“Remus!” Alex yelled excitedly o the other end of the platform, where she had just seen her friend. She was standing next to her parents and they still had five minutes, before Alex left for her second year of Hogwarts.

“Honey, you’ll see your friends all year, pay us some attention now,” Mrs. Taylor said, once again on the edge of tears, at her small girl going away again.

“Oh, mum! I was with you all summer.”

“I know, but now you’re going away.”

“I’ll see you at Christmas, if you don’t go away, again.”

“I’m so sorry about that,” Mr. Taylor smiled guiltily.

Alex didn’t understand her parents. They kept telling her, how much they missed her, but on the other hand they went away the only time she could see them, during the year.

“Promise me, you’ll take care,” her dad said.

“Bye, Alex,” Izzy hugged her.

It was almost eleven now and Alex quickly got her luggage on board, then she waved to her parents, one last time.



There was a bunch of eager girlish screams. Alex laughed at the way she was growing more and more into a girl, from of a small tomboy.

“Wow, your hair has grown!” Lily admired it.

“I bought some special potion in Diagon Alley, I decided I wanted my hair long.”

It really had grown during the summer. Before, Alex had a short pixy haircut, but now her hair was almost an inch below her shoulders.

“It looks really good,” Lily complimented her.

“Thanks,” Alex smiled, “So, have you seen James yet?”

“Argh! Don’t mention that name, please. I want to put that moment off, for as long as possible.”

“You might find, you’ve had a change of heart,when you see him,” Alex sang happily.

“Never. Do you know he sent me 51 love letters, during the summer?”

“That just means he’s dedicated.”

“I call it annoying,” Lily said and Alex laughed.

“Lily! Alex!”

They turned around and Remus came up to them.

“Why are we standing in the corridor? Let’s go, I’m sharing the compartment with the others,” Remus said.

“Sorry, but I think I’ll pass. I’m going to have to see Potter soon enough as it is,” Lily said skipping away.

“Poor James, he thought he’d finally won her over, with those love letters.”

“Knowing Lily, she probably burned them.”

They both laughed and Alex felt so good to be back. They soon came to their compartment and Alex greeted Sirius and Peter as she’d seen James over the summer, frequently.

“Guys, I think we need to plan a good prank this year,” Sirius was in full planning mode.

“Are you thinking, what I’m thinking?” James asked.

“Are you thinking-“

“Yep,” James said.

“They, yes I am.”

“I don’t even want to know what’s going on,” Remus said, raising his hands.

“Nothing, for you to worry about, Lupin. We’ll settle everything ourselves,” Sirius said.

“Are you trying out for the Quidditch team this year, James?” Alex asked him, switching the subject.

“You are looking at Gryffindor’s new seeker,” he said pompously.

The door of their compartment slid open.

“Don’t get too ahead of yourself, Potter.”

Severus Snape was standing there, looking at them spitefully.

“Snevillus, judging you had a good summer?” James laughed.

“I’m not going to go around telling that to you, am I Potter?”

“What’s got your wand in a knot?” Sirius said in such a laid back tone, that Alex wasn’t surprised it annoyed Severus.

“Have you seen Lily?” Snape asked, looking at James suspiciously as he might know where she is.

“Sadly, I haven’t. But if you see her, send her my love.”

“I will do nothing of that sort,” he said, sticking his nose up.

“Yeah, James, he will do nothing of that sort,” Sirius imitated him, laughing.

“You know, she hates you, Potter,” Severus said.

“And she loves you? I’d like to see that happening,” James snorted.

Severus backed away, clearly this not being a topic he wanted to discuss.

“Bye-bye Snevillius, send our worst regards to your family and imaginary friend!” Sirius shouted after him as he left.

“Black, do you have to be so mean?” Alex asked.

“He’s vermin. He’s worse than that. He’s-“ Sirius said, clearly not finding a bad enough word, to call him.

“Lily says he’s not that bad,” Remus said.

“Well if little flower says that, then we must all dance around joyously and braid our hair with flowers, I’m sure we’ll be the best of friends for life!” he said in a sweet voice.

“Black, stop that!” Alex said.

“Stop what? I’ve just said I’ll be best friends with Snevillius!”

“You know very well, what I mean.”

“Oh, yes, I forgot this is miss-know-it-all that I’m speaking to.”

“Black, shut up!”

“We’re not even half an hour into our second year and they’re already fighting,” Peter said, although he seemed to be enjoying it.

