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   Authors note: Sorry this is late; I didn’t put it up until all my edited chapters went through successful validation, which they did so I’m glad about that. This chapter is a bit short. The usual Sensitive topic/theme/issue in this chapter warning. The next chapter will be in Harry’s point of view since something important is happening there. This is sort of a boring chapter. It’s kind of a repeat of what we already know with some added detail. It was seriously a chapter meant to connect point B to point C. Still I hope you enjoy.


    Hermione sighed, letting Draco pull her toward wherever it was he was taking her. She didn’t like that he was keeping silent. No matter how hard she probed him for information he just shook his head and put a finger to his lips in a silencing gesture.  She sighed giving up and followed him out of the mansion where they were.

  They took a left after they were a bit away from the building and heading toward the graveyard.  This did nothing to quiet the burning questions that were now swirling inside her mind. Why was he taking her to the graveyard?  

  She stopped nervously in front of the gothic iron gates that stood 12 feet above their heads. The left gate was on its hinges and poison ivy grew around the graveyard letters and all over the gates.  There was an eerie howling noise of the wind against the dead trees that freaked her out. She didn’t want to be there at all.

 “Draco.. Why are we here? “She squeaked. As she was being pulled through the gates gently. The autumn leaves from years past crunching beneath their feet and the wind blowing them across their path. She felt like she had just walked in on some vampire horror flick, the irony.

 ‘To see someone, Relax Granger are you a Gryffindor or aren’t you? You’re supposed to be braver than me! Not the other way around.” Draco gave her his infamous smirk and she scowled.

“I’m not scared!” Holding her head up high she marched right down the center path ignoring the branches. She occasionally took note of interesting grave markers. Like one of a crying woman holding her child. There was another of an angel with broken wings. She instinctively kept closer to Draco. Even as a child she never did like graveyards, probably because of her witch ability to see ghosts and things others couldn’t see.  One of the graves as they headed toward the center mausoleum; was of a man holding a sword. The sword was strange it was rugged and curved like a squiggled line.

  She also heard whispering, something Draco didn’t seem to hear many female voices. At least three where whispering for her to follow, to surrender herself to the guardian. That she belonged there. Hermione really had the urge to turn around and run right there.

 “Surrender…surrender” they whispered.

“Come to us…leave this place…Come into the shadows. We have been waiting.”

“Yes..waiting..waiting for so long for you. Set us free! Set us free!”

Hermione shut her eyes and covered her ears whimpering. She felt Draco’s strong arms drawing her closer. Why slowly leading away from the cold lifeless voices.  Oh how she hated graveyards!

“You’re a spirit walker?” Draco questioned watching her reactions as she relaxed the further away from that statue and the voices s

“A what?” She blinked confused.

“A spirit walker is a type of witch that is unnaturally attuned to the dead. They see things beyond what normal witches and wizards can see. Are you alright?”

“Yes…Yes I’m fine” She sighed. “Let’s just get this over with and get out of here please?

  Draco stopped them when they got to the mausoleum.

 “Draco?” She probed again. “What are we doing here?”

“Waiting for me, I’m glad Keith was able to give you my message in time, the silly boy tries so hard. But finding people was never his strong suit.”A sweet soft almost honey like voice spoke before a figure of a girl probably a few years younger than them. 14 at least, Stepped out from the statue of a girl holding flowers looking down toward the right why scattering petals.  

  “Who are you?”Hermione questioned taking in the girl’s curly white hair and pale skinned appearance. She was much like the grey lady, she looked like herself but. Some color remained. Most was that of her oddly pink eyes and white dress with blue buttons going down the front.

  “I’m sorry; it has been so long since I have last spoken to anyone that was not my brother. I have forgotten my manners” She said in that eerily sweet haunting voice. “My name I Rikari Jane cel Cumplit It’s a pleasure to finally meet you though I have been watching.

“So you’re obsidians sister” Draco said eyeing her. “Why is it you wanted to see us?”

“So I can help you, talk to you…Explain what happened that night all those centuries ago. Centuries…has it truly been that long?”She whispered childishly her voice was soothing yet creepy. Hermione was starting to get used to creepy, it seemed to find her everywhere.

“I don’t have much time. We have only just an hour, before my brothers spell wears off.”

“What spell?” Hermione sat down slowly on the steps of the mausoleum, Draco following holding both her hands in his.

“I do not know what it is called Hermione. But when he killed me he muttered some form of incantation. Over my body; to keep me trapped in the world between the living, and my eternal rest. He was also trying to silence Me., make sure I couldn’t tell anyone what he did. What he did to everyone. I cannot tell you the whole story though. Most of the story is known only by obsidian, Rikiar and Afina. But I know the events leading up to and after the event to an extent. But I do not know WHY they happened exactly. But I can tell you my side.”

