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Harry Potter 2 A New Beginning by TheOneWhoRightsTheWrong
Chapter 4 : Hogwarts and other unbelievables...
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   Lylia looked around the dinning room. Her uncle Ron and Aunt Lavender sat at one

side of the table. Uncle George, Aunt Sarah and Uncle Fred and Aunt Penelope sat on

the other side and her Dad sat at the head with her mom by his side.

 "care to tell me who this Voldemort is?" she said a little angry at the conversation she had stumbled upon.

"uh sweetheart your father and i were uh...just..um......talking about a different

Lylia..." Hermione knew how stupid that must of sounded but the less her daughter

knew the better.

"mom that sounds stupid even to you." Lylia was smarter then to fall

for that.

"Harry, Hermione its about time Lylia knew, about your past and the present..."

her Uncle Ron said getting up and walking over to them. Lylia knew her mum, dad,

and Uncle Ron all went to school together and were best friends but thats all.

"what does he mean?" Lylia asked with the 'im not leaving til you give me a REASONABLE

answer' look in her eyes.

"your right Ron. Lylia come here and sit down you and all the

boys on the stairs behind you." he looked at her with the knowing look.

"hey Uncle Harry...." she heard Avery say behind her. Lylia took her seat next to her father and

listen and waited as he told her about Hogwarts and other Unbelievables. He started

by telling her about Hagrid and how he met her mother and Uncle and how they faught

through giant chess pieces and  and how he was entered in a tornement and how His

uncle Serius and Severus died and all about Voldemort and his Parents and about

her mothers parents.

"we thought we had killed him off for good, but from what you tell

us Voldemort is back and he's looking for you." Lylia let it all sink in.

"so your telling

me...im a....a Witch? and i am being hunted down by a basic serial killer only we cant

call the police...." she said trying to understand the danger.

"well yes if you put it in modern terms that would be about it." her Uncle Fred laughed. she looked around the

room. from what she gatthered all the people surrounding her were witches and

wizards even Avery and David and Laurence.

"what are we gonna do then!? i refuse to let my daughter die at the hands of That Man if he can be called that!" her Mother said

anger rising in her throat.

"i...i dont know... here is no longer safe as he knows your

here, we could send her to Ron's but he knows where you live to." he father was faced

with a problem Lylia could see that written on his face.

"How about Hogwarts!?" Lylia said.

"i heard before You got an invitation to be the DADA or whatever and mom did

too. and now i know so theres nothing stopping us!" she said as if the answer were

obvious. Harry had a look of concern cover his features.

"yea and we'll send Avery,

David and Laurence with you. they've grown up together and friends are stronger than

just one" Ron said with resolution.

"Harry thinkt it over. Lylia will be safe and well be with her." Hermione said to her husband. Harry looked from Hermione to Ron TO fred

and George and then FInally his daughter. resting a hand on Hermione's hand for

support he finally said

"fine, but we are gonna have to head out tomorrow to get supplies and and ill have to conntact McConegell." he said then chuckled.

"Honney go pack your bags we're sending you to a Magical school for your protection." Lylia

smiled and eased the tention. then she had a scary thought 'Life is going to be very

different isnt it?'


Lylia awoke the next day to an odd feeling in her stomach. she didnt know if she quite

believed all of the wizerdry and witchcraft yet she knew this was to serious for them to

lie about it but she is a regular girl no girl would really beilieve her parents if they

suddenly said they could do magic make things fly and fly themselves. Lylia got up

anyway and jumped into the shower and prepared for the very long and odd day

ahead of her. she quickly got dressed into her favorite louse navy stripped shirts and

shorts with tights  and her black botties and yellow hat. she grabbed her suitcase and

a few things she could never leave behind and headed down stairs for breakfast.

"good morning mom good morning dad." she said as she sat her suitcase down next

to the couch.

"good morning Lylia come get your breakfast." her mother smiled from

the kitchen. Lylia knew her mother was more frightened then anyone but she also

knew her mother was very strong and would never allow her fear to show.

"ok." her

father headed into the room. "is everybody ready?" he said looking up at the two


"we are going to daigon Alley first then Fred and George's shop." he said to

his wife as he kissed her forhead and Lylia's.

"since we are going before

the train runs we are going to have to go by floo powder." Lylia couldnt believe all of

this it was so well...unbelievable


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Harry Potter 2 A New Beginning: Hogwarts and other unbelievables...


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