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Chapter 1.


I really should have seen this coming.

“…complete lack of self control…”

I mean, I always knew America would end badly.


Any place where money was the main requirement for friendship was bound to go wrong for me. I hate the arrogant attitude that comes from most rich people and the idea of buying friends.

“…in all my years teaching and leading this school I never…”

Maybe I was naïve thinking my leave from here would be as quiet as Durmstrang.

“…dark curses…”

I really hate America.

“…several students in the medical building…”

Do all headmasters sound this obnoxious?

“…absolutely disgusting…”

Does Dumbledore?

“…I do not tolerate this kind of behavior…”

Hmm…probably not, you never know though.

“…assured me that her behavior in the past would not be repeated…”

Fighting every instinct in my body to curse this git, honestly what more could he do?

“…will be removed immediately…”

If I wasn’t so annoyed, I’d be more impressed that Lucius had gone this long without saying anything. Or maybe I’d be worried about how he’ll react once we’re back home.

“MISS LESTRANGE” I turned my attention back to the headmaster. “Have you been listening to a single word I’ve said?!”

“I may have zoned out after ‘expelled.’ I figured that was the main point of this.” He looked furious, I guess honesty isn’t always the best policy.

“Enough.” Oh how I was dreading going home yet pleased to be leaving this school. That one word told me how this night was going to end. Of course I would be expelled the one day Lucius is already furious. Though I suppose being owled for the third time about my expulsion from yet another school would make any one furious. However, that glint in his eye told me it wasn’t just about this. He had been in a mood when he arrived and was probably going to take all that frustration out later…on me. “I understand the problem Headmaster and I assure you that I am as disgusted by these acts as you are. I apologize for believing that my niece had gotten past her previous conduct. I will, of course, be handling this when we return home. I do not tolerate this kind of behavior.”


“I highly doubt any school will accept her next year. Three schools in two year will give any Headmaster reservations. Do not expect me to sugarcoat her actions.”

“Of course not, I understand your reaction. We should be leaving though. Again, I apologize for this behavior.”

Always wondered how you stayed out of Azkaban, now I’m not surprised. Keeping calm in public and lying were two skills Lucius Malfoy had mastered years ago.

Lucius stood to leave and I followed, grabbing my trunk as we walked through the door. He said nothing but the way he walked told it all, he was not happy. Though I doubt anything short of gold, power, and using gold to buy even more power made him happy.

We stepped out of the Administration building, there were a few people outside, most heading to or from the library. Finals start tomorrow, I suddenly remembered. A few people looked my way but none were close enough to speak too. I suppose Lucius standing there with me discouraged anyone to bother coming closer. From the corner of my eye I saw him pull out his pocket watch and put it away quickly. He started walking briskly across the courtyard towards the small security building. I took one last look around, I wasn’t going to miss this place.

The security wizard didn’t look surprised to see me. Oh how word travels fast around here. He gave Lucius a nod and handed over a newspaper that had been laying on the corner of his desk.


Lucius shot a glare at me and I grabbed a corner of the paper and held on tightly to my trunk. The security wizard lazily pulled out his wand and tapped the paper. It glowed blue for a second then I felt a jerk behind my navel.

We reappeared just beyond the gates to Malfoy Manor. Just Fantastic. Lucius dropped the paper as he started towards the gate. ‘Litterbug’ I thought as I turned to follow. He said nothing as he strode up the walkway to the house. This was going to be hell. As soon as we were inside a house elf popped beside us.

“Put her trunk upstairs,” Lucius ordered the elf without even glancing at it.

“Yes, master,” replied the elf. I watched the elf, slightly confused. I expected Dobby to be the one always serving Lucius, yet this was Milly. Usually she only served Narcissa and cleaned the house.

Lucius took no notice of this and took off towards his office. As much as I would have liked to walk away, outside, upstairs, really anywhere else, I followed knowing what was expected. I entered the room a moment after he did and turned to close the door. This was going to be a long night.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I landed on my knees as Lucius slammed the door shut. I sat there a minute while a few blood drops fell on the floor. Eventually I pulled myself up while trying not to use my left arm. Slowly I headed upstairs and went into one of the lesser used bathrooms.

After shutting the door, I leaned against the sink, taking in my appearance through the mirror. I looked like hell but that was nothing compared to how my shoulder felt. Figures that he would injure my bad arm.

Using my right hand I turned on the water and rinsed out my mouth. I washed most of the blood off my face and saw bruises already forming. I ignored it, my shoulder was the main concern at this point. I gently prodded it, I was pretty sure it wasn’t broken and I didn’t want to risk using a spell to be sure.

Someone knocked on the door, I quickly let go of my arm and Narcissa walked in. I was still staring in the mirror and refused to meet her eyes. After a short pause she closed the door and pulled out her wand. She unlocked the cabinet under the sink and retrieved two things, both that I recognized. When she held out the pain reliever potion I took it without words and downed the whole vial. The pain subsided some as I took a seat on one of the stools facing my aunt. Silently she opened the jar and began applying the cream around my eye. She finished there and began to apply some to my neck.

