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 Cautiously, I pressed the tip of my finger to the bell. It trilled vibrantly and I heard the faint sound of heavy footsteps.

The house I was waiting patiently outside was the Potter’s modest residence. It was a cute countryside house with vine trailing up the walls and a trimmed garden. But still, it exuded an air of stature to me – I knew the Potters inside were influential, famous people. I was intimidated, it was true, and suddenly my cut-off denim shorts, white blouse and long, thin cardigan felt shockingly insubstantial. I chewed on my rosy lip. The door suddenly flew open and I restrained from wincing. Stood on the threshold, looking positively shattered, was Ginny Potter, with a towel thrown over her shoulder, a peculiar stain on her skinny jeans and a ripped stuffed caterpillar in her hands.

“Oh!” she exclaimed. “You must be – oh, come in, please!”
I offered her a smile and stepped over the threshold. Inside was an airy, spacious hall with white, slightly crooked walls that all added into the sweetness of the residence.

“Elise Wildwood,” she sighed, snapping the door closed behind me. “Right? I’m Ginny Potter.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you,” I said kindly, shifting my bag on my back. Faint hysterical laughter mingled with tired groans floated out to us from a nearby door.

“Thank Merlin you’re here!” she gasped. “They’re driving us positively mad! My children were a trial enough, but these three little blighters – torture! But of course, Teddy and Victoire would be appalled if we left them. Not that we would – they’re such sweethearts when they’re not screaming!”

She laughed easily and I joined in.

“There’s six years between me and my brother and apparently I was awful when I came along,” I added in with another kind smile. Ginny smiled brightly in return and gestured at the rickety stairs.

“I’ll show you to your room,” she said, ascending the stairs eagerly and I followed. “You’re staying the full two weeks, then? Merlin knows why Ted and Vic decided to have such a long honeymoon, honestly! Me and Harry had just a weekend in St Ives. I mean, sometimes I think when you have less time you can fit more stuff in, don’t you?”

I merely smiled obliviously in return to her question, not really knowing. She led me along an airy hallway and as she went gestured at different doors.

“That’s Lily’s room – my youngest,” she babbled happily. “There’s Albus’ and there’s James’ – my oldest.”
I heard a peculiar pop noise come from James’ room and as my brow furrowed in confusion, Ginny waved an arm dismissively.

“He’s trying to combine a Starstruck 0.5 and Firebolt Series 7 together. There’s always random noises coming from in there. He’s downstairs at the minute,” she said airily, gesturing at the end door.

“That’s your room,” she said. “Go on in! We did it up nice for our guest!”

“Oh, you shouldn’t have, honestly,” I insisted, but I went in anyway. The walls had been painted a pale blue and it was decorated with sea shells and beautiful white furniture.

“It’s gorgeous,” I assured Ginny at her expectant expression. She smiled gratefully.

“Well, I’ll leave you to unpack for a bit and then you can just come down into the kitchen. It’s through the archway by the stairs,” she said and with that, she turned and walked out, closing the door after her. So Ginny Weasley is actually a very kind person, I thought absently as I unpacked. Suddenly the house didn’t seem as imposing. 


A/N Dayumm I'm not J.K. Rowling...*sighs sadly* so the characters are all JK's except for the OC, which is mine :)
Sorry it's so short - it's kinda just introductory - the other ones will hopefully be longer!

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