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The Time of Cupids
By: Gryffindorgirl153

Chapter Nineteen

Victoria Rose

“Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit.” Albus cursed as he shoved me away from him. I felt the mask whisking away from my face, and he cursed even louder. “Shit!”

“Cursing won’t help anything, Al.” I snapped, equally annoyed. “Merlin, what the bloody hell were we thinking?”

“I thought you were Ginger!” He exclaimed resentfully. “You both sound the same! Why do both of you sound the same?”

I rolled my eyes. “I thought you were your brother! You know, you two are more similar than you think. Bloody hell, what is Ginger going to think?” I began pacing while I ran my hands over my face.

“Ginger?” Al exclaimed. “You’re worried about Ginger? What’s James going to think? No — what’s James going to do? My brother doesn’t think. He acts, and fucking hell, he’s going to beat me into a bloody pulp before I can even begin to explain how nothing happened.”

The thought of James made my stomach flip unpleasantly. “Po — James won’t think anything of it…”

He gave me a look of disbelief. “Are you bloody serious? He’s going to chop my head off, charm it onto a plaque, and hang it in his bedroom. I just snogged his girl for crying out loud! He’s more territorial than a bloody mutt.”

“It’s okay.” I reassured him. “It’s okay, because he doesn’t have to know. Neither of them need to know. So what? We snogged. But it was an accident, and it meant nothing! So we don’t have to tell them anything.”

Slowly but surely, he began nodding. “You’re… you’re right. We don’t have to tell them anything.”

I nodded as well in agreement. "Absolutely nothing." I repeated. "We did not do anything wrong. It was a completely innocent and accidental kiss."

"Innocent and accidental huh?" The sudden, unfamiliar voice surprised me. Albus and I whipped around immediately, only to set eyes on Amelie.

"Fuck." I cursed under my breath.

Amelie, clad in a glittering, gold gown, stepped forward with her lips arched into a devious smirk. "You know, Victoria, I never took you for the cheating type." she commented, taking another step closer. "And Albus," she began shaking her head whilst clicking her tongue. "What would Ginger think? You were supposed to be the good Potter." Her words were dripping with disappointment, but her eyes were glistening with mischief. "I am extremely," The smirk on her lips widened and she took another step forward. Her hands were clasped together in front of her in a fake, innocent manner. "disappointed," another step. "in you." The smirk on her lips broke out into a full on grin.

"Amelie — "

Just when I thought she was finished, she turned to me and gasped. "And Victoria!" she exclaimed. The grin on her face disappeared and was replaced with a look of pure astonishment. "James will be heartbroken. Two girlfriends in a row just cheated on him... And what's worse, it was with his enemy, and his little brother."

"Do you make being a conniving little bitch a habit, or does it just come naturally for you?" I spat, the corner of my lip curling into a sneer. "What are you doing out here anyway?"

"Came out for a smoke, just like Albus here." she smirked. "James always loved coming out for a cigarette together." she commented nostalgically. “Although, I didn’t know we shared such a dirty little habit, Albus. Does your girlfriend know what you’ve been doing behind her back?”

I rolled my eyes, and Albus ignored her. "That's great, Amelie, but nothing happened. So don't go running to the entire school with your big mouth."

The smirk reappeared as she rocked herself on her heels. "We'll see about that, Vicky." Before I could get another word in, she turned around, and left us to listen to the retreating sounds of her heels clicking against the stone floor.

"We better get back in there before anyone else see us." Albus suggested. He placed his hand on the small of my back and began leading me back towards the entrance of the Great Hall. "Hopefully James won't have a fit when he finds out." his voice sounded a little fearful.

"When he finds out?"

"It's Amelie we're talking about. Do you really think she's not going to jump at this opportunity? She'll probably tell James and hope that he'll be stupid enough to go running back to her." Albus was right. How could I even expect anything different?

We managed to catch up to Amelie, who was standing at the entrance dusting herself off.

"Brace yourself, Victoria." Amelie said with a smirk just as we re-entered the Great Hall. "You're in for a storm."

Feeling incredibly pissed off, and slightly more anxious than I would have hoped. We stepped through the threshold together, and the semi-familiar feeling of cloth whisking around my face returned.

I felt as though I was drugged. The last thing I remember was running out of the Great Hall and going after Mr. Mysterious, and the next thing I knew, I was standing in the entrance of the Great Hall once again, looking over the crowd. If anything happened between my exit, and my return, then the memory completely escaped me.

Still confused, I planted myself on one of the empty seats that were turned away from the empty round tables. I felt guilty, and I didn't even know why. Not to mention, Potter still relentlessly plagued my thoughts, and no matter what I told myself, I couldn't deny the fact that I had been searching for him all night. My memories from my exit to my return — if there were any at all — were completely gone, leaving me to wonder if I managed to unmask Mr. Mysterious. My deepest desires — fake, or not — could have been satisfied, and no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't remember.

This ball, and the staff's effort to keep all our identities masked were beginning to really piss me off.

Abruptly, someone plopped down on the empty seat beside me. I turned to him, expecting to face the boy I had spent the majority of my night with. To my surprise, it was a stranger.

To my delight, he looked as equally annoyed as I was.

"Not having fun?" I asked, striking a conversation.

"How can you tell?" he asked, his voice dripping with sarcasm and disdain. "I suddenly really wish they just stuck with old school masks. Even though they don't completely hide one's identity, it's a lot better than this."

"Tell me about it." I replied exasperatedly.

"I take it that you're not having a good time either, huh?"

"Not exactly."

"What are you doing sitting here all on your lonesome?"

I huffed, annoyed. "Followed some bloke outside, and now I cant remember what happened after that."

The boy chuckled, amused. "It's incredibly ironic that the staff is making date raping a lot easier than it should be in a school of magic."

Surprised, and now slightly afraid, I turned to him with wide eyes. "That's not something you should joke about!" I exclaimed. "I'm a little frightened now to be honest..."

He laughed again. "Don't worry. I’m sure you would have felt violated in some way if that were true, even if you don't remember it."

I laughed and let the matter rest. "How about you?"

"Me... Well," he chuckled bitterly. "I met a girl, who I believe to be this — let's call her an... Acquaintance — and now..." he paused with a small laugh. "And now I'm going insane."

I nodded, understanding. "Must be some girl."

His nose scrunched up with distaste, and he shook his head with a laugh. "I wouldn’t be going crazy if she was."

My eyebrows knitted with confusion. "I don't understand. Why are you going crazy over this girl then?"

"I'd love to know why as well." he replied. "It's a mystery to me. Merlin I want to rip my eyes out every time I look at her."

"Ah that love and hate feeling?" I asked, my mind wandering back to Potter. "I know it well."

"How do you make it go away?" his voice turned soft, almost chilling.

