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Chris just sat there stock still in a state of shock.

‘My ancestor Harry Potter’s era?’ said Chris ‘I’d read about him in my studies. I knew that we were related from what you told me before Doctor, but until I’d studied I never knew who he was. But why would he go there to that particular time? What would he hope to gain from it?’

‘I don’t know’ replied Doctor Williamson ‘I just don’t know. But since he appears to be an escaped convict of sorts from his home planet, we have to assume for the time being that it’s something devious and on towards. But for the moment Chris I think that you’ll want to get cleaned up and have a rest from what you’ve been through, but I want you and the rest of the team back in this briefing room in one hour,’ and reaching into his pocket he produced Chris’s I.D. ‘The impostor dropped this in the time chamber just before he got away, he must have assumed that he’d no more use for it since he used it to his advantage already. But I think you’ll need it.’ Chris took the card and mumbled thank you, he was still trying to come to terms with the treatment he’d received.

Chris and the rest of his friends exited the briefing room and they made their way to the accommodation wing. Once he was back in his room Chris flopped down on his bed face up, and with a deep long sigh he thought about the events of the day, many questions were racing through his head about what had happened, but he wasn’t anywhere near to finding out what the answers were. After a while he pushed himself into a sitting position and went and had a shower and after putting on a fresh set of clothes, he set of towards the briefing room. When he’d arrived Chris already found that Liz, Angie, Andy and Peter were already there. A few moments after Chris had arrived Doctor Williamson entered via another door and sat down in the seat at the head of the long conference table putting a thin file on the table. Chris went and took the seat next to his friend Liz and waited for the Doctor to begin.

‘Right, the impostor has gone back to the fourth year of the golden trio’s time at Hogwarts School for witchcraft and wizardry. We don’t think at this point that he has any ulterior motive to go back and change the past for his own ends, we only think that he’s an escaped prisoner who took the opportunity to use the time machine to evade capture. But we can’t take the risk of him changing the past, so what you need to do is go back and infiltrate the school, find the alien and bring him back so that he can be handed over to his prison guards. Your cover will be that your all brothers and sisters who have transferred from a school in Australia, Chris, you’re of age to join the first years as a new student, Now there’s not much else I can tell you since our guests were not really very forthcoming with information, it was almost as if they were hiding something from us. We used a member of one of our other teams to telepathically scan the alien’s minds as they were questioned but they were quite adapt at hiding their feelings from us, so were unable to get anything tangible from them. Though what our guests did divulge was that the alien can change his appearance and can be dangerous when pushed into a corner, so watch that when tackling him. Now you’d better get to the memory integration room and get beefed up on that particular era.’

So Chris and the rest of the team exited the room, though you could still see that Liz was not a happy person, because as she passed the Doctor she gave him a look that would have killed a normal person, but he just shook it off.

Now Chris had heard all about the old Hogwarts and how important a role it had played in a major war – 400 years before – which had decided the fate of what was known at the time as the second wizarding war. As well as revising about that, he’d also read up about the dark wizard Voldemort and the fear that he instilled into people. Even his own followers hadn’t been safe when things had not gone his way. He was to the muggles – as non magical people of the time were known has – called a megalomaniac, psychotic and bent on world domination.

After a minute or so had passed they all arrived at the memory integration room and went through the procedure of getting to know what kind place and also of the situation they were going to get themselves into. After the procedure Chris could hear Angie muttering,

‘How on earth did they manage to live like that? It just seems to be so primitive compared to today.’

Then they made their way to the costume dept and soon found themselves kitted out in jeans, trainers and thick jumpers. Basically normal clothes from the era, and covered with Black cloaks draped over their shoulders which reached down to their ankles. They all looked themselves over in the full length mirrors that were available and they couldn’t help but laugh at how funny each other looked. But all too soon the laughter had to end and the five youngsters had more serious matters to attend to, and they had to make their way to the time room to enable them to make the time jump back to the year 2001. So with cloaks fluttering around their ankles they quickly made their way to the elevator and went down several levels until they arrived at the main control room that controlled all departures and arrivals. They walked through the room and out of a door set in a wall at the other end of the room and exited into the main chamber where the giant spherical time machine was situated, and at the foot of the ramp they found Doctor Williamson waiting for them. He went on to explain something to the small group.

‘You will – with any luck – land in the office of professor Dumbledore, and from what I’ve read about him he’ll not be surprised to see you. He’s very intelligent and nothing much gets by him and I have a feeling that he’ll know that you all will have come from the future since he’s had dealings with people who have time travelled before.’

So with those parting words, he left the time room and exited through the door that the five of them had entered by and the group went up the ramp and into the time machine. They each sat in the seats and began to strap themselves in; this was now old stuff to Chris who remembered the first time that he’d had to do this, and he couldn’t help but laugh at how naïve he’d been at that time.

After everyone was secure, Liz gave the ok message through the intercom and almost immediately the machine started to revolve and Chris started to feel the familiar feeling of sickness start to fester itself in the pit of his stomach. And before he knew it, he found himself lying on a hard stone floor and looking up at a face that was peering at him from behind a desk.

‘Welcome young man, welcome I am Professor Dumbledore.’


A/N: - If anyone can think of another name I could use for the term muggles please leave a suggestion. Since my story is set 400 years in the future, it just seems outdated to call none magical people muggles. So suggestions would be gratefully received. Thank you for reading.

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