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A/N: Thanks for all of the wonderful reviews! I love reading them all they really make my day :-D.

Also on a side note a lovely reviewer has told me that my story gave them the inspiration to write their own story! How exciting is that? The story is called 'Hitched' so check it out if you have the time.

This was the only chapter that I didn't finish whilst writing this story for Nano, so the rest of the other chapters are already completed, so expect quick updates :-D

James told Rose everything knowing that she wouldn’t leave him alone until he had disclosed the whole story. He told her quietly and at the end of the garden so that there wasn’t a chance of anyone else overhearing them and finding out for themselves. James didn’t want anyone else to know what had happened.

Rose listened quietly as James told her everything and James was thankful for this as it made it easier to rush it out without being interrupted by questions.

What he wasn’t thankful for was when he had finished telling her; Rose had whacked him hard around the head and yelled at him for being stupid. After James had recovered from the vicious attack, Rose seemed to calm down considerably and was ready and willing to help him get Amelia to at least listen to James.

Both Rose and James ignored Fred’s idea of locking both James and Amelia in the broom shed and refusing to let them out until they had forgiven each other.

So James could only watch as Rose walked away from him with a determined look on her face and mumbling to herself, leaving him with Fred who was still trying to get James to go with his idea.

Picking at her shoes Amelia sighed wearily. Only ten more days to go and then she would be free from this, free from being around James and free from fighting her feelings for him.

Lucy stretched out on the grass beside her and looked up at the sky. The sun was shining brightly above them, but a cool chill was blowing through the garden, making them both thankful that they had brought jumpers to wear.

Amelia stopped picking at her shoes and instead contented herself with looking around the garden; Victoire and Teddy were sitting nearby talking to each other in quiet voices as they smiled at each other, holding each other’s hands tightly.

Amelia smiled before she turned to look back at Lucy who was also watching Victoire and Teddy.

“They’re sickening aren’t they?” Lucy said jokingly turning back to look at Amelia with a smile on her face. Amelia nodded as she sighed, her and James used to be like that. “Get a room!” Lucy called out causing Victoire and Teddy to turn and look at her.

“You’re just jealous,” Teddy told her with a laugh, “Just because your boyfriend has to work.”

“Yeah well don’t start rubbing your love in my face,” Lucy laughed, Victoire smiled over at her cousin before she stood up and grabbed for Teddy’s hand, they both walked back into the house.

“Hey Rose,” Lucy called as she saw the red head walk over to them a letter in her hand and a look of deep concentration on her face.

“What’s up?” Amelia looked up at Rose in concern as Rose came to a stop next to them.

“Oh nothing much just sending a letter to Hank, he wrote to me the other day and I’ve only just got round to replying to it,” She told them as she smiled at them warmly, the deep concentration falling from her face.

“Still haven’t forgiven him then for not getting the time off of work?” Lucy asked as she stood up from where she sat on the grass, brushing the back of her trousers down. Amelia followed suit.

“I can’t stay mad at him. It wasn’t his fault that it happened, as he didn’t know about the holiday in time. But it’s ok because I forgive him,” Rose turned to look at Amelia who rose an eyebrow back at her. “You agree don’t you Amelia? That there’s nothing so big that it can’t be forgiven.”

“It depends what it is I suppose,” Amelia said slowly wondering why Rose had asked her that and why she was talking quite slowly and obviously. “But sometimes things happen that you can’t forgive.”

“Oh I don’t think that there is anything Hank would do that I wouldn’t forgive him for. You feel the same way about Jeff don’t you Lucy?” This time the red head turned to look at Lucy, who was frowning in confusion.

Lucy shot Amelia a look, “Err - I suppose.”

“Then we’re in agreement that we should just all forgive and forget. Well I should go post this, I’ll catch you two at dinner,” And with those words she left them standing there, both with looks of confusion on their faces.

“What was she on about?” Amelia asked jerking her thumb in Rose’s direction, Lucy gave a shrug.

