Chapter 12 - What you deserve


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“COME TO SENTENCE SOME MORE PEOPLE  TO DEATH? GET OUT!” Mr Weasley shouted, Draco help up his wand shakily and was gripping a piece of paper in the other hand, which no one noticed. 


“Do you want me to help Ginny and Gabby or not?” He said unsteadily, “I’ve found a way let me see them.”


“I’m not letting you anywhere near them, I'm not stupid now get out!” Mr Weasley said angrily, he pushed Draco out the door with a surprisingly strong force. Draco drooped the piece of paper as he stumbled, the door was quickly slammed shut and Draco’s footsteps receded up the hill.  Mr Weasley turned around expecting to see relieved faces but was met with a disgruntled George.


“He could have helped Dad,” George said sternly “If he came here then he obviously wanted to help! Why else would he come here?” He gave Mr Weasley a questioning look


“Yeah right, he came here to see how much more work until he finishes this whole family off!” Mr Weasley retaliated.


“Don’t say that Arthur, they will get better!” Molly quietly replied,


“Stop kidding yourself, they are getting worse and worse. Ginny won’t last much longer and Gabby isn’t exactly far off.” Arthur shouted,


“Arthur stop! Can’t you see your upsetting everyone!” She pointed into the corner where everyone had tears in there eyes except Hermionie who was crying her eyes out. Harry and George glared at Mr Weasley then stormed outside. Neither of them cared what the other thought and knelt down to immediately start sobbing, they were both hanging on Mr Weasley’s words, they couldn’t lose the love of their lives. Even though they were so different when it came to love they were like twins, both of them felt like their whole lives and their reason for living was lying upstairs.




Draco walked up over the hill labouring every step, he reached a big willow tree and sat under the enchanting long leaves and got lost in his thoughts. “I came here to help, I swallowed my pride left Astoria and my child unprotected to come here and they wouldn’t even listen. I should just leave them to die” Another voice sounded in his head “No, they don’t deserve this even if they are blood traitors, but I'm going to have to find another way to see them, I can’t cast the spell if I can’t get close enough,” He stood up and looked over at the burrow to find another entrance,  (hard to find in such a small house, he sniggered to himself) when he saw two people sobbing, when he strained his eyes and saw that it was George and Harry, guilt stabbed his chest and his heart started palpitating, “How could I have done this to them, now I have Astoria and my child I know what they are thinking, but before could I really be that stupid to think love was a myth. Well obviously but I have to solve this and return to his unborn child and Astoria.” A thought hit him, a great idea it would be risky but for the best, his mind was set. 




Harry looked up over the hill and for a second saw a blonde figure, it must have been his imagination because when he looked again he was gone. “George, this is going to sound cheesy but you know my mother’s love protected me?” George lifted his head from his knees and nodded. 


“Well, perhaps... I mean if you love Gabby as much as I love Ginny then it could work again. If Draco tried to cast the killing curse on them and we get in the way to protect them then maybe it could remove the marks and save them.” Harry added


George looked surprised but sort of happy too, “Maybe, Ginny and Gabby wouldn’t like it but if it saves them then I am willing to try anything but what if......” He abruptly stopped as a scream of pain sounded across the hill. Harry and George stood up and ran inside, they were met by everyone staring at the stairs, “Who was it?” Ron asked nobody in particular, but no-one answered, Harry took a deep breath and pulled George up the stairs, George was sure it was Gabby he could recognise her voice anywhere, even if it was a scream. They looked at the doors both rooms were silent, they silence was deafening, then another blood curdling scream sounded from left door, George was right. It was Gabby. 




Draco apparated into Gabby’s room hoping this would work and that Gabby would be freed and he wouldn’t be killed by an angry George. Gabby stared at him terrified, she opened hr mouth to shout for George when she heard that wretched word that would lead to her unbearable pain, Crucio. Pain burned through her body and she didn’t bother holding back the tears she arched her back and grasped the bed, she screamed out uncontrollably in terror and pain. All she could think was of George, and why this was happening what had she done to deserve this? The pain stopped as quickly as it came she opened her eyes to see Draco stood up with tears threatening to fall down his face “Draco please, stop it. I can’t take anymore,” She pleaded “You don’t have to do this!”


“SHUT UP YOU ANIMAL, YOU DESERVE THIS,” he shouted, inside he didn’t feel this way it was the only way to produce a strong cruciatus. She stopped talking, she had been called things before because of being part veela but never a filthy animal, it make her both angry and absolutely hurt. She pleaded with her eyes, he took a step closer and cast the strongest cruciatus he could thinking of her filthy veela side and how much it was what she deserved. This one was definitely stronger because she was screaming terribly. She rolled around on the bed and her face was contorting in pain, she nearly ripped the sheet pulling so hard and when Draco saw the mark glowing and fading he stopped. She immediately went limp, clear arm hanging off the bed. He heard footsteps outside and apparated into Ginny’s room.




George and the rest of the family rushed into Gabby’s room to find her unconscious on the bed, he ran over to her and saw her arm hanging off the bed completely clear. “It’s...It’s gone! Mum the marks gone!” He rejoiced, Mrs Weasley ran over and studied the limp arm, there was red around it but no black snake she felt an overwhelming relief and happy tears were flowing from everyone’s eyes. A thought crossed her mind, what if Ginny’s was gone too! They could be a proper family again! “Shall we see Ginny?” She suggested, everyone agreed and all but George headed into the hallway.


Gabrielle had started to regain consciousness and was asking where Draco was terrified. George smiled at her, and lifted her arm, she suddenly realised her legs no longer felt weak and she could support herself properly,  she felt so happy she flung herself at George and they were both crying happily. For the first time in what felt like an eternity, she put her arms around his neck and they shared a kiss, soft but passionately, they only broke apart when a weak but equally heart wrenching scream reverberated through the walls. They sat up alert and they got up, Gabby would have shouted with joy at the fact she should walk without being held down again, but this wasn't the right time. They got to the hallway to see Harry frozen hand on the door knob.




Draco stared at Ginny, who was looking straight at him horrified and screamed automatically ; she looked so weak, she couldn’t survive this surely, plus Ginny never screamed. His heart wrenched with guilt at what he had done to  her but put it out of her mind, he couldn’t afford to feel this way if he wanted to save her. He had no more time to think when he heard footsteps outside, he grabbed his wand and thought of why the Weasley's deserved this he filled his head with the jealousy he had once felt and the extent of their treachery, He ignored a weakly protesting Ginny and cast strongly “CRUCIO!”.

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