Today April 1st would be the day that my brother and I would begin to fulfill our lifelong dream. Even as 5 year olds in the burrow we always loved pranking our brothers and sister. I fondly remember one moment when Ginny was a little baby, only a year old. George and I still only considered ourselves entrepreneurs by means of our pranking, however we thought it would be terribly funny if we hid little Ginny in the dresser. She was asleep so no harm done, right? Well not according to Mum. She told, rather yelled, that Ginny could have gotten hurt and if we would like being helplessly stuck in the dresser. Then the worst of it came. George had to clean the chicken and I… well, I had to let wee ickle Ronnykins ride my most prized possession, my toy broomstick. Then George and I had to de-gnome the garden all by ourselves. That’s a lot of work for a five year old. Oh the memories. Anyway, today at noon George and I would have the pleasure of opening our shop, which we cleverly named Weasley Wizard Wheezes. Our building, at number 93 Diagon Alley, was the only colorful building. Actually it was one of the only open buildings on our street. In my mind, the shop was absolutely fantastic. The outside walls were a color close to a Gryffindor scarlet only slightly muted. On the roof there is a head of one of us twins. Imbedded in the main window in flashing green lights it says DON’T WORRY ABOUT YOU- KNOW- WHO, YOU SHOULD WORRY ABOUT YOU- KNOW- POO. CONSTIPATION SENSATION OF THE NATION! One of our more genius inventions if I do say so myself. You should have seen the look on Mums face. Pure terror. That gave me and George a right laugh. So at quarter to noon George and I went out to greet some faithful younger pranksters. We were, to be frank, shocked at the crowds that had arrived; most people were parents with their small children, because the other kiddies were filling their brains at Hogwarts. ‘Shame we didn’t learn much our last year at Hogwarts. Oh well, we blame it on that toad of a woman, Umbridge. It’s not something I’m really saddened over. At noon George and I, in our lovely new jackets that clashed brilliantly with our hair, went up to the doors that had a banner across it. We were going to cut it and then people would rush in. Some sort of old Muggle tradition.

Fred and George

Together, we grabbed a pair of shiny silver scissors and cut the banner. Introducing the wizarding world to Weasley Wizard Wheezes.


                I grinned as I saw waves of excited kids rushed into the store, to try free samples of nosebleed nougat and puking pastilles. We had conveniently placed wastebaskets around the store. Dad, Mum, Ron and Ginny couldn’t come because they were at Hogwarts. Mum didn’t want to come because she spent her time staring at the Weasley clock making sure none of us were in “Mortal Danger.” Dad was too busy at the Ministry with Scrimgeour and Percy- well Percy was being a bloody family traitor. Bill was with Fleur at Shell Cottage and Charlie was doing what Charlie always does. He plays with dragons. Fred and I shared a look and I knew he felt the same way as I did. I glanced in the store and saw our inventions bringing joy to kids and distress to  parents. Our muggle jokes section was particularly crowded with curious wizard children. One boy that looked like a younger Dean Thomas was interestedly examining a Whoopee Cushion. I thought of Lee Jordan, our best friend. He was coming later for drinks at the Leaky Cauldron.

                                “Excuse me, Mr. and Mr. Weasley?” I was dragged out of my thoughts by our assistant, Verity.

                                “Oh…erm, right.” It was still strange to be referred to as Mr. Weasley.

                                “Yes well there was a young man who wondered if he could have your autographs.” Verity tried to hide a grin at my shocked expression, but failed. While I was still trying to comprehend the fact that someone wanted my autograph, Fred smoothly answered.

                                “We’d love to help out the young lad wouldn’t we, Georgie?”

                                “ ‘Course,” I answered. Verity proceeded to lead us to the boy, who shyly told us his name was Elliot. We ended up signing his receipt. As we did so, he grinned and said “Cool sirs. Thanks!”

                                “So you promise you’ll put our products to good use, right?’ I asked jokingly. His mum stepped in the conversation.

                                “I’m sure he will, but let’s hope he doesn’t burn down the house while doing so.” She said smiling fondly at her son. Fred laughed, and told her she sounded like our mother when we were Elliot’s age.

                                The shop was supposed to close at eight but we couldn’t bear to ask people to leave. Until Meredith shooed everyone out. She was very kind but strict. She reminded me of Madam Pomfrey, the nurse at Hogwarts. With everyone gone, the shop seemed rather empty. Then we changed and went to the Leaky Cauldron to wait for Lee. We spoke with Tom, the barman, for a few minutes. He told us that business had suffered due to everything with You- Know- Who. When Lee came we ordered butterbeers and had a right good time.  Lee told us he was working at Zonko’s as general manager. We told Lee about our new products like the Rubby o’ Chicken and the Fanged Flyers. We could’ve talked for hours but we had to leave. We had another early morning tomorrow.

                                Back at the shop, in the flat on the second floor, I was about to fall asleep when I thought about something. I thought that even though the rest of the wizarding world was in a time of fear and despair, Fred and I would make sure we brought some laughter to those fearful people.

                                “ ‘Night Fred” I whispered.

                                “G’ night George.” I knew he had been thinking the same thing.

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