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Lily’s p.o.v before Alex stormed out of Sirius’ room.

Lily ran out of James’ room. Her eyes filling with tears, she ran past Sirius’ bedroom but didn’t notice the raised voices coming from his room, her mind was on other things.

He lied to her. Her hurt her. How could he?

She let the tears run freely down her cheeks, as she got to the top of the stairs. She felt her knees give way and she sank to the floor. Sobbing.

Alex’s door opened and out walked Louise and Rosie. Lily didn’t have time to think where Alex was, as Louise and Rosie lifted her to her feet, and took her into Alex’s room.

“Lil?” Rosie whispered, “Lily what’s happened?” she asked, as they sat down on Alex’s bed.

“I-” she started, wiping her eyes, “James” she continued, “I slept with James” she managed eventually.

“Oh my god” Louise muttered, “What’s happened?”

“He rejected me” Lily wept, Rosie gave her a squeeze.

“What do you mean?” she asked softly, Lily sniffed.

“We slept together and then he told me he didn’t want to be with me” she cried, Rosie gapsed.

“He did what?” she fumed, Lily nodded.

“I can’t believe him” Louise said furiously.

Lily buried her head in her hands, wanting to escape the world. She was just about to excuse herself to her room, where she could crawl into bed and sleep when the door flung open.

Alex stood in the doorway, mascara underneath her eyes, still wearing her pajama’s, her eyes red and watery. She was shaking with rage and looked like she was about to burst into tears.

“Where the he-” Rosie started, but something dawned on Lily. The voices. She interrupted.

“Al did you spend last night with Sirius?” Lily gaped, and Alex burst into tears and nodded.


“He cheated on me twice” Alex sobbed, as she sat on the bed, with her friends.

“He did what?” Louise asked.

“With Alisha and Jasmine” she added.

“What a pig” Rosie stated.

“But what does Lil mean you spent last night with him?” Louise frowned.

Alex gulped, and told the story. She paused occasionally to sniff or to wipe her eyes. The more she got into the story the guiltier she felt.

“I feel awful” Alex mumbled, when she was finished, “I don’t deserve Daniel” she sniffed, Lily squeezed her shoulder, Alex looked up at her, she felt like she was looking in a mirror, “Lil? What happened?” she questioned.

“James” Lily mumbled, before telling her story, Alex gaped all the way through it, by the looks on Rosie’s and Louise’s faces, they already knew.

“Oh my Merlin, Lil” Alex said when she was done, Lily bit her lip and sniffed.

“And you told him? About Hannah? And everything?” she questioned, Lily nodded, Alex frowned.

“Im talking to him” Alex stated standing up, Rosie got up to as did Louise.

“So are we” Louise added, as they walked out the door.

“Stay here Lil” Rosie warned her, Louise nodded.

The three girls made their ways down the stairs. Lily sat at the top of them, Alex knew Lily could see them but they couldn’t see her which was perfect, she stormed past Sirius’ room, cursing under her breath as they walked past and reached James’ door.

She took out a fist and banged loudly on it, she heard footsteps from inside and a sleepy looking James came to the door, meeting three very red in the face angry looking girls. He smiled at them sleepily and Alex drew back her hand and slapped him hard on the cheek. He looked so shocked as he grabbed his cheek shouting out and cursing her, Alex placed a satisfied smirk on her face, which was quickly wiped away as Sirius came out of his room followed by Remus and Peter coming out of theirs, with confused and shocked looks on their faces.

“Prongs what the fuck is going o-” Sirius started before he came face to face with Alex, who looked away, she wanted to run back upstairs but she was here to stick up for her friend.

“You prick James Potter, you hurt her again and I will break every single bone in your body” Rosie hissed, he looked up at them still holding his bright red cheek as Sirius muttered a few healing charms, he seemed to get his voice back.

“You two, need to stay the hell away from us” Louise said dangerously pointing at James and Sirius.

“What the hell?” Sirius gaped.

“Don’t play the fool, you both need to learn to keep it in your pants” Rosie said angrily.

“Fuck off” James snapped at them, trying to slam the door but Remus stuck his foot in front.

“James, what is going on?” He asked him.