"You don't."

"That's incredibly comforting." he replied sarcastically. "I just learned that I’m in for a lifetime of insanity."

"A lifetime of insanity..." I repeated. "I wouldn't exactly say a lifetime... Unless of course you happen to be in love with this girl."

"In love?" he asked, shocked. "Not even close. But In the future, who knows... I'm already going down that road. That is, if this feeling remains."

"So you may... Potentially love her, correct?"

"I refuse to agree with you, only because you make it sound so horrible."

I laughed loudly, and sat back. "So you potentially love her." I stated.

"Let's leave it at I may potentially fancy her." he corrected. "It sounds a lot better, and a lot less terrifying."

I rolled my eyes. "Boys. They're all so afraid of feeling things."

"You'd be surprised how many girls are just the same."

I suddenly remembered everything Potter ever accused me of.

"I suppose you’re not the only one who thinks that." I replied with more sadness in my voice than I intended.

Realizing that the conversation became too serious for two strangers, I cleared my throat and shifted in my seat. "So.. I hear we're all going to be unmasked at midnight." I began, changing the subject. "Hopefully our memories come back."

"Don't you want to know who your mystery man is?" he asked.

"And how about you? Don't you want to know who that girl is? By what you told me, I wouldn't be sitting here talking to a complete stranger. I'd be out there," I pointed to the crowd of students that filled the Great Hall. "looking for her."

"Well, we have about ten minutes before midnight." he said after glancing at the large clock situated in the front of the Great Hall. "How about a dance? I haven't had a dance all night. It'll be... Thanks for keeping each other company after a night of misfortunes." he stood up, and held out his hand like a gentleman.

Without hesitation, I accepted his offer and placed my hand in his. "I wouldn't exactly call your discovery of lo — sorry, discovery of fancy — a misfortune." I said. "Some would see it as a fortunate outcome."

"You wouldn't say that if you knew who she was."

"Tell me about her." I said as he led us to the dance floor.

Again, he scrunched up his nose. "She's... small." he answered.

I gave him a look. "That's all you have to say? She's small?"

"She's... Irritating." he added. In a few short moments, he had me in his arms, and was now leading me across the dance floor. "To be completely honest, I don't know how I'm supposed to describe her." he said. "She's a little school girl who, at times, can't tell the difference between her left and right shoe."

"Is that really all you have to say?" I asked. "Why do you fancy her then if she's foolish and annoying?"


"Let me guess, she's gorgeous and has a body beautiful enough for you to ignore everything else?"

"I was going to say that she's funny. And insightful, and don't get me wrong, she's beautiful too, but that's not all that's important."

As I opened my mouth to ask another question, McGonagall stepped to the front of the Great Hall with a wand pointed to her throat. "Attention, everyone! Attention!" The music immediately stopped, and the students' chatter and murmurs fell silent. "It is almost midnight!" she announced excitedly. "The enchantments placed upon your identities will be removed one the clock strikes twelve, and your the memories that have been taken from you, all of which, are lingering above us," she pointed to the ceiling, and I gasped. I couldn't believe I never noticed it before. Indeed, there were countless of slivers of memories floating about, as if I was staring into an upside down pensive. It was like a cloud of memories, teasing us to no end. "Will be returned immediately. After midnight, those who wish to return to their dorm may do so. All those who wish to stay, and continue the nights' festivities, are welcomed to stay. Enjoy the rest of your night!"

"So what's wrong with her?" I asked, unable to overlook my insatiable curiosity before our inevitable departure. The silenced song resumed, but it was coming to a halt. "What makes this night of yours so unfortunate?"

The music finally slowed, and so did we. Our bodies retracted as we parted. "I happen to dislike her immensely, and she happens to hate me right back. Not to mention, she's my best mates' best friend."

Hang on... It couldn't possibly be... Could it? Surely that situation is as common as Harry Potter's face behind chocolate frogs' packages. Surely that couldn't have been Potter... No. This stranger fancied his best mates' best friend. Potter, Potter didn't — would never, could never, fancy me. After all, I was annoying, irritating, and I — according to Potter — am the ice queen.

“Do you happen to know where she is?” I was a little breathless out of confusion. I wanted so badly to ask for his name, his house, or anything that could possibly give me a clue of his identity. At first, his name wasn’t of any importance. We were just two strangers brought together by a series of unfortunate events, and there would be no further interaction for the rest of the night. “It’s a bit difficult searching for someone in a crowd full of masks.”

“It’s a little bit hard to miss her.” he answered, his eyes roaming the hall. “She must be the only one wearing a dark red gown.”

“Uh… I’m —“ I looked down at my attire in the midst of attempting to point out that I was, in fact, wearing red too. But as my eyes landed on my body, I realized that I was no longer wearing the deep red gown I initially chose for the night. The red was replaced with a shiny, material that hugged my body tighter than my previous gown. My hands reached for my mask, and the once laced material suddenly felt like satin beneath my fingers. My hair, that was once in an up-do, now cascaded down my back in large ringlets.

“My... my appearance changed.” I stated apprehensively.

“That tends to happen when you step through the entrance with someone.” He answered impatiently.

I didn’t blame him. He was running out of time.


The ten-second countdown began. Every face in the Great Hall turned to the large, teasing clock, situated in the front of the hall. Their faces were expectant, and almost anxious. It reminded me of the New Years Eve parties Potter always hosted. The crowd would count down — 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, and so on — until the minute hand struck twelve. Hands would clap and lips would kiss. But this, this was not a countdown for a New Year. It was a countdown for knowledge. Masks would fall, and their partners’ identities may either meet the others’ expectations, or it may lead to utter disappointment.


“H—h—hang on, what?” I sputtered.


“When you leave, and come back inside at the exact same time as someone else, you switch physical appearances.” He explained.


“Look, thanks for tonight, but we’re both short on time here —“


“And like you said, we shouldn’t waste the magical entities of the night, right?”



With one last smile, he turned around, and without another look back, he stalked off and headed for a blonde standing by the nearest window. A laced mask was wound around her large eyes, and her bouncy curls were pinned up. Beneath her mask, where high, perfectly sculpted cheekbones. Her pointy shoulders were bare, and a small, ruby-red heart necklace hung before her protruding collarbone. She wore a long, red gown that shimmered in the light. She looked just like me — or just like I did.




He approached her quickly, without a single hint of hesitancy.


As the minute hand reached twelve, each body in the hall began to rumble, as if their skin was boiling in a tub of hot water. It was like watching the effects of a polyjuice potion wearing off. The masks whisked themselves away from the faces they covered, and disappeared into nothing.

I watched stone-cold and legitimately surprised, as Potters’ features were revealed upon the disenchantments. While he approached her, his face was hard with determination. Within two long strides, he captured her face in his large hands, and planted his lips over hers.

