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Well this is quite nice I guess. A little bit wetter than I expected but still nice. Oh God, what does my breath smell like? What did I have for dinner? What if I have food in my teeth?! Wait a minute, what are my lips doing? They are moving on their own! Stop that! Hang on… Aiden seems to like it. Huh, maybe I am not an awful kisser. Amazing. But still, what am I doing?!

Just as I was about to leap away from Aiden and run away forever, I heard a gruff voice say, “Get away from her!” and Aiden pulled away abruptly. When my eyes flew open I realised that at some point they had closed on their own accord. It took me a second to realise what I was looking at. 

Oh dear God. 

The Marauders. The bloody Maruaders! There they were, James had grabbed Aiden and pulled him away from me while Peter had his wand drawn pointing it at Aiden, looking nervous. Sirius was hovering behind James, looking uncertain. Wait a second… Where’s Remus? 

I jumped slightly when I felt a hand gently touch my arm and I whirled around to find Remus looking down at me, his expression unreadable. I stared at him for a moment and I nearly forgot where we were or what had just happened before I heard a scuffle from behind me and the moment was broken. 

“What do you lot think you are doing?!” I shouted as I whipped around to face the other three boys. Aiden was struggling against James’ hold and was cursing under his breath. 

“Let him go!” I said angrily and made to take a step towards them but Remus’ hand held me back. I glared at him and shook off his hand. He let his arm fall limply to his side. My heart panged at the look on his face but I was too angry to let it stop me. 

“James!” I snapped at James who sighed and let go of Aiden who pushed away from him and pulled out his wand. 

“Aiden, don’t,” I said softly to him, his breathing was heavy and he was glaring at all of the Marauders in turn. 

“Go back to your common room. I’ll talk to you tomorrow okay?” I said coaxingly to him. He glared at me for a moment but when I mouthed ‘please?’ his eyes softened and he stomped off to his common room. I breathed a sigh of relief. 

I turned to face the Marauders. They all gulped visibly. 

“What,” I said in a dark voice, “did you guys think you were doing?” I stared at them all, waiting for an answer. They stared blankly back at me. God at this rate we will have all died of old age. I will have grown a beard as long as Dumbledore’s! 

“Well?” I asked impatiently. 

Sirius shoved James forward and I fixed my gaze on him. James looked shocked for a second and tried to push Sirius in front of him but Sirius was having none of it. Well I guess I know who the ring leader was. 

James sighed in defeat and said, “We were coming to meet you and Sirius from your detention when we ran into Sirius alone. He said you were with Lily but I knew that was a lie because I just saw her in the Library.” 

He glared at Sirius who shrugged and said, “I tried to stop them Shaylee. I knew they would do something stupid. Not everyone is as nice as me-” James cut him off with a glare. 

“So I guessed you were with that slime- I mean McKinnen and I just knew he would try something so here we are,” he said quickly and smiled at me. 

I continued to glare at him. His smile faded. I do not understand boys. I never will. Where is the logic in that explanation?! 

“So you decided to what? Rescue me?” I asked in an incredulous voice. 

“Exactly!” James said, relieved that I understood him. “We saw him! Granted, I didn’t expect him to kiss you but he had his hands all over you. He attacked you! With his… mouth,” he finished somewhat awkwardly.

Oh God! They had seen everything! They will all think I wanted to kiss Aiden! Remus will think I am some sort of tarty girl who goes around kissing anything that moves! My life is over. 

Wait a minute. Why are they all so surprised that Aiden wanted to kiss me? It isn’t THAT unbelievable is it? 


Still, I got my grumpy pants on.

“He kissed me! So what? Is that such an unbelievable thing to happen that the only explanation you can come up with is that I was being attacked?!” I shouted at all of them, waving my arms around for good measure. 

“No that’s not-” Remus started but I cut him off. 

“Well guess what! Someone does actually want to kiss me!” I couldn’t help it, my eyes flicked toward Remus and I saw his face redden. “I know what a big surprise that must be to all of you,” I said sarcastically. 

“Shaylee, we were just trying to protect you,” James said quietly and took a step towards me. 

“Well next time wait for me to ask,” I snapped before I stomped off towards Gryffindor tower. 


