Sprawled out on her lawn in her muggle hometown, Hermione Granger’s expression was of pure bliss and nothing else. After almost a decade of both war and greed, the world was its own, normal self once again, the muggles keeping to themselves and the wizards and witches safely hidden away in their own magical towns. Nowadays, no incident happened in a muggle town that was connected to the wizarding world. To Hermione Granger, this was exactly how it should have been. This year, she would always think to herself, is a year to myself, where I can concentrate on living my own life without fearing that my very own existence is putting anyone in danger. I won’t have to manoeuvre through dangers that will threaten my life, and I can finally focus on my studies and future. She was truly glad of this thought, glad that she would finally be free of the hardships and pressure she had endured tracking down and killing all the lives of Voldemort.

Slowly, she let out a content sigh, after basking in the sun, her body was warmed up, she let her mind wonder, thinking that it was about time that she get up to get ready for her departure to the Weasley’s Burrow, where she had organised to meet Ginny and Ronald to apparate to Harry’s new estate, Grimmuald Place. She slowly rolled over onto her stomach and stood up, dusting off the dead leaves and pieces of grass that were stuck to her clothing and pulling them gently out of her hair. She walked forward enjoying the moment of watching the scenery before her where her parents together were standing over the stove top cooking dinner. Instantly she remembered as she moved herself through a busy crowd in Australia, knowing that her parents were about to board a ferry at any moment...

She ran as the sun hit her face, warming it up instantly. She had her wand in her pocket, safely tucked under her sleeveless shirt. She could feel it prodding her bare skin continuously, yet ignored the pain it produced. She waved off the discomfort of running on a wooden floor, in only a pair of thin shoes, only wanting to reach her parents in time. She could see as their heads bobbed in and out of her view and instantaneously feared that she would not reach them in time. She breathed out a sigh of relief, blowing a stray strand of hair out of her eye as she heard something fall ahead of her and saw both her parents bend down to retrieve the small gold and silver coins that had scattered, rolling away from them. They looked around for them frantically, probably worried they wouldn’t be able to board the ferry in time. Hermione ran now, even faster then she had been already, the adrenalin pumping fiercely in her. She could see her parents now, closer than ever and her face became flushed, the colour spreading through her as she came to the realisation that she would get to them in time. She halted randomly and a man nearly ran into her as he looked down at a tiny gadget in his hand with many buttons and a little screen, it was a curious little thing, but Hermione left no space for interruptions or distractions, but walked on as if he had been uninterrupted. Grabbing onto her parents, she could feel that they were stunned as a teenage girl held onto their arms. Hermione looked around quickly, scanning the crowd for any audience, appreciative of the fact that she had none and with one last glance at the sparkling water under the setting sun, she disapparated, feeling the space getting tighter, from there, she found the counter spell, bringing realisation back to the confused faces of her parents...

Her memories though, however much she did want them too, did not stop there. Now another came flashing back to her, reminding her of the pain she had felt when she had just obliviated her parents and sent them to Australia...

Usually on a rainy, stormy day like this, Hermione would be sitting on her window seat, immersed in a thick, enchanting novel of some sort. This day, however, was different she was instead packing what she had left in her parents attic.

Nowadays, after obliviating her parents, she could no longer call this estate her home. She had, instead been living with the Weasley’s when she wasn’t at Hogwarts. But now this was one of her only chances to pack up the remainder of the life she had left behind.

She sat huddled in a far corner, with little light, except from the small amount protruding through the glass window. All around her were piles of boxes and right in front of her were two distinct piles, of that was small, which was the collection she would be leaving behind, and the other which was painfully so much larger, which was the pile she was taking with her. She pushed the open box in front of her to the pile she would be leaving behind; it only had albums with pictures of a holiday before her birth. Then, she tiredly pulled another box towards her, not really keen on knowing what was inside, she opened it half heartedly. Repeatedly, Hermione would tell herself that this was truly the right thing to be doing but she could never get that voice of doubt out of her head. She imagined their faces if they were ever to see a piece of her left behind, their confused, perplexed expressions.

Dust particles flew off the box as Hermione opened the lid harshly. She watched as slowly, in the little light, the little flying dots would fly around in frenzy, before finally settling down on whatever was close below them. She had already been through baby clothes, her baby book, old toys and her pre-school collection of diplomas and finger paintings. This box however had photographs. There were envelopes almost overflowing with captured moments and there were other photo albums with pictures and small captions beneath them. She hated looking through these books like this, watching as moments of her life flew by with every flip of a page. She was tired of having to conceal her life, to conceal her very existence from the people she loved the most. Hastily, she looked through the rest of the albums, this box was the last and for that she was grateful. She quickly threw whole albums or just snatched small photographs, using her wand to erase the captions left behind. More like to erase my life, she would often think to herself.

Finally finished, she stood up, shaking of the dust and shrunk the load of memories she was taking with her, stashing them safely into her backpack that she had brought along. She quickly neatened the attic up with a whip of her wand and walked towards the small staircase where she took each step slowly as if with each one, a memory would fly back to her... Her father pushing her on the swing... Her mother yelling at her for spilling nail polish all over the carpet... Going out to a family dinner... it was all too much to bear, but she endured it, hoping that at least these memories would stay with her, even if only mentally. Before leaving, Hermione visited every room as if to say good-bye to each one of them. She walked into the bathroom, kitchen, laundry, living room and all the rest, but left the bedrooms till last. She visited her own bedroom, making sure that the purple wall paper was gone and all the toys had disappeared. This room had no meaning to her anymore, it had changed, no longer hers. It had become unfamiliar, even sterile in a way. Now, she walked into her parent’s room, instantly smelling her parents scent.