I gasped involuntarily.

Their lips moved in an instant, and before I could even blink, before I could even register what was going on, her arms were already wrapped around his neck. The kiss looked feverish and passionate; everything Albus and I could never have been. It was disgusting. Watching his lips mold to the shape of another made me sick to my stomach, but no matter how hard I tried, I could not look away. It was as if my body wanted to severely impair my mentality and emotional stability.

As it turns out, this girl Potter had been talking about was not me.

It was —

They finally parted. Her chest heaved heavily. She was breathless, obviously. Any one of Potters’ kisses always left a girl bloody breathless. On the other hand, I could see Potters’ eyebrows furrowing. He shifted on his feet and took a small step back.

Again, I gasped. There she was. Amelie Fucking Elkin. The girl who got everything she ever wanted in her entire fucking life. The most gorgeous girl in school — even I couldn't deny it, and I hated her with every fiber of my being — the one all the boys wanted. Merlin. Never in my life was I ever jealous of her, but at that precise moment, I found myself praying that it was me Potter had just kissed with such vigor and passion.

Merlin, it was like the universe really wanted them together.

A part of me wondered if I should tell him. Tell him that Amelie and I switched appearances the moment we walked through the entrance together. Even though I wasn’t exactly sure how it was possible, I wondered if I should step up and tell Potter that it was — most probably — me that he spent the entire night talking to.

Instead, I held my ground and watched. I watched as Potter backed away from a triumphant and pleased Amelie. I watched as she took smirked teasingly before taking another step closer.

Then it happened. It was abrupt; like the flick of a light switch and the crack of a whip. My memories came flooding back as if someone had literally opened up a locked door in my mind. Cupid, the arrow, Sylvia, the kiss, Albus, Amelie, Albus — shit. I kissed Albus Potter. I kissed James Potters’ younger brother. I snogged Potters’ younger brother, and Amelie was a witness.

“Sylvia!” I hissed under my breath. “Amelie.”

I was torn between whom to tackle first. Amelie, while standing right in front of me, was not the bigger picture here. Desmond and his stupid Cupid problem was, which meant that Sylvia was the bigger fish to fry. The only problem was, I had no idea where I would find her. For all I knew, she already returned to her dormitory to conclude her lifelong research — more like bloody obsession — about Desmond and Cupids.

Alarms immediately went off in my head. I had to find Desmond. Screw Amelie. Potter could suck it.


Kill two birds with one stone.

However, in Amelie’s case, it was more like knock-out. There was no way she would permanently let this kiss go. Not when she finally had something to hold over my head.

“Potter!” I shouted. My legs finally decided to move, and I scurried over to his side. “Potter, we need to find Desmond. Or Sylvia. Sylvia is a better find, actually.”

His eyes darkened. “What’s going on?” he asked stiffly. Before I could process my answer, his eyes scanned my attired. “You’re…” He began piecing it together.

So Potter wasn’t as thick as I thought.

“Yes, Potter, I’m her, the girl you spent the past half hour speaking to. But never mind that.” It was difficult. Trying to push aside what my heart momentarily desired the most, in order to save the bloody wings of my best friend. “We have a…” I shot a weary glance towards Amelie, who was already staring at me with a smirk. “Situation.” I finished, returning my gaze to Potter. “With Desmond, and his… Cat.” I narrowed my eyes at my own stupidity.

His hands immediately fell from Amelie’s waist. “What did he do now?” Luckily, Potter caught on quickly.

“Er… his cat doesn’t like to talk about his business in public.”

Without another word, he swiftly placed his hand on the small of my back and rushed me out of the Great Hall. We did not get very far. I suppose Potter was eager to hear whatever I had to say, because he released me by one of the torches, not far from the main entrance of the castle. The kiss between Albus and I returned to my mind, and I cringed inwardly.

“What’s going on?” he questioned.

“Before the ball he wa —“

“No, I don’t mean that.” Potter snapped impatiently while shaking his head. “Why are you… how could it possibly be that you were the girl I was just speaking to?” he didn’t even skip a beat.

My eyes widened, and my heart, if it were possible, would have quite literally, jumped out of my chest. “I…” How could I possibly tell him the truth without revealing what happened not more than five feet from where we were standing? “I don’t know, to be honest.” I answered. “I thought you were…”

Involuntarily, my eyes flickered behind him and managed to focus on a couple snogging not far from where Potter and I were standing. It was a redhead, pressed up against the wall, with a tall, broad-shouldered boy attacking her lips. Sighing, my gaze turned back to Potter. “I don’t know. I was surprised too, okay? But I guess you’re happy, huh?” I asked bitterly, suddenly forgetting about Desmond.

“Happy with what?” he retorted someone angrily.

“Amelie. You fancy her, don’t you?” I knew it wasn’t true. How could it, if Amelie has absolutely no connection to either Desmond or Tyler? But I couldn’t help the sourness that itched to spill itself out of my mouth. I was pissed, and confused at the same time. It had to come out somehow.

“What the bloody hell are you on about?”

“Now you and Amelie can live happily ever after!” I exclaimed in mock joy. “Merlin knows she’s been wanting you back.”

Potter rolled his eyes.

I wanted to slap him. How dare he give me attitude? I was the one who should be annoyed.

“Amelie and I are not getting back together.” He informed me sternly. "Whatever happened back there, whatever the fuck that wa —"

“Oh really? Like you could resist someone like Ame —” For the second time, my eyes strayed away from Potter, and once again, landed on the snogging couple. I strained my eyes further, suddenly extremely curious. The girls' flaming head of hair was awfully familiar, and I was sure that I've seen that bloke countless of times before tonight... “Bloody fuck!” I cursed loudly once their identities dawned on me. As soon as the curse left my mouth, I immediately regretted it. I slapped my hand over my figuratively slippery lips as I fearfully turned back to Potter. “Is there any chance in Merlin’s pants that you will ignore that sudden outburst, go back into the Great Hall with me, and dance until your feet fall off?”

He ignored my plea, as expected, and turned around to follow my gaze. “Who is that?” he asked curiously, leaning forward slightly to catch a better look.

“It’s no one!” I squealed immediately. “It’s Celia, that fifth year Ravenclaw Desmond and I adopted as our child about two years back. She finally got the guy of her dreams!” I laughed nervously, as I feigned excitement. “Now let’s go back, Potter, and give them their privacy.”

But he did not listen. Like the stubborn arse he was, he completely ignored me and began walking towards them.

“Potter!” I hissed. “It’s extremely rude to interrupt a couple who’s having the time of their lives snogging!”

He continued walking, and I was left to panic.

“Fuck.” I cursed. Yes, I know it was rather unnecessary, but I was panicking. Potter was mere meters away from finding out that his best friend was currently snogging his little sister.

