Chapter Twenty – Skylar




 The words broken, empty, confused, hurt and lost barely began to describe how I felt. For one thing I was so angry with him for leaving me but I was also sad and confused and…and…well, pretty much every other negative emotion you can think of. Excluding jealousy.




 Of course, when I told everyone the morning after, I got unspoken I told you so’s from Harry and Ron, and more comforting soothing words from the others. But, no matter what they tried, it couldn’t hope to heal the immense gap that was now inside my chest. Nothing could.




 So, I spent most of my time in a newly created emotional barrier, doing my best to block out the sadness, the sympathy and the odd looks I was now getting daily. I tried everything from playing simple games of truth – or – dare with my friends and hanging out with Blaise on the very rare occasion, to attending pre – end of year parties but nothing seemed to be able to help me. And I knew all to well that my friends were getting worried.






 It had been four days. Four days of me stuck in a shell of denial and despair. Vicky, Hermione, Ginny, even Luna, who I rarely spoke with, were worried. So worried I thought they were going to snap at any moment. Luckily, they’d been occupied talking about Harry and Dumbledore’s upcoming mission thing. And since that was tonight and Harry had already left, they had nothing left to occupy them fully. And so they were worrying.




 We were all sat around in the common room, at about nine o’clock, when I stood and slipped my boots and jacket.




 “Where are you going?” Vicky asked.




 “Out.” I replied, “It’s too quiet and I’ve been far too depressed for far too long so I think I’ll go walking.”


Hermione put down her newspaper, “Well, do you want us to come with you?” she queried, glancing at Ginny and Vick in turn. I knew what they were thinking. Everyone was thinking the same thing, even me. We were all wondering when, or if, I was going to break down.




I shook my head slowly, “No, I think it’s best I go alone.” I said, “Clear my head, you know?”




They nodded, in either agreement or pure understanding, “See you back here later?” Vick asked.




I nodded again, “Sure. I don’t think I’ll be too long.” I shot them a smile, which was returned weakly. Then I left.






 The night air was fresh and cool against my cheeks. There were still a few groups of people milling about so it was unlikely I’d be getting into any sort of trouble tonight. I stopped in the courtyard and tilted my head back. The sky was dotted with clouds, but the millions of tiny stars, shining like beacons, were still visible, if only just. I smiled to myself, letting my mind wander a bit.




 You see that, Sky?




What daddy? I asked, What is it?




That’s Venus. He replied, A planet way up high in the sky. Far away from us.




What about the others, daddy? What are they?




He kissed my six year old forehead, One day I’ll teach you all about it. You see, Sky, there’s a whole world out there waiting for you. And I’ll tell you all about it someday.




 When I opened my eyes, so I could focus on the present once more, tears were freshly wet on my skin. But whether they were happy or sad I could not tell.




 “Oh, Dad.” I whispered.




 Just then, McGonagall appeared, instructing us to return to our dorms at once. So, I turned on my heel and made my way back to school. Leaving Venus and her other world behind me.






 I was walking back, slowly so that I could think, when I heard footsteps heading in my direction. Worried it would be a teacher, I hurried into an empty corridor in the hope that they would pass me by. But it wasn’t a teacher. It was Draco and as he strode past I noticed that he wasn’t the sensitive man I’d come to know, nor was he the confident, smirking, Slytherin that my friends hated. Instead, I saw a scared little boy and I couldn’t help but wonder why, and how, this had come to be. Then I saw them. Cloaked head to toe in black, cruel sneers on their lips and a purpose in their stride. Death Eaters. And Draco was with them. Of course, I’d already known this but the shock of actually seeing the facts was overwhelming. But, despite my shock, I soon gathered myself and, without a second thought, I followed them into the dark.




 The astronomy tower. That’s where they were going. But…why? I didn’t dare follow them upstairs, for fear of being discovered, but I wanted to wait it out, to see what happened next, so I stayed below.








I jumped and whipped out my wand at the voice. But it was only Harry, “What are you doing here?” I hissed.




 “Dumbledore and I just got back.” He said, “Then Malfoy came and Dumbledore told me to hide. What’s your excuse?”




 “I followed Draco here.” I admitted, deliberately using his first name.




We stood in silence and then turned our attentions back to the conversation that was being held upstairs. A minute or so passed. Then, Draco uttered the words ‘I was chosen’ and ripped up his sleeve.




I muffled a gasp. The dark mark, “No.” I whispered into my hands, “Oh, God, no.” Harry put an arm round my shoulders.




 Above us, the conversation continued and the Death Eaters mad themselves visible. However, our attention turned from it when we both heard a quiet sound to our left. We pointed our wands in that direction simultaneously to find that it was Snape. He put a finger to his lips and made motions to show that he was going upstairs. Harry and I simply nodded and watched as he left us.




