear from you I’ll understand.


Yours truly, Draco


By the end of the letter Danielle found her heart pounding in her chest, her exhaustion forgotten. Draco had lied to her. To protect his family and her. He wanted to be friends! Everything was starting to fall back into place. One thing didn’t fit though. Who had put the letter on her pillow? Whoever it was would have seen the address and known that Draco had sent her the letter. The letter itself was dated a week ago. Whoever it was had kept the letter from her. She heard laughter from downstairs. Maybe she would find out at dinner.


An hour later everyone sat down at the table for dinner. Harry sat across from Danielle while Hermione and Ginny sat on either side of her. Dawn sat at the end of the table where she continued to tell exciting and entertaining stories about her rebellious years as a teenager and young adult while everyone laughed like crazy. Including Ron and the twins who laughed a little more than necessary.


Danielle tried to act normal but she couldn’t help looking around trying to find any signs that anyone had any idea she had read the letter. Everyone was paying close attention to Dawn’s charming ways. Harry on the other hand laughed occasionally but continued to shoot Danielle wary looks. If Harry knew he wouldn’t confront her right away. That was for sure. She was in the middle of deciding what to do when the Weasley’s owl landed right in the middle of the kitchen table.


There was a letter for Hermione from her parents, a few letters for Fred and George, and finally one for Danielle. It was unmarked and the envelope was different than the letter from Draco. Before she opened it she noticed Harry shoot an interested look in her direction before going back to paying attention to Dawn.


The letter was short and sent a chill down her spine.


I know who your family really is. You’re in danger. Be aware. Someone close to you is watching.


That was all the letter said. The handwriting was messy and smudged. So different than Draco’s. What did they mean when they said “I know who your family really is?” Her parents worked at the hospital. At least that’s what her aunt had told her. What she remembered of them was that they were very sweet. Maybe this wasn’t meant for her. Maybe the Weasley’s owl had found the wrong Danielle. From what she had been told her first week at the Weasley’s, their owl wasn’t exactly coordinated.

She stuffed the letter in her jean pocket for now, promising to herself to look at it again later. She glanced up again and noticed George looking at her from his end of the table. He lent her a small smile. Things had been extremely awkward since the break-up. After the Yule Ball things between them at seemed to fall back to normal. The break-up had seemed so smooth. But now that they had spent a week together at the Weasley’s, Danielle felt herself remembering why she fell for him in the first place. He was unbelievably funny, and was never unhappy.


Then there was Harry. She glanced in his direction. He was now participating in a game that Ron had started, which seemed to be along the lines of closing ones eyes and eating whatever the person gave you. Ginny and Hermione were trying not to laugh, but couldn’t help chuckling along with the rest of the table. Harry had been…different every since she met him. He knew her sometimes she thought better than herself. She felt like she could tell him everything, which made it so much more difficult trying to figure out what to do about Draco.


Why did everything have to be so hard? She thought she had loved Draco, and clearly she had been wrong. But what about that letter? Did that change things? She must have looked perplexed because right after dinner was finished Dawn pulled her aside to talk.


“You alright sweetheart?” she asked


“Yeah fine, why?”


“You looked a little wary at dinner. I thought it might have something to do with that letter you got at dinner”


“Well kind of. Is there something that I didn’t know about my parents? Something I should know about them?” Danielle asked.


Dawn looked calm, but Danielle knew her well enough to know that deep inside she was panicking.


“Of course not. They were amazing people, you know that.” She answered.


“I know, its just that I got this letter. It was unmarked, but it kind of shook me up.”

Danielle reached into her pocket and pulled out the crumpled letter. She handed it to her aunt. Dawn’s face went from calm to something Danielle couldn’t quite read. She knew her aunt better than anybody, but she could not read her mind now.


“Who sent this?” she asked finally, after a few awkward moments of silence.


“It was unmarked? Do you know something about this?”


“Honey, clearly this came to the wrong person.”  She said with a sweet Dawn Bowman smile.


“I thought so too.” Danielle said feeling a little relieved. Dawn smiled and started to walk away.


“Oh Danny, just to be safe, I would be on the lookout for anything strange.” Dawn said with a worried smile. She seemed afraid, but she hid it well. Danielle smiled and nodded.


Dawn walked upstairs to go to bed. Just as Danielle was about to follow her, her exhaustion from before returning, someone grabbed her by the arm. She whipped around, expecting Ginny or Hermione. Instead she found Harry.


“I know about Draco” he said.


Ok I know its been forever and I’m so sorry. I have been super busy lately, but recently I got a new computer and I have the writing bug again! Hope you all like the update and please review!

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