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    "We have a problem." Harry sighed, sitting beside me at a table in the Great Hall.

    "And that would be, what?" I laughed. "Give me some more bad news, why don’t you?"

    "We can’t teach you to fly. Not here. The dementors roam the grounds. The Quidditch pitch is flooded with them."

    "Bugger!" I slam my fist onto the table. My head spins. "What are we going to do?"

    "I’m going to see how big the Room of Requirement can get. If it can get tall enough then we shouldn’t have a problem."

    I nodded. "You’re better than I am at figuring out the paths of this school. I have no idea how anything works around here."

    He put a hand on my shoulder. "Are you gonna be alright, Maggie?"

    "It’s strange, Harry. Ever since I found out about having the blood of all four houses I’ve felt my magic moving inside me. It’s almost like it is my blood now."

    "What do you mean?"

    "Like I can feel it. I can feel the three houses fighting the Slytherin inside of me." I sighed. "This is starting to get painful."

    "I’d go to Snape." Harry nodded. "He’d probably be more helpful."

    I shot a look at my friend sitting next to me. "Are you crazy?"

    "You said he knew more about your mother and her past than you did."

    I stared at him a while longer, before realizing he was right. "I suppose that’s the only choice that I have isn’t it?"

    Harry cocked an eyebrow at me.

    I chuckled. "I’ll talk to him after potions today."

    "Good. Do you want one of us to go with you?" He asked. "I mean Ron has detention but Hermione or I could go."

    I thought for a moment.

    "I want Malfoy to go. If anyone would know about dealing with life as the child of a Death Eater it would be him."

    Harry nodded sharply before scanning the Great Hall, looking for our secret informant. He made eye contact with the Slytherin, and nodded towards the doors.

    I followed my friend outside of the great hall and towards the Hufflepuff/Kitchens corridor. We waited for a few minutes near the portrait of fruit before Malfoy came into view.

    "This is dangerous, Potter." He growled.

    "I need a favor, Malfoy." I whispered.

    His eyes jerked over to me, sympathy on his face. "Are you feeling better?" He asked.

    I was taken aback at his question.

    "I am. But I need to talk to Snape more about my mother. About my blood. I’d like… Would you go with me?"

    He stared at me for a moment before nodding. "I’ll go."

    "Does Snape know about your plans? At the end of the year?"

    "Snape is the one who came up with the plan. He knew what my father was planning. He is the one who told Dumbledore I wanted out. I owe him my life." Malfoy sighed. "I think you and I both do."

    I took in what this young man was saying to me and he was right. If it weren’t for this man knowing who my mother was and what lies my father had told me than I’d be dead on the potion’s room floor.

    "I was planning on staying after Potions today and talking to him." I shrugged. "I don’t know any other time it would be alright for me to stop by."

    Malfoy nodded "I’ll wait for you there." He nodded at Harry. "Let me know if there is anything you need for getting in the… you know."

    He looked at me one more time, placed a hand on my shoulder and then walked away.

    "He’s going to take some getting used to." Harry murmured. "But I do think we can trust him."

    I was surprised at the Slytherin’s actions, but had to agree with my friend beside me. "It’s definitely not what I would expect from him, but you’re right. There’s not much that we can lose, is there?"

    My friend stared blankly at me for a moment. "There’s a lot we can lose. We could lose each other. You could lose Ron and I could lose…" He trailed off for a moment and I saw something flash in his eyes. Something I recognized.

    "You could lose Hermione." I smiled.

    He just nodded.

    "She cares about you too. Do me a favor, Harry. Don’t wait for her and don’t let her wait for you. I know when two people care for each other and don’t pass up the opportunity to let someone in."

    He shook his head at me, but I could see in his face that he wanted what I was telling him.

    "Don’t tell me it’s because you could lose her. Either way you could lose her. But do you want her to continue on with her life not knowing how you feel?"

    "It’s not that, Maggie. It’s really not. I just can’t lose anyone else. I’m so afraid of getting that close to someone."

    "Why? What’s the worst that could happen?"

    "She’ll die. Because I got selfish with my feelings."

    "That’s a stupid answer, Harry Potter." I shook my head at him. "The only thing you are allowed to be selfish with are your feelings."

    "Who told you that?"

    "It doesn’t matter who told that to me. It’s something my father was told." I poked him hard in the chest. "By your mother."

