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 Chapter 14

Great chapter image by SwissMiss@TDA

“Mrs Potter, Miss Greengrass?” Ginny and Astoria turned around to see a healer standing in the doorway of the waiting room, “We have some good news on your husband Mrs Weasley and Draco Miss Greengrass.” They nodded her to continue. “They have responded well to the treatment they will both be fine.” Ginny and Astoria beamed at the healer,


“Thank you so much, are there any lasting symptoms?” The healer shook her head to that question then left.

10 years later;

“Scorpius Malfoy get you backside down here now! We need to leave. Or don't or want to meet the Weasley's and Potters before school?” The low voice of Draco Malfoy shouted up the marble stairs.

“I'm coming Dad, give me a sec!” Replied Scorpius, who carried his full trunk down the stairs running everything over in his mind. He was going to see Rose again and of course Hugo, James, Albus and Lily but especially Rose. Ever since they were young and their families told stories of how they all saved each other from various fates, Rose and Scorpius had started to bond over their families histories.

Draco helped Scorpius with his trunk and carried it to the car, followed by a tearful Astoria and a very exited Scorpius. They left the house to meet outside the others at Kings Cross in 10 minutes.

“Rose, go and check on your brother will you?” Hermionie said, looking down at the excited 11 year old Rose. Rose ran upstairs and jumped onto her brothers bed, “Rose geroff! I'm coming!”. 5 Minutes later they were all ready, Rose and Hugo were in the back of the updated car and Hermionie was driving. Rose was engrossed in the updated version of Hogwarts, A History

“Rose, you've got the brain of your mother, you don't need to read those books any more! Besides you've read them a million times already.” Ron laughed,

“There's no harm in being prepared Dad!” Rose retorted, Hermionie smiled to herself. She was her perfect little girl.


Harry, Ginny, James, Albus and Lily were all ready quickly. Albus couldn't wait to start school. Lily couldn't wait to see Hugo and James wanted to see Teddy again after he got back from his holiday with his grandmother. They were eating a hearty breakfast of bacon rolls prepared lovingly by Ginny. When they had all eaten their breakfast and had checked their packing they were ready to go. Ginny fussed over her children as they got into the car. “Ginny they will be fine stop fussing darling!” Harry smiled. They drove out the long flower lined drive out into muggle London and eventually into Kings Cross. They got out the car and saw Draco, Astoria and Scorpius waiting on bench surrounded by Scorpius' baggage. “Hello everyone!” Astoria warmly greeted them, just as they started on a conversation about Hogwarts houses the Weasley's turned up. Scorpius jumped up and ran towards Rose who laughed and hugged him, all the adults looked at them smiling thinking exactly the same thing. Hugo and Lily started talking about how much they wanted to be starting and James had seen Teddy snogging Victoire so decided to wait until later to catch up with him.

When the children (except Lily and Hugo) were on the train Ron and Harry left to go to work at the Auror office. Astoria went home while Draco went to his work as a healer for mystery disease patients. Ginny and Hermionie went with Lily and Hugo to meet Gabrielle and George at their rather large quaint cottage near Diagon alley (So George could be nearer WWW). Gabby had just given birth to twins one boy called Fred II and one girl called Loire, who were just a week old and were already proving a handful, Loire had got the veela side and was beautiful with blonde hair starting to sprout out of her head while Fred had a tuft of Ginger hair and George was determined to have them both Quidditch players.

When they arrived Gabby, holding the twins, met them at the door smiling at them.

All was well.

That's it finished I would like to thank everyone who helped me so much!

Disclaimer; I own nothing except Loire Weasley, the bealour cross and chant and I guess the plot throughout the whole story. Obviously J.K Rowling owns everything else:)

I really appreciate everyone's reviews and ideas and I have loved every minute of writing this, If you enjoyed this please read my first one-shot Choices and my other WIP The Doe and The Dog. Thanks so much for all your support and I will be back soon – Titch95

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