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The woods were deadly quiet. I knew him better than anyone, knew how silently he could walk. The thing that worried me most is our predators, the ones we run from. Just because we couldn’t hear them didn’t mean they weren’t watching us this very minute.

It was his idea to split up. I had wanted to keep him closer than ever, never letting him out of my sight. Instead, we agreed upon a bird call that would let each other know we were safe. And one that warned of danger. I let out the little whistle and listened to his three-note tune back. We are safe. For now.

Feeling the weight of my sleepless night last night, I climbed into a tree to rest a moment. I am a relatively good climber, and positioned myself high enough to avoid detection. I surveyed the surrounding trees, wondering for the seventeenth time how we got into this mess.

Oliver and I had been happy, living our normal lives. No one had imagined the attacks would come until it was far, far too late. They trooped into town, thousands upon thousands of men. They shot spells at anyone who tried to get in their way, killing everyone they came upon. They were looking for something, for us. Not just Oliver and me, but other children as well. I don’t know where Amie, or Kaman, or Lucy are. Thomas, Michael and Margie are all dead. I was glad Michael was killed quickly, he didn’t suffer like Margie.

Oliver didn’t know anything, not like they think he does. I’m the one they’re really after; I’m the one who knows. They won’t let that fact stop them from hurting Oliver, from torturing him beyond pain. Killing him would be too easy. I couldn’t let that happen.

They appeared out of no where. One minute the grounds below me were empty, and the next, there she is. Pauline runs by my tree, and little Mitchell trails after her. I thought they were dead, killed before this vicious game even began. Now I almost wished they were. They simply killed people before we decided to run. Now they were thinking up new and excruciating ways to hurt us.

I was about to call out to the brother and sister, but before I can get a sound out, the men swarm in. They’re only three of them, but even then I knew the two on the floor stood no chance. Pauline went down in a scream, her body twisting and contorting in pain. Mitchell shrieks. He’s only eleven, and I can’t imagine how he’d feel watching his sister. He turns from her, tears falling down his face. Before the next hex can hit him, he sends out his own maniac fire ball, his specialty. The flames attack the pursuers, but only one goes down. Mitchell falls to the ground, the jinx killing him on the spot. I can see the blood already start to pool.

The man who sent the spell goes over and nudges Mitchell with his foot. A grin spreads across his face and he slides his fingers across the blood pool. He makes three lines down the boys forehead, they symbol found on bloody and beaten bodies across the country. The Novawar’s symbol.

The smirks on their faces fill me with disgust. They ignore Pauline, who’s still shaking and alive, pain evident in her eyes. They know she’s going to die, they just want to make her suffer first. I aim my wand directly at the man’s skull, and whisper my curse. He crumples to the ground and moans in pain, before the poison goes to his brain and kills him. I turn to the second man before he can find me, and sent a dagger spell into his chest.

I hop down from my tree and rush over to Pauline. She can’t focus on my face for a few minutes. I grasp her hands and call her name quietly. Finally she sees me. Her mouth is moving but no sounds come out. I can just make out the words her lips are trying to form before the spasms take her farther from me.

Kill me.

I gulp as I do what I know must be done. I send a numbing spell into her skull, letting her brain relax and shut down. The most peaceful way I know to kill someone. I have time to murmur a simple goodbye, squeeze her hand and kiss her forehead before a bird calls out. No, not a bird. Oliver. With the danger cry.

I bolt through the tress, trying to locate where the sound came from. He repeats the sound and I hurry forwards. I am forced to pause a moment when all I can hear is silence. There’s not a sound to guide me to Olivier. Then I hear it.

A scream. The sound rips through my being, down to the very core of my body. A sound I’d only heard once when he found his family slain in their home.


I push my way through the bushes and trees until I see him. His face shines with sweat, flushed red with blood. He hangs upside down by some jinx. Our eye’s find each other seconds before the spell rips through his body. I find the man responsible before he sees me. He’s a lot younger than I had expected, only his early twenties. That doesn’t stop my hate from boiling inside of me.

My spell catches him straight in the head, and he flies backwards into a thorny bush. I turn my eyes away from him and focus on Oliver.

The jinx had broken and Oliver lay on the ground. I can see where the spell hit him in his stomach, and know that it’s too late already. There’s nothing I can do to stop that kind of bleeding.

I grasp his hand tightly, and whisper things to him. “I’ll never let you go.” I tell him, and he only nods his head.

I remember tears streaming down your face
when I said, “I'll never let you go.”
When all those shadows almost killed your light
I remember you said, “Don't leave me here alone”
But all that's dead and gone and passed tonight...

