Chapter 13 – The Final Battle

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Harry stormed in anger seeping out his eyes in the form of tears to find Ginny rolling around in pain screaming and Draco with a look of determination upon his face torturing her. Harry's mind was full of questions but he ignored them, this wasn't the time to ask questions, he had to save Ginny! Just as Harry got in, Draco locked the door with a silent spell to keep from distracting himself and carried on torturing Ginny. Harry shouted at him to stop, but Draco ignored him. So he did the only thing he could think of at the time and ran in between Draco and Ginny. His chest was hit with the most powerful cruciatus he had felt since Voldemort used it on him. He felt his body squirming and contorting in pain, he tried to hold in his screams determined not to give Draco the satisfaction but he couldn't help it, he was soon screaming at the top of his lungs and Ginny was staring at him terrified and the pain of seeing her love in agony was overwhelming.


Draco's heart ached with guilt he didn't want this to happen, he didn't want anyone to get hurt any more. All he wanted was to be at home with Astoria to look after her but he had to finish was he started, he couldn't leave Ginny like this. It was so much easier to leave then behind and carry on with his life, however he couldn't have his son growing up in the shadow of an evil man like he had to with his father, he wanted the best for his son for people to hear he was a Malfoy and it earning respect for being from a respectful law abiding family not a bunch of crooks who seek power by killing and hurting. He thought of his family how his mother Narcissa had once been a innocent and strong if slightly sly young girl but was 'owned' by Lucius and turned into the bitter weak women, how she had been hurt by his pathetic excuse of a father. He had got rid of his father now and his mother had started to come out of her shell in the knowledge his father was far away and wouldn't hurt the family any more.


Everyone outside saw the door slam shut, they all tried alohamora but to now prevail, a million things were running through their heads; “What was happening? ”“Were Ginny and Harry going to be OK?” and ultimately “How do we save them?”. Everyone seemed to think the last one but only Ron suggested anything, “I know we don't want to but we can't do anything from here, lets go downstairs and try to get in another way.” Hermionie smiled at him and said,


“That's clever Ronald,” Ignoring the darkness of the matter he replied, “Always the tone of surprise,” He laughed to himself and ran downstairs followed by the rest of them. As they past the old kitchen Ron suddenly stopped at the door picking up a piece of paper from the floor, which had been stepped on and crumpled, Fleur banged into him from behind, “Ron, 'urry up their 'iz no time to look at 'zese scraps of paper,”. Ron opened it up ignoring Fleur and gasped as he read it,


“He's trying to help,” He muttered to himself, they all said 'what?' so he said it louder, “He is trying to help!” He handed the paper to them, they stared at him questions filing their confused minds. After a short discussion they decided to wait outside and hope the 50% chance that Ginny would be OK was right ann try to talk some sense into Draco.If there was a 50/50 chance that people survive and Gabrielle was ok then surely... They heard the word Avada and stood up stunned, they banged on the door even more confused than before trying to get Draco to stop.

(A/N Back to where we last saw Draco)

Draco stopped the spell and kicked Harry out of the way, “Move it Potter, your wife is getting what she deserves.” Again inside Draco didn't feel this way, everything in his head was telling him to stop and talk to Harry but the sensible side knew it was no use, so he picked up his jealousy and anger and cast the spell again. Ginny writhed in pain while Harry picked himself up and stood between them. “I'm starting to get tired of your heroics Potter,” Draco said forcefully, pausing to look at the unconscious Ginny's mark which hadn't changed, it still remained tainting her face and draining her energy, “I guess there's only one way to stop you,” Draco didn't want to kill Harry and he could hear fists banging angrily on the door outside but he knew it was the only way to cast the spell on Ginny long enough. He held up his arm and thought of why Harry had to die and shouted “AVADA..” at the top of his voice. As soon as he did Harry assumed he was going to kill Ginny he ran over to her covering her with his body, thinking of anything he could of his mother, how she had protected him everything Dumbledore had said about the matter how Harry had survived because of it and shut his eyes hoping it would work he heard “KADAVRA!” and he fell instantly to the floor. A bright green light filled the room, Ginny screamed as she was raised into the air with the light, shouting at Draco and her face was dripping in tears. Her Mark burned red then disappeared, she fell back onto the bed then stood up suddenly feeling all of her strength come back to her as the light disappeared and she burst into tears over Harry. Draco also collapsed as the light disappeared., the door unlocked and everyone came running in gasping.


