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The Morning After

The Fat Lady wasn’t happy to say the least when James and Lily woke her up to get inside the Common Room. The fire was slowly burning out, its embers a lazy orange. Soft snores could be heard coming down from some of the dormitories.

James, who had been in the lead the whole way there, turned around and put his hands on Lily’s waist. He pulled her close to kiss her lips.

“You’re so beautiful,” he said barely above a whisper.

Lily put her hand against his chest, her fingers feeling the firm muscles underneath the shirt. “Right back at you, handsome.”

James kissed her again, pulling her body up against his. His hands travelled down to the hem of her dress, barely raising it so he could feel the soft skin of her legs. Lily’s hands clenched, relishing at the touch. It always amazed her how gentle James’s hands could be despite the rough texture that had formed from his Quidditch years.

Suddenly a snore came from behind them making them both jump. They turned to see Peter, arms stretched above his head, mouth hanging open, cramped up on the coach.

“Merlin that scared me,” Lily giggled.

“What’s he doing here?” James muttered. “He was at the party.”

Lily guiltily bit her lip. “I’ll explain in the morning. Lets go up. Someone could catch us down here.”

James turned his eyes back to her, sweeping her body up and down. His hands went up her sides and to her back. “Alright.”

They ran up the stairs and quickly shut the boys dormitory door behind them. James pushed her up against it, his hands sneaking through her flowing sleeves. They ran up and down her back, pulling her tight up against himself. All Lily could think about how it would feel if their skin were to collide. The warmth and heat they would feel.

“Just do it,” she whispered.


“The dress. Take off my dress.”


“Yes, James! Please.”

Without waiting another second he lifted the hem of her dress up and over her head. Their eyes met as he tossed the material onto the floor

Their actions which had been rough turned softer. Realizing it would have to be her to make the next move, Lily grabbed James’s hand and led him to the bed. She sat on its edge, took a calming breath and put her hands under his shirt. The more her hands went up, the more the shirt went up until she tugged it off.

He leaned down kissing her lips and slowly pushed her onto her back. They readjusted themselves so their heads were at the top of the bed and excitedly smiled at each other. James expertly wrapped the curtains around the bed frame and after grabbing his wand from his pant pocket whispered a quick charm to keep from them being opening from the outside.

And inside those curtains they laid together, sharing kisses and letting their hands roam over the others body. After the adrenaline began to fade Lily rested her head on top of James’s chest, a small smile seemed to stick permanently on her lips. And after she would catch herself smiling again she’d kiss James’s chest, or reach up to his lips or grab his hand...whatever was closest to her.

James had to stop himself from constantly hugging her. His mind couldn’t stop flashing back to the previous year when he could only fantasize about something like this happening. Constantly he found himself thinking, ‘This is too good to be true...’

The next morning students left the Head Dormitory slowly in hopes of not attracting any attention to themselves. The House Elves had been true to their word and brought extra blankets and what not for those who hadn’t been able to fight off Lisa and Danielle for the couches.

Marie and Sirius, who had turned into each others party buddy for the night slept across from each other by the fire. They had fallen asleep after everyone else, kept up with conversations of what went wrong with them in the past and what it was about the present that Sirius was able to maintain a stable relationship. Marie, though sad that she didn’t have a relationship herself, was happy for Sirius. Plus, she saw that if Sirius was able to find love, her time alone couldn’t be much farther.

Remus was shocked when he awoke the next morning, feeling warmer and happier than he did most morning, especially after drinking. Lucy lay contentedly in his arms, cuddled up next to his chest just outside of what would have been James’s dormitory. If it had been any other Marauder Remus would have continued sleeping like it was nothing, but he wasn’t any other Marauder.

To save both her feelings, and his own, Remus untangled himself from her and woke up Sirius so they could leave together.

“Moony has finally found himself a lady!” Sirius exclaimed. “How’s it feel?”

“Horrible,” Remus dug his hands into his pockets.