“Why doesn’t she realize she can’t treat someone like shit for 6 years and then expect for that person to still adore her” He yelled, obviously knowing Lily would hear him.

“Oh so this was all about proving a point” Rosie cried, “doing all this was just to make her feel all the crap you felt?” She continued, “that Potter is pathetic”

“Don’t talk about things you don’t understand” James growled.

“Don’t play the fool and pretend you haven’t been leading her on for the past six years, the moment she starts to fall for you, you take advantage of that, sleep with her and tell her you want nothing to do with her, you swore to her you would never treat her like those other girls, she started to believe you James, and you fucked it all up” Alex shouted at him.

Remus, Sirius and Peter stared at James mouths open looking completely shocked.

“You come near her at all Potter and I swear to god you will be dead faster than you can say ‘im sorry’” Alex hissed, turning on her heel she made her way up the stairs to sit with Lily, who was sat there mouth open, listening.

“Who’s God?” they heard Peter mumble, but the others ignored him.

“Black you son of a bitch” Rosie growled.

“Hey don’t bring my lovely Mother into this” Sirius joked, Alex rolled her eyes.

“Alisha and Jasmine?” Louise fumed, “You slept with them both, you lied to her, I can’t believe you cheated on her twice” Louise added angrily.

“Padfoot” Remus said sounding shocked, Sirius frowned.

“Screw all of you” James snarled.

"Prongs, i think-" Remus started.

Alex heard a door slam, according to Rosie’s shouts all the boys had shut themselves in James room, and it seemed they had a lot to talk about.


When they were all ready, Alex, Lily, Rosie and Louise made their way down stairs, they decided to avoid The Marauders for the day and spend Christmas together, they would open their gifts in James’ conservatory hoping the Marauders would spend the day in the lounge. Alex had already informed the elves that the four girls would be going out for lunch as they didn’t want to eat lunch with the boys. They were sat in James conservatory opening presents.

“This is the worst Christmas ever” Lily muttered, sniffing, Alex sighed.

“I dunno, one year I was locked in my room after being hit with the cruciatus curse and deprived of food all day, I think it’d have to be a pretty shit Christmas to top that one” Alex smiled weakly, “but this is a close second” she added, trying to sound light.

Lily had got; a book from Peter and a book from Remus, a wand case from Sirius with her name engraved on it, a few muggle stories from Louise, a dress from her parents and Petunia, a top from Rosie and a necklace with her name on it from Alex and from Paul she had been given a heart necklace which was gross. James hadn’t gotten Lily anything, Alex could see Lily’s disappointment but she tried to push past it.

Louise had got; a silver bracelet from Remus, the bracelet from James, books from Sirius and Peter, a muggle mobile device thing from her parents (which Louise said she had no use for), an owl from Alex, an owl cage from Rosie and set of posh new quills from Lily.

Rosie had got; jewelry from Alex and Louise, a box of Bertie Bots every flavor beans from Sirius, liquorice wands from James, cauldron cakes from Peter, a book of hexes and jinx’s from Remus and a photo album full of moving photos from Lily and money from her parents which she could convert into muggle money for the flat they were buying tomorrow, also she had got flower ring from Lucas.

Alex had got; Bertie Bots every flavor beans from James, a massive box of chocolate frogs from Remus, Peter had gotten her a book of hexes they didn’t teach you in school, Louise had gotten her a blue skirt and a top, Rosie had gotten her a bracelet, Lily had gotten her a massive moving poster of her favorite muggle band and a necklace.

Alex had two more presents to open one from Sirius and one from Daniel, she picked up Sirius’ present, and it was a photo frame a picture of herself and him when they were younger flying on their toy broomsticks they kept whirring in and out of the frame. She smiled at it sadly and put it to the side earning sympathetic looks from her friends.

“I thought it had been destroyed” she mumbled, “my mother tore up every photo of us two the second we got put in Gryffindor, as did Mrs Black” she added sadly, Lily put her arm around her.

“Alex open Daniel’s present” Louise smiled at her.

Alex took it, it was a little box with a note attached to it saying; open the box first and then my message will reveal itself. Alex opened the box and inside it was a small golden ring with a huge white diamond in the center of it, it was beautiful, and she gasped, reading the note.

