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Halloween Party

When Halloween had arrived at Hogwarts, the Great Hall was decorated in its usual magnificence. Candles floated above the students heads, pumpkins were used as center pieces on every table and everyone- students and teachers -wore their tall pointed hats.

Besides the usual pumpkin juice, pumpkin pie, pumpkin pastries and pumpkin scented coffees were served throughout the day. It was a flavor and theme that the House Elves seemed to take more seriously than in the past years.

While most students were basking in the holiday, Lily sat both nervous and anxious in her seat. James couldn’t help but smile at the adorable way she would let out a huff of breath, cross and uncross her legs, and change the way she held her hands.

“Lily, from what I was to understand, you’ve done worse things in the muggle world than this,” he said.

“It’s different. There I didn’t have as many consequences. Here... I could lose my badge and the respect of my superiors, who I still plan on using as recommendations.”

James scooted a little closer to Lily and put his arm around her hunched shoulders. “Can I let you in on a secret?” Lily didn’t say anything, but instead just looked up at him. “I’ll knock on wood after I say it, but the Marauders and I have held quite a few parties the past couple years and not once have we been caught.”

“They must not have been very good parties then,” Lily smirked.

“It’ll be fun, don’t worry.” He leaned down to kiss her on the cheek before turning to the Marauders. “Alright men, is everything in place?”

“Got the food,” Peter said.

“Got the drinks,” Remus said.

“Got the guests,” Sirius winked.

“How many guests?” Lily asked. Sirius shrugged not giving an answer. “Well, I’ll have you know that I’ve told Madame Lae tonight is a study group for the DADA class, which is to account for the noise, and that only fifteen other students were to be coming. Any others are to be sent away.”

The frustration in Sirius’s eyes made Lily’s lips curl into a smug smile. She knew how parties worked. You tell even just five people about it and the next thing you know those five people have told five other people who have told five other people and so on and so forth. And knowing Sirius he had no doubt told too many people already.

Sirius let out a groan. “Evans, you’re killing me here! That room can fit at least thirty people in it!”

“Honestly Sirius, how many people do you really need there?” Danielle chimed in. “I’d be happy if it was just the Gryffindor sixth and seventh years.”

“And maybe a few of the blokes from Ravenclaw,” Marie giggled.

“Either way, Lily’s right. Fifteen people are just the right amount.”

“Women these days, I swear.”

“More like men these days! Always needing more, more, more. You’re ridiculous Sirius Black,” Lisa shook her head.

“Stop the argument now before it gets taken into the party,” Remus said.

Lisa rolled her eyes, but complied. “You guys want to go get ready?”

“Yes! This is the part of the day I’ve been waiting for,” Marie said.

Lily kissed James’s hand that was still around her shoulders before standing with the other girls. Besides Hogsmeade trips, there had been few times where they had been able to get dressed up together. If the idea had come to them sooner, they might have even made the party into a costume party!

She had tried to convince them to have costumes despite the short notice, but the boys had merely laughed.

“Lily, since you grew up as a muggle we won’t make fun of you too much.... But as wizards and witches, we take Halloween to the next level,” Remus explained.

“Parents put charms on you to float, can make your cape stay on fire all night,” James reminisced .

“Not to mention make your skin all kinds of textures,” Peter said.

“If it’s that great then why hasn’t Hogwarts ever done anything like it?” Lily asked.

“Some students may have gotten charms wrong,” Sirius shrugged.

“A student got transformed into an miniature dragon,” James snickered. “It was during my parents time here.”

After hearing that, Lily knew that it was probably for the best if costumes were left out. Leave it to the Marauders to try to copy a trick like that one.

Once in their dormitory, the girls began rummaging through their drawers for shirts, pants, dresses, really anything to wear.

“I’ve been thinking about it. I’m going to wear my black jumper with the red belt,” Marie said.

“You’ll freeze in that!” Danielle laughed.

“We’re going to be inside the whole time...I’m sure the fire will be lit, right?”

“Well, yeah, but good luck walking back here with it on. The corridors get below freezing right now,” Lily warned.