Remus’ POV:

 Well that could have gone better. A lot better. Like Aiden not kissing Shaylee better. 

“I told you this was a bad idea!” Sirius said to James who rolled his eyes. 

“Don’t act like you wanted her kissing that git!” James said. I wanted to agree whole heartedly with him but thought it would cause too many questions. Also there was a fire in my stomach that I didn’t think would let me speak right now. 

I haven’t told anyone about the awkward moment last night when Shaylee and I almost kissed. I turned away at the last second not because I didn’t want to kiss her because Merlin did I want to kiss her, I just didn’t want to do anything before the full moon. I have been regretting it since. Every time I saw Shaylee today I wanted to pull her into an empty broom cupboard and see if her lips were as soft as they looked. 

She made this urge harder to not act on by looking beautiful today. I am sure she did it deliberately. I was worried this morning that when I saw her it would be awkward and it was. I couldn’t help but steal glances at her all through Potions while she was sitting with McKinnen and the urge to curse him had surfaced. She didn’t look at me once. I knew then that I had hurt her feelings by turning away last night and I was determined to fix it. So I tried bumping into her at the end of Potions, just so I could talk to her, but she practically ran off with McKinnen. 

After that I told myself that this is a good thing. That I couldn’t get involved with a girl like Shaylee because not only is she a friend but she is smart. She is bound to figure my secret out and then what? She runs screaming werewolf in the opposite direction? No, I can’t get involved with her, I told myself all day. 

But now that I have seen her kissing Aiden of all people, I don’t know what to think. When I saw him kiss her I wanted to pull him off her and curse him into oblivion. 

Am I jealous? Yes. 

Do I like her? Yes. 

Am I going to do anything about it? Get back to me on that one...


Shaylee's POV: 

Stupid Marauder’s being... stupid! I could totally get loads of boys to kiss me if I wanted... If I was dreaming and the boys were delusional. 

I stomped all the way back to the common room. I don't think stomping the whole way back was completely necessary but I had to work my anger out somehow. 

People looked at me in alarm as I stomped through the crowded common room. I stomped up the stairs, though admittedly at this point I was more dragging my legs and gasping for breath. The look on Lily and Alice's faces when I flung the dormitory door open was priceless. I know I must look rather scary but I didn't care. 

“Shaylee?” Lily asked tentatively. “Are you okay?” 

“Aiden kissed me!” I blurted out before I could stop myself. 

Hang on a minute. 

Aiden kissed me. Kissed me! 

Oh my Merlin! 

I was so busy thinking about the Marauder’s and concentrating on stomping that I completely forgot to comprehend the fact that Aiden kissed me!

I am an awful person.

Instead of being happy and gooey and all those girly things, I felt a stab of panic. I didn't want Aiden to kiss me! I wanted Remus to kiss me!

“Earth to Shaylee!” Alice said loudly, waving her hand in my face. I snapped out of my inner panic and began panicking out loud.

“Aiden kissed me! And Remus saw it! Everyone saw it! Well not everyone because that would be impossible... wait what was I saying? Oh right, Aiden kissed me!” I babbled continuously to a stunned silent Lily and Alice.

“Well?!” I asked a little impatiently. “Tell me what to do!” They continued to stare at me like a couple of goldfish so my mouth went bumbling on. “I'm pretty sure I’m having a mini panic attack. I am going to die! I can't breathe! Oh God, I am going to die and Remus will never know that I like him and Aiden will think he killed me!”

“Snap out of it!” Lily, finally snapping out of her useless staring, said loudly before a jet of cold water hit me in the face. I stood spluttering and blinking water out of my eyes. Hey, I can breathe again!

“Thanks Lily,” I mumbled and shuffled over to my bed. Not caring that I was soaking wet, again, I sat down heavily on my bed.

“Tell us everything and then we will try to help,” Alice said kindly and sat beside me on the bed.

I took a deep breath and said, “Well it all started last night...”


                                                                        * * *


It is the next day and I am currently hiding in a broom cupboard. 'Why, Shaylee you daft tart, are you hiding in a broom cupboard' you might ask.

The answer is because I am a big fat coward and because I am very tired and look awful. Do you know how exhausting it is to avoid five people?

Very is the answer.