    He blinked several times at me. "You never told me that our parents knew each other."

    "Does it matter?" I asked, crossing my arms. "Now you tell her, or I will."

    He stared at me. "That’s not fair."

    "No, it’s not." I said, and I decided to walk away, leaving him to think about what I had said. I probably struck a nerve but if it took him seeing how much he means to Hermione, than so be it.

    "Maggie!" I heard him shout behind me. I turned to my friend just in time to be pulled into a suffocating hug.

    "Thank you." He whispered. "You’re right."

    "I know." I patted his back. "Now go find her. She’s probably in the library, knowing her."

    He nodded.

    "Don’t lose her, Harry." I smiled, pulling back. "Nothing is worth that."

    I watched my friend run off and I noticed a chill in the air, I turned sharply, thinking another Dementor had made it through a crack in the castle but I noticed the Bloody Baron behind me, a smirk on his translucent face.

    "So you’re the one who’s supposed to save us all. I thought glorious Mr. Potter had that job. He’s already worn the ‘hero’ label on his forehead for years." He chuckled. "Literally."

    "Do you have anything of merit to say to me?" I asked, starting to turn away from the Slytherin mascot.

    "Please… I’m sorry. Forgive the Slytherin mentality in me. It means a lot to know that the school once again has all four houses in one witch."

    "Again?" I stood straight up.

    "Yes. You did not know?" He quirked an eyebrow and he lowered himself so that it was easier for me to look at him. "Come with me, please."

    He floated towards the kitchens and warped through the painting, it opened shortly after. I stepped through and quietly hushed the house elves clamoring over themselves trying to do everything in their power to make sure that I was served. The Baron laughed at the creatures and I shot him a glaring look that was as polite as I could make it.

    He led me to the far side of the kitchen and pointed at a stone that looked slightly different from the others.

    "What do you think that is?"

    "A stone." I shrugged. "It looks like a rock that got wet."

    "Why hasn’t it dried yet? Or why aren’t the other stones around it wet?"

    "It’s special?" I tried.

    "Touch it."

    "Beg pardon?" I laughed.

    "Just touch it."

    I hesitantly reached my hand towards the stone and instantly the stone became as dry as the stones around it. Once my hand made contact with the wall an opening began to form.

    "What is this?"

    "This is the hall of houses. The ghosts know of it. Dumbledore knows of it. Only an heir can enter."

    "What is its purpose?" I questioned, leaning into the darkened hallway and noticing the damp smell that came from it.

    "Its purpose is… curiosity." I looked up at the ghost, confusion clear in my face.

    "No one can figure it out, can they? No heir has ever found it." I stopped.

    "You never showed this to Voldemort?"

    The Bloody Baron lowered his head. "I regret the tormented soul that you call Voldemort. I stand for what Slytherin stood for… In the beginning. Not all Slytherins are bad, Ms. Carlott."

    I nodded, my mind wandering to the new friend I held in that house.

    "I can understand the ideals of Salazar Slytherin when he first opened the school. The fact that they opened a school specifically for magic must have been frightening, and the founders must’ve wanted to keep this place a secret." I sighed. "But his message is lost."

    "Please, just do what you can to stop the destruction of this school." The ghost flew past me, through the kitchen door so fast that the painting swung open.

    I shook my head, taking in this new information. I looked back down the hallway and decided that it would be better if I came here with someone else.

    I cautiously placed my hand on the side of the opening and the wall began to merge back together. I sighed, and started back towards the Great Hall.

    I made it to the hall but was met with someone I had been meaning to talk to.

    "Oh hello, Maggie." Luna Lovegood stood before me, her large blue eyes looking sleepy.

    "Luna!" I laughed. "How are you?"

    "I’m quite tired, actually. Not sure why, I’ve been able to sleep rather well." She yawned. "Professor McGonagall told me to find you. Apparently we have something to talk about."

    I eyed her up and down. Normally she was never this sleepy. But even when she found out about our bloodlines she was in pajamas and it wasn’t very late. Her eyes were blood shot and an unnatural darkness lined the skin beneath her eyes.

    "Are you feeling alright? Other than tired."

    "I feel rather down in the dumps, as the Americans say."

    This wasn’t like her, and cousin or not I knew enough of this girl to know that she was never ‘down in the dumps’.

    "Let’s get you to Professor Flitwick." I sighed.

