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Chapter XI ~Questioning Myrtle~
arry walked in, and saw Myrtle, right there, she was talking to herself, that was already a bad sign, as soon as Harry heard her say: "Myrtle, you aren't going to attract any ghost boys, if you don't brush these rats out of your hair. I know, self." So, as soon as Harry heard he say that, he went: "OOOOOOO!!!!!" and slapped his orehead. "Myrtle?" Harry called. "Yes, me?" "Um.......Myrtle?" "WHAT, ME?" "MYRTLE, IT'S NOT YOURSELF TALKING, IT'S ME!!! "WELL WHAT DO YOU WANT HARRY?" "Listen, I have some questions for you!" he said. "Well, ask away!" "Where were you last night?" he asked. "I didn't go any where, why do you ask?" "No, reason." he replied. "YOU HAD TO HAVE HAD A REASON!!!" she screamed in her high-pitched voice. "Some one kidnapped Hermione, and you are one of the suspects!" he yelled. "Okay, first of all, you just ruined it for yourself, IF I was the kidnapper, and second, I love Hermione, she is a good friend to me, and 3rd of all, last of all, I couldn't even grab her, I am a ghost, ever thing goes right threw me!" she said. "Oh, okay, you are smarter than I thought you were. OOPS!!!" "WHAT'S THAT SUPPOST TO MEAN, HARRY? YOU LITTLE MUDBLOOD, I HATE YOU!!! I'm sorry, I over reacted, I know you were joking." Harry thought: No, I really meant it! "But, I am still a little mad about that, I don't take jokes too great! So, you have to listen to me sing my song." Oh great, Harry thought. "Oh, great." Harry lied. *Music: * O beautiful, for spacious skies, for amber waves of grain, for purple mountains majesty, above the fruited plain, America, America, God shed his grace his grace on thee, and crown thy hood with brothergood, from sea to shining sea. O beautiful, for pilgrim....." "SHUT UP!!!" Harry screamed. "I hate your singing voice, wait, I hate your voice period, and you freakin' suck at singing! And it's mountain majesties, not mountains majesty, and crown thy GOOD with brotherHOOD! I am LEAVING!!" Myrtle started to tear up, but then she got mad. "YOU ARE NOT LEAVING, LET ME FINNISH MY SONG, or else I'll kill you!" "How are you gonna do that, Ghosty Girl?" "I will scream, 'til you can't take it any more, and die!" "Myrtle, I really can't stay, I have to go ask this guy that was in the movie theatre last night, some questions!" "Hey, I was at the movie's last night!" she said as she picked up a roll of toilet paper that was lying on the ground, next to her. "You were? Oh.......wait! You said you didn't go anywhere, and you just picked up that toilet paper roll, it didn't go right throug you. You CAN kidnap people, then. Ooooooooooo, you make me mad, you LIE!!!" "WHAT?" Myrtle said as she dropped the toilet paper. "I didn't say I went there, and you didn't just see me pick that up, you are just having a dream, or a mirage." "Listen, I didn't come here, to have someone lie to me, and sing to me, oooooo, getting a head ache just thinking about it, I came here for clues! You are wasting my time, now, DID YOU KIDNAP HERMIONE, if you lie, the rest of your life is going to be horrible!" he said. "Okay, first of all, I wasn't lying to you, second of all, I sing freakin' good, and 3rd, last of all, I can't have a terrible "life", I am already dead!!!" she yelled, and then began to sing some more of America The Beautiful. "Grrrrrrrr, why does she have to be SO annoying? Snape, why couldn't this suspect be a different person?" said Harry. Snape wasn't there, but he wishes that it had been someone else. "What a coincidence!" Snape said as he found Harry, and walked into the bathroom. "Actually it was Voldemort, for the 4th suspect, so, go question him!" And then he (Snape) walked out. "GOSH!!!" Harry said. I wasted all this time being in here with, dare I say it.........Mer..........never mind, I don't dare to say it. But, um, why did you lie about all that, Merdle..........oops, I said it." said Harry. "I am just the lying type, all's I do is lie, all day long, well, this is the truth, I really didn't kidnap Hermione, but I DO hate her!" "HEY!!! That's my girlfriend you're talkin’ about, oops." "HARRY'S GOT A GIRLFRIEND, HARRY'S GOT A GIRLFRIEND, HARRY'S GOT A GIRLFRIEND.......", and she kept saying that. "STOP TEASING ME!!" he yelled. "Okay." she said in an innocent (and high, of course,) voice. "Well, I gotta go question, Volde..........oh my gosh, I have to question Voldemort? This is NOT going to be easy! OH, MY, GOSH!!! I've totally forgotten about all my powers I have, DUH, ME!!!" said Harry. "And you were making fun of me, for talking to myself!" said Myrtle with a snobby voice! "Oh, sorry, well, hey, at least I wasn't answering my questions, or was I? You weren't, self!" "SEE?!" she said. "I did that on purpose!" he said. "Grrrrrrrrr." growled Myrtle. "Well, I gotta go, okay, Myrtle?" "Okay, Harry. HARRY'S GOT A GIRLFRIEND, HARRY'S GOT A GIRL......" "I THOUGHT YOU SAID YOU WOULD STOP!!!" he yelled! "Hello? I lied!" "Sorry to say, but I hate you, Myrtle!" "Oh well!" said Myrtle. "Hey, that's my friend you're talking about! Be nice to Merdle." said Hermione. "Oooooohh, Myrtle gerdle. Shut up Hermio-ne? Hermione?" said Harry. "Hahahahaha." said Hermione/Snape as he transformed back into Snape. "I have the same powers as you. HAHAHAHAH!!! Oh, and by the way, if and when you save Hermione, you lose 50 points from Gryffindor! You cannot say gurdle." "It's not a bad word." yelled Harry. "60 points, then." said Snape. "Oh, shigs." said Harry. "70." said Snape. "What, at least I didn't say the real word." said Harry. "80." AAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!" screamed Harry. "90!" Harry decided not to scream this time. "Okay!" said Harry. Harry turned red.........."AAAAAAAHH!!!!" screamed Harry. "1,000." said Snape. "What? One hundred, is after 90!" "I didn't say I was going in order, of numbers, by 10's! Oh, yeah, and now you lose 2,000." "Okay, I am leaving, I gotta go question Voldemort." said Harry, and then walked out the door. "Gryffindor is SOOOO going to lose." said Harry. Myrtle and Snape looked at each other (Harry was out of the room), and then they laughed, and then they stopped laughing, then they laughed some more, then they stopped again, then they just stared into each other's eyes, and then they started kissing! (Author Notes: and they didn't kiss American, they kissed French.) The Harry Thought: Okay, Voldemort, be prepared, for X.......Treme.....Me, not going to say, well, think, Harry, that's like talking to myself. Author Notes: I hope I didn't bore you with this chapter, Myrtle is just one of my favorite characters!

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