Also maybe the fact that I didn't get much sleep could be a factor. After I told the girls everything last night, including the whole nearly kissing Remus thing, I kept having a nightmare where giant lips were chasing me and making smacking sounds.

I pressed my ear to the thick door and tried to listen. I couldn't hear anything and thought about sprinting to my Charms class. At the rate I'm going I am going to be very late. I don't think Flitwick will accept the excuse, 'Well you see Professor, every time I saw one of the Marauders or Aiden I felt the insane urge to hurl myself into a smelly broom cupboard and hide'

Alright Shaylee, you can do this!

No I can't!

I really do suck at giving myself a pep talk. That's it; I have to stop being such a wuss. I took a deep breath and quickly opened the door. I looked out into the empty corridor and let a sigh of relief escape. I took a tentative step out of the closet and had a moment of victory that I had successfully avoided all five boys.

That is until I turned to the left and came face to chest with...


Of course. At least it wasn't Aiden or Remus. Hey look at me, looking on the bright side of things!

“Oh hey Sirius! How are you? Wait, I'm mad at you! Shut up!” I said all in an insane babble of Shaylee speech.

I turned to jump back into the cupboard when Sirius caught my arm and said, “Not so fast!”

Ohh Merlin.

“What do you want?” I asked testily.

“I want to talk to you,” Sirius said softly. Oh God, he is turning on his sorry look!

“Maybe I don't want to listen,” I said, trying to avoid looking at his face and instead looking at his arm muscles. Hmm, very nice... Wait, shut up brain!

“Well too bad,” he said and before I knew it he had pulled us both into the cupboard and shut the door.

“Hey!” I said angrily, trying in vain to push Sirius out of the way so I could open the door. “I know what you do in broom cupboards and I want no part in it!”

Sirius just rolled his eyes and leaned against the door, making it impossible for me to pull it open with his weight against it.

“We both know that I don't like you like that,” Sirius said, his teasing smile making me angrier.

“I-You-,” I spluttered like a fool. “Shut up!” I finished, not being able to think of anything else.

“Are you done yet?” he asked, grinning at me.

“No!” I shouted and I angrily kicked him in the shin.

I looked at him, shocked at myself. He looked at me, amused.

“Ow,” he said, mocking me.

I narrowed my eyes before sighing in defeat. “Fine! Talk to me all you want, I don't care!”

“Wow, you are a lot more crazier than normal today,” he said, a hint of a grin on his face.

“Shut up, I'm tired and I had to deal with a group of stupid boys and their stupid plan. So I guess you can say I had an eventful night,” I said grumpily before sitting on an over turned bucket.

“You can say that again,” Sirius said joking before his voice turned serious. “So Aiden kissed you huh?”

I gave him the 'duh!' look and he smiled at me. I hate it when he does that, it makes it harder not to want to kill him.

“And how do you feel about that?” he asked.

I stared at him before I burst out laughing. “How do I feel about that? What are you, a therapist?!”

Sirius glared at me and snapped, “Hey, I'm trying to be a good friend here and make it up to you for what happened last night!”

I stopped laughing abruptly and mumbled, “I know, sorry.”

We didn't say anything for a moment.

“It makes me feel... weird,” I said finally into the silence. Sirius nodded and waited for me to continue. “I didn't expect him to kiss me. I mean I guess I sort of realised that he was flirting with me a lot but I thought that was just our thing you know?” Sirius nodded and I went on. “And we were yelling at each other and I'm sure my face was all red and blotchy and before I knew it, he kissed me! I mean who wants to kiss a red blotchy girl?!”

I was on my feet again and pacing in the cramped space.

“Well,” Sirius said and I stopped my pacing to look at him. “Do you like him the way he obviously likes you?” He asked, no hint of a joke on his face.

The girls and I had talked about this all last night and Lily had asked me the same question. It took me a long time to respond with 'I don't know'.

Now that I was stuck in this stupid cupboard with stupid Sirius Black I suddenly realised that I did know the answer, I just didn't want to say it because once I admitted it to myself I would have to admit it to someone else.

“No,” I whispered. “I don't.” 

Sirius stood there staring at me for a beat before he grinned. I glared at him and said angrily, “Don't grin at me! What am I going to do?!”

