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I’ve changed my mind, im not writing a prequel as im running out of idea’s but im going to write a short story about the next generation which I will be uploading soon!

Christmas day and boxing day had been and gone, very quickly and James was sat in his room getting ready as they were all going out as a group to look at flats, it was the first time he was going to be around Lily since Christmas morning and the first time around the girls since Alex had punched him in the face.

“Prongs?” Came Sirius’ voice from the door, “We’re leaving in five minutes, get your arse downstairs, I think we’re gonna walk into town, it’s only a five minute walk, come on the girls are ready” James flung back the door and grinned at his best friend who shot him a grin back. They started to make their way down the stairs.

“Gonna be awkward today isn’t it?” James muttered when they were almost downstairs. Sirius just nodded and they made their way to the door where everyone was waiting.

James did not look at Lily and could tell she wasn’t looking at him either, he walked over to the door flung it open and walked outside, and they walked to the estate agents in complete silence. Everyone feeling to awkward to start a conversation.

They eventually reached the estate agents and were just in time for their appointment. They walked inside and they were pointed to a conference room where a muggle man in a black suit and sickly green tie was waiting for them.

“Hello, I’m Niall Yates, I’ll be your real estate agent, so you want two four bedroom apartments right?” Niall Yates asked, he was a friendly over enthusiastic man, the eight seventh years nodded, “You don’t want to move in until the end of June am I right?” they nodded again, “Righto, shall we go?” the group nodded again, anymore nodding and their heads would fall off.

“He’s got Slughorn’s looks and Lockhart’s annoying personality” Sirius shuddered, James chuckled a little.

“What’s a real estate?” Peter mumbled, James shrugged.

“Sounds like a disease” Sirius said under his breath and James snorted.

“By the look of his clothes looks like he has a disease” Alex mumbled walking past them, the boys chuckled quietly, as she walked forward and linked arms with Lily.

They walked to the first apartment it was a few blocks down, it had four bedrooms and two bathrooms and it was in their price range but it was in a grimy neighborhood, so he took them to a different part of London which was a little nicer, not posh but not as grimy, they looked at a few flats there until James, Sirius, Remus and Peter found one they were happy with. It had two bathrooms, four bedrooms a lounge which was joint on to a kitchen which would have enough room to put a table in as well, it was quite a grimy flat but they would be able to fix it with magic and as nobody else had offered to buy it, they bought it then and there.

They told the girls they would come with them to find an apartment to, well Remus told them they would, James and Sirius were a bit more reluctant and Alex and Lily looked reluctant to let them come, but Louise was happy to have Remus there. They walked down to the next street and there was an ok looking building with a flat available on the fourth floor on an six floor building, the flat was quite similar to the boys flat but not as grimy so there would less work for them to do, the girls bought it then and there.

The rent was low for both flats and they wouldn’t have to start paying rent until the moved as they were so grimy the people owning them were just glad to be getting rid of them. The group walked back to James’ house, but stopping at the tube station where the girls left as they were going to Lily’s parents to say Happy Christmas to them. James was secretly happy to be left of awkward silences but a little disappointed to not be with them.


Remus was sat at the table that evening with James, Sirius and Peter. The boys were pretty happy with their new flat, Remus hadn't seen Louise since they had left them, but it was now time for dinner and the four boys were waiting for the girls.

"Oh for Merlin's sake" Sirius groaned.

"What now Padfoot?" James rolled his eyes.

"Are they going to hurry up? I want my dinner" Sirius whined.

"We're here Black, Merlin" came a familar exasperated voice.

Rosie was stood in the doorway with Louise, Rosie had her eyebrows raised and was staring at Sirius with a lot of dislike on her face. Louise shifted awkwardly and nudged her best friend in the ribs.

“Where are Lily and Alex?” Remus asked when his girlfriend and Rosie had taken their seats, Rosie glared at James and Sirius before saying;

“They’re ill, they’ve gone to sleep” She said nonchalantly.

They had been back for a few house now, and the boys hadn’t seen the girls since they had arrived home a few hours ago. Lily and Alex had gone straight upstairs without a word said to the boys.

“Should I take something up to them?” James asked trying to be helpful.