“Don’t tell me what to do!”

“If you wouldn’t be such an idiot most of the time, I wouldn’t have to.”

“Guys! Stop it! Let’s not start our year this way,” James told them.

“I’ll stop it, if she will.”

Alex stuck out her tong at him, but they held peace for the rest of the journey. Before they realized it, they were sitting in the great hall, plates loaded with food, surrounding them.

Sitting here, Alex remembered her sorting last year and what the hat said to her; that the most obvious thing would be to put her in Slytherin. Why? She made a mental note, to ask Dumbledore about that.

“Alex, how was your summer, you know…” Sirius asked, after making sure, everyone was preoccupied with something else.

“I only had one dream. And even that was only a few days after we came back from Hogwarts,” she smiled happily.

“So they must have gone away. That’s good news!”

“I don’t know, Sirius. They could come back at any moment.”

“Nonsense, if you didn’t have one, for a month, I doubt they’ll come back now.”

“We’ll se what Dumbledore will have to say about this.”

“I’m sure he’ll agree with me.”

Alex didn’t want to spoil his good mood, so she just turned around and started talking to Lily.

“I trust you’re all well fed, so it’s time to go to bed!” Dumbledore’s voice rose above them.

He clapped his hands together and the food disappeared. Soon the room was filled with loud chattering and the sound of chairs being pushed away from the tables.

“Alex! Let’s go!” Lily shouted, who was being dragged away by the crowd.


Somehow they managed to tear themselves away from the current of people and arrive safely to their dormitory.

“So, Lils, you haven’t had a chance to tell me how was your summer?”

“Fine,” Lily yawned, “Except for the disturbances of Potter’s love letters, that is.”

At that moment the door swung open and Tiffany came in, with Sheila on her heels.

“And there goes the peace…” Alex murmured.

“Hi girls!” Tiffany screeched.

“Hi, Tiffany,” Lily said, while Alex didn’t even bother answering.

“Whose is that?” asked Sheila pointing at a suitcase in the corner.

“I have no idea,” Alex shrugged. She hadn’t even noticed that it was there. Come to think of it, there was one more bed in their dormitory.

“Are we getting a new roommate?”

“Could be,” Lily said.

“Can you actually do that? Come to Hogwarts after first year?”

“Sure you can. What are you supposed to do if you move?” Lily answered.

“We’ll soon see what’s happening,” Tiffany said and got down to the floor to do sit-ups.

“What’s up with her?” Paige, who just walked in, asked.

“Hi Paige!” Lily said.

“Hello! So what are you doing, Tiffany?” Paige asked, curiously.

“Well, I saw in Teen Witch, that if you do thirty sit-ups, twice a day, you’ll get a flat stomach in a month.”

‘And this is the person I have to share my bedroom with,’ Alex thought to herself.

Sheila, after hearing this, immediately got down on her back and started doing the same as Tiffany.

“I believe, that Teen Witch and other magazines like that are just a scam,” Paige said.

Tiffany couldn’t have been more offended. Alex really wasn’t in the mood to listen to a discussion about the importance of fashion magazines in the wizard world, so she went to brush her teeth. When she got back, thankfully, the conversation had already ended.

“Is there someone new?” Paige asked, also noticing the new suitcase.

“We haven’t solved the mystery yet,” Lily smiled.

There was a knock on the door.

“Come in!”

Slowly the door opened and a small girl appeared. She had a kind round face and brown hair, which cupped it beautifully.

“Hi, is this the second year bedroom?”

“Yes,” Paige answered.

The girl came in and closed the door. She looked around timidly.

“I’m Alice,” she introduced herself shyly, “I’m new at Hogwarts and I’m going to be your roommate, that’s my suitcase,” she pointed to the only unclaimed one.

“Hello Alice, I’m Alex,” she introduced herself, feeling a bit sorry for the girl, who seemed so shy.

“I’m Lily.”

All the other girls told her their names.

“So where did you go to school last year?” Lily asked, trying to make conversation.

Alice seemed very uncomfortable when being spoken to. She obviously wasn’t relaxed around strangers.

“I went to a school in America. My parents are English, but we lived in America for five years. And now they decided to come back,” she said quietly and started unpacking.

Lily took it as an achievement that she got so many words out of Alice and decided to leave her for the evening.

“I’m tired,” she yawned, “Goodnight, Alex.”

“Goodnight, Lily.”