“Come on. Have some fun, would you?”

“How can I? It’s hard enough to keep friends out of my personal life. Lily’s been asking about it for years.”

“That’s different though. Evans is too smart for her own good.”

“Alright she is an exception, but if she’s got it practically figured out, how am I supposed to keep it from a person who wants to be in my life all the time?”

“It’s only once a month. You’re overreacting.”

At this Remus stopped from walking. He knew Sirius didn’t mean to insult him, but that comment hit a nerve. “I’m overreacting? Once a month is a lot! But it’s all fun and games for you lads, so of course you wouldn’t fully understand what a living Hell it is for me.”

Sirius’ eyes widened. “Moony, you know I didn’t mean it like that.”

Remus stared at the ground trying to bring his temper back down. “I know,” he finally muttered.

“Lets get up to the tower. If you’re not going to have fun with the ladies then you sure as hell are going to have fun making fun of those who can...or Peter who can’t.”

A chuckle escaped Remus’s lips, and like nothing had ever been said they continued their walk.

Lily awoke with a start the next morning when noises began coming from outside the curtains. She knew they wouldn’t be able to open the curtains on them, but it made her nervous all the same. It sounded like only one of the boys had made it up to the dormitory, but that meant two more were on their way.

“James,” she whispered. She almost giggled when he made absolutely no response to her. “James,” she said a little louder. He finally began to wake, and smiled when he saw Lily.

“Morning love.”

“Good morning. The boys are starting to make their way back in the room.”


“So we should probably get a go on, don’t you think?”

“I think we should just stay here all day.”

“No way!” Lily giggled.

James propped himself up on his elbows and ran his hands down Lily’s side. “Why not?”

“We’ve got homework, you’ll be getting hungry in no time at all and honestly...”

“Honestly what?”

“You’ve got morning breath.”

“That’s it!” James began mercilessly tickling Lily, but soon she had him distracted with kisses ignoring any previous mention of morning breath. Lily gave in and decided that maybe they could wait a little longer before getting out of bed, but insisted on being clothed. “I’m going to go use the loo. Don’t move, okay?”

“Alright,” Lily smiled. “Don’t get us caught in here.”

James peeked out of the curtains and waited until Peter’s back was turned before slyly stepping out and sneaking across to the bathroom. Lily got comfortable in the bed, pulling the sheets up to her chin. When she heard Remus and Sirius join the room she scooted closer to the opening of the curtain, almost giggling in excitement that she’d be able to play spy on them.

“You leave the party early, Wormtail?” Sirius asked.

“No,” he muttered.

“Well, you missed out on a good time. Not the best party Hogwarts has ever seen, but Evans knows how to pull together a good shindig.” Lily smiled to herself pleased with the outcome of the party.

“I’m sure she does.”

“What’s with the bitter tone, Pete?” Remus laughed, “You knew we were only joking around last night. You could’ve come back without a date.”

“Well I tried to! Evans was being a bitch though and wouldn’t let me and Naomi in!”

Lily’s eyes widened at the harsh words. She knew she would have to apologize for not letting him back in, but she didn’t know he would take it so badly.

“Wormtail, you seriously brought Russell back to the party?” Sirius said.

“Yeah! Why not?”

“You know why not!” Remus said. “She’s been after Lily since...forever!”

“Listen to this though.” Peter slightly snickered. “She said that if I brought her so she could see what Lily was up to, she’d go to Hogsmeade with me and maybe give me a little more afterwards.”

“You’ve got to be joking,” Remus began shaking his head. “So you got that she only agreed to go out one time with you in order for her to get Lily in trouble, right?”

At this Peter only shrugged. And when Lily heard nothing but silence she could feel her eyes getting wet with tears of betrayal.

“What the hell is wrong with you?” Sirius yelled. “Lily stuck her neck out for us just so we could fulfill some stupid dream of being able to go in there, and you tried to throw it back in her face?”

