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Sorry for making you wait this long! *slaps herself in the face* To my beloved reviewers: - Sailer C, Unknown, Gryffindorqt, Brittany, anonymous, Neville, metabloic2001, Samantha, balderdash, marie: I love you! *big hug, and kisses for everyone* You made sure I wanted to post next chapter! - Dracogurl: Draco won’t be a ‘nice guy’, don’t worry. I like him like that: that completely unpredictable evil way of thinking *lol* - grace: Sorry for making you cry :( But I take it as a compliment though - ElisabethOwl: I’m sorry my writing method is lousy, I’ve had suite some troubles with the plot you see and that si why I speeded up. This chapter, however, is really really slow :p Thanks for remebring me about the explaining thingy as well: I’ll think about it, but I don’t like explaining and I am so terribly bad at it, but I did my best in this chapter - Slytherin_gurl_ellie: It WILL be a Draco/Hermione story *happy*, I love Draco and Hermione must fall in love with him as well - wizz: Stop calling me a bitch, it makes me extremely pisses off. So just bugger it if you don’t have the patience to wait till the next update. And by the way: I will NEVER abandon an unfinished story! SO A BIG THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO REVIEWED, I LOVE YOU (expect wizz than maybe :s)! Chapter 4 – Quieting “Oh, bloody hell.” Those were the very first words Hermione could think of as she regained conscious. She looked at her hands and underarms, while she was still sitting on the ground. They were covered in blood. “Fuck.” Her sight was quite blurry, and as she tried to stand up, she noticed she felt extremely dizzy, too. Seeking support at the wall, she managed to stumble towards the kitchen, leaving creepy hand shaped marks of blood on her way. She searched for her wand, and as soon as she had found it, she spoke some welcomed words to heal the deep cuts. Some vague scars remained visible nevertheless. Her reflection was visible in the dark window: she really looked like hell. Hermione preformed some other enchantments to make the, now already clotted, blood disappear, and came to the conclusion that she really needed a shower. The bathroom looked terrible as well, which she noticed as she entered it. If someone else would have walked into it at this very moment, they surely would have thought there someone had just committed a horrible, very bloody murder in the room; a broken mirror, bloody hand shapes on the wall, blood on the ground… Normally she didn’t really bother to clean up the apartment, but maybe this was a bit too dirty for her own good. The mirror remained broken though. “Oh, come on,” she said urgently. “Oculus Reparo!” The pieces stirred slightly, but did not melt into the original mirror. “Huh?” She ran a hand through her hair. “What the fuck is wrong with you?” she asked, while prodding the tip of her wand. Some green sparks shot out. She tried another time, her temper rising by the lack of willingness from her wand. “Oculus Reparo!” This time the pieces did melt into the mirror again, but they did seem to resist as though they did not want to become one again. She looked into the mirror and was completely startled by the fact someone was standing in her doorway. “Oh my God, Malfoy! Do you really think this is funny? Sneaking up behind someone’s back like that? You-” she frowned “Hold on a sec; it was you who was counter cursing my spell on the mirror!” Malfoy smirked. “Might as well have a bit of fun, right?” he asked, grinning mischievously. “Sure, whatever,” she said wearily. “What are you up to anyway?” Malfoy was leaning against the wall, his arms crossed. “Well,” he said, “The Dark Lord asked me to keep an eye on you. He seemed to be under the assumption that you might do something stupid.” “Like what?” she asked, rolling her eyes. “Like accidentally breaking a mirror, and almost bleeding to death,” he suggested innocently. Hermione’s mouth fell open in astonishment, but she recovered herself within a few seconds. “Really?” she asked. He sneered. “Now, Malfoy, if you don’t mind, I was planning to have a shower.” “Oh, that’s okay with me,” he said, going towards the living room and plumping down on the sofa. “I’ll wait here until you’re ready, then.” Oh my God, the nerve he’s got! she thought, as her mouth fell open a second time. She closed it again. “Right,” Hermione answered, clearly irritated. “But do not touch anything!” she added warningly. Malfoy sniffed disapprovingly. “As if I would ever touch anything that belongs to a Mudblood.” Hermione threw the door shut angrily, but couldn’t help but smirk at the idea of Draco embracing her when she had told him about Potter.