“No they’re fine” Rosie snapped at him, James shrugged.

“Just trying to be helpful” he mumbled

“I think you’ve helped enough Potter” Rosie snarled.

James sighed and started poking his food with his fork. They were just starting their dinner when the door to the dining room opened and Alex was stood there in her pajamas looking tired and a little ill.

“Hey Alex” Rosie smiled at her, Sirius shifted uncomfortably in his seat, “thought you didn’t feel well”.

“Im fine” she muttered, not looking at Sirius, “im starving” she added, “James is there anything left?” she said smiling weakly at him.

“Yeah sure, hold on” He grinned, he walked out to the kitchen and grabbed a plate and put it down in front of her, she tucked in, Remus decided he had had enough of silence.

“So are we still going to that muggle club on new year?” He asked. Sirius looked up hopefully.

“Course we are Moony” James grinned, “you girls still coming?” he added nervously.

“Yeah we’ll be there” Alex said not looking up from her food.

“Great roll on December 31st” James cheered, Remus laughed, James loved new year’s any excuse to go to a muggle club and get smashed because he could use magic on the bar man into believing he was eighteen.

“What have you lot got planned up until then?” Sirius said finally speaking.

“Um, well we’re going with Alex to visit her Gran’s grave” Louise started but she was interrupted.

“No we’re not, I don’t know where they’ve buried her, my mother won’t tell me, so I guess not” Alex shrugged sadly, the girls looked at her with sympathy, “So we’re not doing anything I think we’ll just relax”. They went back to eating their meals in silence.


It was 11 o clock and Alex McCord had just woken up, she was ready to have a shower and get ready for the day ahead, but when she got to her bathroom, she realized her shower wasn’t working. She didn’t know how to fix it with her wand, she was always rubbish at repairing spells, she didn’t want to wake anybody else up and she knew James had a communal bathroom on the boys floor. She sighed grabbing her towel and a strappy top and shorts because she couldn’t put jeans on after a shower.

She made her way downstairs, she reached the bathroom and had a shower, when she got out she pulled on her shorts and strappy top and tied her long blonde hair up in a loose bun and dried it with her wand. She made her way out of the bathroom coming face to face with an uncomfortable looking Sirius Black.

“Um, sorry, my showers broken” she muttered.

“Um yeah, so has mine” he mumbled.

“So I’ll just go” Alex said nervously.

Sirius looked uncomfortable, she was about to move when her bun came undone, she pulled another hairband out of her hair and started to do it up until Sirius grabbed her arm.

“What the hell is this?” He said shocked, pointing to her scars, Alex bit her lip and looked at the floor, he was the last person she wanted to see them, she pulled her arms back and started too uncomfortable fiddle with her engagement ring.

“Cat attacked me” she mumbled lamely.

“Don’t bullshit me Alex” He shot at her, “What are they?” she looked up at him.

“Why do you care?” She shot at him.

“Course I care! Have you been harming?” He said lowering his voice. She had never felt so uncomfortable; she nodded feebly, “What the hell made you do that?”

“You” she retorted, he looked dumbstruck, obviously shocked he had so much control over a person, “you see, you have nothing to say, so do me a favor Sirius, leave me alone” she hissed at him, storming up the stairs leaving him there staring after her.


It was a few hours until the group was going out and Lily decided to get in the shower, she closed her door behind her as she entered her bathroom.

After a long shower, she got out and dried her hair. Slipping on joggers and a baggy white top, she slipped back into her bedroom.

Her bed had been made and her clothes were on her chair and resting on her pillow was a little red box with a green ribbon around it.

She eyed it curiously before walking towards it, resting on top of the box was a little piece of paper which merely wrote Lily.

She frowned at it and picked up the little box. Opening it up inside was a pure golden necklace with a lily on it, she smiled slightly at her beautiful necklace and slipped it back into the box. She couldn’t bring herself to wear it, not yet anyway.


“Are we ready to partaaaaaay?” Sirius shouted when Louise who was the last person to get ready had come downstairs.

“Someone’s already drunk” Rosie smirked, Sirius shrugged.

“If I was drunk I’d probably be giving you all a strip tease at the moment” he winked, Lily caught Alex rolling her eyes.