I can see in his eyes just how much pain he’s in. I wish there was something I could do. I wish I could run and hid and never have to watch my best friend die. But I told him I’d stay here with him, that I wouldn’t let him go. I can feel him slipping away already and I don’t bother trying to hide my tears.

“Hey June,” He murmurs, pulling my attention back to him. His voice is hoarse, and I can only imagine how hard it is for him to talk. “Do you remember the day I first met you?” My throat has closed and I can’t utter a word, so I simply nod my head. That day was hard to forget. “You looked so beautiful in that blue dress. Your mother had done your hair in two pretty little braids.” His free hand caresses my face, touches the short burnt remnants of my hair. “I fell in love with you the moment I set my eyes on you.”

He can’t talk anymore. It’s hurting him so much. He tries to conceal it, but his face is so easy to read. I let him rest his head in my lap and take to stroking his face.

“I’m so tired Junie,” He whispers, but I shush him with kind words.

“I know you are Ollie. It’s ok, why don’t you rest for a while? I’ll stay here and protect you. No one can bother us anymore.” His next words are barely audible.

“Sing to me Junie?” Sing? It has been so long since I had let myself sing. I didn’t even think I’d be able to, with my throat so closed with tears. I couldn’t deny Oliver this. I knew he was dying, but I forced myself to think of happier days, find a song Olivier would like guiding him to his death.

I think of the song I used to sing to Beth when she was a baby. There was the song my Momma had taught me when we tried to lull her off to sleep.

Maybe I could help Oliver sleep. I try not to think about him going to sleep and never waking up as I clear my throat a few times. Then I sing.

Just close your eyes.
The sun is going down.
You'll be alright
No one can hurt you now.
Come morning light
you and I'll be safe & sound...

I finish the little song before the tears come once again. Oliver closed his eyes before I even began singing, and I could tell he was gone by the time I hit the last note. I feel like going home, hiding under the covers and crying until all I can feel is numbness. There is no more home, no more covers to hide under. Only numbness.

I kiss his head like I did Pauline, and then squeeze his cold hand. “Goodbye Oliver Woods. I’ll never stop loving you.” I pulled him over to a patch of greenness, surrounded by bushes covered in flowers and berries. It was a little bit of beauty in a time so hideous, and knew this is where I wanted Oliver to be.

I turn and walk away from it all, not trusting myself to turn around again. I force myself to keep moving, but I can’t register anything. I can’t even feel the pain of losing Oliver. I step over branches and roots, bodies of men and women, not knowing if they’re friend or foe. Not really caring anyways.

I walk until I see a little cabin, not big enough to hold three people. Instead of going inside, I scale the sides of the house until I can sit on the rooftop. The sky is turning dark. The sun is receding quickly, as if the sun itself was trying to run away from all of this loss. Soon we would all be plunged into darkness.

I don’t know how long I sit there, but I’m slowly brought out of my numbness by a growing awareness. The light had gone out hours before, yet up ahead was splashed into light. I could hear crackling and sizzling, and it wasn’t until the flames licked the branches of the trees ahead did I realize what was wrong.


Sprung into alertness, I jump up from my seat. From where I stood I could see the fire had already consumed much of the forest in front of me. Behind me was yet to be touched. I ran to the edge behind me, and jumped to the neighbouring tree. The impact jolted me and splintered my fingers, but I didn’t stop. Some animal reflex told me to go and don’t stop until the danger passed.

I can’t reach the next tree from the one I’m in, so I make my way down before continuing on foot. I run, but the fire doesn’t stop. I didn’t want to think about whom or what had caused that fire, and who could still be inside.

That’s when I realize how deathly quiet it’s been. Not a shriek or holler from the children, not the heavy footfalls of the Novawar men crashing through trees. I felt entirely alone, besides the raging fire behind me. It was the only thing that seemed to be really full of life. Full of life and immortal.

I’m only mortal, and I can feel the adrenaline leaving my body cold and tired. My muscles sear in pain, begging for relief. I know I can’t fight it anymore. That’s when I spot the tree house.

I was always good at climbing. Best tactic in hide-and-seek, best way to avoid communication with the outside world: Just hide in a tree. The little house in a tree was the only shelter nearby, and I knew if I didn’t stop soon, I would collapse on the ground.

The tree house is big enough to fit two people maybe. I sit myself on the wooden planks, not caring just how old or rotten this wood might be. I take my wand out, and with shaking hand I let the water issuing from the tip flow into my mouth. I wash out the cuts on my legs and arms, and even splashed some onto my face, trying to clear away the grime and dirt. Then there’s nothing to do but sit and wait.

I look out the window and watch as the fire diminishes the greenery. All I see is dark clouds of smoke, and charred bits of oak left on the land. I hate to see such beauty disappear. I want to look away, but somehow my eyes are locked outside.

