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Disclaimer: Any towns, schools, hospitals and characters you recognize from the Harry Potter series do not belong to me.


It’s been three weeks since I mailed the package to Devin. Three. Fucking.  Weeks. Three, long, miserable, hormonal weeks without a response from my brother. I probably made a mistake in telling him. Or, erm, showing him, seeing as I sent him my pregnancy test and a letter.

Of course, he might just be really busy. I know that he and his crew were moving from Nevada to Canada to study the dragons that migrate there for the winter (I know, it doesn’t make any sense to me to move further north when it gets cold, but whatever suits the dragon’s fancy). Still, a little note back saying that he got my letter, it’s okay I’m pregnant, I’m welcome to come live with him, he won’t tell mum, and oh, I can pack as soon as I get the letter might have been nice.

Or is that a bit much?

I stifle a groan and press my hand against my stomach. I feel hungry and nauseous at the same time- until now, I didn’t even know that was possible. The breakfast smells wafting up from the platters on the table smell delicious, but I’m afraid to eat anything (I am not repeating the whole throw up fiasco I went through a month ago).

                “Not hungry?” Alicia asks. Her plate, as usual, is loaded with toast, bacon, scrambled eggs and a muffin.

                I shake my head. “Not really,” I lie.

                “You know, you’ve hardly been eating at all for weeks now.” She leans forward, her gaze fixed on my stomach. Good plan, call attention to it!

                “Well, maybe I’ve stopped growing.”

                “You don’t stop growing until you’re 21. Especially if you’ve got more than dry toast in your stomach.”

                I kick her under the table, glaring at her.

                “That’s organs, not exterior stuff,” Maeve chimes in, oblivious to Alicia’s ‘hint hint’ sentence.

                “I’m just not hungry.”

                Alicia rolls her eyes. “Fine.” Her attention turns to the Gryffindor table. She cranes her neck to see around me. Maeve follows her gaze and makes a face.

                “What?” I turn around. Two tables down, there’s a couple making out.

                “Someone should tell them to get a room,” Maeve says, her face full of disgust.

                “Looks like he found a new toy,” Alicia takes a bite of her toast. “Poor Angie. They won’t last for more than a week.”

                “Who?” I ask. I can’t see over the heads of the Hufflepuffs. At sixteen years old, I’m still only 5’4”.

                Maeve delicately sips her green tea. She thinks drinking slowly makes her look regal, but really, it makes her look like an idiotic turtle. Or maybe I’m just being harsh. “James and Angie. They’re an item.”

                “Since when?” Great. Now the father of my baby has a girlfriend, and they’re currently going at it at breakfast. Can nothing go right in my life?

                Maeve shrugs. “Some time last week, I guess.” She glances over at the Gryffindor table. “Angie’s really nice,” she states. Right. Like I give a flying monkey shit what she’s like. What if my baby has a step mom? In don’t want another woman help to raise my baby. I turn my gaze from Maeve to the table. The two break apart, look around guiltily and laugh. James brushes some hair off Angie’s face, kisses her forehead, and begins to walk out of the Great Hall.

                I stand up abruptly. “Excuse me,” I say, swinging my legs over the bench. “I’ll see you two in class.” I strut out of the Great Hall, trying to look confident and natural. I don’t even know why it bothers me so much that James is making out with some stupid hoe. It’s not like there’s any romance between us, and as far as I’m concerned he’s the scum of the earth. Still, there’s something about him being with girls I just don’t like.

                James is about halfway down the corridor, walking swiftly. I speed up. “James,” I call out. He stops and turns around.

                “Hey Isobel,” he says, smiling. An easygoing smile, like he doesn’t have a care in the world. Come to think of it, he probably doesn’t. I purse my lips. His smile falters. “Something wrong?”

                “So. New girlfriend, eh?” I gesture back to the Great Hall.

                He shrugs. “Yep.” He smirks. “Does that bother you?”

                I snort. “No.” At least, not for the reasons he thinks I am.

                “Then why talk to me now, after ignoring me for two months?”

                “You were the one avoiding me!”

                “Right,” he says sarcastically. “Because whenever I see you in the hall, I walk the opposite direction. And when you wave to me, I pretend I don’t see.” He takes a step towards me. “The only time I’ve seen you since that party, Isobel, is when you crashed into me a couple weeks ago. I tried to be friendly, but…” he runs his hand through his hair. “You made it pretty damn obvious you don’t want a thing to do with me.”

                My cheeks grow hot with embarrassment. I was so mortified by getting drunk and sleeping with an almost absolute stranger that I completely avoided him the first month, then when I found out I was pregnant I avoided him for, erm, other good reasons.

                “Look, Isobel…” he takes a step closer to me. “I know that you and your friends think I’m some scumbag player who-“

                “Whatever,” I cut him off. “I just wanted to know that while you might be so callous as to-“

                “Isobel,” he says gently. “When I woke up the next morning and you had gone, I felt pretty bad about it all.”

                “Well, that makes two of us,” I snap.

                “Because you regretted it all,” he says, ignoring my jibe.               “I wouldn’t have-“

                “James?” We both turn. Standing in front of the Great Hall’s entrance is Angie, her straight black hair looked slightly mussed (probably from their earlier make out session). She walks around me and curls her hand into his. She smiles warmly at James and I. “What are you talking about?”

                “Homework,” I say. “James is tutoring me in Arithmancy.” I don’t actually take Arithmancy, but who cares? What bubbly Angie doesn’t know won’t hurt her.

                Angie kisses his cheek. She dwarfs me with her 5’10” frame. “He’s generous like that, eh?” She smiles again.

                “Yep.” We stand awkwardly for a moment before I turn around and walk away. “I’ll see you around, Angie.” I stalk towards the safety of my dorm. I have a free period first, I think I’ll take a nap before class. I’m so tired it’s not even funny.

                I trip around the corridor’s turn, thoughts whirling in my head. What did he mean by ‘feeling bad about it all’? Did he actually care about when we had slept together? Why had he even bothered pouring me a drink in the first place? I shook my head. Of course he didn’t really care. He wouldn’t give a damn about our baby either.

                I plunked down on a windowsill. Maybe I wouldn’t tell him. Maybe I’ll pretend he wasn’t my first time, and I had been pregnant before the party. Or after the party. No one will need to see the baby’s birth certificate anyway, so that shouldn’t be an issue if I decide to lie.

                I stare out the window. It’s a gray, rainy November day. December will be in just three days, and then I’ll be going home for the holidays. I squint out the window. An owl is drawing nearer to the open window. It carries a letter on its ankle. It drops down onto the sill. My heart flips. On the outside of the letter, Isobel Olivier is scrawled in Devin’s handwriting. I eagerly grab the letter and open it.

                Dear Isobel,



A/N: Oooh, a cliffhanger! I was so excited to bring James into the book for the second time. I hadn’t planned on having Angie in the story, but I decided he needed a girlfriend to spice things up. How do you guys like him?


Poor IsobelL She’s just getting sicker and sicker with her pregnancy… any guesses as to why? Other than her poor eating habits and lack of sleep, that is. I can’t wait to see what you all think! Please rate and review!!!


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