Should I interrupt and do something, and possibly get myself roped into a mess that was not my own, or should I allow the beast to walk into the fiery pit, and allow these two snogging kids to flounder in their own pile of dung?

Unfortunately, my own brain did not allow any second thoughts. I growled under my breath and my legs began to move on their own accord. I bustled around, and stopped in front of Potter, with the intentions of blocking his view.

“What are you doing?” he demanded. “We can play a prank on them.” A grin full of mischief spread across his face. “C’mon, Vicky, you used to love play pranks on couples like that. What happened to you?” he taunted.

I rolled my eyes and took a step forward. “It’s called growing up, Potter. You should try it sometime.”

Surprisingly, instead of a child-like and somewhat witty comeback, Potter smirked.

I knew that I was victorious in capturing his attention, but I knew that an oral argument would not suffice in keeping it. So did what any stupid girl would have done. I tiptoed, and moved to press my lips on his. Meeting his gaze, my movements involuntarily slowed. He leaned forward slowly, somewhat meeting me halfway, and our faces were mere centimeters apart. My mind was washed of all thoughts, his eyes becoming the only thing I could focus on. They were green, and bright, yet at the same time, darkened with a haze of — what was that, desire? They were more focused on my lips, but occasionally flickered back to my eyes.

I suddenly forgot how we ended up here. Anything that happened before Potters’ intoxicating scent spoiled my mind was momentarily forgotten. All I could see was Potter. All I wanted to do was to feel him. Nothing else mattered at that moment, other than Potter.

Slowly, he began to lean in further, and I happily complied. As our lips brushed, I felt his lips stretch into a smile.


Moment over.


Potter, who acted as though he had just been burned, pulled away immediately. He straightened his posture, took a quick step back, one that had almost gone unnoticed, and shoved his hands in his pockets. He then cleared his throat awkwardly.

"Merlin, Potter, you're acting like a child who just got caught sneaking in a cookie before dinner." To be honest, his reaction stung more than I anticipated. It was like one of those cuts where the pain registers moments later, rather than in an instant. It was those kind of wounds that hurt the most once the pain settled in. It would claw at your skin until it reached your bone. It was seemingly never-ending pain. Seemingly.

Potter scowled in response, but remained quiet. Was it possible that he noticed how much his actions affected me?

I shut my eyes tightly in annoyance.

“It’s Roxanne.” Potter informed me.

I heaved a heavy sigh before I turned around to face Roxy. “Roxy,” I breathed. “Can I help you?”

“Layla is about to rip this girls’ head off.”

"What, why?" I asked immediately. All thoughts of Potter escaped me.

"I'm not sure... She's just really ticked off..."

Potter scowled and crossed his arms over his chest. "One more detention and her prefect status will be revoked." he reminded me. "She really needs to get a hold of that temper of hers."

"You’re one to talk, Potter.” I retorted angrily.

”What’s that supposed to mean?”

”It means that you’ve got a temper that is on par with a bloody active volcano.”

”Guys... This really isn’t the time to start arguing..." Roxy interjected quietly. “Layla...”

”Where is she?” I turned my attention back to Roxy, turning my cold shoulder towards Potter.

”Third floors’ girls’ lavatory."


”Bitch! Who the fuck do you think you are?" Her shrill voice pierced through my eardrums before I managed to even step foot into the bathroom.

After Roxy came to find me, I sprinted up several flights of stairs and rushed my way down the corridor and towards a crowded bathroom with Potter right on my tail. Once or twice, I managed to trip on my dress, or lose footing all thanks to my five inch heels, only to receive a sarcastic comment from Mr. Helpful following behind me.

It was either a “You're a bloody fool for thinking you would have the ability to walk in those heels," or something along the lines of "I think you should stick with the flattest of all trainers for the rest of your miserable, clumsy life.”

Potter's a charmer, really.

”You crazy fucking, hoe bag!"

That was definitely Layla.

”That mouth of hers...” Potter muttered from behind me as we pushed through a crowd of people.

”Move out of my fucking way!” I cried impatiently. The crowd of girls before me immediately dispersed. “Thank you. Merlin's fucking beard, don't you all have lives to get back to?”

”That mouth of yours...” Potter added with a sigh.

”Shut it, Potter. I’m not in the mood.”

”You slut!”

”You better shut that trap of yours before I shut it for you." Layla growled dangerously. “How was I supposed to know he was your boyfriend? Everyone was wearing masks you daft bimbo. You want to accuse someone of being unfaithful? Accuse your ’boyfriend’ standing right behind you. He seemed perfectly... ready, even after he found out that he was about to jump into the pants of a girl who wasn’t his girlfriend.”

”Why you little...” By the time the two of them came into view, the little blonde lunged for Layla's throat. Layla's teeth, in retaliation, practically barred on instinct, and her hands curled into fists at her sides. She had a look that could kill, and I immediately knew that this blonde was done for.

”Potter!” I squealed helplessly, turning to face Potter with a desperate expression planted on my face. “Do something!” I pleaded.

”Sorry, Vic, I don't get myself involved in cat fights.”

I growled beneath my breath. “You useless tosspot.” I muttered before I pulled quickly pulled out my wand from beneath my gown and pointed it in towards the crazy little blonde one. “Relashio!”

”What the fuck!” The blonde shrieked from the ground.

”What's going on?” I asked, turning to Layla.

”Ask her,” Layla spat sourly as she pointed down in the girl’s direction. Her chest was heaving up and down. I could only guess that it was out of pure anger. “She’s a bloody psychopath.”

”She’s the slut who flirted with my boyfriend!” the blonde interjected from her spot on the ground.

”For the thousandth time, it was a masked ball. We didn’t know who each other was!” Layla retorted angrily. “You stupid, annoying bimbo!”

I gave the blonde on the floor a look. “Seriously?” I asked, baffled. “You’re angry because she flirted with a guy she didn’t even know?”

”Next time, you might as well charm the words ’TAKEN BY #1BITCH’ on his forehead.” Layla commented from behind me. “Maybe doing something like that will put you at ease.”

The blonde shot daggers in Layla's direction before she turned towards me to do the same, “You’re one to talk.” she spat, giving me an incredibly dirty look. Her eyes narrowed into slits, and the corners of her mouth twitched with anger, or possibly annoyance. “Snogging your boyfriend’s younger brother...”

My mouth dropped open the exact moment gasped fluttered throughout the lavatory. How... How did she know?

”Oh, you didn’t think any one would find out?” she asked incredulously. “I saw you two outside the Great Hall. I must say, it looked like a pretty passionate kiss.”


Mother of Merlin..

I have the shittiest luck in the world.