“I have absolutely no idea. I forgot how weird she and her brother were,” Lucy said with a shake of her head as her and Amelia walked slowly over to the house, each of them deciding to get themselves a drink.

As they made their way over to the house their path was blocked by Fred who was running over to them hysterically waving his arms around to stop them in their tracks.

“Lucy, Lucy, Lucy!” he wheezed as he stopped his running and bent over to catch his breath, his hands on his knees as he wheezed and coughed, sweat running down his face which caused Amelia and Lucy to look at him in disgust. “I... need... to.... talk to... you. Important.”

Lucy turned to look at Amelia who carried on walking, telling Lucy that she would get them some drinks and meet her back out in the garden in a few minutes.

Before giving Lucy a chance to reply Fred had grabbed her arm and steered her further down the garden, dropping her arm when he deemed them far enough away from prying eyes and nosey cousins. He gazed around quickly making sure that no one was hiding behind any of the trees or plants.

“What is it Fred?” Lucy asked her hands on her hips. Fred walked over to her and said in a low whisper.

“I need your advice,” Lucy shook her head as she backed away from him, her finger pointing at him as an exasperated look filled her face.

“Oh no!” she warned him “I am not looking at that thing again. I don’t care what colour it has turned this time. You should go to St Mungo’s, it looked infected and I swear it was growing some sort of fur. That thing gave me nightmares for weeks.”

Fred quickly shook his head at her “Oh no, no, no! It’s nothing to do with that,” he explained to her, “That fell off a few months ago. I wanted your advice on -” he looked around again before whispering, “James and Amelia.”

“What about them?” Lucy asked suddenly suspicious, her eyes narrowing at him. He wouldn’t know about them would he? Surely James couldn’t trust him enough to tell him could he? Hell – no one trusted Fred enough.

“You know that hurt! You didn’t have to say that to my face.” Fred said sternly his arms crossing as Lucy realised that she had said the last part out loud.

“Oh come off it, you know you are the worst secret keeper in this family.” Lucy told him, not feeling at all sorry for what she said about her cousin. Fred had to admit that it was true, but still his feelings were hurt.

“I am not! Besides this isn’t helping because I need your advice,” Fred wailed grabbing Lucy’s arm and shaking her, she tried to shove him off as she protested at him. “I know you know about Amelia and James - Don’t give me that look, Amelia has obviously told you about it. You have been inseparable and you have been helping her to avoid James.”

“I suppose I have been. But there’s nothing we can do about it is there? They are not going to be getting back together,” Lucy managed to say after Fred had stopped shaking her.

“Well not on their own, I reckon they’ll need help -” Fred suggested to Lucy who was looking deep in thought "-and I think we’ll be the ones able to help them get back together.”

Fred’s face lit up as Lucy looked down at her feet as she shrugged.

“But how exactly are we able to get them together?” she asked.

“It’s not like we can just lock them both in the broom shed and refuse to let them out until they talk to each other again is it?” Fred said jokingly before Lucy quickly whipped her head up and looked at Fred as though he was a genius.

“That is the best idea I’ve ever heard!” She cried as she jumped up and down excitedly, she grabbed Fred’s arm and they both ran over to the broom shed and pulled open the door so they could look in, there were only a few rakes, a few dusty boxes and what they recognised as a lawnmower in there, other than that enough room for two people to stand in. “Now the question is how are we going to do it?”

“Oh Lucy there you are I’ve got your drink,” came Amelia’s voice as she came over to Lucy and Fred who had both taken a step back from the shed so Amelia didn’t get suspicious.

Amelia handed Lucy her drink, telling Lucy that she had already had hers. Fred’s face lit up as he noticed that Amelia had her back to the open door, he shot a look at Lucy who was smiling at him, and Amelia smiled unsure what was going on. It was now that James made his move and before he could change his mind he spoke up.

“Amelia your shoelace is undone,” he blurted out loudly, Amelia looked down at her shoes at his words and frowned slightly.

“But my shoes don’t have any -” she let out a yell of surprise as Fred lunged forward and knocked Amelia into the shed; he quickly closed the door and locked it.