Mrs Weasley burst into tears as did everyone else, Mr Weasley ran over to Harry, and Ron to Draco. Ron shouted over the noise, “DRACO ISN'T BREATHING APPARATE TO ST. MUNGO'S!” and soon after Ron and Draco were gone with a pop. Mr Weasley said the same thing, “NEITHER IS HARRY!” Ginny cried so much, Arthur grabbed hold of Harry and Ginny and also apparated St. Mungo's. George heard the shouts held Gabrielle's hand and apparated her to St. Mungo's as well to get her checked out.

St. Mungo's was full of people and there was a variety of smells and sights, there were notices flying around announcing precautions to various common accidents, and healers attending to people left right and centre. When they came in they were met with gasps at the sight, Ron carrying Draco, Mr Weasley carrying Harry with a tearful Ginny close by and George supporting Gabrielle; they must have looked a right sight. Healers ran over to them asking what happened? Who's injured? And various other questions, after a short time four stretchers were flying around the corner and Ginny, Gabrielle, Draco and Harry were levitated onto them and directed to a ward different wards. Harry and Draco to the critical accident wards and Gabrielle and Ginny to the mystery illness ward.


Narcissa and Lucius were called to the hospital, Narcissa looked as pale as a sheet and Lucius looked livid. As soon as Ginny heard of their arrival she was terrified, Lucius was as bad as Draco while she was being held and Narcissa was so protective over her son, Ginny was scared that they would try and hurt her again. She wanted Harry to be here to protect her but he was fighting for his life, he couldn't. Surprisingly she was wrong about Narcissa, she didn't come anywhere near Ginny but Lucius was another matter he came storming in the next day, threatening all sorts of things that terrified her. Fortunately the healer in the room told him to leave and shortly after discharged Ginny when all the tests came back clear. Of course Ginny went straight for Harry, the love of her life.


Gabrielle wasn't sure who this man who had come into her room shouting things at her, she assumed he was a mental patient but realised he wasn't when he starting talking about Draco and George. Just when he held his wand up to her George came in and managed to get him out, he then ran over to Gabrielle apologising to a confused Gabby for leaving her. He explained who Lucius was soon after but was interrupted when the test results came back. They were also clear and she was discharged.


“George?” Gabby asked nervously looking up at the man she loved who she was waiting in the waiting room with.


“Yes darling?” He replied


“You know, we...we have to tell the family we are together sometime.” She didn't want to sound demanding and didn't know why she was so nervous “If that's what you want of course George.” Surprisingly he smiled at her and gave pulled her closer to him until she got the hint and lay her head on his chest,


“Of course I want that Gabby we can finally be together properly. For ever, we will tell them now yes?” She nodded and beamed up at him. They got up holding hands and decided to just bite the bullet and go into the critical unit where Draco and Harry were sharing a room and the rest of the family were sitting around their beds. They turned around and most gave a double look when they saw that they were holding hands, “What is this?” Mr and Mrs Weasley asked and looked even more confused when they saw Ginny and Fleur beaming up at them, “Are you...? Did you two know?” Ginny and Fleur nodded still beaming and George announced


“Mum, Dad, me and Gabby are together and before you say anything we love each other,” Gabby smiled and stood closer to him, Mr and Mrs Weasley jumped up and gave them both and huge hug then let go smiling happily.


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(Just to clear things up Lucius had moved out of the house and hardly ever came to see them after Ginny was tortured because Draco saw Lucius hit Narcissa badly and forced him to leave)

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