“I don't know but I'm just glad you don't like him,” he said happily and opened the door.

I pushed past him out of the cupboard and gave him a dirty look. “Right, thanks for your help!” I said sarcastically before I stomped off towards my Charms class.

Gee, I'm doing a lot of stomping lately. Stomping is exercise right?

The rest of the day dragged on. I got to practice my awesome auror moves while trying to avoid the Marauder’s and Aiden. I'm pretty sure they all saw me at one point or another leaping behind a wall a second too late. Oh well.

Thankfully I didn't have Potions or Muggle Studies today so I didn't have to sit next to Remus or Aiden. Though I have come to the awful conclusion that I will have to talk to Aiden at some point. I would rather that point be later than sooner but knowing my luck it will be any second now.

I kept glancing over my shoulder suspiciously, looking for Aiden or maybe the Marauder's lurking behind me while I walked with Lily and Alice back to the common room.

“- and so Frank asked me to go to Hogsmeade with him!” I just caught the end of Alice's conversation and momentarily forgot about the possibly lurking boys.

“That's great Alice!” I said happily, grinning at her. She blushed and shrugged her shoulders like it was no big deal.

“Oh don't act all cool, we know you are excited!” Lily said, smirking and nudging Alice with her elbow.

“Okay so I am!” Alice said in a high pitched squeal. We were all laughing when a Munchkin suddenly appeared. I swear these little first years can pop up out of nowhere!

“Shaylee!” the boy said, slightly panting like he had been running. “I am supposed to give this to you.” He pulled out a small seed and put it in the palm of my hand.

We all stared at it. I didn't know what to say. A seed?

“Uh, thank you?” I said, completely confused.

“Oh it's not from me,” the Munchkin said, looking embarrassed at the thought. “It's from the Marauder’s!”

Before I could reply, the little seed in my palm trembled and suddenly it began to sprout. At first it was just the long stems before the buds of flowers grew and slowly blossomed into the most beautiful bunch of flowers I had ever seen.

We all stood, stunned, looking at the bunch of flowers that I now clutched in my hand. Lily and Alice looked like they were just about to burst. Suddenly they broke out into giggles and loud 'AWWS!'

Well crap. Now I can't be mad at them! Well played Marauder’s, well played.


                                                                       * *  *


“Shaylee, will you please go and make up with the Marauder's already?” Lily asked me, slightly exasperated, while us girls sat at our favourite homework table, our Muggle Studies homework open in front of us. We were supposed to be making a list of the things we will be taking camping with us. Lily's list said all sorts of ridiculous things like torches, tents and sleeping bags. My list so far said: I will not be going camping because camping sounds awful.

“Yeah, they have been staring over here for the last hour. They are very distracting,” Alice said but winked at me.

I glanced over at the Marauder's for about the millionth time to see them staring back at me. They all had puppy dog faces on and what little anger I had left quickly vanished. Damn those Marauder's and my inability to be angry at them!

“Fine,” I sighed and made my way over to the boy's table.

“Thank you for the flowers,” I said in a way of greeting and their faces brightened at the fact that I wasn't angry any more. “Who did that amazing growth charm?”

“Remus did!” Sirius said quickly and Remus' face flushed. I'm pretty sure mine did as well. Great.

“It was nothing, really,” he said, looking sort of embarrassed but also pleased. My heart melted and I wondered how I was ever mad at him.


                                                                        * * *


After another restless night sleep, Lily and Alice dragged me kicking and screaming to our Potions class. Once there, I realised there is no escape. Maybe I should try to give myself a pep talk again?

Okay, four boys down, one to go. The hardest one. Merlin, will you, for once, please tell me what to say? Because I am pretty sure that if left up to me I will say something awful and Aiden will most likely curse me. Or cry. God! What if he cries!? I don't do well with crying. I just sort of hover around awkwardly saying stupid things like, 'Umm... do you want a piece of toast?'

I don't want to tell Aiden that I don't fancy him like he fancies me but I have to sit next to him. I take a deep breath and follow Lily into the classroom. Aiden is already at our usual desk and just the sight of him makes my heart beat faster.

