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Disclaimer: JKR owns everything. Okay, not everything, but everything worth owning.

  ..... oh sorry, what was I saying? I was too busy staring at how gorgeous he is.

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The kid's eyes had that look in them. That look. The one that said he was scared, he was panicked. That he didn't know what to do. I had him between a rock and a hard place, and I liked it.

I sighed boredly, and leant back against the cold, hard stone of the castle wall, "You planning on standing there all day, Macmillan?"

Macmillam swallowed. I grinned. Swallowing was a sign of weakness.

"I'll get you the money," he whispered, fingers trembling, eyelids twitching. He looked cold in the wind, even the corners of his eyes appeared to be watering slightly.

"I'd have a better time believing you if you hadn't said the same thing last week," I said.

"I swear I will," he replied, his fear becoming increasingly obvious, "My parents are sending me my allowance any day now."

At the word 'allowance' I felt sick.

"I lent you money three months ago, Macmillan," I hissed, leaning in so that I could lower my voice threateningly, "I reckon I've been patient enough, don't you think?"

"I'll get you the money," Macmillan repeated desperately, "I will."

I gazed at him penetratingly, "And why should I believe you?"

The kid opened his mouth. He closed it. He opened it.

"Speak up," I growled.

I didn't care that this kid looked about ready to wet himself. I wanted my money. This kid, this rich, posh, ponce, thought he could mess me around?

Something would have to be done about that.

Macmillan swallowed hard again, but now it just made me angry. This kid needed to grow some balls. He said in a voice that was barely a whisper, "Tomorrow. I'll have it tomorrow."

"I'd tell you what'll happen if you don't," I said, pulling a cigarette out of my pocket and lighting it up, "But I have a feeling you already know."

Even so, just in case he didn't already know, I withdrew my wand from my trouser pocket.

"Tomorrow," Macmillan insisted, eyes fixated nervously on the wand.

"Tomorrow," I answered, taking a long drag from the cigarette, and feeling it loosen up my tightly strung brain. I felt more relaxed. I let out a long breath and the smoke spiraled up into the air, and the wind blew it quickly away.

"What's tomorrow?" came a cold, piercing voice to our right.

Both Macmillan and I turned to look at whoever had spoken.

Lucy Weasley stood there, arms folded, an amused expression on her face. Her camera sat at her hip, strapped as it usually was around her shoulder, and ready for use at any moment. Clearly she had been there for a while. 

Macmillan looked equally terrified, and with good reason. Lucy glared at him, and uttered softly, but threateningly, "Beat it."

Macmillan took to his heels, in desperation to get away as fast as humanly possible.

She threw me a cold look, and I put out my cigarette on the side of the castle wall. Once I had dropped it on the ground my fingers felt strangely empty.

"Care for one Weasley?" I asked mockingly.

"Haven't you heard?" she asked mockingly, flicking her blonde hair out of her face, only for it to be whipped back into place by the fierce wind, "Black lungs went out of fashion ages ago! Besides, smoking is banned on school grounds," she smirked.

"What, planning on running off to McGonagall?" I snorted, moving past her and back up to the castle.

She followed me, as I had known she would.

"Davies, stop. I want a word."

I didn't do as she asked. Everyone knew that when it came to Lucy Weasley, it was in your best interests to do what she said. But even still, I kept going.


Another yell came from behind me. I rolled my eyes and kept walking.

Eventually she caught up with me, looking annoyed that I hadn't immediately followed her command. I looked boredly back at her, because I didn't have time for her usual crap.

"I told you to stop," she said, cornflower blue eyes glaring fiercely out of their deep set sockets.

I smirked at her, "Well if it isn't Hogwarts' very own Lucy Weasley. Should I be on one knee for this honor?"

She ignored me and began shuffling around in her bag, before eventually bringing out a moving photograph and flourishing it in my face.

"Care to explain?" she hissed.

I glanced at it once, but not really taking anything about the subject in, "What?"

"Look at it," she rolled her eyes, shoving the image even closer toward my line of vision.

In the photograph I saw Rose step out of the broom cupboard and kiss me once on the lips before leaving. I looked at her with mock concern, "You look tired, Lucy. Were you staying up all night to stalk me again?"

"Yeah, prick," she said, "You know why? Your girlfriend hired me. You remember her? Peggy Hopkirk? 5th year? Incredibly needy and desperate?"

"Peggy's not my girlfriend," I cut across her.

Lucy rolled her eyes again and asked mockingly, "Then what is she, exactly?"

I shrugged, still uninterested, "We're just…whatever, it's over anyway."

I started moving down the corridor, eager for this dead-end conversation to be over within the minute.

"Oh, so you're just whatever with my cousin then too, is that it?" Her gaze was penetrating as she followed me. Her steps were quicker and lighter than mine, and she could easily keep up.

