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Chapter image by Ayita@TDA

Disclaimer: All you recognize from Harry Potter belongs to JK Rowling.


Ah, the broom cupboard. Peak snogging place #8 for James and I- it’s in a corridor hardly anyone ever goes in, so it’s unlikely anyone would ever walk in on us (which, shall we say, would leave James and I a lot of explaining to do). Though the cupboard is dusty, small and probably has gross rodents in it, it has a place to sit and enough room for two people.

                That is, two people standing very, very close together.

                James runs his hand up and down my back, just like he did when I first kissed him about a month ago. A memory I don’t often like to go back to, as it was somewhat embarrassing for me, seeing as I basically went up to his dorm and kissed him. Don’t bother asking what compelled me to kiss my natural born enemy, I just sort of… did. So for a month now, we’ve been finding secret places for make out sessions. Yeah, we both are in relationships, but whatever. Fuck off if you’re skeptical. It’s a purely physical thing between me and James, just a way to practice our snogging for when it really counts.

                I pull my face away from James, reaching into my pocket for my watch. Kevin and I have planned a dinner date together in the kitchen for 6:30- my watch says it’s barely five.

                “How much time do we have?” James whispers. I scoot away from him, sitting down on the stone sill of the tiny window.

                “An hour and a half,” I shrug. “But I think I’m done for today, so…” I readjust my blazer and push open the wooden door to make sure no one is outside. “See you in a bit.”

                “You’re sure you can’t stay?” James says, buttoning up his shirt. Maybe I kissed him because even though he’s a conceited and annoying jerk, he’s still a pretty fit bloke. He looks sort of like Paris from that Trojan war story we had to read in fourth year… right, the Iliad. Physical, yes?

                “Pretty sure,” I flick my eyes over him. “I’m sure you have some International Prat Club meeting you need to attend anyways, so I’ll be on my way.”

                I smirk as I swing out the door, smoothing my pleated skirt as I stalk down the corridor. They really need to change the dress code- seriously, the horrible starchy blazers and white collared shirts look bad enough without a dorky navy skirt thrown into the mix. I’m definitely going to have to change before my dinner date. Jasmin might have something in my size I can borrow, even if it’s a tight squeeze (no, I’m not plus size- Jasmin is probably the skinniest girl in our year. It’s a wonder she had enough fat to grow breasts).

                Or maybe Rose will have something. We’re about the same size, I think. But the only street clothes she owns are quidditch jerseys and old jeans, none of which are exactly date attire. Now that I think of it, Rose might have never been on a date. I know she’s wanted to go, but no one’s ever asked her. Huh. Then there’s Jasmin, who wants nothing more than for boys to like her as much as she likes them. Someone to fall head over heels in love with her, I guess. Of course, she does have a stack or two of romance novels (each the size of Mount Everest) next to her bed, so it’s safe to say she may have her hopes a tad bit high.

                I guess I’m the only one who’s having a normal romance experience (again, I’m not counting James, as I don’t even think you can call that a relationship). Kevin and I have been together for two years, having been seated next to each other in Potions after I accidentally blew up my cauldron and his old partner had a nervous breakdown. We ended up going on a date just a few weeks later, and have been going out ever since. He’s exactly the kind of boyfriend you read about in Jasmin’s romance novels- strong, blonde and smart. Actually, maybe not exactly like the love interests… he’s not very tall. He hardly reaches three inches over me, making him 5’9”.

                But seriously, he makes up for his lacking height in his sweet personality. Present on our anniversary (and not just the lame cheap flowers you get last minute, actual, nice presents), Valentine’s Day chocolates, Christmas jewelry… See? Best boyfriend ever.

                I sigh. I’ll check with my friends to see if they have anything I can borrow, but again, I’ll probably be stuck with something I’ve worn a thousand times- only a few months into the year and I’ve already run out of clothes. Damn, I hate being broke. I could use a thousand galleons.




When I was nine years old, I started making lists. Lists of a thousand things I could use, a thousand things I wanted, a thousand things my life was missing… and at times, those lists were really long. A thousand bottles of alcohol in the world being cremated was on my list more than once, as was ‘a thousand foster homes bombed by terrorists.’

                Yeah. I had a bit of a dark imagination as a kid.

                But anyways, back to the lists. It’s not like I have some form of OCD or something that makes me want to sort things into lists, it’s more like a little wishlist or prayer book. I still make them every night, though now they’re usually things like ‘a thousand galleons in the lottery’ and ‘a thousand new blouses and dresses.’ My friends tease me about it, but… it’s sort of like a comfort to me.

                Tonight’s list was me merely wishing I had more excuses for why I constantly smell like James’s cologne.

                Seriously. It’s been about a month since I, ahem, kissed him, and every time we meet up he always insists on bathing in Dragon Piss or Hell’s Mouth or whatever the hell boys wear. Not that he smells bad; I just end up smelling like him after we snog. Jasmin (who, I might add, is notorious for not noticing anything) took one whiff of me and berated me with questions about why I smell like cologne that my boyfriend, Kevin, doesn’t wear.

                I shut her up by asking why she pays such close attention to how Kevin smells.

A Thousand Things: List 201

-A thousand new excuses for why I smell like James’s cologne all the time

-A thousand kisses from Kevin

-A thousand golden apples (must check with professor. Do they actually have golden apples, or is that just from the Iliad? Regardless, I want some!)




A/N: Chapter 1! Sorry, this one didn’t have very much dialogue in it, so it was probably quite boring. Next chapter I’ll introduce almost all the main characters, so stay… erm, stay interested? Please rate and review, I want to know why you think!






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