“Hey Aiden,” I say overly cheerful as I slide into my seat. He looks over at me and smiles that amazing smile of his. What was I going to tell him again? I seem to have momentarily forgotten...

“Hey babe,” he says, using his affectionate nickname of sorts for me. “I didn't get a chance to talk to you yesterday...” he continues, looking at me expectantly.

“Oh!” I attempt to say casually. “Sorry about that! I didn't see you all day!” Lie. Big, big lie.

“Oh really, that's too bad. I saw you,” he said giving me a knowing look. “A lot actually. Though usually it was only for a second before you jumped into a broom cupboard or a crowd of first years.”

Oh poo.

“Look Aiden-” I started but he put his hand up to stop me.

“It's okay Shaylee,” he said in a low voice with a sad smile. “I get it okay? I know I surprised you when I kissed you and I'm sorry. I should have waited and found out how you felt before I did anything. I just don't want us to be awkward. We can still be friends right?” His voice was so sincere and sweet that I almost started to wonder why I didn't like him...

Then Remus walked past our desk, gave me a small smile and I remembered.

“Of course we can still be friends Aiden!” I said and grinned at him. He smiled back at me as Professor Slughorn started the lesson.

Well that went better than expected!

I was in a good mood all through Potions, Aiden and I back to our usual banter. The only thing that was annoying me was Emily, half of the terrible Em and Em’s. For the last few Potions lessons she had been sitting next to Remus and I strongly disliked her for it. She was always giving me nasty smirks and I wanted to curse her hair to fall out.

Today she was in full-on flirt mode. She kept touching Remus and fluttering her eyelashes. Personally, I thought it made her look like she had something in her eye and she had to keep touching him because she couldn't see if he was still there or not. Do boys like that sort of thing? Surely not.

The lesson went pretty fast and I made plans with Aiden for tomorrow to do our homework together. I had just waved goodbye to Aiden, who was heading off to Transfiguration. I was waiting for Lily and Alice to come out of the Potions room when Emma stormed out of the room and pushed past me.

I looked back into the classroom and saw Sirius shrugging to whatever James had just said him. They made their way towards me and both smiled at me.

“Hey you,” Sirius said casually and slung his arm around my shoulders and began walking, dragging me along with him.

“Hey!” I protested and tried, and failed, to stop him. “I was waiting for Alice and Lily!”

“Oh we told them you would catch up with them at lunch,” James said and smirked at me. Oh this can't be good.

Wanting to steer the conversation away from what I knew they wanted to talk about, I quickly asked “What was up with Emma? She practically pushed me over to get past me.”

“Oh that was nothing. I broke up with her and she got a little upset,” Sirius shrugged and started to ask me something but I cut him off.

“Why did you break up with her?” Not that I particularly cared but I wanted to keep him distracted.

“She heard a rumor about you and Sirius and then she called you... a few mean names so Sirius dumped her. It was great!” James said and laughed.

That little... Wait, Sirius stuck up for me? Aww! See, this is why it is so hard to angry with any of them. They're a lot sweeter than they let on.

“Thanks Sirius,” I said softly to him and he just squeezed my shoulder in reply.

“Enough stalling!” Sirius said grinning down at me. “What happened with McKinnen?”

We were in the entrance hall now and it was crowded with students going to lunch. I stopped and the two boys stopped with me.

Rolling my eyes and sighing in defeat I said, “Nothing happened with Aiden. He was really great about it actually. He apologized for kissing me and asked if we could be friends. It went a lot better than I expected,” I expected them to be happy with that but I was surprised at James and Sirius' reaction.

They stared at me for a second before James burst out, “Oh he is good! We should have known!”

Confused, I asked, “What are you talking about?”

“It's obvious isn't it?” Sirius said, looking down at me, his arm still around my shoulders. “He's playing the good guy routine!”

“What? No he isn't! He IS a good guy!” I said defensively. James started to say something but I cut him off. “I just stopped being mad at you...” I said warningly and he closed his mouth and said nothing.

I smiled and pushed what they had said about Aiden to the back of mind. I had a feeling it would nag at me later but I had more important things to think about.

“So...” I tried to say casually as we began walking again. “Where are Remus and Peter?” I just threw Peter's name in there so it wouldn't seem as obvious.

James and Sirius exchanged knowing looks.