“She’s Lily Evans. Naomi said the most would happen was a few detentions.”

Lily heard the bathroom door open and the boys all groaned. A silence filled the room, each of the boys waiting for the other to start talking. It seemed like it was going to be a stalemate, so instead Lily pushed the covers away from herself and stepped out from the curtains.

Remus and Sirius groaned again, Sirius putting his palm to his forehead. James was focused on Peter, his face a shade of red. Peter’s eyes flickered to Lily when she stepped out, but immediately looked back to James like he was afraid he would be attacked if he looked away for too long.

“This is awkward,” Lily laughed, but when her eyes lifted to smile, a small tear came out that she hastily rubbed away. “I was going to apologize for not letting you back in today Peter, but now I’m not so sure.”

“L-lily I really didn’t think you’d get in that much trouble.”

“Well that’s not really the point now is it?” James exclaimed.

“I’ll just see you guys later.” She started towards the door, but James stopped her.

“No, hold on Lils. Peter, you shouldn’t be trying to get us in any kind of trouble! We both would have lost our badges if Naomi had gotten the chance to tell McGonagall. Do you know what that could do for our futures?”

“Maybe if you guys hadn’t been tormenting me I wouldn’t have been pushed to do it!” Peter fought back.

“Tormented?” Sirius scoffed. “Man up Peter, we were just messing around. You take things too seriously. You owe Lily an apology.”

Peter’s cheeks turned pink at the four sets of eyes now set on him. “Merlin! Even now you guys are treating me like an inferior! You can’t force me to apologize to anyone!”

“He doesn’t have to apologize right now if he doesn’t want to,” Lily said. “Honestly guys, it’s fine. James, I’ll see you later, kay?” James nodded to her, sad to see his hopes of spending the day together in bed together disappear.

“Wow, Peter,” Sirius crossed his arms. “You are really an asshole.”

“You can’t expect me to apologize to someone just because you tell me to.”

“You’re hopeless aren’t you?”

Peter threw up his hands seeing that he wasn’t going to win this battle before leaving the room himself.

“Unbelievable,” James muttered shoving his hands through his hair.

“You know what was even more unbelievable is what Sirius called Lily...”

“What? I didn’t call her anything!”

“You sure did... You called her Lily...twice.”

“I recall no such thing,” Sirius scoffed.

“No, he’s right,” James nodded. “Once when you said Peter owed her an apology.”

“And another just after he called her a bitch.”

“He called her a what?!”

When Lily went down the boys dormitory steps, she praised Merlin that most of the students weren’t in the common room. She was half way up the steps when a long, loud whistle came from the entrance.

“Hey baby where were you last night?” Lisa, Marie and Danielle came laughing through the door. “Caught you in the middle of the walk of shame, did we?”

Lily couldn’t help but laugh at that. “I did nothing to be ashamed of.”

“Well, that’s disappointing,” Marie sighed. “None of us got any action!”

They continued up the stairs together and Lily waited until they were inside their dorm before saying, “I wouldn’t say I didn’t get any action.”

Danielle raised an eyebrow. “Details?”

“It was amazing! It was like knowing we could trust each other with anything so we-”

“Did you guys have sex?” Lisa asked.

“No, but honestly... I don’t think I would have minded. The way he uses his hands was like he was reading my mind.”

“So, better than Marcus?” Marie asked.

“Ten times better. Marcus was always a little more rough, but James was so...smooth and confident.”

Marie sighed and put her head in her hand. “Lucky.”

“I don’t know Marie, you and Sirius looked pretty comfortable with each other last night,” Lisa said.

“Yeah, but it was nothing like that. I can’t believe I’m about to say this, but ladies...turns out Sirius has grown up. He is fully committed!”

“We’ve known that,” Lily laughed. “Were you trying to corrupt him last night?”

