Hermione Granger found herself right outside the massive building. Evyrthing was so still she could hear herself breathing. Shaking slighly, she walked towards the mahogany door as quitely as she was capable of, her steps echoing in he silence. Automatically she run her hands over her robes and opened the door quietly. 

Whoa. The contrast of the inside and outside of the building was shocking. It’s like stepping from dead to alive. Of course Hermione was in the Ministry of Magic before, but never when it was considered 'peaceful'. The ministry has changed since the end of the battle. The entrance through the red phone box was now disabled due to increased protection measures against death eaters.

Instead, Hermione had to walk into a subway and through a long dark 'blind end' corridor, similarly to the King's Cross Station.  

No one noticed her. Everyone was running around laughing, exclaiming and chatting happily, stocks of paper in their hands. 'Hiya there' Hermione only smiled politely in the response to the strangely familiar, middle-aged witch.

Concious and taken aback by the liveness of the small room she took out her letter.

Dear Miss Granger,

I will be happy to provide you with emplyment and considering your circumstances I have personally picked a suitable place for you in one of the offices in the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. You will start as of the first of September. Please meet Garius Tomkink at the reception as nine o'clock.
P.S. Good luck.

Kingsley Shacklebolt. Right, reception at nine. Its 8.58 now. Good. Nervously she made her way towards the long series of desks. 'Em I'm looking for, um, Garius Tomkink?' Never heard of him. 'Have a seat' smiled the young man politely and gestured towards a small red seat. What did Kingsley mean by good luck?  

‘Hi Harry’ was the first thing Harry Potter heard as someone threw themselves around Harry’s neck. ‘I haven’t seen you in so long!’ Pushing the person away from him, his lips strayed apart in shock.  ‘Wow. Em hi’ she hasn’t changed one bit. ‘You look stunning’ Idiot.  She gave him a faint yet charming smile.  ‘I should have expected you here…everyone was saying you’d get into the advanced level auror group.’ One step closer..‘you’re an amazing wizard’ well, you're amazing he thought, pretty sure his mouth replied something similar to ‘thank-you’  


Not trusting his knees he slowly sat down on the nearest chair, only half listening to her constant chirping. Harry had no idea she was going to be here…but guessed it made sense…she was always really smart and proved very talented. I wonder why Hermione hasn’t applied to study for auror. On other hand he was relieved. They were kept safe. And Ron wouldn’t handle it. Ron wasn’t even accepted…since an accident last year ministry chose carefully who they allow in. Luckily he was offered a place in the Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes on the third floor.


Hermione worked in an office in the department of Magical Law Reinforcement, similar to the job of auror but possibly less dangerous.  

The beautiful creature next to him stared at him quizzically. She’s asked something, didn’t she. Damn.  

‘Hermione Jean Granger’ Hermione jumped at the loud mention of her name. ‘Y-yes’ A tall, older man approached her, his expression bored and uninterested. ‘Pleasure to meet you. My name is Garius Tomkink and I will be introducing you your work at the ministry of magic. Leave the questions to the end.’ Hid grey hair was pushed back from his wrinkled face and his eyes pierced everything around him. Well he looks like he doesn’t want to be here either. At once he turned around and walked towards a big red door. Great, he clearly likes me.

Sighing heavily Hermione followed the man who now was standing inside a lift tapping his foot impatiently and giving Hermione a scolding look. As soon as the door closed, suddenly all the noise stopped. PeacefulnessI’m beginning to like this. Mr Tomkink started mumbling something under his breath, his voice so filled with boredom Hermione stopped listening.  

The door was at the end of an endless seeming hall, with few doors along it. This is the Department of Magical Law Reinforcement then.. Walking along the hall Hermione noticed most of the doors lead to offices. One to auror quarters and practise rooms. With some luck I’ll see Harry around! Garius finally stopped and taking a deep breath reached to open one of the doors when a tiny girl burst through the door giggling. Seeing Hermione her expression turned cold, giving her a dirty look as she turned around and slowly, confidently walked down the hall. 

What the hell? Who was that? Hermione looked at Garius in confusion but found that he had already walked in. By the time she entered the room he was already on his way out. ‘Good luck’ He whispered quietly, his expression softening for a brief moment. Oh Merlin this is getting worse and worse..  

The room was silvery grey with a small polished table, coffee table and a tiny
window. The walls were covered with shelves and drawers which lacked any order. Faintly she remembered something like ‘Sort everything out first, no one’s worked there in ages’ She took a handful of papers reading through them blankly. Records and personal files. The opposite wall was lined with full but heavily unorganised bookshelves. Perfect.  

I'm gonna get through this just fine. Yes, it wasn’t what she wanted to do but…It’ll have to do. The only reason Hermione took this job is to earn enough money to pay for a further education and training to become a heeler. With a year or so here, she will have enough money to start in St Mungos.  

Carefully emptying one of the drawers she chocked on the amount of dust coming out of it. I’m pretty sure this couldn’t get any worse. Hearing a chuckle, annoyed at whoever ran this office, Hermione spun around to face them. ‘Granger’ I was wrong... 

‘Harry Potter and Cho Chang’ came a voice from behind a closed door. To avoid any further embarrassment Harry marched towards the door and swung it open. ‘Kingsley!’ After receiving a half serious glare he corrected himself ‘Em, Minister, sorry’

Kingsley Shacklebolt was the new minister of magic, though Harry knew him from a while ago, back when he was working for the Order of the Phoenix.
'Looks  like you've skipped good few years of education, eh?' He winked at him. Yea, and I'm not sure its a good idea..what if I won't be able to keep up with the rest of them? Due to his performance in the last battle Harry Potter has earned respect from many older and successful witches and wizards and was offered a quick training course and then an immediate place among the group of aurors.

It was known that a new group was founded either a follow-up formed by few former death eaters or a completely new protest organisation. Kingsley as well as being a minister was now the head of aurors. With the death of Lupin, Tonks and many more aurors during the battles, there was an increased demand for able witches and wizards. Knowing that, and knowing Harry, Kingsley decided to allow him to skip most of the auror schooling. However that didn't mean he didn't have to do the exams. They were due half a year from now, most likely in May along with the rest of the examinations.

As for Cho, her father is also a well known auror and therefore spent a lot of time on his daughter's education. With intense practise Cho Chang passed the theoretical exams before summer and was now due to finish the rest in May, same as Harry. 

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