“Peter said he was going to walk Maisey to lunch,” Sirius said smoothly.

“And Remus?” I prompted.

“He got held up in Potions,” James said evasively. “Who is excited for lunch?” I know a subject changer when I hear one.

Now I was suspicious.

“By who?” I asked, ignoring his question, though I was pretty hungry. We were in the great hall now and I tried not to notice all the looks that Sirius and I were getting. He didn't even seem to notice them.

“Oh no one,” Sirius said and began walking faster towards the Gryffindor table. “I hope they have pie!”

I stopped, forcing Sirius to stop with me. James glanced back over his shoulder at us before giving Sirius a 'You're on your own’ look and hurried to find a seat.

“Sirius...” I said in my best persuasive voice.

He looked down at me and gave a sigh of defeat. “Okay, okay! Emily stopped him and said she had something to talk to him about,”

My face fell and so did my stomach. All sorts of horrible things flashed through my head, mostly visions of Emily attacking Remus with her mouth and him not shoving her away and calling her a horrible kisser.

“But that doesn't mean anything!” Sirius said hurriedly, dragging me off to sit next to James so we weren't standing in the middle of the hall causing a scene. “He doesn't like her Shaylee, trust me.”

I wanted to believe him but I couldn't be sure if he was only saying that for my benefit. I cleared my throat and looked away from him. “It's none of my business anyway,” I tried to say in a convincing voice. “Oh good, here comes Lily and Alice!” I waved to them and they came and sat opposite us.

“Hey James…” Alice asked in her sweetest voice as we all started piling food onto our plates. “You wouldn’t happen to want to lend me your Muggle Studies homework would you?”

“We had Muggle Studies homework?” James asked, nearly choking on his chicken.

We laughed at his reaction before I suddenly realised that I hadn’t done my homework either, at least not properly.

Sirius stopped laughing suddenly as well and Lily said, “Let me guess, none of you have done your homework.”

“Er, well I guess you could say that…” Sirius said, digging around in his bag for some parchment and a quill. “What was it again? I have momentarily forgotten,” he said, giving Lily his most dazzling smile. She seemed unfazed by it, though many other girls practically swooned off their chairs.

Lily rolled her eyes and asked, “What lesson do you have next?”

“A free lesson!” James said as fast as he could and I could almost see a hint of a blush appear on his cheeks. James around Lily really was the cutest thing ever. “I mean, Sirius and I have a free lesson,” he cleared his throat and tried to sound casual.

I swear I saw Lily give the tiniest smile before she turned to me and Alice. “What about you two?”

“Care of Magical Creatures,” Alice said gloomily.

Lily sighed and said, “Fine, I will do yours, but only this once!”

Alice grinned at Lily and thanked her before she whispered to me, “She’s been saying that since first year!”

Before I could do more than laugh at Alice’s comment, Remus and Emily walked into the hall. My laugh automatically cut off and my eyes narrowed on their own accord.

Emily was chattering away to Remus and he was smiling and nodding back to whatever she was saying. I didn’t realise that I was stabbing my piece of chicken with my fork until Sirius put his hand on mine to stop me. He raised his eyebrows at me and I quickly stopped.

Emily waved cheerfully to Remus before she practically skipped off to sit with Emma. Remus made his way towards us and I began shoveling food into my mouth so I didn’t have to look at him.

“There he is!” James said loudly and moved over so there was enough room for him to squeeze in. “Sorry mate but we’re going to have to leave you to eat on your own.”

Remus was piling food onto his plate and looked at James quizzically.

“We were all a bit slack when it came to our Muggle Studies homework so the lovely Lily has agreed to help us out!” James said, barely hiding his eagerness.

We had all begun to stand up, Alice to go to her Magical Creatures class and I was going to tag along with the boys and Lily to do my homework, when Sirius pushed me back down onto the bench.

“Why don’t you stay and keep Remus company Shaylee?” Sirius asked in his smooth talking voice. “I’m sure he won’t mind helping you with those camping questions while he eats.”

I sat glaring up at Sirius who was smirking at me. Ohhh I hate him! There cannot be a more obvious way of saying, ‘Shaylee fancies the pants off you Remus!’ than what Sirius just said. I had the impulse to get up and hex him, but him, along with the others, were already halfway out of the hall.