“You’ve mistaken me for someone el—”

Rudely interrupting me in mid sentence, the blonde scoffed. “Don’t even bother trying to hide it. It’s impossible to miss that curly blonde hair of yours. That was definitely you snogging Albus.” She was haughty, and annoying. I suddenly understood Layla’s undying urge to rip her face off her head. “You see at first, I thought that you were snogging James. But then the difference of a few steps… well, let’s just say that it goes a long way.”


Merlin, Potter!

He was here.

He was in the lavatory, and he just heard everything.

I intended to turn in a slow hesitant manner, but instead, my body swiveled around faster than the speeding bullet — one I wished for — designated to lodge itself into my temple. The numerous faces faded and the white tiles behind each one became a blur. My heart thumped against my chest louder than anything I’ve ever heard before, and in that short moment, all I could hear and all I could feel was the aftershock of anxiety building up in my chest. It was like a strange kind of high, except no one deliberately puts a halt on reality for something like this. No one.

The world came to a stop once I was directly facing Potter. I didn’t have to wait for him to take notice. His eyes were already on mine through a piercing glare. His jaw was clenched tightly, and for a small fragment of a second, I worried for his teeth, which would have gotten crushed if he continued clenching. And then I realized that there were more important matters at hand.

“Potter…”I began so unsure with myself, only because I had no idea what to say. Before this incident, I was entirely convinced that Potter would not find out about Albus and I. I had no explanations. Nothing. But I still opened my mouth, and his name slithered past my lips like smoke; wispy, and translucent.

My lack of words, however, did not seem to matter at all. After our gaze locked for a good minute or two, Potter’s jaw tightened even more, if it were even possible, and he looked away. Without another word, Potter turned and walked out the door.

Without a single fucking word.

“Oops, I think I said something I wasn’t supposed to.”

I didn’t even have time to get angry. Whatever that girl said didn’t even register in my mind until I was halfway out the door, chasing after Potters’ giant head. I didn’t know what I was going to say. I didn’t even know why I had to chase after Potter just to explain both on Albus, and my behalf.

I caught sigh of Potter taking the first turn down the corridor. I quickened my pace, ignoring my complaining feet and threw away all thoughts that told me how ridiculous this was. Again, for about the hundredth time since I knew him, I was left to try to satiate his needs, mend his emotions, and fix everything that had gone wrong.

“Potter!” I cried once I caught up with him. “Potter, would you just please, wait?”

He stopped a good five feet before me and turned to face me. “What?” he demanded through clenched teeth.

My feet came to a halt as I tried my best to catch my breath. “Do — don’t be angry…”

“And why would I be angry?” he asked angrily.


“Don’t flatter yourself, Victoria. I don’t give a damn if you snog my brother or not.”

“Potter, I’m sorry!” I cried as I prayed that my apologies would be enough.

“You have nothing to be sorry for.”

“Then why are you acting this way?” I asked.

“Albus has a girlfriend!” He roared and advanced towards me. “Ginger, do you remember her? Albus is crazy about her. And you! You…” Potter looked irritated and over whelmed. He was having difficulty spitting out whatever he wanted to say, and I was having a hard time trying to not feel anymore sorry than I should. “Last time I checked, you — you’re dating me.”

I bit my bottom lip out of nervousness. “It was an accident! He was wearing a mask, neither of us knew who the other was.”

He scoffed bitterly. “Don’t give me that. Mask-less or not, you still snogged him.”

“I don’t get you, Potter!” I screeched. “You don’t give a damn when you even come close to hurting me, and when I get angry, you think I’m being irrational! But when I go do something as small as snogging your brother, while in fact, thinking that he was you, you throw a bloody fit!”

“He’s my brother!” he roared immediately in retaliation. His voice echoed down the corridor, and I flinched slightly at the heightened volume.

“And Amelie is your ex-girlfriend, who you, by the way, snogged tonight as well!” Suddenly, I was no longer that concerned with Potter’s fickle feelings. I was livid, and — as much as I hate to admit it — I was jealous. “Don’t you go forgetting that I’m still in love with you, you stupid git! How do you think kissing someone like Amelie would make me feel?”

“I thought she was you!”

“And I thought Albus was you!” We were both shamelessly bellowing in the middle of the corridor. I was sure that someone all the way up in the Gryffindor common room would be able to hear us at the rate we were going.

“That’s no excuse.” Potter spat, his voice slowly softening with every word. “For the both of us.”

I sighed angrily as I crossed my arms over my chest and pursed my lips. I looked away from Potter and attempted to regain control of my temper. “Certainly not.”


I was sincerely concerned about how easily Potter can get me all riled up. One moment, all I want to do is make him happy, and the next there is an overwhelming desire to rip his head off, bubbling in the pit of my stomach. Yes, this has always been our relationship, ever since the beginning of time, but his fickleness was affecting me more than I anticipated. It was like a disease, and I was no longer able to determine where neither he nor I stood. It confused me to no end. I just wanted it all to stop.

After the little spat between Potter and I, he stormed off, as expected. I was left to sulk alone until my feet decided to bring me back to the Great Hall, where my friends would most likely be found.

When I reached the entrance to the Great Hall, I immediately spotted Tyler standing solo by a large tapestry. He was the first I approached.

“Tyler.” I greeted breathlessly. “Lovely to see a friendly face.”

“Hey there, Vic.” He seemed distracted.

“Have you seen Desmond? I really need to talk to him.” I was Initially going to ask him about his night, but I realized that I did not care about it as much as the more pressing matters that took over my once magical night. I almost growled under my breath at the thought.

“No, I haven't, actually.” Tyler replied with a frown. “Haven't seen him all night, to be honest. And from what it looks like, he’s not here either. What’s going on?”

“Cupid business.” I answered bitterly. “Among other things.”

His eyes narrowed suspiciously. “What other things?” he asked slowly.

“I shall tell you when I find him.” I answered, “But for now––just know––I’m out for his head.”

Tyler nodded. “I’ll keep a lookout.” he said. “And in return, maybe you can find a girl for me.”

”A girl...?”

“Yeah. I practically spent the entire night with her, but she bolted right before I had the chance to see who she was.”

“So she pulled a Cinderella?”

“A what?” Tyler asked, confused.

“Never mind. Muggle reference. You wouldn't understand.” I sighed. “Are you sure she wasn’t Dom?”

Tyler nodded. “Dom was paired with some Hufflepuff the entire night. And plus, this girl’s a ginger.”

My chest clenched, and I began chewing on my lip nervously. “... A Weasley...?”

Letting out a heavy sigh, he answered, “I have no clue, to be honest.”


“Look, I know it’s bad, okay? I know about the rules, and I know how pissed James would be if I went after another one of his cousins. Luck isn’t exactly on my side is time, and considering my chances with this girl... The possibility of her being a Weasley is extremely large. But I have to find her, Vic. I need to find her. I think I’ll genuinely go insane if I don't.”

