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~James' POV~

I think I was holding up pretty well. Sirius never turned up to Charms that morning. In fact, he never made it to any classes today.

"Dude, where were you?" I asked when he finally made an appearance in our dorm at 10 o'clock that night.

"Around," he said and started to change into his pj's, "Where's Remus and Petey?"

"Around," I said, sort of pissed off that he gave me such a wishy-washy answer. Actually, I didn't know where they were.

"Prongs," he said, "How did you know you were in love with Lily?" That made me stop and stare. Padfoot always thought that my crush on Lily was ridiculous and I was wasting my time on a lost cause.

"Why do you want to know?" I asked cautiously.

"Because I think I love Rosie and I just fucked up big time today. ALthough I'm not exactly sure what I did wrong," Padfoot said.

"How badly?"

"I doubt she'll ever want to talk to me again," he shrugged, "and I'm totally out of ideas about how to make it up to her. Like, something tells me that I have to do something really radical to make it up to her, but I don't know what."

"Write her a poem?"

"Mate, I know you wrote Lily poems, but look how far that got you."

"You got a better idea?" I asked.

"Drink firewhisky and get totally wasted." he rummaged in his drawer for his emergency supply.

"Mate, do you think you should be drinking?" I said. I never was one to drink whenever I felt like it, but I did get pretty drunk on special occasions.

"I don't give a shit," Sirius replied and raised the bottle. Well, I guess realising he loves a girl counts as a special occasion, right?

"Don't you remember what happened last time you got drunk?" Sirius just kept on glugging, "you tried to punch Remus for dancing with Al."

"Dude, there's nothing worse I can do. Rosie already hates me," Sirius spat, "What more damage can a bit of firewhisky do?"


~Alexis' POV~

Detention with Professor Trelawney was a bore. While rearranging her tea cups, I fondly remembered the time where I had detention with Sirius and we ended up having a water fight.

Those were good times. Now he's probably trying to find some Ravenclaw to get it on with.

"Al, where were you?" Alice said as I finally trudged into our dorms.

"Detention," I grunted.

"Um, for what?" she asked.

"Actually, I have no idea," I shrugged.

"James said Sirius wasn't in classes all day to day," Lily said, obviously angling for some kind of information.

"And you're telling me this because?" I said flatly.

"Because you're his girlfriend," Lily pointed out.

"I was never officially his girlfriend. We never went out and even if I was I'm now his ex," I said bitterly.

"What?!" Alice and Lily gasped in unison.

"We had a fight this morning after I got that stupid howler."

"About?" Lily prompted.

"I asked his where our relationship was going. Like, if we were just like a once of or something and he said that he knows that he has a reputation but he wants to change and I basically said that was bull shit then later after Divination I called him a player and he thought I said it like it was a bad thing and he got pissy and walked off," I said in one big breath.

"Naw, Al, I'm sure things will be all good tomorrow!" Lily said.

"Probably not. He's probably already jumped some Ravenclaw," I said, “but who cares? In a few days’ time, it will be Christmas break and I can just pretend this never happened.”


~Sirius' POV~

The firewhisky left a blazing trail as it slipped down my throat.

Ahhhh, that was better.

"Mate, slow down," Prongs said from his bed, "I can practically see your insides burning to bits."

"Shuddup," I could already here my voice slurring.

After a while, I realised that I'd finished almost two thirds of a bottle. Meh, Prongs knew where to get more of this stuff.

"Mate, do you think it's really hot in here?" I said, suddenly feeling like I was wearing a woollen cloak in summer.

"Are you joking, Padfoot? It's freezing!" Prongs said, "Anyway, I'm going to sleep. Night."

"Nighty-nighty, Prongsie!"

I kept sipping my firewhisky while I looked out the window. The night sky was like a black cloak and the stars were like diamonds.

Suddenly, I knew what I had to do to get Rosie back. I had to get her a star: I had to get her the best diamond of all.

Grabbing my broom, I lurched down the stairs. Geez, maybe I had more to drink than I thought.

I pushed the portrait open.

"Where are you going!" I heard the Fat Lady say from behind me. Blurrily, I gave her the finger and made my way outside the castle.
Pushing open the heavy doors, I breathed in the cool fresh air. I mounted my broom and took off to find my Rosie a starry diamond.


~Alexis' POV~

Two boys stood in an empty Hogwart's corridor.

One was tall, lean and muscular. His ash blond hair hung slightly limply but he walked with the air of one who always got what he wanted. The other one was short and thin with oily long black hair. He stood with a slight hunch and avoided the other boy's glare.