Okay Shaylee, no big deal. Sirius has just practically told Remus you like him, but everything is okay. Just act natural!

“So… I see you’re having the chicken. Me too,” I gestured to my half empty plate before I realised how idiotic I sounded.

Please Merlin, let me die.

Remus smiled brilliantly at me and said, “Yeah, it’s pretty good.”

Well this isn’t weird, not even awkward or anything. I mean we are only sitting here in silence, not being able to think of something to talk about…

I can’t stand the silence!

“So are you excited for the camping trip this weekend?” I asked the first thing that came to mind. Good work for once brain!

“I am actually. I can’t wait to see how everyone goes without using magic,” he said and grinned at me.

“We aren’t going to be allowed to use magic?!” I asked, an appalled look on my face. “But… but… We will all die!” Okay, so I may have sounded a tad dramatic but this is wilderness we’re talking about! The Hogwarts grounds counts as the wilderness okay!

Remus was laughing, in a nice way, and I just wanted to listen to him laugh over and over again. It had a sort of rough and soft mixture to it and I was glad I could make him laugh.

Remus and I chatted until the tabled cleared of all food but chose to stay sitting at the Gryffindor table. I couldn’t believe how naturally I could talk to Remus! I mean sure I said mostly stupid things but he didn’t seem to mind, even found what I said funny. Yeah, I can’t believe it either.

I was a little worried that it would be awkward, Remus and I alone together. It was the first time that we were really alone since the almost kiss. But Remus didn’t seem awkward, in fact he seemed very relaxed and quite happy. Though I couldn’t help noticing that he looked ill still, perhaps worse than yesterday, and I felt worried for him.

“So you needed some help with what items to bring camping?” Remus asked, his warm breath tickling my cheeks. He had gotten a lot closer than I realised and I felt myself leaning toward him involuntarily.

“Yeah,” I said distractedly. Before I could stop myself, I reached my hand up and softly brushed my fingertips over the purplish bags under his eyes. He froze in his seat but didn’t move away.

Have I completely lost my mind? What am I doing?! It’s almost as if when I’m with Remus I forget that I am this awkward, bumbling girl. I just feel so comfortable with him that I don’t even realise I’m doing all these bold things like almost kissing him and stroking his face.

Clearly there is something wrong with me.

“You haven’t been sleeping,” I said in a quiet voice, all thoughts gone except for the fact that Remus looked ill.

Remus’ eyes momentarily closed and one of his hands reached up to cover mine, still tracing under his eye.

“Are you okay? You have looked ill for days…” I said in an even softer voice. My fingers tingled under the touch of his hand. I don’t know what is happening but I didn’t want it to stop.

At my words his eyes flew open and he looked almost shocked to see me so close. He didn’t leap away like last time but instead he lowered my hand to the table before sliding away from me. I didn’t know if I should feel hurt or embarrassed.

“Yeah I’m fine! Just NEWT classes and all that,” he said brightly and he pulled out his Muggle Studies homework.

Sighing, I got out some parchment and started asking Remus questions about camping.


                                                                       * * *


“Good job everyone! These lists will come in very handy this weekend. We will be gathering our supplies together at the end of Friday’s lesson. You’re free to go,” Professor Verona said and waved cheerfully at us.

“He is so bloody cheerful!” I said to Remus under my breath as we both packed up our bags and began walking towards the door. After our weird little moment at the Gryffindor table, everything had returned to normal between us. I didn’t really know what to think of that but I pushed that thought out of my head. I seemed to be doing that a lot today.

Remus and I were laughing together when the others caught up to us. Sirius waggled his eyebrows at me and I glared at him. He pretended to look innocent and came to walk beside me. Like usual, he slung his arm around my shoulders and I didn’t bother to shake him off.

Lily was talking animatedly to James as we all walked towards the Gryffindor common room and I couldn’t help smiling at the sight of them.

I nudged Sirius and nodded towards James and Lily. “It is only a matter of time,” I said quietly and we both smirked.

“How was Remus?” Sirius asked, his mouth practically touching my ear as he bowed his head to whisper to me.