Not knowing what to make of Tyler’s usual lady problems, I sighed, and made a mental note to keep a look out. “I’ll see what I can do, Ty.” I reassured him.

That was the last I saw of Tyler that night. After a small smile, he stalked off and dove into the crowd of people who still lingered on the dance floor. A moderate amount of sympathy resurfaced as I watched my friend walk off. I had barely seen him ever since the showdown with Dom, and it didn’t take a genius to see that he felt inclined to single himself out for the sake of his friends.

But shit happens, and sometimes, something’s just does not work out.

That’s precisely why people should never fall in love.


By the time it was two in the morning, both Desmond and Lily have yet to grace us with their god-awful presence. Dominique had retired early, and Layla was on a hunt for some liquor, while Roxy, Albus, Scorpius, Tyler, and I, lazily draped ourselves along the main staircase, situated near the Great Hall. The lot of us looked beat. The boys had loosened their ties and shrugged off their robes, while the girls had kicked off their shoes and had let their hair loose.

“Why aren’t we having fun like the rest of those kids?” Roxy asked sadly, passively peering into the Great Hall. “My night was a bust.” She pouted sourly.

“Tell me about it.” Scorpius sighed. “Say, where’s Layla with the alcohol?”

“Why does it seem like we always end every party with a good round of drinks?” My body was pressed flat against the staircase, while my head was propped up against Tyler’s lap. “Not that I’m complaining or anything… I could use a drink or two right now.”

Tyler looked as though he was dozing off. His head was leaning against the banister, while his left hand was lost in the mess that I called hair. “Psst, Tyler.” I whispered.


My forefinger shot towards his nostril, causing him to jerk backwards in surprise. “Victoria!” he barked disapprovingly.

I giggled. “It’s not proper to fall asleep on a staircase.”

Tyler glared at me. “You’ve done it plenty of times.”

I stuck out my tongue resentfully. “A drunken me does not count.”

He rolled his eyes before leaning his head against the banister once more.

“Where’s Ginger, Al?” Roxy asked once both Tyler and I restored a comfortable silence. “Wasn’t she supposed to come join us?”

“One of her friends passed out somewhere near the kitchens.” He answered with a snort. “She’s going to bring her back to her dorm before they all get caught for possession.”

“Why does it seem like everyone but us had a good night?” Scorpius groaned. “It’s not fair.”

“Calm down Scorpy.” I turned my head to see Layla sneaking past the entrance of the Great Hall with two cartons of what looked like firewhiskey. “I’m about to make your night a whole lot better.” She said with a grin once she finally reached us. “It wasn’t easy knicking these.” she informed us. “Let’s move to the common room before McGonagall comes out here and expels us all.”

The common room was just as warm as I remembered. The six of us filed in and made a beeline for the couch. The single armchairs and two-seater love seats were neglected as the six of us squished our arses together and forced ourselves to fit. Layla draped her legs over Scorpius’ lap, and I realigned myself to drape mine over Tyler’s.

“Awesome, I’m comfortable.” I grinned cheekily at Tyler, who playfully rolled his eyes in response.

Ginger joined us before the drinks were opened. She planted herself on Albus’ lap and began an animated conversation with Roxy over who would win the next Quidditch World Cup.

Al stared at Ginger as though he was in bloody love with her.

Scorpius was the first to go for the alcohol. He opened up the carton and pulled out a large red bottle. “Yum, it’s flavored.”

“Pass me a green one, would you?” Apple was my favorite.

Tyler uncapped the bottle before handing it over. I sipped him contently. The substance seared as it slithered down my throat, instantly healing everything that went wrong that night. It was my remedy, and I was in need of a couple of bottles. I stared at the second carton, which housed the remaining drinks, and began wondering if six bottles would be enough to ease the relentless pain of loving Potter each and every single fucking day.

After a long, mental, one-sided debate, I realized that six was not enough. I would need about twelve.

However, the lack of alcohol and the heartbreak that was Potter, was no longer important. In a matter of minutes, the complaints ceased, and were replaced with smiles and laughter.

Scorpius cracked more jokes than I could even count. Most of them were probably not funny at all, but for some reason, I still laughed at every single one of them. On more than one occasion, I laughed until my stomach hurt and the floor looked more appealing than my space between the arm of the couch, and Tyler. Ginger joined the lovely-looking-floor fan club. Albus had to secure his arms around her to make sure she did not fall face first onto the carpeted floor.

Albus and Layla were really good singers, although, I’m not sure if I’ll have the same opinion in the morning. They sang the school song, and the entire Wicked Sisters’ new album.

Tyler was great at doing an Albus Dumbledore impression. Of course, Albus shut him up, muttering something about having respect for the dead.

I, on the other hand, all I could do was laugh until I cried, and think about how much I sincerely loved my friends.

“Scorpius!” Ginger cried in the midst of her uncontrollable laughter. “Please stop! I think I’m going to wet myself!”

“Oh, Merlin, Scorp, please stop.” Albus pleaded from beneath her.

I burst out laughing, and opened my second bottle of whiskey. It was a lot stronger than I remembered. The alcohol was hitting me hard, and it was hitting me fast.

“No, but wait until you hear the re—”

A tapping on the window interrupted Scorpius’ story about how his father thought his mother was pregnant again at the age of fifty.

“Owl’s this late?” Roxy inquired. She was craning her neck around Scorpius’ head to peer out the window. “I don’t recognize it. Do you guys?”

We all shook our heads.

“I think it’s a school owl.” Layla said.

Ginger hopped off Albus’ lap and ran towards the window. The moment she unlocked the clasp, the window blew open, and she was bombarded with several letters. “Bloody hell.” She cursed once the letters fell to the ground. “It’s… there’s one for each of us.” She announced.

“Is it from school?” Roxy asked. “I don’t understand why they don’t just use the PA system. Flitwick didn’t re-charm it for nothing.”

“No…” Ginger answered absentmindedly. She slowly handed out our respective letters, and each one of us tore it open without another word.

With a bow and arrows
With two little wings
Comes a tall man
Who descended from Kings
He’s a harbinger of love
But ladies and gents,
It’s not all fluttering white doves
Watch your backs
Who knows when a Cupid will hit you in the ass?

All my love
Victoria Rose

I almost choked on my drink when I read the last two lines. ‘All my love, Victoria Rose.’

“What the fuck?” I cursed loudly and shamelessly.

“Vicky, it’s signed by you.” Tyler pointed out. “Why…”

“I didn’t write this!” I exclaimed. I lifted my appalled gaze and looked at Layla. She looked just as confused and angry as I did.

“This sound’s like an extremely tacky Valentine’s day card.” Ginger commented. “Honestly, it’s bloody Halloween. I think someone is just ridiculously confused.”

