Chapter 11 - The Family’s Love


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“I will figure out a way Draco, mark my words!” Said George, Fleur was standing next to him with tears in her eyes.  A petite lady with brown hair and eyes came in wearing a silk dressing gown embellished in green lace daintily walked down the curling stairs. Draco turned and smiled at her,


“Hello Astoria, I'll be up in a minute.” He said, as he looked closer he saw her eyes looked nervous. “What’s up darling?” George looked confused at the last word, as far as he knew Draco was single. “Astoria what’s wrong?” He looked genuinely concerned which shocked everyone,. “How could he be so nice to her and be killing Ginny and Gabrielle?” Harry thought,, he felt anger boiling up and he was about to explode with anger when Draco looked around at Harry, 


“Do you want Ginny to die?” Draco said calmly when Harry shook his head he continued “Then tough you can‘t find a way, the mark is fool proof.” He sneered, “Now hold on, Astoria what’s wrong darling?” She shuffled around a little bit, not speaking. “Why don’t we go in the next room.” Draco suggested, Astoria nodded and they walked into the black and green sitting room.  




“Draco, I’m sort of... well... I’m going to have a baby.” Draco looked shocked as Astoria expected but then smiled, “It’s your baby Draco,” Draco looked at his beautiful girlfriend, her pale skin and perfect wavy brown hair and smiled to himself. He reached out to her and gave her the most loving embrace, he felt like his whole world was in his arms. It hit him, this is how Harry and George felt, he was blind to their love before, how could he have been like that? Astoria pulled away and looked anxiously at the door as George, Fleur and Harry burst in. 


“Get out you three! I don’t want to talk to you, I have no clue how to save them.”  This was a lie he put his hand in his pocket and felt a ripped off piece of paper from the same book that he found the mark, on it was written;






The mark has only one cure. It won’t come off with regular charms, the only way to solve has a 50/50 chance of curing it, it will either kill or cure. The way is to cast crucio, if the pain of the cruciatus is worse than the pain you usually inflict it will break the curse, however it could easily kill the victim. It is hard to use this cure because if you are trying to cure them then you don’t want to hurt them anymore, therefore it is nearly impossible to do a strong enough cruciatus.


“I will think about it, now go!” Draco muttered at them, Astoria smiled at him as the three left.


George, Fleur and Harry walked past the gates of Malfoy Manor, apparated to the burrow and went inside. George and Fleur went into Gabrielle’s room to tell her the news, George looked at Gabby and smiled, he ran over to her bedside and gave her a huge hug. Gabby  looked at Fleur nervously, “She knows Gabby, and she’s alright with it!” Gabby’s face lit up with relief and Fleur came and kissed her forehead,


“If it is what you want Gabby then I'm ok with it, but if he ever hurts you he’ll have me to answer to. Let’s just concentrate on getting you better,” Fleur stood up and left George and Gabby alone, they stared at each other, George was looking into Gabby’s eyes and admiring her beauty he couldn’t just see her eyes but her soul, she meant everything to him. Gabby looking into George’s eyes and saw his strength, his protection and most of all his love. It was a good five minutes before they broke their gaze. 


“What happened? What did Draco say?” Gabby asked him “If he isn’t going to save me...” George went to speak but Gabby put her finger to his lips. “...then I would be alright, I would rather die and loved you then lived without you, your love is everything to me George.” George was welling up at this and lay next to her on the bed letting her rest her head on his chest. 


“I won’t let that happen, Draco is going to think about. I know this sounds stupid but I think he realises how much you mean to me, because his girlfriend is pregnant.” Gabrielle smiled


“Then there’s hope for us yet. Who’s Draco’s girlfriend?” She asked, 


“Astoria Greengrass, now got to sleep I need to get some food. I love you so much Gabby.” He placed her head down and got up.






“I love you so much George,” She turned over and went to sleep.


Harry picked James up and went upstairs to Ginny, when he went in Ginny lifted he head shakily. As soon as she saw Harry and James she smiled, “My favourite boys,” She weakly muttered, Harry walked over to her bed and told her everything that happened with Draco, “He is thinking about it! I could be alright Harry, we could be a proper family again. James, You and I.” 


“Ginny I love you so much,” He exclaimed and gave her a huge hug.  He got up blew her a kiss and went downstairs to find blond haired Victoire prancing around the kitchen her laughs echoing around the room while being chased by Bill, he smiled and sat by George who was staring at the table intently.


 Ron and Hermionie came downstairs beaming, “Why are you so happy dear?” Mrs Weasley asked, leaning over the cooker. After lots of Ron and Hermionie arguing as to who is going to them, Ron blurted out a bit louder than her meant to “Were going to have a baby!”  Mrs Weasley ran over to them, knocking over the pan, “Oh that’s wonderful, I’m so happy for you,” They were soon smothered by everyone and plans for a baby shower were being made, “Oh, we can have it here,” Mr Weasley said “We can invite the Luna and her family!” 


The door burst open and a blonde figure stormed in, everyone held up their wands to him seething with anger.


 “DRACO, WHAT DO YOU WANT?”  Fleur shouted and Ron stood in front of  Hermionie protectively.

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