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Chapter VII ~Questioning The Unexpected~
arry walked toward Voldemort's lair, and saw him, sitting in his throne. "Hello, Harry, I've been expecting you." said Voldemort."I've been expecting you, to be expecting me!" Harry said. "I've been expecting you, to be expecting me, to be expecting you." "Well, I've been expecting you, to be expecting me, to be expecting you, to be expecting me!" said Harry. "Well, I've been expecting you, to be expecting me, to be expecting you, to be expecting me, to be expecting............uhhhhh.........." "HAH!" said Harry. "I won the argument!" "Shut up, you bloodmud. "Huh?" said Harry. "FINE! Budmlood, whatever." "It's mudblood." said Harry. "I don't give a crap!" said Voldemort. "Yes, you do." said Harry, as he started getting bigger muscles. Harry ran toward Voldemort as his veins kept popping out of his VERY muscular arms, and then punched Voldemort in the stomach, causing him to crap. "Ooooooh!" screamed Voldemort. He crapped, like he said he wouldn't, you know "I don't give a crap." "I think you do." Anyways, Harry and Voldemort were fighting. Then Voldemort lost Harry. "Where did he go?" he asked himself. "Then he turned and saw himself in the mirror. "Ooooo, yeah. I look freakin' hott!" Then Voldemort started looking at himself as if he was sexy, he was pretending to be getting glamour shots. He was doing fighting moves, and posing. Then he accidentally hit himself. "Huh?" he said. "It didn't SEEM like I hit myself. OOOOOOFF!!! What? Why do I keep hitting myself? OOOOFF!!!" Then Harry broke the glass (that was suppost to be the mirror), and then transformed back into Harry. "What?" yelled Voldemort. "I was looking at YOU, the whole time?" "Yes, you were!" said Harry as he picked up Voldemort, to set him on top of a shelf. "Answer this question. Where were you last night?" "Kidnapping people!" Then Voldemort vanished into thin air. "What?" said Harry. "Oh, what's the point of asking questions now? Voldemort is gone!" Then Harry walked out, and was thinking this: I am doing a TERRIBLE job! I am hardly getting ANY information, everyone is perplexing my butt off! Well, I'll see what I can do, next; that guy who was in the movie theatre.

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