"Narcissa!" Lucius called in an urgently. "Is the dinner prepared?" He asked quickly. Narcissa entered the parlour looking slightly offended at her husband's abrupt manner towards her but replied defiantly, "No dinner is not prepared. Lucius, if you were hungry you could have just asked and-" She broke off at the look of utter despair and fear on her husband's face. This could only mean one thing. She reluctantly twisted her head to look out of the window that peered out onto the front of the house and could only just make out the pale figure of a man beyond the gate in the dusky and eerie twilight. His cloak twisted in shapes around him menacingly as he advanced towards the manor.

Narcissa didn't hesitate any longer. She abandoned her normally elegant and authoritative stride and ran (oh how she wished she could apparate, but then he'd already be inside the house) She gave an involuntary shudder at that thought and reached the kitchen to see Lucius already screaming almost incoherently at the elf. Narcissa joined in and within five minutes (and a few beatings for the elf) the feast was on the table and Narcissa gave a small yelp of surprise that sounded very unlike her as she saw that he was already sat down.

"How very nice of you to join me" he said quietly and in a mocking pleasant tone.

"But, but y-you haven't returned for days My Lord and we have been preparing the dinner every night for return but tonight that impotent elf didn't prepare it in time and we really didn't know when you were-"

Voldemort silenced her by simply holding up his hand. He smiled inwardly as she stopped her rambling instantly because he knew just how much power he possessed and the fear that he induced in people that he didn't even need to use magic. His hand, that's all it was but it held so much power. She stopped talking, although to Voldemort it just sounded like one long word because she was speaking so quickly not that he cared what she had to say on the matter anyway.

He continued calmly "I regret to inform you that, as pleasant as this meal looks, I shall not be dining with you tonight." At this, Narcissa felt a hot wave of anger engulf her entire being. She could feel her hair sticking to her flushed face that was probably the colour of a beetroot right now and her stomach had been squirming uncomfortably in fear at what might happen if they didn't provide the sufficient hospitality for the Dark Lord. However before she could speak, he continued "I was very much looking forward to your company tonight. How is Draco?" Narcissa felt her anger suddenly desist, replace with overwhelming fear again. She couldn't speak.

Lucius spoke up "Draco is well, thank you" he answered in a clipped tone and hastily moved onto another topic, "My Lord, are you any further along with the, the Prophecy?" He inquired.

"Ah, I'm glad you asked me that Lucius, for that is the reason I cannot dine with you tonight. Mr. Pettigrew has confessed all. As it turns out, he was the secret-keeper for the Potter's."Narcissa was slightly surprised at the mention of the Potters. But she figured that nothing good would come to them with all of their Griffindor traits that they were so proud of... but they were brave. Ah, Narcissa thought, not surprising that their son was the one who was destined to bring down the Dark Lord.

All three of them started when they heard what sounded like a small baby's cry. "Ah," Voldemort looked down at his arms with a hint of surprise etched on his face (neither Narcissa nor Lucius had noticed the bundle in Voldemort's arms until then) "I had almost forgotten you were here, little one". Narcissa and Lucius looked at each other quickly, both startled and confused.

Voldemort continued, almost as if talking to himself, whilst looking at the baby who was asleep in his arms. "We did warn them. We told the blood-traitors they were told not to assist any more mudbloods to safety. They couldn't follow that one simple rule." He looked up slowly with a hint of a smile on that inhuman face "Now they have been punished". He sounded very satisfied.

Lucius recognized instantly who he was taking about and felt a slight jolt of surprise at Voldemort's words. "You mean to say that the Weasly's are all dead?" He had to work at sounding only mildly curious but couldn't believe that all of them could be dead even their youngest son.

Voldemort shook his head slightly, still with a slight smile on his face. "No Lucius, what I did was much worse" He looked back at the baby in his arms "Do you remember they had a son who is soon to become a year old?"Lucius nodded, then looked at the baby and gasped when he caught sight of the shock of fiery red hair on the baby's head and realization hit. Narcissa looked on, now feeling very confused.

"Yes, I stunned all of them. Took the baby right out of the mother's arms" Voldemort laughed slightly as he remembered the tears falling rapidly out of Molly's eyes as she stood completely incapable of doing anything and saw him take her son away.

Lucius spoke up "My Lord, may I enquire as to what you plan to do with the child?" His voice barely above a whisper as he tried not to imagine the horrific things Voldemort could put this child through. He was just the same age as Draco. Why not punish the parents for their own stupid actions?

Voldemort looked surprised at the question and looked at Lucius and Narcissa. "What I plan to do with the child? Oh no, it is what you will do with the child" He continued at the looks of confusion fro them. "Those blood traitors will believe their son dead. One day, they will have the horror of learning that their son has been raised by the family that they loath the most" Voldemort cackled, imagining the moment "I think that this will be a sufficient punishment don't you agree? Put them through ten years of agony and mourning and then realize that their own son hates them. I want you to raise him as your own with only one exception, he keeps his name, I rather think it suits him" With that Voldemort stood and handed the bundle to Narcissa who took the baby automatically. Both Lucius and Narcissa looked completely shocked as if they couldn't quite believe what they had been asked to do, this amused Voldemort even further.

"I will be returning later tonight in order to celebrate. Tonight I destroy any chance of the Prophecy being fulfilled" and with a satisfied smile Voldemort swept graciously from the room.

Narcissa pulled back the blanket in order to get a better look at the baby she had been given and saw a name embroidered with gold on the baby's clothing. Ronald.

After that the Dark Lord did not return.

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