“What did he do?”Hermione tried to keep the excitement and curiosity from her voice. Rikarie smiled. She had been caught.

“I will begin on how I met her. We were 5, she had just been diagnosed with her blood disease, and the doctors were convinced she wouldn’t make it to her 16th birthday. They had called my father since I had a similar condition. They asked if they could get the name of the healers who saved my life.”

“My father, being the kind man that he was obliged and not only gave them their names. He brought them along with my brother and I to the castle when he next visited. I was 4 then. My brother was 9 and she was 7. “

   “I was little then so I don’t remember too much of what all occurred that day. She was skittish and shy around new people. I remember she hid behind the chair why the adults were discussing things; just staring at us like she hadn’t seen anyone her age before. Didn’t take us long to figure out that was indeed what was going on. “

  “Obsidian was the one that got her out from behind the chair. She was very thin with straight brown hair and hazel eyes. She eventually warmed up to us and we became fast friends. She and obsidian were closer than anyone. She followed him everywhere. Always listened to his advice he was the world to her. “

“Until?”Hermione asked curiously, on the edge o the step. She would have fallen off if Draco’s arm wasn’t firmly planted around her waist as if sensing the inevitable”

“Until she and I turned 14. That was when I was turned by a rouge vampire.  Afina and I were outside; she was feeling better and was finally able to go out for longer periods of time without collapsing. She was sketching me lying on the grass When He came. “

 “I never did learn the identity of him. He was hooded. He asked for directions to the town. We easily gave it to him. But he didn’t leave; he started getting closer before pouncing. He caught me easily; I wasn’t able to move quickly enough. Afina however instead of running grabbed him from behind. She wasn’t the strongest person but she was smart, she used his own strength against him; causing him to roll off me. But he had already bitten me. “

 “Why he was distracted Affina removed the dagger she always carried under her Bodice. And slit the vampire’s throat. Without thinking I did the only thing I could. I fed. In a way I owed your aunt my life. If she hadn’t done what she did? I wouldn’t have survived”

“What about obsidian? Isn’t he a vampire as well?” Draco interjected confused. Hermione elbowed him.

“I am getting to that please be patient. “

“Afina helped me inside and went to fetch our fathers and the healers, but there wasn’t anything we could do. After that my brother threw himself into learning as much as he could about vampires. Over time he and Afina grew apart.”

“And then Rikiar came.”Hermione guessed.

“Yes, he and his sister Sunniglia who was also a vampire like me arrived on her 16th birthday; Shortly after she was given the amulet that cured her blood disease The amulet was a small silver blessed necklace that could cure anything, even vampirism, She hid it however after offering it to me. I refused. Being a vampire was part of what made me who I was; anyway at first they hardly spoke, He was just her guardian.”

“As my brother became more obsessed with vampires, dark magic, and whatever else he was researching. The more Afina started to talk to Rikar, He was, most of the time her only company. Things progressed from there I think.  As you know my brother asked her to marry him. She of course said yes.

“ I don’t know the story to it, but half a year after They were married, Obsidian turned. But he was never bitten. It made everyone un-easy and he eventually went up the ranks in the vampire community. He then started to try to get us to resurrect the Dhamphire alexandru. I assume He told Afina of his plan to resurrect Alexandru.  That was when they had decided to run.

 “When exactly, are you going to tell us something that has a point or we don’t already know about? All this is information we already know.” Draco drawled from beside her causing Hermione to roll her eyes and elbow him hard in the ribs.

“Draco, don’t be so rude! She’s trying to help us, she doesn’t have to you know. “ She hissed.

  He just grunted from the blow to his ribs and rolled his eyes. “Fine, Continue.”

  Hermione went back to listening intently hanging onto Rikari’s every word like a teacher was telling her some important lesson she needed to remember for a test.

“As I was saying before I was rudely interrupted.” Rikari continued. “That night I was the first to die. My brother came to visit me; he was muttering nonsense about Afina not doing the assignment he had given her.  I tried to calm him down, following him into the bathroom as he walked past me to the one he shared with Afina. He saw something I don’t know what and he became..Angry, angrier than I had ever seen him.  I asked him what was wrong and he said she betrayed him.”

  Recognition lit up just then behind Draco’s eyes, Hermione however remained confused at what clicked with him. She made a mental note to ask later.

 “What happened then?” She asked squeezing Draco’s arm tightly.

 “He ran out of the room, too fast for even me to follow. I waited for him to come back. When he didn’t I went to look for him near the library, since that was normally were Afina spent her time. When I got there, there was a lot of shouting. “

“I ran the rest of the way there; I ended up knocking one of the suits of armor down. The resulting crash caused everything to stop for a moment. I peeked through the crack of the door before pushing it open. They had obviously been fighting. My brother was covered in cuts and scratches, Rikiar had his wand out. Something I had only seen him do on one or two other occasions when someone attempted to assassinate Afina. He was holding her, she appeared to be passed out, and I didn’t get the chance to see what happened next. When I went over to try to stop my brother, I pleaded with him to stop. Nothing worked. During the struggle he stabbed me through the heart.  He seemed, shocked by what he did. “

 Like I said though, I didn’t see what he did next but I heard Rikiar’s last words.

