*** Draco’s P.O.V ***



“Here you go everyone, our special hot chocolate with marshmallows, whipped cream and a liquorice wand! And I added some of your honey badger syrup into yours, Luna, although I can’t for the life of me understand why you like it. It tastes like Garden Gnome turds.” Hermione said. I joined everyone else in laughing.



“Had a lot of experiences with that?” George asked mischievously. Hermione glared at him and snapped,




“I suppose you’ve forgotten when you slipped some into my dinner at the Burrow at the funeral?” This shut George up, and Hermione instantly began to apologize. I turned to Seamus, who was telling everyone a comical story of what happened between him and his latest girlfriend, a Muggle doctor called Caitlin. I laughed along to his jokes and puns along with everyone else, but was slightly distracted. All of these people had been friends since the first year. What if I couldn’t fit in here? I had been seeing Astoria Greengrass for a while, (all my parent’s doing. Once they went on the run, I broke up with her so that I could find someone I actually liked. She really was such a whiny bitch.) And she despised people like this. ‘Filthy mud bloods, muggle-borns and blood-traitors; they should all feel ashamed of themselves. We supreme over them!’ she would spit.



Suddenly, Parvati Patil turned to me, and asked me how it was going with my parents. It was popular knowledge that ex-death eaters were hiding, so I wasn’t surprised she knew. What surprised me was that she didn’t say this with a malicious tone, but with true care and sympathy. I smiled and told her about how I left the family, and made a point of keeping letters sarcastic and short, trying to let them know that I’m not interested in their charity, or help. They were the ones that needed help. After chatting and laughing some more with Neville and Luna (the former of which apologized profoundly for not believing that I had truly changed. I just laughed and told him that I wasn’t surprised, and that I didn’t deserve an apology as much as he did, as well as the rest of Britain. After an awkward pause, we began talking about Quidditch teams, at which point Luna pointedly went over to talk to Ginny. She never was much into sporting events, but enjoyed a game of ‘Guess Which Mythical Beast Makes This Sound’. She always won, Neville told me, as the majority of the noises were the whine of a Crumple-Horned Snorkack, the mating call of a Nargle (which Neville said was very similar to how his grandmother sounds when she is yelling at him) as well as the attacking cry of an Aquavirius Maggot. I had a feeling Luna won the majority of these games.



Pretty soon, I began to relax, and enjoyed the hot chocolate that always re-filled itself. It was quite a wonderful sensation; first it would taste like a normal hot chocolate. Then it would go hotter and hotter, until it felt as though it would burn your tongue off, before exploding in your mouth with a muffled ‘pop’. The faces people made with their first mouthful were fantastic. The fire was lit around midnight; blankets were handed around the room as well as huge pillows. The lights were turned down, and we all got very sleepy. One by one, couples would snuggle closer, and eventually, everyone fell asleep.



The next morning, people woke up very slowly. We were all exhausted after a late night, and almost everyone got up at around noon, except Hermione. I know for a fact that she has been up since 9am, since she stepped on my face by accident on her way across the living room. She whispered an apology. I looked at my watch to check the time, and fell asleep almost instantly. When I woke up, I decided to go down to the kitchen for a glass of water before brushing my teeth and getting dressed. I was surprised by a huge table laid out with a massive array of breakfast foods, as Hermione was standing behind a stove, mixing something that looked like pancake mixture.



“Good morning, Granger. Is this what you’ve been up to for the past three hours?” I asked as I grabbed a glass from the cabinet and switched on the tap, which I used a filtering charm on before drinking.



“Hey there, Malfoy. Yup, and I would appreciate it if you wouldn’t mind helping me. After you’ve washed away that disgusting morning breath, that is. Ew!” She laughed, as she pointedly shoved me towards the kitchen door. I laughed along with her, and ran up the stairs to the bathroom. I found my wash bag in a cabinet; (it clearly had an extension charm on it. There is no way in hell that a shelf that small could fit so many wash bags on it) and grabbed out my toothbrush and toothpaste. After thoroughly washing out my teeth a few times, I washed my face and returned to the kitchen. Hermione was now frying the pancakes, and flipping them in the air. The rose a feeble few centimeters into the air, and returned into the pan, and sometimes half off the pan.



“That’s pathetic.” I grinned, as I took the pan out of her hands, “this is how you flip your pancakes.” The disc rose higher and higher into the air, before sticking to the ceiling. I stood there, waiting for gravity to take over. It didn’t. Hermione began stifling giggles, before laughing louder and louder. Pretty soon, we were both rolling on the floor, screaming with laughter, not even remembering why we were laughing, clutching stitches on our side, and trying to breathe properly again. Ron and Harry came into the kitchen, asking us why we were in such violent hysterics. We pointed at the ceiling, and the pancake suddenly unstuck, and landed directly on top of Ron’s bright red hair. This only set us off into even louder screams of laughter, and Harry joined us, soon to be followed by Ron.



After all the mess was cleaned up, and the rest of breakfast was cooked (there was at least 25 people to feed, so we definitely needed that much, Hermione said. It think she may have gone slightly over board), everyone else came in and enjoyed the meal.



After a hefty breakfast, everyone decided (it seemed to be decided in unison) to go out and have a come back snowball fight. Pretty soon, it changed from a team game to an attack all, defend none game. A few hours later, we returned to the house completely soaked, with icicles hanging down from our hair. We had an equally large lunch, before going in to the living room to watch some moving pictures on a muggle contraption, which Hermione explained to be a ‘television’. I think I may have to invest in one to install into my home. When the film ended, Seamus got up, and addressed everyone in the room.



“Guys, I need your help. Caitlin has no idea that I am a wizard, and I also wish to ask her to marry me.” Everyone whooped at this, and Seamus waited a moment before continuing. “I want to give her the most spectacular, and the most magical proposal ever, and to do so, I need your help.” Hermione wasted no time in finding a large drawing board, and jotting down everybody’s ideas. Looks like we are going to have another party to attend.



A/N: WHOOP WHOOP! It’s the 11th chapter! I hope you enjoyed it; it was great fun to write this one. Should I write more Draco’s P.O.V. storied? Or maybe I should do someone else’s P.O.V. completely! Let me know. Please R&R, as it helps me know what you guys want from my story. I am looking for a banner, pleeease PM me if you are interested ^_^

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