“What’s happening June?” I jump, startled by the sound of Beth. The smoke and heat from the fire must be getting to me, because I can see her, feel her, smell her. She’s sitting with me. “Can I look?” She asks innocently, trying to see past me into the disaster of a world. Fear rises in me. I need to protect her from what awaits us. I know I can’t lie to her though, I can’t sit here and tell her nothing is wrong.

I sing to her quietly, trying to tell her what’s going on and calm her down at the same time.

Don't you dare look out your window darling;
Everything's on fire
The war outside our door keeps raging on
Hold onto this lullaby
Even when the music's gone, gone

She whimpers slightly, and starts to wail. I am surprised to feel the wetness on my cheeks, and then I realize that it isn’t Beth that is crying, but me. I can’t feel her anymore, but I can’t feel anything. I can’t see her, everything is blackness. I don’t know what’s going on, but I can hear her panic. She’s throwing things, hurling them at walls. She’s breaking the little trinkets that lined the wall of the tree house. I can hear her, feel her kicking the walls, pounding on the ground with her little fists. My whole body hurts just thinking about it. She finally quiets down.

I reach out for her, still blinded. All at once, I can see, smell and feel her again. She is in my arms, and I’m holding her tightly, trying to calm her with my heartbeat. Even as a child, the reassurance of another person’s heart beating nearby would calm her down.

“Don’t worry Beth,” I whisper to her quietly. “I’ll protect you from everything.”

I think about how I whispered those words to Oliver. I had promised him I’d never let go. He asked me to never leave him alone. I begin to cry, feeling selfish at leaving him. I should have helped, I should have protected him. I close my eyes, wishing the numbness would return.

“You haven’t let me go yet Junie,” He whispers in my ear. I don’t open my eyes, afraid that will shatter this illusion.

“I’ll never let you go,” I told him again. This time I could feel just how real those words were. I couldn’t hold on to my Oliver forever, not physically at least. But he would always be in my mind and in my heart. He’d never be alone. We’d always be together.

Beth begins to cry again, and Oliver is gone. I open my eyes, and turn Beth to face me. Holding her face in my hands, I realize how much I’m going to miss her. She has bags under her eyes, and I know that it’s time now.

“Bed time,” I whisper, trying to copy the sentiment my mother always had in her voice. Beth smiles and I smile, and she curls into a ball on my lap.

“Sing me a lullaby?” She asks softly.

“Of course,” I say. This is the second time that I’ve sang a person to death with this song. I know I won’t be seeing Beth again. I want to curl in a ball with her, but I am strong- for her.

Just close your eyes
The sun is going down
You'll be alright
No one can hurt you now
Come morning light
You and I'll be safe & sound...

The world is crashing down below me. I don’t dare look out the window, I don’t dare move. Instead I lay on the ground alone. I feel strange, as if witnessing this scene from someone else’s eyes. I see myself lying on the ground alone, my hands bruised and bleeding from hitting the ground, from throwing trinkets. I’m lying in a bed of glass, where I had broken a number of flower vases that has lined the wall. My feet are bruised and splintered. I am all alone. No Beth, no Oliver.

I hear the wind blowing songs into my ears. I can see and smell the smoke around me. I feel the heat from beneath me.

I imagine I can see the faces of the other children. Amie. Michael. Thomas. Margie. Kaman. Mitchell. Pauline. Lucy. Oliver. None of us are going to make it out of this forest. No, we’re all getting out of here. Just not physically.

Each of the children walks out of the tree house. I can hear them laughing outside. My soul longs to go with them, my body longing to lay here by itself. I can feel myself letting go, but there’s a small moment of panic. What if I don’t like it?

I can hear the wind howling around me. It carries the voices from below me, and I feel my body begin to rest as they sing me to sleep.

Oooooo, OoooOooo,

Just close your eyes
The sun is going down
You'll be alright
No one can hurt you now
Come morning light
You and I'll be safe & sound...

The wind continues to blow, but its quieter now. Everything is quieter. I feel strong and rejuvenated. I stand, leaving my body behind. It feels strange, and looks even stranger, seeing myself lying on the ground, sleeping. I won’t need it anymore.

I follow the sounds of the wind to the other children. Oliver takes my hand, and Beth takes my other. They brought her into the forest to try and coax me out, she tells me. It seems sad, but I don’t feel like crying. We’re all together, all happy. Pauline gives me a hug and thanks me. Mitchell smiles. Amie giggles, and Thomas chortles. Lucy sings to the wind. Michael is the one who suggests we move on. Margie is the one who asks the question on all of our minds.

“Move where?”

I’m the one who answers.


Oooooo, OoooOooo,
Oooooo, OoooOooo...


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