 For a minute all we could hear was Bellatrix Lestrange yelling at Draco to Do It. I could only think of one thing that it could be and I was afraid that it might become reality. But it couldn’t. Not by Draco. He wouldn’t.




 Then we heard, “No” from above. Snape had arrived.




 And then we waited. Waited for him to do something, anything, but it never happened. And it was only a few seconds before he uttered those words that I fully understood what he was doing.




 “Avada Kedavra.”




 The flash of green was blinding and heart wrenching and I somehow found the strength to hold in my shriek of terror, sadness and fury as both Harry and I watched Dumbledore, watched his father figure, topple of the tower, quite dead.




 By the time we’d both come to our senses, Snape had already led Draco and the Death Eaters down the stairs. And then Harry took off, racing after them, rage and sorrow fuelling his adrenaline.




 “No!” I cried, “Harry! Harry, wait!”




But he wouldn’t and so, I found myself following him and then the two of us were tearing down the sloping hill, stopping mere metres from Hagrid’s hut, which was now in flames.




 “Snape!” Harry was yelling, “He trusted you!” he tossed a handful of spells, all of which Snape deflected. Then, Bellatrix cast the cruciatus curse, sending Harry to the ground.




 “No.” Snape said, “He is for the Dark Lord.”




Bellatrix huffed and looked as if she was going to leave, when she spotted me, my tear stained face and my widened, pain filled eyes.




 The curse shot through me like a never – ending, white hot fire. I writhed and screeched and pounded my fists against the floor. I felt like I wanted to die.




 “Bellatrix!” Snape’s voice was strong and commanding, “Leave her! We must go, now. She is unimportant to the plan!”




Fresh bursts of pain shot through me, “Well, can’t I just kill her then?” Bellatrix sneered. I gasped in fear.




 “No you may not!” Snape yelled.




Bellatrix lifted one corner of her mouth in a blood – curdling smirk, “Shame.”




And then the pain ceased. But my tears did not. They spilled over my cheeks in hot, salty rivulets. I managed to turn my head just enough, at the last minute, to see Draco looking back, eyes glistening. But then he was gone. And so was every glimmer of hope I’d ever had of us being together again, of us falling in love again. And so, pained and defeated, I curled up like a hedgehog and waited for Death to take me. But he never came.




 “Sky,” Harry knelt beside me, “Sky, can you walk?”




I struggled into an odd sitting position, “I…I’m not sure.”




 “Put your arm across my shoulders.” He told me. I did so and together we lifted my aching frame to my feet. Then, leaning on each other, both for comfort and support, we made our way back to the castle, back to our friends and back to the sight of Dumbledore’s very still, mangled body at the foot of the tower.






 Dumbledore’s funeral was held the following day, two days before school was due to end. I’d never seen Harry so distraught. It was understandable though. Dumbledore had meant a great deal to Harry and vice versa. It was a terrible and difficult day for everyone.




 That afternoon, Harry, Ron, Hermione and I were sitting atop the astronomy tower.




 “It was fake.” Harry said, handing the locket that he and Dumbledore had gone to uncover. She opened it, pulled out a piece of paper and read it aloud.




 “R.A.B.” she said finally, glancing at Harry.




He shrugged, “Dunno.” There was silence for a minute. The he said, “I have to finish what he started, you know. I have to find all these Horcruxes. It’s the only way to destroy him.”




 “We’ll go with you then.” Ron said.




Harry shook his head solemnly, “No, it’s too dangerous.”




 “Don’t be dim, Harry.” Hermione scoffed, “You need us. And you know it, too.” He did, I could tell.




 “I’m coming too.” I piped up.




Harry sighed, “Sky…”




 “Don’t you dare try to say no.” I said firmly, “You know very well that I don’t want to stay here, especially considering everything that’s happened. You’ve said before that I’m stubborn as hell so you know I won’t let you say no. And besides,” I gestured to Hermione and Ron, “you’re taking them.”




Harry smiled at my comments, I suppose he remembered the stubborn as hell part, and nodded. I was in.




 Ron and I stood, walking to the railings, which surrounded the tower. Above us, Fawx the phoenix swooped across the clear blue of the sky.




 “This is it, isn’t it?” I said, “The beginning of the end.”



All three nodded, “Yes, Sky.” Harry said finally, “This is it.”



Hiya!! So there you go, end of book six, onto book seven. i hoped you enjoyed it and i hope you keep up the reading and the reviews! Also: i've got another one in there. Vampire diaries series 3 quote said by Klaus in episode 11. Shoot me now. I've also got some more direct quotes from the actual Half blood prince movie from the astronomy tower scene.

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