They spoke in hushed voices.

"It's not working, Snape," the blond one growled.

"Y-y-you mustn't be giving it to her right," the oily haired boy-presumably Snape- stuttered.

"No," the blond haired boy stretched out the only syllable, "You must be making it wrong."

"But I f-f-followed the instructions, S-s-smith! I s-swear!" Snape said.

"Lies!" Smith said, grabbing the smaller boy by the collar and jamming him up against the wall. Snape made small strangling noises.

"I did!" Snape protested and coughed

"Shut up and listen. This is how it's going to be: you're going to give me the name of this stupid love potion, then I'm going to make it from now one and you will not breathe a word of any of this to anyone. Got it?" Smith said nastily. As soon as Snape gave a splutter that resembled consent, Smith let go of his and he slithered to the ground.

"Good. Now that that all cleared up, what it called?" Smith said, all cheery like they were talking about Quidditch.

"It's called Cupiditium Adfectus."


I sat up in my bed. My mind was racing: James was right about Lily getting drugged by Snape for Callum. The question was how strong was this stuff and how the hell was Smith getting Lily to take it?

Maybe James would know.

I took the stairs to the boy's dorm two at a time.

"James!" I practically screamed as I burst into their room. Only one of the four beds were occupied. Strange. Where were the other three?
Please please please let this be James. I nudged the figure that was completely under the doona.

"Go away, Moony," a very sleepy James said.

"Get up sleepy head!" I screamed and pulled of the covers. A very topless James was lying on the bed. Thank Merlin he didn't sleep naked.

"Ugh," James said and opened an eye.

"WHAT THE FUCK?!" he screamed and bolted up right once he realised it was me, "Geez, Alexis. What are you doing here?"

"You were right." James blinked back at me blankly, "About Smith drugging Lily using a love potion that Snape was making except that Snape isn't going to be making it anymore because Smith will be, oh, and it's called Cupiditium Adfectus."

"Told you," he smirked, "Wait, how do you know, though? Did you hear them talking?"

"Uhh, um, I just sort of know." Shit, I totally forgot to come up with an explanation other than 'I see the future'.

"Where are the others?" I said, trying to change the topic.

"How do you know?" he persisted.

"Um...." c'mon brain, think! Say something like 'I heard them in-'.


~James POV~

"OH, SHIT!" I yelled when I suddenly remember what tonight was- it was the full moon. That was why Remus or Peter weren't here. Merlin, I can't believe I forgot!

I can't believe Sirius forgot either. He got drunk over a girl and ditched Remus.

"I'll be right back," I said to Alexis and ran out of the dorm while pulling a jumper over my head.

"Wait. Where're you going? Where're the others?" Al said as she followed me.

"I can't speak right now, but you have to go up to your dorm," I said. It was too dangerous for Al to come.

"What? No, I'm coming!" she shrieked.

"Alexis, you don't understand!" I said and shoved the portrait open.

"Not more students sneaking out!" the Fat Lady yelled as I ran down the corridor.

"Well explain it to me!" she said. I stopped and took a deep breath.

"Please, Al. It's not my place to tell you why but please just go back," I begged, "It's not safe."

"Excuse me? Not safe?!" she shout-whispered, "And why would it be not safe?"

"I don't have time for this!" I said, hearing the anger seep out in my words.

Sirius was drunk while I was here wasting time. That left Wormtail to control Moony and what use was a rat against a werewolf? Petey would get killed.

"James Potter, you are going to tell me right this instant what you are keeping from me!" she said, her eyes practically bulging out from their sockets.

"I can't," I said desperately, "You have to ask Moony. It's his secret. Please, go back to the dorm and we can talk tomorrow."

"James..." he voice was dangerously low, "Tell right now."

"I can't. Look, all the clues are under your nose but please I have to
go. It's a matter of life and death." I really wasn't joking.

"You better have a damn bloody good reason, Potter," she said and
marched back to Gryffindor Tower. Something in her voice told me that tomorrow was going to be a big day. I just hoped that all four of us Marauders would be there to go through it.


a.n. A huge thanks to JohannaMarie for suggesting 'foveoamoris' (encouragement of love) and TheMoonLove for 'tywyll chwant' (dark lust). In the end, I decided to come up with my own: 'Cupiditium Adfectus'. I came up with 'Cupiditium' from the Latin word 'cupiditatem' meaning 'enomored' while 'adfectus' means 'emotion'.
marauders forever xx

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