“No, of course not! I mean, I wasn’t going to complain if he wanted a one night stand-”


“Kidding! I’m just kidding. But honestly, I’m proud of the bloke. He deserves to be happy and so does Jasmine.”

The girls stayed silent for a few seconds before Danielle said, “You really did want a one night stand, didn’t you?”

“A little.”

They all began giggling, Lily deciding to keep the Peter fiasco out of the discussion. There was no need to ruin a good time when she didn’t have to. The four each took turns in the shower and dressed warmly in sweaters before going to the library to do History of Magic work.

Lily saw James pass by with Sirius and Remus at one point, but she knew it would have been hopeless to try to get them to come on a weekend. She noticed that Peter still wasn’t with them and figured he had still refused to apologize to anyone.

She didn’t know how to take it that Peter intentionally tried to get her in trouble. Besides not letting him in at the party, she had never done anything mean to him. Sure, she had thrown a few insults towards the Marauders in previous years, but that was more of a group thing. Never were any of them pointed at him specifically.

The fact that Naomi was trying to get her trouble only slightly surprised her. She noticed that this year Naomi was making their competition personal; flirting with James in classes, hinting that she and Remus were going behind his back, and now trying to rat her out to a professor.

“Incoming,” she heard Danielle sigh. Lily looked up from her daydream and saw Peter heading towards their table.

‘Think of the devil..’ she thought.

“Hey Lily, can we talk for a minute?” he asked quietly.

“I’m not sure right now is really the best time Peter,” she muttered.

“It’ll only take a minute.”

“Fine.” Lily placed her quill on her book and followed Peter to a corner of the library where it would be least likely for them to be overheard by the librarian.

“I didn’t want to apologize earlier because I felt like they were forcing me to, and I didn’t feel right giving it like that.” He waited for Lily to say something, but when she didn’t he went on. “So, I’m sorry for trying to bring in Naomi. I’m so used to detentions and getting in trouble that I didn’t think it’d be that big of a deal for you to get in trouble one time.”

“It would’ve been a little more than just a slap on the wrist detention. There was alcohol at the party! It could’ve gotten us all suspended! You included!” Lily stopped and took a breath to calm herself down. “I’ll accept your apology, but you should know I’ve never doubted the Sorting Hat’s ability to place students in the most suitable house until now.”

She tried to walk away, but Peter grabbed her by the arm to stop her. “Are you trying to say I’m not a true Gryffindor?”

“I’m saying you haven’t been proving yourself to be the person the Sorting Hat obviously thought you could be.”

“Take that back.”

“Let go of me at once.”

“Having problems are we?” Severus Snape stepped out from the library aisle, his eyebrow raised. His hair was looking long and strangely oily as usual, his skin looking quite pale. Lily noticed Peter’s hold loosened on her arm, giving her the chance to pull away.

Though she was happy to be given the chance to get away, Lily hated that it was coming from Severus’s appearance.

“Everything’s fine,” she muttered before walking back to her studying table.

“What was that about?” Lisa asked.

“He was just trying to apologize for something he said this morning. You know how boys are. They screw up everything that has to begin in ‘I’m sorry.’”

The four girls all looked up when Peter came back out from the aisle looking more shaken up than he should have. His robes were askew, his hair ruffled. Like before, he walked straight up to their table, but this time he said, “I’m sorry Lily...for everything. You were right.” And then continued his walk out of the library.

“What in the world? Did you beat him up?” Marie laughed.

“I promise I didn’t!” Lily said, slightly shocked herself.

The girls giggled making jokes as they went back to their work, but only Lily saw Severus come walking out from the same aisle she and Peter had been in. He ignored Lily as she had been ignoring him for the past months leaving Lily left in wonder. Why would he do that for her?
Author's Note: Hey there everyone! So first of all, thank you so much for continuing to read my story! I know I was absent for a really long time so I truly apologize for that! It was as if life just didn't want me to write! But anywho... Here's a new chapter for you! Hope you all enjoy :)

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