"Why do you care?" My eyebrow rose,  "You don't even talk to Rose any more. Not since her and the rest of your family kicked you out of their little gang."

My words clearly didn't sting. Lucy knew better than to listen to anything I had to say.

"Whatever you're doing with Rose, it has to stop," she insisted.

"Forgot you were in charge," I said cuttingly.

"I'm telling Peggy today."

"Ooh, I'm literally shaking in my bones."

"I'm showing her the pictures and everything."

"Look," I said, finally turning to face her, "If this is your idea of terrifying me into apologizing, don't even bother. It's sick what you do anyway."

Her eyebrows and she smirked, clearly not offended in the slightest, "Sick?"

"Yes," I replied, "You spy on people's private business, and then you get money for it. It's sick."

"Don't preach to me about right and wrong, Davies," she said,"You've hardly got a moral compass."

"What I do in my spare time is none of your business."

"Really? I thought we were just talking about what you do in your spare time. Or is this not you kissing my cousin after curfew?"

She offered me the photo again so that I could investigate. By this time I'd had quite enough. I stopped walking and looked her in the eye.

"See what I don't get, Lucy," I said, "is why you care so much. I thought after what Rose and the others did to you you'd be eager to incriminate her. Hell, why aren't you publishing the photo on the front page of the Hogwart's grapevine with the caption Gryffindor Slag shags Slytherin outcast?"

She patted me sympathetically on the shoulder, "And I'm sure you're eager to find out why, Davies, but you'll remain in the dark on this one. Let me remind you of something, just in case you missed it. I don't like you, I never have. In fact, you're like black smoke. Clouding everyone's vision and impossible to catch."

I pointed to the photograph, which was clasped firmly in her hand, "Seems like you've caught me already."

"That bit's easy," she snapped, "What I want to know is why."

I frowned, "Why?"

"Why are you doing this?" she narrowed her eyes, "What's your deal?"

"My deal?" I repeated.

"Yeah," she said, "Why would you go out of your way to date Peggy Hopkirk, and then just…cheat on her?"

"And I'm sure you're eager to find out why, Lucy," I smirked.

"Believe me, I will," she said, "But right now, I have other business to attend to. Your girlfriend is waiting for me in the library, and I'm going to show her the pictures as soon as I get out of Potions class."

"Good for you," I muttered.

I could see she was annoyed at my lack of response. Thankfully she looked about ready to leave, but before she did so she leant in.

"Stay away from Rose," she said, "I mean it, Davies."

I didn't answer her. Apparently, however, she didn't need a reply. She turned on her heel and headed off for Potions class, and later, inevitably the library.

I gazed after her for a moment. Why did she care so much? If I was her, I would make sure Rose suffered. I would enjoy letting everyone else know what a bitch she was.

My gaze was broken by the appearance of a girl who stood in front of me, eyebrows raised quizzically. She was tall and willowy, with thick blonde hair that was tied back in a pony tail. It was Caitlin Goldman, the Ravenclaw quidditch team captain. 

"Did she take the pictures?" She asked me sharply, hands on hips, waiting for positive results.

"Yeah," I replied, moving away but she took hold of my sleeve and held me back.

"And?" she prompted me to tell her more.

I shrugged, "She's showing them to Peggy later."

"And how can we be sure that Scorpius will find out?" she asked, "He's the one we care about. Not some sad little scorned girlfriend."

I shrugged again, "Rose might tell him."

Caitlin scoffed, "Unlikely."

I tried to move away again, but she stood in front of me, blocking my way completely.

"Make it happen, Davies," she muttered, as the bell rang and students began to pour out into the corridor.

Before I turned away again I held out my hand, "Where's the cash you promised?"

She folded her hands behind her back and smirked, "Uh uh. You'll get your money when Scorpius finds out. When he goes into a rage. When he explodes with jealousy."

I glared and turned my back on her. Great, now I had to find a way to make sure Scorpius saw the photos, to add something else to my things-that-I-know-will-make-my-life-even-more-crap list.

I moved down the corridor, pushing past students who hadn't already moved out of my way, looking at me with fear. People seemed to freeze with fear as soon as I came within a five meter radius. I glared right back at them. 

"What are you looking at?" I hissed at a gaping second year, who cowered under my gaze. 

As I passed, people continued to stare at me like I was an animal in a zoo, too scared to approach but too scared to look away. So I shouldered my bag and continued down the corridor.

Once I was out of the busy corridor I continued at a quicker pace. Even though it was a deserted corridor, I sensed movement behind me, and I looked sharply around.

There was someone there. A guy, tall and lanky. He was nervous, timid looking and completely frozen. I stared him down. He stopped on the spot and looked anywhere but me.