“You may kill us now, We will come back I assure you of that. We won’t let your plan come together.”

“And that’s all I can tell you.” Rikari finished with a soft smile.

“Well that was helpful, not.” Draco grumbled.

Hermione looked up at the clock tower and saw they only had 10 minutes. She was already starting to fade.

“Wait! She can help us. Yes we already knew what she told us, or guessed at least. Rikari, tell me. Afina told Susan that if we wanted answers to look in the silver dragon. Do you know what he meant?”Hermione stood up as she asked Draco following suit and brushing off his pants.

“Silver dragon? Hmmm, there may be something. Her mother had an old music box with a secret compartment that had a dragon on it. She kept it in the top drawer of her dresser.” Her voice grew fainter and she started to be drawn back into the statue.

“Come on Draco! “ She excitedly took his hand and started running back to the castle, Everyone was starting to go home. Willow was easily spotted in the crowd since her and Damascus stuck out like sore thumbs.

  Dragging them off to the side she whispered lowly. “I need the key to Afina’s room Willow, The dragons a music box according to Rikari.”

  Light lit up behind Willows eyes in understanding “we should have guessed! Wait, you spoke to Rikari? But she’s…”

“Dead, well a ghost sort of we know. The key?” She pressed to impatient to be asked questions.  Willow brought a chain with a silver key attached to it from inside her dress and removed it giving it to Hermione. Who took it graciously and went back to running to the castle.


  Draco sighed, slightly annoyed at mione’s obvious excitement. She needed to calm down.  He calmly followed her back to their living space, and past it toward Afina’s locked room. He arrived shortly after she did and she already was moving papers out of the top drawer

  He leaned against the wall next to the door looking around the room. Suddenly he wasn’t surprised that Hermione and Afina were related. There were books everywhere, lining the walls, on the bed and floor. Covered in dust of course, there were potions ingredients, runes, and what looked like arithmetic papers.  He had to cover his mouth to keep from laughing.

 “Found it!” He heard her say after ten minutes of searching. Looking up he saw her holding a silver box with runes, and other silver patterns etched into it. The lock had imprints of a Sun and Moon. In the middle of a boarder of ivy leaves. The lid had a silver dragon on top guarding it. Its claws acting like clasps.

  Walking over t her he examined the lock.

  “This looks familiar…wait..” Draco dug into his shirt retrieving the moon necklace. Hermione got the same idea and they inserted the necklaces into the holes. There was a loud click sound before it opened on its own accord a soft operatic sound of a woman’s voice singing filled the room, nothing was in their though . He was about to shut it when a small latch on the right corner of the box caught his eye.

  Reaching in he switched the latch up, there was a hissing sound, and a sound of gears moving. The mouth of the dragon opened and a small vial was pushed outwards.  The vial held two swirling vaper mists.

   “Memories!” Hermione squealed. “This is bound to help us!”

 “Well, as happy as I am that there’s potential for actual information. I would appreciate it, if you did not squeal in my ear again please.” He covered this right ear which still rung from the high pitched squeal.

“Sorry, we better not look at it now. I have a pensive in my bag. We can take a look at it in Susan’s room tomorrow, but for now it’s late.”  

   He opened his mouth to argue but thought better of it. Pocketing the memories he quickly guided Hermione out of the room. Making sure they did not trip over any of the books that lined the floor.

   He was lost in thought, He had a very good idea of what set obsidian off that night, but wanted to be absolutely sure before bringing it up to Hermione.  He was so wrapped up in his thoughts that he didn’t hear her until he felt a sharp jab at his shoulder.

 “Ow! What was that for? “He glared rubbing his shoulder.

  Hermione was bright red. “I asked..If you could untie me. “She seemed nervous and he could of sworn to Merlin that she was as red as anyone of the Weasley’s hair.

  He laughed uncontrollably. “Of course I can. Turn around.” He snickered enjoying how uncomfortable she was.  When she finally did turn around, he easily undid the knots and loosened the corset, he teasingly left a light kiss to her bare shoulder.

 “Better?” He questioned chuckling again .

 “Yes, thank you.” She squeaked and ran into the bathroom grabbing her pjs.

 He quickly changed why she was in the bathroom, with his speed he managed it much faster. He sat on the edge of her bed examining the vial. It had a Faerie topper.

“What’s your story?” He asked it, not really expecting a response. He really couldn’t wait until tomorrow, figure out what everything was about once and for all.


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