“I’ll wear my robes.”

“Do what you will, but I think I’ll keep it safe and wear some pants and a sweater,” Lisa said.

“You’re going to be single forever, aren’t you?”

“Well, if I get really desperate, I figure Pettigrew will be single forever too. He’ll be my back up plan.”

“Cruel,” Danielle laughed. She had a blue dress that had long, thin sleeves and stopped at her mid thigh. Underneath she put on black tights.

Lily shook her head at the three girls and looked at her own options. Not expecting to be going more places than just Hogsmeade, she had brought some cute clothing, but nothing for a party of sorts. Digging through the drawers, she finally found a white dress where the sleeves, though they went to her elbow, flowed away from her body.

“Lily that’s perfect!” Marie said when Lily held it up. “Here, use my belt with it.”

“But you’re using it with your outfit.”

“I’ll be fine without it. Use it, please?” Lily accept the offer and put the thick red belt around her waist. She had to admit that it did look good.
Boys being boys, the Marauders went straight up to the Head Dormitory fine with the clothing they had had on under their robes. Madame Lae wasn’t pleased to say the least about all four of the Marauders finally being granted access into the room.

“I swore I would never let any of you in,” she complained when she was forced to move aside.

“Don’t worry, we’ll take care of the place,” Sirius snickered.

“Padfoot, I’m going to guess it’s better not to provoke her,” Remus said.

“I can’t help but feel giddy!”

“It’s like the Marauders have officially taken over we possibly could have here,” Peter said.

“Not exactly,” James said. “The bedrooms are sealed off from being entered, which means a lot less privacy.”

“Typical,” Sirius muttered.

“What do you care? Not like you need the privacy. Your girl isn’t even here,” Peter said.

“And Wormtail can’t get a girl,” James said.


“What about me?” Remus asked. The three boys froze unsure if he serious or joking. “Oh, come on. I could get a girl if I wanted.”

“You could,” James shrugged.

“But you won’t,” Sirius finished. “Moony, you’re too nice. With the right coaches and lessons you could become a total ladies man.”

“Well, I don’t know. He’s got that whole quiet and mysterious thing going for him.”

“No, I tried that one for a while. The girls didn’t buy it,” Peter sighed.

“I think the problem was you, not the game.”

“That’s it!” Peter bursted. “I’ll prove it to you guys tonight. I’m going to get a girl!” The boys began laughing, but this only egged him on even more. “I’m serious you guys. I’m sick of you picking on me!”

“Come on, Wormtail. You know we were only joking,” James said.

“Whatever.” He stormed from the room muttering about needing time to himself, but slightly giving Madame Lae satisfaction that already one of the four had left.

It wasn’t long after that, that guests began coming. The Quidditch team arrived together, followed by the girl Hufflepuff Prefect and another boy from her house (it was known that Amos wasn’t to be invited), a few members of Ravenclaw, and finally the 7th year girls of Gryffindor.

When Madame Lae saw them approaching she gave Lily an all too knowing look.

“Head Girl Evans,” she said.

“Yes, Madame Lae?”

“It would not be the first time Head Students have put together a gathering in this dormitory. Do not make it known that you’re all in there, and I will not make it known you’re all in there.”

Lily blushed in embarrassment. If she couldn’t lie to an authority made out of stone, what was to say she would be able to lie to McGonagall if the question ever arose? She made a mental note to tell James to lie for her if it ever came up...

“Sorry Madame Lae,” she mumbled. “Can we still keep the maximum at 15 people?”

“You four are going to be the last ones allowed in.”

“Hey Evans!” someone called from down the hallway. Lily turned and saw Naomi, her face looking smug with Peter by her side. “Heard you were having a little Halloween get together tonight.”

Lily straightened her shoulders, her eyes glaring at Peter who for some reason looked just as smug as his date. “Just a small study group. We have a lot of tests coming up.”

“Cut the tricks, Peter already told me. I just want to join in and have a good night with you guys.”

“Sorry Naomi, but I’m telling the truth and actually we’ve already reached our maximum capacity.”