    Add one more thing to think about today.

    I put my arm around her shoulder and walked her towards the charms classroom where the small professor stood at the top of a tall podium, hanging some intricate looking crystals.

    "Professor?" I asked.

    "Hmm?" He turned around towards us. Upon seeing Luna he literally jumped down from his spot and came rushing over to her. "Ms. Lovegood can you hear me?"

    "Professor?" I stepped away from Luna as he waved his wand and many different streams of light circled her, many of them turning a dark blue.

    "What happened, Ms. Carlott. Do you know?" The small wizard asked.

    I shook my head. "I don’t know! I figured with you being head of house that it would be better for you to see her."

    "You were right to bring her to me."

    I simply stared at the professor, still thoroughly confused. The dark bags beneath Luna’s eyes were growing to a nearly purple color as the lights encircled her. Her dreamy look was replaced with one of anger and fury.

    I took a few steps back and the movement got her attention as she turned sharply towards me.

    "You’ve poisoned the blood of my school!" A strange voice came from Luna, one I did not recognize, a mans.

    "Excuse me?" I asked, subconsciously gripping my wand, tighter. "Who are you and what have you done to Luna?"

    "I’m Salazar, you silly little fool." She scoffed, Luna’s personality completely eclipsed by an evil and malice I’ve never seen before.

    "I’ve been told you were good once. A fair and decent man who became blinded by prejudice." I growled. "Now tell me what do you want with Luna?"

    "She is the heir of Ravenclaw, is she not?" He asked, running Luna’s fingers through her hair. "If it weren’t for this hair, she’d be an exact image of her. My lovely Rowena."

    "What do you want?" I asked again.

    "I’m tempted to kill her and take her for my own." He smirked.

    "Why?" I asked, my anger growing, as my grip on my wand nearly broke the item in half.

    "Because. I feel I deserve something after Rowena toyed with my heart."

    "So you’ll take an innocent child?" I growled.

    "Innocent! Ha!" Luna’s face twisted into an evil laugh, her eyes blank and lifeless. "Don’t you realize that you heirs are the exact personality of us Founders. The only thing changed is appearance. But like it or not, you are us. And I want her back."

    "You can’t have her." I raised my wand. "Leave her body."

    "Tsk Tsk Tsk." He chuckled at me, waving his finger. "You shouldn’t do that."

    "Professor?" I asked, but Flitwick was still waving his wand around Luna. He couldn’t see what was happening.

    "Figured it out, yet?" Slytherin smirked. "You’ve got a gift. Comes from the purest of bloodlines. You talk to spirits and souls. Doesn’t matter who. You could contact anyone. Didn’t you realize that when my dear friends paid you a visit."

    "Can I give it back? I’d rather not be able to talk to the likes of you." I rolled my eyes. "Let my cousin go. Now."

    "Cousin? Oh now that’s a surprise. Two beautiful girls holding the fate of Hogwarts?" He laughed.

    "Oh please, you knew this entire time. You know what runs in my blood, and it makes me sick that what flows in my veins once flowed in yours. Your message has been lost, even to you. This school has never turned its cheek to those who need it’s guidance and bloodlines will never be a deciding factor for those chosen to walk these halls. The world is more accepting than ever before, it’s no longer the dark ages that you remember, Salazar."

    "It’ll always be about blood." He grinned, Luna’s face twisted and evil. "Everything is about blood right now, isn’t it? The blood of the houses, trapped in your body. It wants to get out, Dearie."

    "Don’t call me endearing names, you snake." I growled.

    "You have no idea what I could do to you, what my magic can do to you. All you know is that you can feel it. You can feel my power inside of you. It’s chasing you, inside of your own body." He laughed. "You can’t run from me now."

    "I make no plans of running. I make plans of fighting, of destroying all the evil that comes with you."

    "You’ll never defeat me! Slytherin is the most powerful house that Hogwarts has ever seen! It’s students are stronger…"

    "Yet your heir was defeated by a baby. An heir, but nonetheless a baby." I sneered. "You’re logic is faulty, sir."

    His anger grew, I could see it. Luna’s body was twisting and I could see that Professor Flitwick was noticing. I was drawing him out.

    "Your house is nothing! It’s weak. It’s no longer pure. You can only filter down so much!" I shouted. "Your blood may be in my veins but I can look past a title and I can feel a greater power than you, or anyone in your house has ever known!"