“Yeah… Confused.” Albus agreed. His eyes, however, were still glued to the piece of parchment in his hands. His brows were knitted into a frown, and I knew that there was something brewing in his mind.

“Do you think everybody received one?” Scorpius asked, holding up his crumbled copy. “Vicky, if you didn’t write this, then who did?”

“And why do they feel the need to sign your name…” Ginger added.

“It’s probably someone trying to play some stupid joke.” Roxy said, folding up her copy. “Maybe it’s Fred, and he’s just really drunk. I wouldn’t be surprised. It may be a little amateur of him, but when he’s buzzed, there is no line between an amateur and a professional.”

“Hey, guys?” I interrupted, suddenly remembering something that happened earlier in the night.

All six heads turned towards me.

“Anyone know where I might find Potter?” I asked hesitantly, chewing on my lower lip.

Tyler frowned. “I saw him earlier.” He answered. “He said something about going back to the dorm. Check upstairs.”

I nodded. “I’ll be right back.”

“Bring James down here, will you?” Layla called after me. “We need to have a little chat, that boy and I.”

In order to avoid any unwanted catastrophes — I can be pretty fucking clumsy, especially while partially intoxicated — I lifted my dress and held at boobs-length. I bolted up the stairs, barefoot, and stopped at the sixth-year boys’ dormitory. I didn’t bother knocking. Instead, I turned the knob and barged right in.

Potter was on his bed, lounging against a set of pillows propped up before the headboard. There was a book opened on his chest, and he seemed to be in the middle of it. He had already shrugged off his dress shirt, and his slacks were unbuttoned, giving me a preview of his plaid boxers.

Merlin, he looked so bloody delectable. I almost forgot why I went looking for him in the first place.

“Can I help you?” he asked sourly, breaking the silence.

Ignoring his sourness, I stepped further into his dormitory and shut the door behind me. “I — I need to talk to you, Potter.”

Wordlessly, he reached for something situated on the bed beside him. He held up a small piece of parchment — the same one all seven of us read earlier. “Are you talking about this?” he asked.

“So you did get it…”

“Don’t worry.” Was all he said. “I know you didn’t write it.”

“Thank Y — hang on, how do you know?”

He scoffed. “Please. The last time you tried to write a poem, you could barely rhyme. It took you a good twenty minutes to think of something that rhymed with ‘heart’.”

“Hey!” I exclaimed resentfully. “It’s hard, okay? Not everyone can be good with words.”

“And that is precisely why I know you did not write this.”

“That’s great, but that’s not really why I came up here.” I planted myself at the foot of his bed. From here, Potter’s book blocked his face from my view, so I snatched it from his grasp and closed it shut. I ignored his indignant expression and continued talking. “Do you remember that Desmond problem I had to talk to you about earlier?”

He nodded, looking slightly annoyed.

“Long story short, Sylvia caught Desmond with a bow and arrow, and unfortunately, that spell the put on the Great Hall is not long lasting.”

“She — she what?” he sputtered with disbelief, sitting up slightly. “That’s just — that’s just perfect. Sylvia of all people figuring out Desmond’s little secret.”

“I’m guessing she’s the one who sent this.” I concluded. “But why would she sign my name? What idiot would do that?”

“The woman’s crazy.” Potter stated as if it was a plausible answer to everything.

After a short stretch of silence, Potter lifted his gaze and looked at me. “Where is Desmond, anyway?” he asked. “I haven’t seen him all night, and he’s not back yet.”

I shrugged, unsure of what to tell him. “I haven’t seen him either.” Was all I could think of.

“I suppose he had some fun tonight.”

I nodded slowly, tracing the carvings of his bedposts with my eyes. “I suppose so.”

Another stretch of silence.

“So how do we shut Sylvia up?” I asked.

Potter snorted. “Offer up Desmond as leverage.”

I laughed. “That would definitely work.”

Another stretch.

“You smell like alcohol.” Potter stated.

I shrugged. “We knicked some earlier. Not all of us had a good night.”

“Is that apple?” he asked, leaning closer.

I nodded nervously. “It’s — it’s my favorite flavor.”

He smirked. “I know.”

Another stretch.

“Layla’s looking for you.” I informed him. “She says there’s something the two of you need to talk about.”

“She’s probably pissed by now.” He said.


Another stretch.

“Have you spoken to Dom all night?” Potter asked.


“She saw Tyler with another girl when the masks came off.”

“Is that why she went back so fast?”

“She’s not pleased.”

“I wouldn’t expect her to be.”

Potter sighed. “She’s upset, actually.”

“It’ll pass over soon.”

He scoffed. “I doubt it.”

There was another stretch.

“Do you want to join them downstairs?” I asked. By then, I was draped across his mattress while I blankly stared at the canopy of his bed. “My buzz is going away.”

“I like you better sober, anyway.”

I frowned.

He sat up and pulled himself out of bed. “Let’s go.” After re-buttoning his slacks, he walked over to stand in front of me and held out his hands.

Hesitantly, I placed mine into his, and he pulled me onto my feet in one swift motion. I held my breath as he hoisted me off the bed and flat against his bare chest. Gasping loudly after the unexpected contact, my hands gripped his arms for balance. My head was spinning wildly, and I didn’t know why.

Potter and I went from wanting to rip out each other’s throats to this, without a single hint of hesitation. He went from being absolutely disgusted by my presence, to absorbing every ounce of my being in the matter of seconds. He was going a million miles a minute, and all I could do was linger behind him and try to keep up.

“Merlin, Vic, I wish you didn’t have to be in love with me.” He said softly as he began twirling a lock of my hair in between his fingers.

“Believe me, Potter, I wish for the same exact thing every single day.” I responded in a whisper.

He smiled knowingly. “I meant what I said earlier.”

“You said a lot of things earlier.”

“I don’t want you snogging my brother.” He repeated. “Ever again.”

I frowned. “Would you respect my wishes if I were to ask you never to touch Amelie ever again?”

His jaw clenched, but nevertheless, he nodded. “It’s only fair.”

I was taken aback by his answer. Since when was Potter ever willing to be fair with me?

“Really?” I couldn’t hide my shock.

“Yes.” He answered stiffly.

“That’s… surprising.”

“So we’re in agreement then, yeah?”

Slowly, I nodded as I attempted to take everything in. “Y — yeah, I suppose we are.”

“I think this is the first time this has ever happened.” He pointed out.

“I think so too.”

“I think we’re agreeing a little too much tonight.”

“We definitely are.” I nodded.

He chuckled and dropped his gaze.

“You’re burning up.” I said, staring at the spot where my hands came in contact with his skin.

“It’s a bit hot in here.” He shrugged.

“Maybe we should go downstairs…” I suggested.

Potter smiled and released me. “Yeah, maybe.”