“You shouldn’t have pushed him.”


“I didn’t realize how furious he was,” she said after another minute of silence.

“Pretty sure me breaking his jaw didn’t help matters.” Narcissa paused, looking surprised for a moment, then continued applying the cream.

“Was it worth it?”

“What? Punching him in the face?” She gave a quick nod as I pondered that. I had a cut lip, black eye, bruises all over my face and neck. Topping that off was a busted up shoulder that would take more than a few days and some pain reliever potions to cure. Had it been worth it for that second of watching him look stunned after my fist connected with his face?



“You should try it sometime.”

She closed the jar and returned it to its proper place looking disappointed. “You shouldn’t have pushed him. I’ll leave the cabinet unlocked, take the pain reliever as you need it.” With that she left closing the door behind her.

I headed to my room. Before I’d taken the pain reliever I would have thought hitting Lucius back was a foolish and rash thing to do. After though, with the pain lessening, I honestly wondered why I’d never done it before.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I didn’t get much sleep that night, my mind was a muddled mess. The last 48 hours had been chaos. No, that was wrong. It was the past few hours bothering me, Salem seemed like a distant memory by now. Something about my fight with Lucius, it was nagging my mind. Like there was something I was missing, it seemed so close…but I couldn’t reach it.

I replayed the memory over and over…I was missing something and I wanted to know what it was.

I had been turning back around when I felt his hand hit the side of my face.

“Do you have any idea what you’ve done?” I’d said nothing. “Three schools. Three schools in two damn years!” He’d grabbed me by the front of my shirt and pulled me forward. “I will not have you ruin my family’s name.”

“Well it’s a good thing we don’t share the same name then.” Wrong thing to say.

I’d resisted the urge to reach up and check my lip after his next blow. I’d already felt that it was bleeding.

“Thousands of galleons spent to repair the damage you’ve done. This time I had to explain why I needed an emergency portkey to America. Do you have any idea what that’s like?”

“What, no one in the Transportation Department takes bribes?” That had been rather rash to say, thinking back on it.

With the next punch I’d staggered back a couple steps but refused to be knocked down.

“You should be thankful we took you in. Everything that you’ve done to this family and I still let you stay, I could have left you in the street. I could have left you for some filthy muggles! And what do you do in return? Manage to get kicked out of three of the top magical schools in the world! We put out reputations on the line and this is how you repay us?! You should be locked in the cellar, eating scrapes off of the floor like a filthy mudblood!”

Over the past 13 years I’d been insulted by Lucius several times. Hell I’d even been hit a few times, but this, this was different. Only a year ago I’d cost him a few thousand galleons worth of damage. He’d been furious then and given me a black eye. Considering the other pain throughout my body, a black eye hadn’t felt like much. Yet here he was raging today, worse than I’d ever seen him and I knew it wasn’t completely my fault.


Only a few things could work him up like that: Dumbledore, new Ministry laws, Dumbledore, the other school governors siding with Dumbledore, and Dumbledore. Lucius Malfoy spent a lot of time angry over something that Dumbledore had done or in some cases hadn’t done. One of those things was aggravating him and he was taking it out on me. Usually I let him get on with it so I could leave, but this time it was different.

My anger from America, the injustice of the past 36 hours, I’d let it get to me. I didn’t want to stand there and be his punching bag. Then I’d done one of the most foolish yet incredibly rewarding things in my life. I’d balled up my fists and without even waiting long enough to think about the consequences, I’d punched Lucius in the face.

There, a flash, I hadn’t noticed at the time. I’d been too worried about what was coming next but there was a moment of emotion that wasn’t mine. I shook my head. Being connected with my father too long was getting to me, I guess. I wasn’t connected to Lucius, I wouldn’t be feeling anything from him. No, something from my father had come through with odd timing. There wasn’t another option.

Of course what happened next wasn’t exactly pleasant. I’d either hit Lucius hard enough or surprised him enough that he’d lost his footing, taking a couple of steps back. He’d lifted his hand and felt his jaw as I’d stood there. He’d been dazed for a few seconds but even then, I knew what was coming next and I’d braced myself for it.

It didn’t take long. I’d been pushed to the floor with a strong blow. Unfortunately my left shoulder had hit it first and I’d felt an enormous amount of pain. I was still feeling it actually, I was delicately rubbing my shoulder while in bed. The pain reliever was wearing off.

I had barely let out a groan before I was dragged up. Another blow and then he’d shoved me against the bookcase next to the door. That time I’d heard a crunching noise come from my left shoulder. The pain had made my eyes water but I would never cry in front of Lucius. He’d wrapped one of his hands around my neck and put his face within inches of mine.

“If you EVER try that for a second time, I’ll make sure you can never walk again.” He’d whispered furiously. “Do I make myself clear?”

A hundred different responses had come to mind, but only one would let me leave without more injuries.

“Yes, sir.”


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