“Right us boys have been to this club before so we know where it is, partner up ladies and apparate with a partner” James continued.

Obviously, Remus and Louise paired up and Rosie went with Peter reluctantly, so Lily grabbed Sirius and Alex seemed to relax and grabbed James’ arm. Quickly they were spinning into a ‘shut for repairs’ toilet inside the club, next to them Alex and James were there, Remus and Louise were suddenly appearing and Rosie and Peter were stood there waiting for them.

“Come on, we’re meeting; Alisha, Jasmine, Daniel, Hannah, Lucas and Paul in the club like now” Rosie yelled on her way out of the door, Lily made her way to Alex and grinned at her, they made their way into the club.

Lily was wearing a white lacy dress which had three quarter length sleeves and went to her knees, Alex was wearing a maroon short sleeved dress which went to her knees it was also lacy, Louise was wearing a high-wasted blue skirt and a white strappy top and Rosie was wearing a purple short sleeved silk dress that also went to her knees.

“So are you gonna end it with Paul?” Alex asked her awkwardly as they walked towards the group of people waiting for them.

“Yeah, now” Lily said bluntly, she smiled and waved to Daniel and Lucas as walked over to Paul, ignoring Alisha, Jasmine and Hannah, Paul smiled at her.

“Hi love, did you have a good Christmas?” Paul asked her trying to kiss her on the lips but she diverted it to her cheek.

“Um, can we talk?” She said nervously, he nodded and they walked to a nearby table, “look Paul, I liked you a lot but then when we broke up, it was sort of a relief, I mean I think I like somebody else and I just can’t be with you, im sorry”.

“Wow, um come on Lily I love you” He tried, she shook her head.

“No you don’t Paul” she said firmly, he frowned.

“Lily, I do, I love you” he urged.

“I don’t think you do, I don’t think we’re made for each other, I’m sorry” She said softly, he nodded and muttered ‘see ya at school’ and headed out of the club, a sudden wave of relief came over her as she made her way over to her friends and James, Hannah, Alisha and Jasmine.

“Done it?” Rosie shouted.

“Yes” Lily grinned.

“Done what?” Sirius yelled in between shots.

“Binned ‘im” Rosie shouted back, Sirius cheered and handed Lily a shot.


“TWO MINUTES UNTIL MINIGHT” Alex shouted to Louise. She continued to dance until people started shouting;

They all made their way outside to watch the fireworks from the hill where there was another party going on, most of them were sobering up as they had to go back to school tomorrow.

“5, 4, 3, 2, 1.. HAPPY NEW YEAR” They all shouted, Alex turned around to kiss Daniel, she wrapped her arms around his neck.

“Happy new year the future Mrs Pain” he whispered in her ear, she giggled, she was about to say something back when she noticed everyone crowding around something or someone.

Daniel went inside to get more drinks with Jasmine and Lucas. Alex joined the crow of her friends they were all crowded around Sirius and Alisha, Alex shoved in next to Lily.

“Now, I wanted all my friends to hear this” Sirius said confidently, obviously drunk, putting his thumbs up to James who winked back at him, “Alisha Reed, I know we have only been together a few months but I am the hottest guy at Hogwarts and you ain’t gonna get better than me, so why don’t you just marry me?” Sirius yelled pulling out a ring from his pocket.

Alex stared at it, her mouth hung open. She could see the glint of a small blue sapphire, she bit her lip as she noticed the ring was the one he had given her, the ring she had returned at the end of sixth year, when they broke up. Her heart dropped.

Alex stood there, shocked, unable to move. She started to slowly retreat away from the group.

“Sirius, mate I think you are a little pissed” Remus told his friend.

“Naaah mate, I love ‘er” He said back slurring his words. Remus stepped back as James grinned and said ‘good luck mate’.

Alex felt dumbstruck she didn’t know what to do or how to feel, she felt like her heart was breaking into a million little pieces, the boy she loved, the boy who she had kind of been engaged to before was going to get married to the person she hated the most, with the ring he had given her.

She turned quickly and ran away from the group and apparated back to the Potter mansion, she wiped the tears away from her eyes but as she started to head down to the kitchen, it became very clear she was not alone.

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