Running to the front of the train, Sirius thought his legs were going to give out. As he ran  he wondered if one of those snotty second years jellylegs jinxed him when he swore. He didn't care, he needed to get James back to normal. As he came up on Lily's and that other girl's compartment he thought he should rest there, but Peter kept pushing James, so Sirius knocked on the door as they ran past. Lily opened the door and gasped.

"Black! Pettegrew! What happened to Potter??" she yelled after them. Peter finally stopped and Sirius turned to Lily,

"No clue! All we know is that it was Snivellus' fault!" he yelled back.

"Severus? No it couldn't have been him... He wouldn't hurt a..." her voice trailed off.  Sirius walked toward her, he got close enough so only she could hear him.

"I heard his little death eater friends cursed you this summer." he whispered. She grabbed for her swollen hand that used to be hidden under her sleeve,

"How did you..."

"James told me, he can read you like a book." Sirius  knew that was a total lie, but James really likes Evans so a little white lie wouldn't hurt right? He gave himself a mental note, be less observant.

"I didn't know he could read."

There you go James, Sirius thought, she's flattered! You owe me BIGTIME.

"See you around Evans." Sirius ran back to Peter, but his fine-tuned ears heard Lily say, "He can be sensitive when he's not protecting that player reputation..."

"What did you say?" Peter asked.

"Let's go find Remus" said Sirius as he pushed James to the next car.   

***                ***                 ***

As the trio entered the prefect car, they got a whole lot of weird looks. But when they reached Remus, his look wasn't confusion it was anger.

"What did you do to him?!?" Remus asked rather loud.

"WE didn't do anything!" Peter retorted, "It was Snivellus!!"

He said louder.

Remus looked around, "Okay," he whispered "It looks like he's under the imperius curse"

"WHAT?" screamed Peter

"SHHH" Remus and Sirius said at the same time.

"Sirius, go buy some chocolate."

"Moony, there isn't any time for your stupid furry little problem cravings!"

"It's not for me! It's for James! Now go get some Sirius!"

"Can't, I'm broke. I had to buy James some new underwear."

Peter and Remus looked at him like he suddenly exploded.


"Never mind, here just use my money."

Sirius took Remus' money and walked over to the candy trolley, “Can I have a chocolate bar please?" Sirius said annoyed, "What kind?" said the candy lady sweetly.

"Whatever Remus Lupin usually gets"

The candy lady handed him a foot long chocolate bar...

"Goodness Remus" Sirius muttered under his breath. He started to walk back to the prefect car when he heard a somewhat familiar voice.

"Can I have two chocolate frogs please?"

Sirius whirled around it was that one girl he was crushing on, he now was determined to learn her name. He took a deep breath and walked over to her, "H-hi," his voice cracked on the very first word "I'm Sirius Black" he said, his confidence coming back, "and you are?"

"Not interested" she said as she started walking away.

"Wait!!" Sirius grabbed her arm, “Can I at least know your name?"

"Why? I'm just going to end up being in your stupid game!" she looked down at his hand, "Get your hand off me now, and if you touch me again, Black, mark my words I will curse you."

Sirius let go of her arm, and watched her walk away, but he couldn't help but think something felt different when he touched her. He snapped back to reality, and walked back into the prefect car. He handed Remus the chocolate bar, sat down, and let his head hit the table with a thud.

"What's wrong?" Remus asked as he shoved a piece of chocolate into James' mouth.

"Nothing, it's just that I think-"

“YOUR HAIR LOOKS PRETTY!!!" James screamed coming back to his senses, "Woah," he looked at Sirius, "How many butterbeers did you let me drink?!"

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