I turned around begrudgingly and continued. So did he. I stopped. So did he.

I realized He was following me. And kids who thought they could follow me without consequences really ought to be taught more lessons in manners.

I turned sharply at the next corner, out of sight, and waited for the boy to appear. 

When he did I grabbed him firmly by the collar and shoved him against the opposite wall. 

The boy gasped, his face contorting into all different expressions of discomfort and pain as I raised him above the ground.

"You want to explain why you're following me?" I growled in a low voice.

Beads of sweat had appeared on his forehead and I lowered him to the ground, but still keeping a firm grip on his collar..

"I-I wasn't," he stammered, "I-I swear."

That pissed me off even more, and I shoved him back up the wall, making him grunt with pain.

"Don't insult my intelligence," I snapped. He squirmed in my grip, but I didn't relent, "If I ever catch you within a fifteen meter radius of me, you won't be up against the wall. You'll be out of the window."

To demonstrate I jerked my head towards the open window behind me, but the boy was too busy trying to find ground below his flailing legs to look where I was pointing. It seemed my point had been made.

I let go and the boy crumpled to the ground, spluttering and coughing.

"What's your name?" I demanded, pulling his collar again, forcing his face to look at mine.

"F-fergus," he gasped, "Fergus Scamander."

I shoved him back against the wall, and left him to lie there, trying to catch his breath.

So now someone was having me followed. Didn't the scum bags at this school have anything better to do than find out what I was up to? They all needed to mind their own business.



Once I was inside the potions classroom I took my usual seat at the back of the class.

"Now," said Professor Ackerly, "Today we'll be making…"

I stopped listening, and leant back in my seat.

The classroom was split into two halves. On the right hand side sat the popular kids, Rose and Albus included, whispering eagerly amongst themselves. Probably comparing each other's type's of nail polish, wondering whether it could be classified as 'super-cute' or just 'cute.'

On the other side there were the not-so-populars, the outcasts. I saw Lucy and her partner in crime, Louis, sitting towards the middle, in a row that was entirely their own. Even the outcasts didn't want to sit with them. 

I'm not being cynical here. This isn't an example of how unjust and cruel the world is to people like Lucy. I'm not saying that popular people don't deserve to be popular. They do. Popular means attractive, confident, but willing to conform to the social norms. The people on the opposite side of the dungeon were all those things. But merlin knows I'd never want to be one of them.

Professor Ackerly continued loudly, but monotonously.

"I want you to pair up," he said, "And the pair who makes the perfect potion won't have to do the homework."

I glanced around. Rose and Albus had immediately paired up, which was expected because they were usually attached at the hip.

Lucy and Louis paired up, with Louis already going to the potions cupboard, and Lucy flicking quickly through the pages of the textbook. They avoided doing homework at any cost, being far too busy and important snooping around other people's business to do any real work.

I didn't expect anyone to pair up with me any time soon, so I got out my tattered and forgotten text book and laid it out on the desk. There was no point in competing, so I got up and walked as slowly as I could to the ingredients cupboard.

As I passed Rose on her way back to her desk she winked at me. It was always the same with these girls. They didn't appreciate the boyfriends they actually had, and they sought comfort in outcasts like me, but all the while pretending that they didn't know us. I didn't wink back

When I got to the supply cupboard, the supplies were running low. I took what I could, but as I turned around I bumped straight into someone.

It was a girl. She was definitely in our class, because I had seen her a few times before, but she was so short that I could easily have mistaken her for a fifth year had I passed her in the corridor. She smiled, and her enormous blue eyes lit up.

"Don't worry," she said, "I've got the doxy eggs."

I frowned at her, "What?"

"I've already got the doxy eggs," she repeated, pointing at the cracked and damaged doxy eggs that I had managed to grab.

"Good for you," I muttered.

She sighed lightly, took the eggs out of my hands, and put them back in the cupboard. I was so surprised that I couldn't even protest.

"Come on," she said, "I've already got all the ingredients, and we need to get moving if we want to win."

I was so surprised that I spluttered, "We? Win? What?"

She rolled her eyes, "You're half asleep today!"

And, leaving me gaping, she made her way back to my cauldron, or rather our cauldron.

"So, we're partners now, is that it?" I demanded, following her back to the bench.

"Well, my usual partner is sick. He inhaled too much fluxweed and now he's in the hospital wing," she explained matter-of-factly.

"So now I'm your partner?"

"Yes," she gave me a shining smile, but I didn't smile back.

She began to systematically crack the eggs, and pour them into the cauldron. 

"Don't I get a say?" I asked, almost amused.

"Oh, sorry, was there another person you wanted to pair up with?" she asked. At first I assumed it was sarcasm, but then I realized she was serious, and she wanted an answer.