Somehow the idea of Malfoy sitting alone in her living room didn’t really work with the relaxing part whilst having a shower. She hurriedly washed herself, and came to the conclusion she didn’t have anything clean to wear in the room expect for her dressing gown, which was lying in a corner of the room. “No other options so it seems,” she sighed as she put it on. She walked into the living room, and saw Malfoy looking at her long, slim legs, which were partly visible through the gap. “Don’t get any ideas, Malfoy!” she snapped, while dashing off towards the bedroom door. About five minutes later she arrived in the living room again, fully dressed this time (a tight black T-shirt and hipsters). In the mean time, Malfoy had enclosed himself in a corner of the sofa, looking utterly relaxed. Hermione went to sit on the other side of it. “Why are you really here?” she asked abruptly. “I told you already; our Lord sent me,” he sighed, watching his fingernails. “Keep your secrets then,” she said, while crossing her arms. “Do you want anything to drink, by the way?” “What have you got?” Draco called after her as she sauntered towards the kitchen. “Eh, not much actually…” she admitted, scanning the fridge and some cupboards. “I’ve got coke, wine, eh… some whiskey-” “Whiskey-cola’s fine for me, thank-you.” “Okay,” she said, taking two glasses and pouring down a lot of coke and only a little of whiskey in her own glass. Coke was cheaper than whiskey, and ever since she’d left home in the beginning of the Summer Holliday’s, she was quite hard up. In any case, she did pour the usual amount of whiskey in Malfoy’s glass. “Here you are,” she said, handing it over. “Thanks,” he said. “And nice apartment by the way,” he added. Hermione frowned; her place was the messiest she had been since she had bought it. “Thanks, I think…” she said uncertainly. Malfoy cleared his throat, and she shot him a questioning look. “Eh…what are we going to do about Snape?” he asked. Hermione raised an eyebrow. She was quite sure this had not been the question he had intended to ask. “Well, like the Lord told us to do. We ‘frighten’ him a bit as soon as we arrive at Hogwarts, and put him under the Imperius Curse, so he can spy for us.” she answered him, saying it as if it was the most obvious thing in the world; hexing your Potion’s Master and binding him to do whatever you please. “Right.” “Is something wrong, Malfoy?” she added in a quite concerned voice. “No, of course not,” he said in a would-be-casual voice. He nipped from his whiskey-cola. “Look, I need to go now,” he said after a minute or so of silence. “I’m quite sure you won’t break another mirror tonight.” His trademark smirk failed terribly. “Okay,” she said, gesturing him towards the exit. “No, I’ll Apparate,” he said quickly, before disappearing with a little -plop-, and leaving a half-consumed drink and an outright confused Hermione in the living room. It was only then she noticed Malfoy had had left an envelope on the coffee table.
Hermione took the letter in her hand; it was quite heavy. To Mr. Draco Malfoy, the envelope said in a vaguely familiar handwriting. She turned it around. It was sealed with a stamp Hermione did not recognize. Should I open it? she asked herself. I could not possibly do that. Her hand was itching to do so, though. She held it into the light; she could not read it, but it definitely contained more than one sheet of parchment. She frowned. Should I bring it to him? She bit her lip. Or should I wait till I see him at a gathering with the Dark Lord? Heaving a sigh, she tried to think. It could take a couple of days or even a week before the next gathering takes place. What if this letter was really important to Malfoy? She considered this all for a few moments, still looking at the yellowish envelope in her hand. Then she walked towards her bedroom, put on a cloak, and went to stand in front of the fireplace. She lit it, took a bit of the glittering powder from a pot on the mantelpiece, and threw it into the fire while shouting, “Malfoy Manor!” --------------------------------------------------------------------------- This was the chapter, I hope you enjoyed it. I will post next chapter next Wednesday at latest if I receive at least 5 (positive or negative, but no flames) reviews. Anyone fancies in becoming my beta? If so, please send me an email at Love, Silmarwen Nénmacil Thank you, my beloved beta Sailor C!

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