“Ok that’s one down!” Fred told Lucy as he ignored Amelia’s yells from behind the door and her fist pounding on it. “Now to get James.”

They didn’t have to wait long before they heard, "Hey guys have you seen...”

Lucy and Fred’s faces lit up.

James was soon shoved into the shed after Amelia who had to dive onto the lawnmower to escape James’s falling form, Lucy and Fred shut the door quickly before Amelia had a chance to make her way over to it.

“Let me out!” Amelia cried, managing to get to the door, her fist pounding on the wooden panel as she tried in vain to get them to open the door.

“Why don’t we use our wands?” James suggested as he rubbed the back of his head, when he had been viciously shoved into the shed he had fallen to the floor and hit his head.

“Accio wands!” Lucy cried as she leant in through the tiny window and waved her wand, Amelia and James could only watch in horror as their wands were taken by Lucy, who shut the window after she had taken their wands.

Amelia let out a shout before pounding on the door, her hand hurting slightly. “Open the door!”

“Not before you two talk to each other.” Lucy’s voice was heard from in the other side of the door. Amelia let out a groan before she turned around and made her way over to the lawnmower, dusting it off with her sleeve before sitting down on it with a scowl on her face.

James was still rubbing his head and seemed to be checking if he was bleeding or not, he leant back on the few boxes that were stacked haphazardly by the side.

“Well it appears that we’re locked in this shed,” James said wincing as his fingers ran over a sore patch of his head.

“No shit, you should be an Auror!” Amelia muttered, scuffing her shoe on the floor. James ignored her response resisting the urge to roll his eyes at her.

There were a few moments of silence before Amelia let out a groan of annoyance at herself. “I can’t believe I fell for Fred’s stupid idea! I don’t even have shoelaces.” She pointed down at her shoes and James could see that they were slip on shoes.

“At least you weren’t manhandled. He physically grabbed me and just threw me in; I knew I should have been suspicious when I saw him hanging around outside the shed! I am going to hurt him when I get out of here,” James cried outraged at his cousin, what good was this shed going to do? He’d have more luck with whatever plan Rose had.

“Why should you have been suspicious?” Amelia asked him, the scowl still on her face as she thought of how she was going to hurt Fred and Lucy when she got out of there.

James sighed before saying, “He was just mentioning something about shoving me and you into a shed to talk.”

Amelia nodded before they become silent again. There were sounds of shoes scuffing and James letting out a small cough before they spoke.

“I take it Fred knows then?” Amelia asked as she shifted around trying to get more comfortable, James nodded.

“I needed someone to talk to. “ He admitted.

“That’s understandable, Lucy knows.” Amelia told him. James nodded he already knew that she must have found out.

“I guessed that when she overheard us talking.”

Amelia gave a sigh as she looked up at James who was watching her intently, she felt her stomach jolt before she took a deep breath and looked down at her shoes again.

“People are starting to realise about us James, is it worth keeping up this lie?” She asked him.

“I think it is, if not just for me and you saving face, but we should at least do it for the rest of the family, letting them have a good holiday. This is the only time I can think of that the whole family has managed to get the time off of work apart from Christmas.”

“I agree with you,” Amelia admitted “I don’t want to be the reason their holiday is ruined.”

“So we can go back to not wanting to hurt each other?” James asked her softly.

“I can try to.” Amelia replied, she didn’t want to fight with him anymore during this holiday, it’ll only make it a lot worse for them both.

“Thank you. For everything Amelia, for coming here, for when - ”

“Stop James,” Amelia interrupted holding up a hand to stop him. “Please …just…”

“Stopping,” James told her, holding his hands up in defence. Amelia could see that there was a hint of a smile on his face.

“Now that we’ve agreed to talk to each other civilly shall we get out of here?” Amelia asked.

“Yeah that might be a good idea; I think I just saw a mouse,” James told her, moving away from the boxes as he looked behind the lawnmower that Amelia was sitting on.

Amelia shuddered slightly before standing up and walking over to the door, knocking on it for Fred or Lucy.

“Come on guys let us out.”