“Lily,” she laughed. “You realize I’m a Prefect, right? And I’ve also got a witness here about what’s really going on.”

Lily kept her posture though her temper rose a little more that Naomi was trying to blackmail her. “I’m not going to call my fellow Gryffindor a liar, but I’m afraid he got the wrong impression. I hope you both have a good night!”

“Happy studying Head Girl Evans,” Madame Lae let them in.

“Sorry to get your hopes up for nothing Naomi,” Peter shrugged. “Guess I’ll be going in though!”

He tried to follow the four girls in, but Madame Lae slid back into her place blocking his entrance. “No more people are allowed in.”

“But I was already in there!”

But it was too late. She had already gone back into her stone self, easily ignoring Peter’s bitter complaints. When the girls entered the Common Room no one took much notice until James stood on a table and yelled, “Ladies and gentlemen! I present to you the one who let it all happen, the beautiful, talented, intelligent, absolutely stunning-”

“That falls under beautiful,” Remus coughed.

“Evans is here!” Sirius then yelled.

The party began, food sitting out on the desks along with two bottles of smuggled fire whiskey, and a radio played at the top of the stairs. Everyone had agreed to stay the night in the dorm because of the alcohol, giving the houses time to intermingle with each other, something that had become difficult during their older years. Students so easily got caught up in studies or their House activities that communicating with the rest of the castle wasn’t something at the top of their agendas.

Despite that though, Lucy the Seeker had made it a point to get Remus alone. James watched them standing beside the fireplace, each a drink in hand, and talking about Merlin knows what. Lily squeezed his side making him jump out of his trance.

“What’re you glaring at them for?”

“I wasn’t glaring,” he laughed. “I just...don’t like it when my players get distracted with romance.”

“Players, or Lucy?”

“Lucy mainly... Not that I don’t want her to be happy or anything, just girls are more emotional. They let what they’re feeling show on the field. Takes away from concentration.”

“This is coming from the guy who almost lost a game because I wasn’t there?” Lily laughed. “Don’t worry, I’m sure Remus will take care of her.”

“That’s exactly what I’m afraid of,” he muttered.

“Oh for Merlin’s sake! She knows what she’s doing, Potter. Now come dance with me.”

James looked around and saw that some people were bobbing their heads to the music, but no one was actually dancing.

“No one else is.”

“When did that ever used to stop you?” Lily grabbed him by the collar of his shirt and pulled him towards the center of the room grabbing everyone’s attention.

“Finally!” Marie exclaimed. She grabbed by Sirius by the hand and followed them in dancing.

“I’m a taken man, Marie!” Sirius held up his hands as if touching her would infect him.

“That’s what’s so nice about it! I can dance with you and not get hit on!”

A few others joined them, some a little sloppy from the added fire whiskey in their drinks. Lily made sure to keep an eye on everyone who had drank from the bottle knowing that if they got caught it would mean nothing more than expulsion.

“Where did you get the alcohol from?” she asked James.

“My house. We brought a few just incase.”

“You guys are crazy!” she laughed. James quickly grabbed her face and kissed her firmly on the lips.

The night went on, people alternated between dancing and playing truth or dare, spin the bottle and other drinking games Sirius had made up. By eleven, Lily had decided to put a charm over the entrance of the door to make the party harder to hear and by one in the morning, people were finally starting to calm down.

Blankets were produced and pillows were fought over as one by one the students began to give in to exhaustion. Lily had just convinced the House Elves to bring an extra supply of pillows when James pulled her aside.

“I’ve been thinking.”


“Everyone from my dormitory is in here.”

Lily looked up at him innocently, not quite understanding what he meant. “So?”

“So...Remember how comfortable you said it was the last time we got to sleep together?” James softly ran his hands through her hair. Lily closed her eyes and let her head fall into his touch.

“We can’t just leave everyone here.”

“Sure we can. They’re all knocked out anyway. Come on.” He grabbed her hand and began pulling her towards the doorway. Lily took one last look at the room full of students and deciding James was right, let him lead the way.

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