After he pulled on a plain white t-shirt, we slowly walked out of his dorm and down the stairs. Potter trailed quietly and patiently behind me as I tried my best not to make an arse out of myself while handling a bloody train of fabric.

The laughter filled our ears before we even stepped foot into the common room. I could tell that Scorpius was still relentlessly cracking jokes, and Ginger was still laughing uncontrollably. Her laughter was as contagious as the black plague, causing everyone else to laugh along.

“Vic’s back!” Scorpius exclaimed once he caught sight of the two of us. “And she brought James!”

“Jamsie!” Layla called out excitedly.

“IT’S MY BIG BRO!” Albus shouted.

“COME HITHER, MY CHILD!” Tyler beckoned.

I laughed loudly. “What a weirdo.” I commented. Just as I was about to take another step closer towards the group of rowdy drunks, I stopped myself. “You know what,” I offered Potter a quick glance before turning back to the rest of them. “I am craving some… steak.”

“Steak?” Layla repeated.

“Yeah, steak. One of those late night cravings, you know? I just… I really need to have some steak right now.”

“I could use some steak!” Tyler added.

With an excited smile stretched across my face, I turned to Potter and suggested, “Late night food run?”

He chuckled as he shook his head in a hopeless manner. “Who am I to deny you food?”

“Oi, pick me up some pie, would you?” Albus requested.

“I want a taco!” Tyler screeched. “GET ME A TACO.”

“I thought you wanted steak…” I said, confused.

“I changed my mind. I want a taco. Some watermelon sounds good too.”

“Taco’s and watermelon?” Potter asked with the same tone of confusion.

“Ask Binky to put some marshmallows on my taco, would you?”

“Bloody hell, mate…” Potter muttered. “You’re a fucking weirdo.”

“I want chocolate!” Layla interjected. “Get me a giant tub of chocolate and some crackers. MARSHMALLOWS! Bring up a giant bag of marshmallows! We can make smores. Mother of Merlin, I’m so damn excited now. You two better come back quickly!”

James rolled his eyes as he began making his way towards the exit. “Yes ma’am.”

“There better be drinks left when we get back!” I hollered on my way out of the portrait hole. “I’m serious, Layla!”

“Yeah, yeah! Bring me my smores!” was the last response I heard before the portrait hole closed behind me.

“Damn.” I cursed once the portrait closed behind me. I looked at the portrait with an expression filled with regret. My lips curled into a pout as I faced Potter, who was waiting for an explanation. “I should have changed.” I explained. “I’m going to die going down all those stairs in this dress.”

“Hold it up, you big baby.”

You hold it up, you arse.”

“Sorry to break it to you, Vicky, but you’re not a princess.”

“I didn’t say I was, Potter.”

“Just stop complaining!”

“It’s not called complaining, you dolt! I was merely stating my regret!”

“In other words, you were complaining!”

“It’s not complaining!”

“Is too! All you ever do is complain and expect everyone else to do the work for you! Merlin, you’re such a brat!”

I’m a brat? You’re one to talk! You walk around the castle like you’re the fucking King of this joint. News flash, Potter, YOU’RE FUCKING NOT!”

“Your head is bigger than mine ever was.”

“Oh, I beg to differ.”

“High and almighty Vic-fucking-toria.”

Shut up.

“Can’t handle the burn, baby?”

“I’m getting tired of hearing your voice, as a matter of fact. It’s bloody irritating, if you ask me.”

“Well, I didn’t.”

Wow, aren’t we clever.”

“Oh please.

Before I managed to squeeze in my own witty, well thought out comeback, Potter was already half way down the corridor, and making his way towards the staircase. “Don’t you walk away from me, Potter!” I called after him, rushing to keep up. “Potter!”

He already reached the first landing when I reached the top of the staircase.

Abruptly, the floor began rumbling, and Potter suddenly began to effortlessly distance himself from me. I gasped, surprised, and gripped the stone railings. The staircase shifted, removing itself from beneath my hovering foot.

“Potter!” I shouted angrily. I wasn’t done with our argument. There was no way he was walking away from me now.

He smirked triumphantly as the staircase brought him further and further away from me. It stopped on the other side of the castle and connected to a corridor that if followed, would eventually lead to the Ravenclaw common room.

“Arsehole.” I muttered sourly.

He was still smirking and facing in my direction. His hands were propped up against the stone railing, as if he had just won the biggest battle of his sorry, pathetic life. I scowled. The imbecile probably felt like a bloody King.

Suddenly, Potter was not smirking anymore. Something behind him had captured his attention, and I huffed angrily, knowing that my late-night kitchen escapade with Potter was already over before it started. His attention was easily captured by anything that did not involve little ol’ me. I didn’t know how to get into the kitchens, so my only option was to return to the common room empty handed.

I stared in Potter’s direction while biting my lip. I tried to ignore the sliver of hope that Potter would return and take me to the kitchen so my cravings could finally be satiated, but I knew that for as long as I stood here, waiting for Potter, like the idiot I am, there’s no ignoring the fruitless hope bubbling in my chest.

He had disappeared into the darkness, and I could only assume that whatever captured his attention was further down the corridor.

Heaving a heavy sigh, I decided to let the matter rest. Perhaps a long-legged blonde was lingering around the corridor. I knew how difficult it was for Potter to resist. Or perhaps there was a lovely new broomstick waiting for him in the darkness, and simply calling for his name. Maybe it was both a new broomstick and a long-legged blonde. Wearing a swimsuit. Or better yet, wearing nothing.

As I slowly walked back to the portrait hole, two figures in the corner of my eye captured my attention. I turned, and strained my vision.

It was… It was Potter.

It was Potter and Desmond.

My heart jumped at the sight of Desmond. It clenched nervously at the precise moment my stomach bubbled angrily.

They were talking.

They were… they were arguing?

They were… they were talking.

With fists.

Holy Merlin, they were talking. With fists.


He found out.

A/N: SOOOOOOOOOO, i'm going to start off by saying, i'm super sorry! I know i said that i'd try updating quicker, considering my awful updating schedule the past couple of months. but this time, i've hit some writers block, and it was really really hard to pump out the rest of this chapter. i'll try to update faster ! i love all of you for staying with me for this long!

so this chapter. we see progress with james and vickyyyyyyyyyy :) the two characters did leave a lot of things open in between them after they both found out that they spent their entire evening together, but i mean, it's james and vic. since when do they ever feel compelled to talk about everything with one another? Although, i'm sure vic is just dying to know what james thought about the entire ordeal. james on the other hand... seems to be having some mixed feelings, no?

and Desmond! how far do you think his little (i don't even know what to call it, so i'm going to call it a 'thing') thing with his best friend's baby sister will last?

tell me what you guys think! i love feedback :)

love, gryffgirl.

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