There was silence. Amelia turned to look at James who had come to stand next to her. He rapped on the door with his knuckles and called loudly. “Fred open the door! We’ve talked!”

There was more silence.

“You don’t think they’ve gone inside do you?” Amelia asked James.

“Nah he won’t be that stupid.”

“It’s Fred; of course he’ll be that stupid.” James stated as if it was obvious, Amelia had to agree with him.

“But what about Lucy?” She asked, ignoring the close contact that she had with her husband.

“She might have gone in as well” James told her, he took a few steps backwards as if he had just realised how close they were to each other.

“Damn my cousins!” James groaned, turning to look around the room.

“What are we going to do now?” Amelia asked him, also looking around the room. They both looked up at the window at the same time, knowing that neither of them would fit out of it as it was too small. James gave a shrug, seeming to come to the conclusion that they might be staying in the shed for quite a while.

Amelia looked around her and spotted the rakes. “Can you think of anything to do with the rakes?”

“Apart from attacking Fred with them?” he laughed, Amelia felt herself smiling at his comment before she went to grab one, passing it to James who used it to jab at the door. Nothing happened.

James let out a groan before chucking the rake back into the corner, but the force of his throw caused it to hit the small window and smash the glass outwards. Amelia let out a scream as James jumped wildly.

“Careful you great oaf! You could have hurt me!” Amelia told him angrily.

“Sorry,” James told her honestly, “I didn’t realise I threw it that hard.”

The door was wrenched open shortly after his words and the sunlight burst into the room, causing the two to shield their eyes from it.

“And should I ask what you two are doing in here?” came Bill’s voice, the two rushed out of the shed quickly and thanked Bill for getting them out. Bill chuckled before shaking his head at them.

“I’m not even going to ask what you were doing with the rakes,” He laughed again before walking away from them. “I expected something like that from Albus.” They heard him mutter under his breath.

They both laughed as they stood outside the shed, making sure they weren’t within shoving distance of the door again.

“Now where is Fred?” James asked looking around the garden.

Fred had his arm in a makeshift sling he had made from a towel he had found in the bathroom. James had found him shortly after their Uncle had saved him from the shed, and punched him so hard in the arm it was beginning to bruise. But it was worth it if James and Amelia were at least talking to each other again.

He chose to sit on the other side of the table, away from both James and Amelia’s reach. He noticed with annoyance that Lucy had no such wound even though she had taken their wands; he thought that was completely unfair.

He was just thinking about how much pain James would be in if he threw his spoon at him when Louis spoke up from next to him.

“When is dinner going to start?” Louis groaned loudly, laying his head down on the table as everyone waited for the food to be brought to it.

“When everyone has arrived Louis.” Angelina told him as she helped Molly bring over the jugs of pumpkin juice to the table.

“Who are we waiting for?” Albus asked looking around the numerous heads that were sitting around the spacious table, everyone seemed to be there.

“Your dad and Bill.” Angelina told him, placing the jug in front of Albus, who’s face had lit up at her words. He turned to face all of his cousins (apart from Louis, Dom and Victoire who all let out a small groan) and they each had the same excited look on their faces as they heard Angelina’s last words.

“Ok everyone calm down,” Hermione’s voice could be heard as the excited mutters began; “There’s food on the table.”

Percy and George each had the sense to hide under the table as footsteps could be heard coming towards the room. Ron had pushed his chair back towards the wall, so he wasn’t in the way of his soon to be running nieces and nephews. The others all began yelling at them to calm down or at Bill to not come into the room.

But none of either group heard them, the door opened and there was a scuffle around the table as various people jumped up from their seats, some people climbing over the table, kicking over the fresh jugs of juice, knocking one across the table. Harry was the first to walk in; he noticed with a ‘manly’ scream that a lot of people were running towards him so was quick to dive out of the way.

Bill didn’t have a chance to react with the same reflexes with Harry as he walked into the room. The only thing he had the chance to do was protect his head, before he fell to the floor.

He knew he should have helped his mum prepare dinner so he would have been here before the others.

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