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A/N: Hello Everybody! Sorry it has taking me so long to update, I have been really busy with school and work and on top of that I have been sick. Also I said a couple of chapters back that there would only be a few chapters left. This was incorrect. Due to a flash of inspiration I have decided to add a few more chapters on, so now there could be litle or lots of chapters left. But anyway, please read and review :D 


Halfway up the stairs I dropped George’s hand.

       “Race you!” I called down to him, sprinting up the stairs. I heard the thundering of footsteps as George chased after me.  Giggling I raced into my room, flinging my shirt of as I went. Just as I passed through the door a pair of arms wrapped around my waist.

       “I win,” I smirked, squeezing his muscly arms to my stomach, his shirt already off.

       “No fair, you cheated,” he whined, kissing my neck.

      ”Yes I did.” I said, turning around his arms. He grinned down at me as I stepped away from him, grinning at him teasingly. He groaned and stepped forward, wrapping me in his arms once more. A loud hoot at the window startled George, knocking us both onto my bed. He grinned down at me, and leaned forward to kiss me. I laughed into the kiss and he pulled away placing kisses all along my jaw line and neck, positioning his body over my own. I reached up, undid the fly to his pants, and lowered them down to reveal a pair of pink silk boxers. I kissed the side of George’s neck as he unzipped the back of my skirt and edged it down my legs.

I gasped and ran my hands through his hair. “Luna…” He moaned into my neck. He slipped one hand behind me and carefully un-hooked the clasp to my bra, I groaned as his finger ran over my shoulder as he started to slip it off. He seemed to realize what was happening between us and lifted his head to look at me, his sparkling green eyes boring into mine.

”Is this alright?” He whispered, and I nodded, leaning my head forward to kiss him as he gently pulled away my bra, taking it completely off.

       ”If I lose something then you have to too.” I murmured, slowly running my hands down his back and over his hips until they reached the waistband of his boxers. I edged them inside and slid them down his toned legs. He let out a whimper as he disentangled himself from his pants while I pulled my knickers down to save the hassle. When he turned around he realised I was completely naked and his eyes widened slightly as he smiled shakily.

        “Touché.” He murmured leaning to forward positioning himself in between my legs once more as he kissed me, edging his tongue against my lips, our bodies entwining.


George’s P.O.V


Luna’s fingers gripped my shoulders and she raised her hips to meet mine, drawing our bodies closer together. She whimpered my name, burying her head into my chest. Her eyes fluttered at the feeling as we moved together, in a dance full of love. She groaned and kissed me deeply before pulling away from my lips, and whispering things in my ear as we moved together as one. I groaned her name as she turned me onto my back. I gasped as the warmness spread through my body.

Luna slowly stopped kissing me and lay across my stomach, placing her head on my shoulder, trying to regain her normal breathing pattern. I sighed and gently pushed my wet hair away from my face, my eyes fluttering up to look into Luna’s gorgeous blue eyes. She kissed my forehead and closed her eyes, resting her head against my chest again, her cheek burning hot. I rubbed my hand in circles across her back, watching as her eyes drooped and finally fell shut. I smiled contently at the beautiful girl lying in bed with me and soon drifted off to sleep.


I woke to find the bed cold and deserted. Luna had vanished, taking all of last night’s passion with her. I grabbed my boxers from where they lay abandoned on the floor and wandered down to the kitchen.

Luna stood with her back towards me, dressed in a tiny deep purple dressing gown, her long blonde hair falling in long, knotted curls down her back.

       “Good morning,” I whispered in her ear, placing my hands on her waist. She jumped slightly at the sound of my voice, but continued what she was doing. I peeked over her shoulder to see she was cooking French toast, my favourite.

       “That looks great,” I said, stretching my arms over my head while going to set the table. Luna merely nodded not once taking her eyes of the meal before her.

Once I finished setting the table I sat down and picked up the paper, skimming the headings. Luna quickly joined me and we tucked into our breakfast, chatting mildly.

Breakfast was soon over and Luna went upstairs to take a bath. Wanting to surprise her, I grabbed a bottle of wine from the cupboard and two glasses and set off to the bathroom. I creaked open the bathroom door to see Luna sitting there in the middle of the bathtub, covered in bubbles. She smiled when she saw me and gestured for me to come in.

       “Hi,” she smiled, waving her arms in the bubbles surrounding her. “Join me.” I sat on the edge of the bath to remove my boxers and stepped into the hot bathtub with Luna.

       “What time will your father be back?” I asked suddenly worried we would get caught. Luna let out a little giggle and moved around so her back was leaning against my chest.

       “Not until later tonight,” she replied, popping the cork off the bottle of wine and pouring herself a small amount. I sighed with relief and poured myself a glass as well, being slightly more generous than Luna was. I wrapped an arm around her smooth stomach and raised the other to my mouth. Luna sighed and leaned back against me. At this moment I couldn’t be happier.


Luna’s P.O.V


I lay back against George’s muscular chest and sighed. Things should have been perfect, they were meant to be perfect. So why weren’t they?
George started combing his fingers through my matted hair. Finally I couldn’t take it anymore. Tears started dripping from my eyes, I just hoped George wouldn’t notice, but of course he did.

       “Luna, sweetie, what’s wrong?” He whispered turning my body around to face him, worry sparkling in his eyes. I couldn’t hold it back any longer, no more secrets.

       “George,” I started, my voice choked up. He shouldn’t have to go through this, not now. After all the pain he had been through this would just be the icing to his pain.

       “I have cancer.”

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