School pretty much sucks. I do not care if it is magical school, or not; it sucks. My charms teacher assigned an essay that was five pages long on the importance of learning the differences of shrinking charms; my potions teacher assigned a work packet on the many uses of wolfsbane potions; and my transfiguration teacher gave us an five chapter reading assignment to be read in two days! I wouldn't be done for days, and I had two days to do it all! It's only October, exams aren't till June!

I sighed as I walked to the parking lot, where my dad would have a car waiting for me. My family isn't rich, by any means, but my Dad works for the Wizards Against Nasty Doers, or W.A.N.D., agency. He's a W.A.N.D. agent, and a very good one at that. So, I got a car; where other kids got their Mothers picking them up. But, life isn't fair.

I threw my bag into the back of the car and climbed in.

"Hey, Lachlan." I said to my Scottish Driver.

"Rosie," He replied back.

That was the extent of our conversation. Always. Never deviated from that. Sigh.

I pressed the button to roll up the window between the front and back seat of the car. No sense in having it down if he isn't going to talk to me. I started at my reflection in the mirrored window. My brown, limp hair, sad hazel eyes and pail face look miserable. Well, good, cause I was. School sucks, life isn't fair. Why should I be happy? That, and my face reminds me of my Mom.

Two years ago, my Mom got really sick; not with a magical sickness, but with a muggle sickness. The magic docs were clueless to do anything. Their potions and charms were useless, and my mom got sicker everyday. With my Dad's job, we were able to get her the best muggle doctors money could buy, but it didn't help. They called it Cander, I think. Anyway, we lost her a year later. Like I said, life isn't fair!

So, now, I try not to look at myself in the mirror. It's too sad. Dad works a lot now. I think I remind him too much of Mom. Sigh.

I decided to roll the window down.

"Rosie." Lachlan said. I looked at him in acknowledgement. See, he never says anything else!

A few minutes later, we turned onto my street. I looked up towards the house and noticed my Dad's car in the drive way. That isn't usual. Something is up. We pulled into the driveway behind the car a few minutes later, and I got out quickly and ran up the steps. I knew that something big was about to happen.

I opened the door and threw my bag down. Not worrying about much of anything else, I ran to the kitchen, were the smell of burning something was coming from. Oh goodness, this was gonna be bad.


"Rosie! Come into the Kitch..Oh! There you are. Sit down. I have some news." My dad said. He's getting old. Like 40 or something. He's in good shape. He has neatly trimmed red hair, and dresses in simple black or blue robes. Sometimes he even gets daring and wears burgundy!

"Um, Ok" I said, sitting down, hoping this wasn't going to be too bad. I hadn't gotten into trouble at school. I hadn't failed a test, or forgotten an assignment, I think.

"I was going to cook dinner to soften the blow, but that didn't work out well, as you can smell. So," he said pulling out his wand, "Chicken tortellini!' And, there was Chicken tortellini! His favorite, not mine. I like Mexican food. I can't get enough tacos and enchiladas! I picked up my fork and dug in. It was close enough to dinner time; magic school classes don't get out till 4 o'clock.

"So, what's going on, Dad?" I bravely asked.

"Well, have you ever wanted to see London?" He asked.

"Yeah!" I asked. Of course I have. London is awesome!

"Good, we are moving there this weekend!" But, not like that.

"We're what!?!?"

"You are going to go to a new school in Britain called Hogwarts. I was asked by the British Ministry of Magic to help find an escaped wizard. I'm the best Rosie. They need me. You will be there for the year, at least. I'd like you to finish out the year at Hogwarts. It's a boarding school. Right now, it's safer for you there, than here." See, life isn't fair!

"I'm what? Hogwhats is a boarding school? Dad! No!" Well, so much for the load of homework!

"I've already withdrawn you from school. I want to start packing tomorrow. We leave for London on Saturday. Please don't make this hard, Rosie. I'm begging you. I know how hard it's been since we lost Mom." Throwing down the trump card, Dad. So not fair.

"Dad, I'm proud that you were asked. I'll go. Maybe it will be better for me." Brave face. Make it believable! You can cry later. It's not like you have friends here. Breath Rosie, breath!

"Good. Now, eat your dinner."

I crawled to the front door and grabbed my bag. I struggled the rest of the way to my room. I don't know how I am going to leave my home. School, not the issue. I have no friends here. No one seems to get quirky Rosie. Whatever. But Mom is in these rooms. Sometimes, I can still smell her perfume, or hear her humming. I won't be able to hear that at Hogwhatsits. And then to be at a boarding school, away from Dad too! I don't know what my Dad's thinking!

I looked around. What would I leave, and what would I take. With magic, I could take anything I wanted to take, but was there anything worth leaving behind. Going to this new place, I could be anyone and anything I wanted to be. Did I have to be lonely, boring Rosie?

On second thought, I'm not going to change a thing. I've gotten by on just being me without friends. I can do it for another year!

I didn't realize that I was looking in the mirror over my dresser. I was a pretty girl. My face was oval, but there was a glow to my skin. I had a slender body, and I was an average height. I chose to be an outcast, but I could put myself out there and try and make friends. I'll see what these kids are like. Maybe I would finally fit in there.

What am I thinking? I am just going to stick to myself. I don't think that they will like me very much. I'm not one of them. But maybe.



**Next chapter; My Steamboat Awaits! **

A/N**Edited** Rosie Still does not know Hogwarts is in Scotland (and she wont for a bit), and some minor changes have been made. I think I got all of them. I would also like to add that my character Rosie is in no way, shape, or form, related or like (despite the angst and grouchiness to come) to any other character that has been blessed with the name Rose/Rosie/or any other variation.**

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