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When she was younger, her sense of family, love, warmth and safety, came when she ran down the country lanes after school, to be greeted with a hug and a kiss by her godmother. When she was flung around in the air by her Dad when returned home from work and to be cuddled by him, as he read her a bedtime story and kissed her goodnight. Her family consisted of her Dad and Aunt Luna, with an extended family of the Lupins, Dennis and Gabby. Now everything had changed. Her family was now so much bigger.

Ollie sat amongst her classmates, as they sat outside at the memorial service for the 12th anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts. When the news of Ollie's true parentage had been made public, by the publication of the outcome of her father's trial in the Evening Prophet, the students at the school and her friends had reacted in different ways. Phoenix, as a muggleborn, had no idea who Sirius Black was or what he had been accused of, so she did not know what all the fuss had been about. Some of the pupils, who could vaguely remember the terror that Sirius Black had caused when he escaped from Azkaban, looked at Ollie curiously with a certain edge of suspicion for the first couple of weeks after the trial, before it was all relatively forgotten. Jon and Heather did not seem to mind, and were more annoyed with Ollie for not telling them sooner.

Ollie watched as her father, stood up from his seat and walked up onto the dais at the front of the crowd and prepared to speak. The sun was setting behind him; the light dancing across the still great lake, as the sky was turning a pinky orange hue. She saw him clear his throat and look over to Ginny, who was sitting with the rest of the Weasley Clan. She could tell Ginny must've blown him a kiss or something because he blushed, before looking down and fumbling with his notes. Ollie thought that their relationship was very sweet and that Ginny was perfect for her Dad. After she had caught the red haired witch, sneaking out of the flat in the early hour of the morning, wearing something that looked suspiciously like one of her Dad's shirts, for the third time during the Easter Holidays, Ollie had told her Dad that he should just ask Ginny to move in with them, when they moved into Potter House at the beginning of the Summer holidays.

She could also spot Luna's blond head next to Ginny. Luna's arms were resting gently on her now enormous protruding bump. She was due any day now and during the Easter holidays; Ollie had helped her godmother decorate the baby's temporary nursery as Luna waited for her childhood home to be rebuilt. Luna had not heard anything from Rolf but her new relationship with Professor Longbottom, seemed to be going smoothly and she frequency helping him out in his greenhouse. Her paper on magical horses had been published, to great acclaim and to Ollie, Luna seemed the happiest she had ever been. Her eyes now sparkled when she smiled, no longer looking empty

Harry lifted up his wand to his throat; cast an amplifying spell before starting his speech.

'This day, 12 years ago, is considered by many as a turning point in their lives. It was then end of a chapter of a world plagued by the Dark Wizard, Lord Voldemort and the start of a new chapter in a more prosperous world. Some people found love that night' and he looked over had his best friends 'some people found family' and Harry looked at Narcissa who was sitting next to her son and Andromeda 'we all fought and some died'

'It was not just experienced wizards and witch's who died that day but school children, cut down in the prime of their lives. They had their whole futures ahead of them. Yes we should mourn them, but we should also celebrate their lives. They died knowing what they were committing themselves to. They were fighting for the same reasons as the rest of us, so the next generation could have a better future. A world was not threatened by an evil, megalomaniac and his prejudiced minions, a world without fear. All the men and woman who died throughout the war, in both wars, gave their tomorrow, so we could have our today.

'If my mother had not sacrificed herself, placed herself in front of Voldemort's killing curse intended for me and died, I would have died that fateful night in Godric's Hollow and her protection and love gave me the strength to go on and end Voldemort.'

'A wise man once told me that the ones we love never truly leave us and I was puzzled by this but then I realised that the ones who have passed on will always be with us, here' Harry pointed to his heart ' and here' and he pointed to his head. 'They exist in our memories and in our hearts and will never be forgotten. Don't pity the dead, he told me, pity the living. The ones we love had taken that final journey and are now at peace and we are the ones who still feel pain.'

'Maybe now is the time to stop living in the past and move into the future. Now we should step out of the shadow caused by the war, the dark blot on the page of our lives and step into a new age. Let us remember the ones who gave their lives in the best way possible –by living'

Harry then finished. He lifted his wand and shot a beam of pure white light into the now darkening sky. Soon everyone was standing by the lakeside following his example and beams of light, like millions of shooting stars, flew out across the sky as the sun disappeared beyond the horizon, making way for the moon.

Ollie lifted her own wand and pointed it up at the sky. She watched as the light soared through the May evening sky and she was filled with hope. She looked to the war memorial standing proudly in the shadows to the left of her, and remembered her father, Sirius and her mysterious violet eyed mother who had died before she could have known them. Then Ollie looked over to the right, where her Dad was being engulfed in one of Mrs Weasley's trade mark bone crushing hugs before being warmed in a warm embrace by Ginny. She also spotted a blue haired Teddy, with his purple haired sister, standing next their Pink haired mother, who was holding onto her husband's hand tightly. Ollie knew that this was a particularly hard time for her Uncle Remus since he had lot many friends during both of the wars.

Ollie walked towards the red haired group. Victoire was pestering her Dad, asking if he thought that the house elves at Hogwarts were going to make her a birthday cake this year. Percy, who was now in the running to become the new Minister for Magic, was standing next to his brother, as they remembered their brother. George had tears running down his face as he held his small son close, the son who had been named after his fallen twin.

'Ollie!' Her Dad said, beckoning her to come toward the group.

'Dad' she replied, giving him a hug.

'You've grown again' he remarked

'Dad, you only saw me a couple of weeks ago; I haven't grown since the end of the Easter Holidays!'

'How is the quidditch training going?' Harry asked Ollie.

'It's absolutely mad, I'm so glad Heather seems to know practically everything, otherwise who knows how I would get through the amount of homework I'm getting at the moment. Samuels is determined to win the cup this year'

'Well, we're all coming to support you next weekend'

'Everyone?' Ollie asked, gesturing to the huge Weasley family. It put even more pressure on her to play well because this was not only the match for the quidditch cup but also the first time the Weasleys would be seeing her play properly.

Harry's reply was cut off by Teddy running towards them at a great speed. 'Ollie, Uncle Harry, the feast is about to start and if you don't come now, the Weasley's will have eaten it all!'

Harry and Ollie looked at each other, remembering the staggering amount of food the Weasley family had managed to eat over the Christmas holidays and how the old table in the dining room had groaned under the sheer weight of all the food placed upon it on Christmas day.

Together, they walked hand in hand back up towards the castle under the stars. The sun had set on their old life and their new one was about to begin.

The End...(for now!)

A big thank you to everyone who has read, favourited or reviewed this story. I have really apreciated all your support and it has helped me finish this story which has been six months in the making.

There is a sequel! Please look out for 'The Crystal of Sayan' which will be coming to HPFF very soon!

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