I glared at him again but I wasn’t really angry and he knew that. I shrugged my shoulders in a casual sort of way but I couldn’t stop the dejected frown that slipped onto my face. Sirius saw it and frowned.

“Laugh casually as if I have said something really hilarious!” Sirius whispered to me, his mouth a lot closer to my ear this time. An involuntary shiver ran through me at the feeling.

I looked at him puzzled for a second and he widened his eyes as if to say ‘go on!’ Totally confused, I gave the best laugh I could and even said, “Oh Sirius!” And you thought I couldn’t act!

My heart did a flip flop when I stopped laughing and noticed that half of the girls in the crowded corridor were glaring at me. Was Sirius trying to make girls jealous? Was he trying to get me killed? I was just about to lecture him when I noticed Remus glancing at us.

His face was dark and closed off, not at all like his usually friendly face. Sirius ruffled my hair affectionately as we all continued to walk. I heard Remus scoff quietly before he announced loudly that he needed to go to the library. He quickly walked off in the opposite direction, not even looking at me or Sirius once.

I looked after him, stunned. Then it clicked. This was what Sirius wanted to happen! I stopped abruptly; bringing Sirius to a stop with me. The others glanced back at us but I waved them forwards. They shrugged and continued walking. I pulled Sirius into an empty classroom, not caring about the looks we were getting.

“What is wrong with you?!” I practically shouted. “Why did you tell me to do that?! Why did I go along with that?! Why?!” I was shouting and stomping around the room like a crazy person and Sirius had to stand in front of me to stop me.

“Will you calm down!” Sirius said in a not so calming voice. “I’m helping you!”

“Helping me? How is making Remus think we are dating helping me?!” I asked incredulously.

“Because now we know he likes you,” Sirius said simply.

“You-” but I stopped suddenly as I took notice of Sirius’ words. “What do you mean?” I asked in quite a different tone.

“Isn’t it obvious? Look how jealous he got, stomping off to the library,” I gave him a skeptical look and he continued. “Look Shaylee, I’ve known Remus for a long time alright? He doesn’t date and he has his reasons but I can tell he is lonely. I’ve tried to set him up before but he was having none of it. Then you come along and you so obviously like him and personally I felt a bit bad for you because I didn’t think he would like you back,” I frowned at him and he hurried to right himself.

“Not that you aren’t attractive! Merlin, you’re beautiful and if you weren’t so head over heels for my mate I would try and date you myself!” he said and waggled his eyebrows suggestively at me. I laughed and rolled my eyes.

“But seriously, the more we all started becoming friends, the more I noticed the little hints that Remus may like you,” Sirius saw my skeptical look and said, a little exasperated. “Like the fact that he kept glancing at you, searching for you in all our classes and in the corridors. Or the fact that he started talking about you, how nice you are and how funny he thinks you are,”

My heart rate had started to speed up at Sirius’ words. Could what he is saying be true? I wanted to believe it was but I didn’t know if I could.

“And then that whole thing with McKinnen! We were all a little put out by it but him more so than any one. He even wanted to prank him! Remus goes along with most pranks but he is never the one to initiate one. So when he said that I knew, but I had to make sure before I told you because I didn’t want to be wrong and have you get hurt,” Sirius said in a soft voice and I realised that I truly loved him as a friend.

“So you wanted to see if he would get jealous…” I said, trailing off. My mind racing a million miles an hour trying to process everything.

“And he did. He got very jealous,” Sirius said, grinning at me.

If what Sirius is saying is true, and it was sure sounding like it was, then that meant…

Remus Lupin likes me.

Oh Merlin.


A/N: So we find out that Remus likes Shaylee! Will he tell her or do anything about it? Tell me your thoughts! Also, what are we thinking about Aiden and his 'nice guy' approach?

Thaaaaank you everyone for reading! This is my longest chapter yet. I wanted to cut it off around the 5000 word mark but couldn't find a good place to leave it so I thought I would give you guys a little bit of extra lovin'. Haha.

Like always, thank you so much for all of your reviews and the lovely things you all say! I love reading them and they make writing worth it. xx

P.S: Planning on a dramatic next chapter. Hopefully I will stick with what I want to happen and not randomly decide Shaylee suddenly falls in love with Snape! :P

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