Dear Alex,
I know I am only sixth year and we must wait until I am finished Hogwarts, but we have been together a while now, and I feel so right with you, please.
Will you marry me? I love you so much.
Love Daniel xo.

“Oh my god” Lily gasped, “Are you going to?”

Alex gaped at the ring box not knowing what to say, her eyes filled with tears, tears of guilt and regret but also tears of love and sadness as her mind played her happy memory she used every time she would try and cast a patronus.

“Ignore her Al” Sirius told her, as they sat by the beech tree down by the lake, he pulled her into his lap and kissed her lightly on the cheek, she sniffed and wiped her eyes and gave him a watery smile.

“Alex, your sister isn’t worth it” he told her pointedly, she nodded and he kissed her again.

“I love you” She whispered to him, he smiled at her.

“I love you too” he grinned, she would never get tired of hearing that.

“You know when we’re done here, at the end of seventh year, our parents are going to do everything in their power to stop this, whether they’ve disowned us or not” she pointed out, he groaned.

“Al, we’re sixth years, lets not think about seventh years” he told her, she frowned at him, “ok” he sighed, “Al, they’re not gonna do anything, they can’t do anything, if you marry me” he told her, she gaped at him.

“What?” she gasped, he grinned at her.

“One day, you’re going to marry me, not yet, one day, I promise” he told her, she bit her lip and smiled at him.

“You wish Black” She teased “Im kidding” she smiled, “so was that a proposal I just got” she winked at him, he grinned at her.

“If you wanted it to be” he said cheekily, she smiled and kissed him on the cheek.

“One day” she smiled at him.

“Happy seventh month anniversary” he grinned, she raised her eyebrows.

“You remembered?” she said in mock shock, he winked.

“Course I did” he smiled, and slipped a box into her hand.

She eyed it curiously, and he smiled at her, pulling back the bow, she opened up the little red box, and to her surprise sat inside was a silver ring with a small blue sapphire in the middle of it, shining and glinting in the sun.

It was probably the most beautiful ring in the world, but she couldn’t say anything, she gaped at it, eventually she looked up at him, he looked nervous.

“Sirius” she whispered, but he interrupted.

“Al, it’s not a proposal” he told her, she relaxed slightly, “it’s a promise” he took the ring, and knelt on a knee, motioning for her to get up, she stood up, legs shaking.

“Alex, I love you, I swear I do, I never thought, ever, that I would ever do this, it’s not me, it never was, but when im with you I can see a future, I can see this happening, this isn’t a proposal but I want to promise to you that one day I will marry you” he told her, “will you accept my promise?” he added nervously

She stared at him in the eye, her eyes prickling with tears, as she tried to find her voice, he had never looked so nervous.

“Of course” she whispered, smiling, he grinned and stood up, slipping the ring on her finger, she squealed and threw her arms around his neck, not wanting to let him go.

“Yes” Alex smiled, she was happy with Daniel, “I am going to marry Daniel Pain” she grinned, her friends squealed, she ignored the guilt in her stomach and the voices in her head telling her she was only saying yes to forget about Sirius and put on her happiest smile.

“You’re going to what?” Came a voice from the doorway.

Alex turned, Sirius was stood there, leant against the doorway. She sighed and look at the others, "give us a minute?" she mumbled, they nodded and pushed past Sirius.

"You're going to what?" he repeated, she sighed and stood up.

"Im going to get married" She said coolly.

He frowned, "Why?"

"Because im in love" she snapped.

"Who with Al?" he hissed.

She glared at him, "that was a mistake, i didn't know how much you had lied to me Sirius, you're a bullshit liar, im done with this and im done with you"

"What's to say i'll keep my mouth shut?" he glared.

She rolled her eyes and shook her head, "because if you tell him, i swear to Merlin i will never find it in myself to forgive you, we're done Sirius, we've been over a long time, that was down to you, now let me move on and live my life" she told himfirmly.

She was about to push past him when he grabbed her arm, "For what it's worth, im sorry" he mumbled.

"You're apologies aren't worth anything anymore" she told him.

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