    "No!" Luna’s body shouted and a form flew out of her to stand before me. He was a handsome man, brown hair, striking green eyes and features that were as handsome as they were deadly.

    "My house will always be powerful. My house will always be pure." He growled at me. He reached a hand to strike me but my body deflected the hit with a powerful surge of magic that nearly knocked the breath from my lungs. "There is no way that you can hold any of the power of my house."

    "You and your house are no match for me. I’m Hufflepuffs Heir. I am more powerful than you have ever dreamed." I raised my wand to him.

    "You can’t harm me." He gasped. "Who do you think you are?"

    "The only person not afraid of you." I summoned my Patronus and the Badger circled the Slytherin founder, confusing him. "You have no power here."

    The room became suddenly deafening. Magic was surging through my body at an incredible rate and the being in front of me was showing signs of fear. I could see Luna behind him, her body beginning to recover as she took in the sight before her.

    "Fight me, coward!" I screamed.

    He groaned, his eyes beginning to emit a burning light of emerald green. "I will destroy you!" He threatened back.

    "I’d love to see you try!" We both turned to Luna who seemed recovered and had her wand pointing at him.

    "Take on two heirs at once, even you aren’t that powerful." She spoke with an anger in her voice I’d never heard from her before. "You are going to leave now."

    He walked over to her, his tall body towering over her. "I’ll have you again, Rowena." My badger was still circling him, but he paid no more attention to it. It slowly began to disappear as I realizes it was no more use.

    "My name is Luna. You will never have me. I’d rather die."

    He reached out to stroke her face and she jerked her head away as I stepped forward. "Leave now. I don’t care where you go, I don’t care how you get there. But you will not come near us again."

    I slowly brought myself between him and Luna, I refused to let him near her.

    "There is no reason for you to be here. Leave."

    He looked at me one final time.

    "Why can I sense so much of you?" His eyes roamed through mine.

    "Because I hold the blood of all Houses." I growled, my blood beginning to boil. I could feel pure, raw magic emitting from my body. The room began to glow a golden color and it no longer caused me pain. My body didn’t need to fight my blood anymore. A purer Slytherin power flowed through me, more so than the being in front of me.

    "You’re… You’re the Castle Heir?"

    He began backing away from me, his face confused and his eyes angry.

    "No!" He shouted before evaporating in an emerald green mist.

    "Girls?" I turn to see Professor Flitwick standing near the door, behind a desk. "Are you alright?"

    I nodded, feeling my power recede into my body and the glow in the room fading.

    "Good. I’m not." Then the professor fainted just as Harry, Draco and Professor Snape burst into the room.

    "What’s going on, Ms. Carlott?"

    "Slytherin knows. He invaded Luna’s body and controlled her. Said something about Rowena Ravenclaw playing with his heart."

    "Ah yes. Ever wonder why the Bloody Baron is called that?" The professor sighed, coming over to Luna and looking in her eyes while checking her pulse.

    I shook my head, sitting down, my body weak as my magic began to revive itself.

    "When he was a graduate of Hogwarts he spent many years here as a professor. I believe it was as the Arithmancy teacher. Well Slytherin knew that he would make a great house ghost. But he needed to die. But what would be make this man submit his life for the Slytherin House?" Snape pulled out his wand and cast a few shimmering beams around Luna.

    "What happened?" Harry asked.

    "Salazar Slytherin tricked the Bloody Baron into believing that he was in love with Helena Ravenclaw. Because Salazar had been denied by Rowena so many years before, he knew it would be no difficulty convincing the vulnerable young man that she had tricked his heart. Well, naturally, Helena denied his advances and this angered Slytherin and the Bloody Baron. The Blood you see is the Blood of Helena Ravenclaw."

    "He killed her?" Draco asked. "Because Slytherin told him to?"

    "Slytherin made him kill her. And once the Baron was free of his spell he realized what he had done. He had taken the life of an innocent young woman and couldn’t begin to forgive himself. So he took his own life, wearing the bloody clothes so he could forever live with his sin."

    "That’s horrible." I sighed. "I’m really starting to hate this man."

    "If you can even call him that." Harry whispered.

    "What happens now?"

    "Slytherin is weak. I could feel it, his house is rebelling against him, I mean look at Draco." I gestured to our new ally.

    "Slytherin is splitting between blood and house. We can use this."


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