Standing in the doorway, she wondered how they would live their lives now. It was like by taking these small memories, she was taking out a whole chapter, probably even a whole book of their lives. She wondered half heartedly if they would ever write a sequel, or if they would have another baby girl, calling her Hermione because they had no idea that they had already had a daughter. Unable to bear the pain any longer, Hermione grabbed onto her backpack, wishing to leave, her body twisted in tight circles and she had vanished, leaving behind a single tear drop that had escaped from her eyes, freely falling to the floor...

She willed her memories to stop and they did. Hermione became even more appreciative of having found her mother and father and having them safely back with her again. She walked into the kitchen, with a small smile on her face and she listened to their silent conversation and constant laughter.

Quickly running up to her room, Hermione was just in time to see the owl that had landed on her window sill. It pecked sharply at the glass panes and she unlatched the window, letting the owl in, feeding it and owl treat before taking up the letter it had dropped on her desk and unfolding it. The owl flew off, into the sky and was beginning to become just a small speck. She turned to the parchment, instantly aware of Ginny Weasley’s writing.


There has been a change of plan; we’re going to meet up at Grimmauld Place right away instead of the Burrow. There is nothing to be worried about, well there is, no wait never mind that. Look, we’ll explain everything when you get here. Just don’t forget ... GRIMMAULD PLACE, not the Burrow.

Love, Ginny.

There is obviously something to be worried about! How foolish does she suppose I am? Hermione thought worriedly. She folded the parchment until it was a small square, her mind wondering. What could have possibly happened? Oh dear, Merlin’s beard, there MUST be something wrong! Unaware that the paper was now ripped and crushed, she stowed it deep in her pocket, quickly throwing in to her trunk what she had left to pack. She walked out of her room, again looking back at her room, this feels like a habit:  my looking back before leaving hastily, a part of her said mentally. Oh don’t be such a pessimist; nothing big has happened otherwise they would have gotten me by now. She tried, unsuccessfully to convince and reassure herself. Her mind kept racing to all the possible things that could have gone wrong and all the things that could prevent her from going to the Burrow. If it was major, they would have told her, she kept telling herself, over and over. And yet her mind raced on and on as if a movie reel, continuously playing horrific scenes of the possible things that could have happened to the Burrow. She shook her head slightly, stupidly hoping that this would rid her mind of the scenes that played on freely.

There were so many possible things that could have gone wrong, deaths, injuries, abductions, fires. Everything was so violent, all tinged by my experiences with death and all sorts of violence she told herself. As much as she was rushing, she kept thinking of what she could do to make the situation better, but failed as she had no idea of what the situation actually was!

Deciding to shut out her own minds wondering, she quickly walked out of her room with her trunk in tow and called urgently to her ginger cat, Crookshanks who came to her sulkily through a window, bounding to the floor and obligingly getting into his carry case. Having forgotten to lock the trunk, things started spilling out and before they could fully fall out, she slammed it shut and dragged it down the staircase making a thumping noise with every step, thump, thump, thump, thump, thump! Her parents, now worried quickly left the kitchen, coming to the bottom of the staircase, their brows furrowed as they watched their daughter hauling behind her a huge trunk. She wasn’t expected to leave until seven that night and it was only four-thirty.

Hermione looked up to the confused faces of her parents and explained hastily while still harshly pulling behind her, her heavy trunk.

“I have to go, there’s been a change of plan and we’re all meeting up at Grimm- Harry’s estate.” She explained quickly between deep breaths.

“But you weren’t meant to be leaving until seven, darling.” Her mother said.

“And it’s only four-thirty.” Her father continued, looking down at his watch.

“I know, I know, but something has happened and the plans have changed, I’m sorry, I can’t have dinner with you and I have to leave now because I don’t know what has happened and I’m really worried and-“ Hermione began tying her words together, frustrated with the trunk and now sick with worry.

“It’s all right dear,” Her mother consoled, seeing the frustration appear on her daughter’s face.

“I’m so sorry Mum and Dad, I just, I don’t know...” Hermione said, now unable to put together a sentence. For some reason, her tongue and mouth had gone dry and proved incapable on producing any more words.

She finally came to the end of the staircase where she stood looking at her parents. She had spent so little time with them and now she would have to leave earlier then she had anticipated. It was frustrating and it was so unfair!

With their daughter pleading before them, her large brown eyes almost swimming in tears, Mr and Mrs Granger looked at each other, unwilling yet knowing they should let their daughter leave before she began to panic anymore then she already was.

“It’s okay Hermione, as long as you-” Mrs Granger began.

“As long as you stay safe and do not and I repeat do not get in harms reach.” Mr Granger completed his wife’s sentence.

Hermione allowed a smile to cross her face as she lent in to hug her parents.

“I make no promises,” She answered cheekily, “But I will definitely try my best.” She ended with a mockingly serious tone.

“Thank-you so much, I swear to keep in touch, an owl at least three times a week.” Hermione said, now in a hurry to get back to her mission of getting to Grimmauld Place in time.

“And we will do our best to keep in touch as well.” Mrs Granger smiled.

With that, Hermione smiled at her parents, before leaning in for a hug from both of them. As she leaned in, they each gave a small good-bye of their own, before pulling away, watching their daughter, a tear in Mrs Granger’s eye, threatening to fall. Suddenly twisting into a tight almost suffocating space where she turned at an almost nauseating speed...




Hey guys and girls, hope you're all enjoying so far. I know nothing much is happening, but I promis you that is going to change. Writing is a huge part of me; my safe haven in a way, so please leave some opinions and no, I don't mind criticsm, I love it (: Just to let you all know, my little summaries are all by me, so I don't want you to think I'm taking credit for someone else's work.

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