"No," I muttered.

"Oh, I'm glad," she beamed at me. Then she began to slice up the valerian roots.

"So how is your day going, Callum?" she asked.

I stared. This was not how this was supposed to happen. I was supposed to be working alone, with no partner because any potential prospects were already too scared of me.

I ignored her, and started to measure out tube worms.

"My name's Bridget, by the way," she said, "Bridget Trelawny."

"I didn't ask," I muttered.

She let out a long, low whistle, "Ooh, someone woke up on the wrong side of bed this morning."

I began to mash up the tube worms with such a force of anger that they immediately became ground down to a pulp. No one spoke to me this way. I had put enough effort into being aloof and intimidating that I deserved to be left in peace.

We worked in silence. Or rather, we didn't talk, but Bridget whistled, which annoyed me even more than the sound of her cheerful, happy voice.

Once we had put the ingredients into the cauldron there was nothing to do but wait as she stirred the brewing mixture around and around.

Suddenly she stopped whistling and looked at me curiously.

"What's your star sign?"

"My what?"

She smiled, "Your star sign, you know…capricorn, sagittarius, leo."

At my blank expression she laughed, "You really don't know?"

"No," I muttered, wanting more than anything for the bell to ring, and this annoyingly cheerful girl to get out of my face, "I don't."

"Okay, when's your birthday?" she asked.

"The sixth of November," I replied, filled with with boredom.

She pursed her lips together shrewdly as she thought, "Hmm, in that case you're a scorpio."

"Wonderful," I replied monotonously.

"Scorpio's are actually the most powerful sign of the zodiac," she mused, "It's the sign of passion and power with a desire to triumph and survive opposition. But bad attitudes can get in their way, and they often wear a mask to conceal their true selves."

I stared at her. Seriously, no one had ever talked to me like this before. She took my expression of incredulity for one of amazement.

"My aunt is a seer," she explained, "She says I have an inner eye for this sort of thing."

I was about to reply with a cynical 'good for you' when Professor Ackerly swooped down upon us and clapped his hands with delight.

"It appears we have a winner!" he said, "Congratulations Mr. Davies and Miss…" he trailed off. Apparently I wasn't the only one who had previously been unaware of Bridget's existence.

"Trelawny, sir," she replied, smiling happily at him.

"Mr. Davies and Miss Trelawny have created the perfect Truth Serum, and therefore no homework this week will be necessary," he beamed down at the pair of us.

I stared at Bridget as everyone turned to look. She was sitting upright, happy as can be, ignoring the glares she was receiving from the opposite side of the dungeon, where the popular kids sat.

Once everyone had packed up, I looked back at Bridget.

"You're…" I coughed uncomfortably, "You're really good at Potions then?"

Bridget shrugged, "I suppose. But I already knew we were going to win."

I let out a chuckle. Everything about this short, sunny girl surprised me, "And how did you know that?"

"I foresaw that Jeremy would inhale all that flux weed, which would put him in the hospital wing, and that we would have to pair up, and that we would win."

I shook my head, not sure whether to believe her or laugh out loud.

"Goodbye Callum," she said, holding out a hand for me to shake, "I know that our paths will cross soon."

I shook her outstretched hand, praying that no such misfortune would ever happen.

She left the dungeon, and all of a sudden I found myself face to face with Lucy and Louis, who were both glaring.

"Better luck next time Weasleys," I smirked, before turning away.

"Not so fast," Lucy said cooly.

I turned to face them again, feeling bored, "What?"

"We're showing Peggy the pictures," said Louis. He was glaring at me, probably because he'd witnessed me kissing his cousin first hand. But, you know, that's just a guess.

"So you've said, but shouldn't you be threatening the precious cousin of yours instead? She's the one who should feel guilty."

"We know you're up to something, Davies," Lucy snapped

"Sounds like you're trying to make a simple situation more complicated for your own amusement," I said, "Have fun talking to Peggy. And you can break up with her for me while you're at it. Cheerio."

I turned around and left the dungeon, although privately I was nervous. Lucy Weasley was on the warpath, and there was nothing I could do to stop her.


A/N: Second chapter! Let me know what you thought!

Just so you know, the Callum/Rose/Caitlin mystery is not the central mystery. Most of it has been revealed anyway, it's just a short term cause of Lucy and Callum being forced together. The real mystery surrounds Fergus, the guy who was following Callum.

Also, what do you think of Callum? Every other chapter will be from his point of view, so I'm still developing his character, and his secret that Lucy will eventually discover. Writing from his POV proved harder than I thought, I'm so unused to writing like a dude. Anyway, let me know how i did!

What do you think of the other characters so far? Rose, Bridget etc.?

Reviews are like sunshine on a cloudy day :)

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