Alex also got into bed. It was good to be back.


“Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?”

“Black, that’s the most pathetic excuse for a pick-up line in history,” Alex said.

They were in the Great Hall, eating breakfast and apparently the girl, who was at the receiving end of Sirius’s “Poetry”, thought so too, because she rolled her eyes and left.

“Please, girls are practically waiting in line for me,” Sirius said, flipping his hair.

Not that this wasn’t entirely true. Lots of girls turned their heads when Sirius walked by, even some from a year above them. Alex didn’t want to know, what was going to happen, when Sirius turned fifteen or sixteen and the hormones really kicked in. He’ll probably be the most arrogant playboy in the entire school.

“Black, you sometimes make me want to kill myself,” Alex groaned.

“Don’t stress yourself Alex, everyone knows I’m irresistible. That’s no reason for you, to take your life,” he mocked her.

“It’s just unbelievable that you have such a high opinion of yourself.”

“I bet you sometimes daydream about being Mrs. Black,” he continued.

“You wish,” Alex snorted.

“You know you love me, Taylor,” Sirius said in his annoyingly charming voice.

“I hate you, Black!” Alex said.

“The line between love an hate is thin, you know.”

“Yeah, the line between hate and punch is even thinner, so I’d be careful of what I’m saying,” she threatened him.

“Oh, this is warming up,” James said, amused by their morning fight.

“You wouldn’t want to destroy this beauty,” Sirius said, gesturing to his face, “It’s probably protected by the ministry.”

“Black, you could not get more annoying.”

He grinned at her: “I can try.”

Alex ignored him:

“Lily, are you coming? What do we have first period? I haven’t gotten the chance to check my timetable yet.”

“You were to busy eating,” James teased her.

“A girl’s got to eat!” she said defensively.

“That’s reasonable, when you don’t eat an entire pig.”

“I beg your pardon, it wasn’t nearly that much,” Alex pursed her lips together.

“Come on Alex, we have double potions, now.”

“Are you serious? That’s exactly the same as last year!” Remus exclaimed.

“You’re right. Can you believe that? What a coincidence,” Lily laughed.

“The things that make you two laugh,” Sirius shook his head, at what he thought was an A+ nerd display.

Alex and Lily left the great hall, but they had to stop in the bathroom, causing the boys to get to the classroom earlier.

“Where shall we sit?” Alex asked, looking around.

“Definitely not there,” Lily said grimly and motioned to James who was eagerly waving them over.

“Then that’s our only option,” Alex said, pointing at the table, which already had two Slytherins sitting by it.

“Better them then Potter,” Lily said.

“Hi, I’m Lily,” She said introducing herself to the two boys, “Do you mind if we sit here?”

“No, please do. I’m Matthew and this is my friend Eric,” the taller one said.

Alex introduced herself as well and placed her cauldron on the table. She was pleasantly surprised at the boys’ attitude. Hanging out with James had made her believe that all Slytherins are bad people.

“How do you like Horace?” Matthew wanted to make conversation.

“Excuse me, who?” Alex asked.

“Oh, old slugger,” him and Eric laughed.

“He’s fine,” Lily said, “why? Don’t you like him?”

“You see, last year he invited us to his Slug club and we just found the whole idea very funny.”

“The Slug club?”

“Oh yes, it’s his club for “Special” students,” Eric explained.

“I’ve heard about you, Lily Evans. You’re supposed to be quite smart, you’ll get in the Slug club sooner or later,” Matthew said.

“Ok,” Lily said, not sure what to think of this.

At that moment “the old Slugger” walked in and they quickly started brewing the instructed potions. Alex could sense the glares, which James was sending to their table. He wasn’t very thrilled about Lily hanging out with other males, especially if they were from Slytherin.

When Alex got back to the dormitory in the evening there was a neatly rolled parchment on her bed.

Dear Alex,

I trust you’ve had a good first day. I hope you would care to come and see me, this Friday at eight o’clock. It is concerning our meetings last year.

Best regards,

Albus Dumbledore

P.S. I hope you like caramelized apples.

Alex quickly understood that Dumbledore was telling her the password in his last line. She folded the letter and put it in her suitcase, then got ready for bed.

A/N: I’m not really happy about this chapter so don’t be too harsh. And for my kind reader, who asked for Alice and Frank to be in the story, I started it and there will be more. Please review! It makes me so happy! See you in chapter thirteen!

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