October 5

 “So Rupert, do we all have to try out?” Scorpius wouldn’t be offended if he had to try out for quidditch, he was just curious.

“Yes, you never know if there is better talent out there. Hopefully no one pitches a fit over it, but from the look of it we don’t have too many trying out anyway. At least I only need to replace one beater and one chaser.”

Rupert played Keeper and was fantastic at it. Scorpius had been seeker since his third year. Jessica Boot was a chaser, Marly McCabe was the other chaser, and finally Jeremy Hines played beater. The Ravenclaw team was always good but for the past three years kept claiming second instead of first for the quidditch cup. This year though, Rupert was captain and he was more determined than anyone to win the cup.

“Yea we are destined for a good season! I’ll see you early on the pitch tomorrow. I have a team meeting.” Scorpius rose from his seat and left to meet his team in an empty classroom down the charms hall.

“Hello everyone!” Scorpius was really beginning to enjoy his team, even Roger was growing on him. Though he had a tendency to say the wrong thing Roger really meant no harm.

“Rose made a break through! Take a look at this book she got from her mum!” Grace furiously shoved the book in Scorpius’s face and pointed to a paragraph.

---Salazar Slytherin was also known for secluding himself from the other founders as tension built. His study is known to none but him. Slytherin apparently felt his room was a necessity and was able to hide it from many. The other founders however merely sealed their studies with simple charms. Slytherin’s was not sealed with any complex magic but he fixed it to be only entered through by him and those who knew where it was located.

“So what all does this mean? I feel like it could be both a good or bad thing.” Scorpius turned to Rose waiting for her to explain her thoughts.

“Well we know several more things, one being to get in we need Parseltongue. My dad sent me a letter with all he could remember by giving me his memory in a bottle. I just need a pensieve or something. Second, Salazar felt he had so well hidden his study, spells were not needed. Therefore we must ask ourselves why has no one stumbled upon it? There have been many students who have delved deep into finding all the hidden things in Hogwarts. Lastly, only those who knew where it was could find it. Does that mean something, I’m not sure but I feel like we’re getting close.” With that everyone appeared deep in thought.

“Well. Does his study have to be in the castle? What about the forbidden forest?” Roger said.

“No they said they were all in the castle grounds. A good thought though Roger.” Scorpius agreed with Rose, they must be close. They continued to talk a bit more on the recent finding until Roger had his own quidditch practice and had to leave, shortly after Grace headed off to meet some Hufflepuff boy.

“So Rose, how are you doing?”

“I’m doing good Scorpius, this mystery is frustrating me but things could always be worse” she again gave him the smile he loved. She was so close he could smell her lavender scent, he loved that smell. “So Scor I realized something the other day, we never even fixed your essay.”

Scorpius tried to come up with a quick and witty retort. ”Ah yes well Rose I just find you so interesting it was much too hard to simply talk about potions. Either way I had Rupert fix it.”

“Smooth Malfoy, so now it’s my turn to ask you a question”

“Anything you want Red.”

“Oh so it’s Red now?”

“Well you see, you were not fond of Weasel so I had to switch it up a bit.”

“I don’t know how I feel about that one either Scorpius.”

“You know I almost don’t like when you use my full name, it feels so impersonal with you. Anyway back to your question! I can work on your nickname later.”

“Oh right, hm let me think. What is your dearest ambition?”

“Thinking big are we? Well I’d have to say making the Malfoy name one of great respect and not fear and prejudice. Or maybe making my father proud.”

“You don’t already make him proud?”

“No, I do. But there is still a lot he expects from me. He believes you can always improve. For example he always will critique anything from grades, quidditch, to dating. He’s a great dad, just a bit nosey.”

“Oh does he not approve of Aphrodite?” Rose looked interested in Scorpius’s answer.

“What? Oh no that’s nothing! She’s brilliant really, but just a friend. She has her eyes set on someone actually. Either way I don’t know if my father would approve of her. She does have a good heart and mind of a true Ravenclaw but she is um, a muggleborn.”

“Oh. Oh right. Is that still important to your father?”

“Well. He is no longer prejudice but he does hope I keep the line pure. But I could care less, I’ll marry someone for the right reasons not ones guided by blood. Being in Ravenclaw was hard for him as well but he eventually overcame it and loves to brag on my grades. My mother was in Ravenclaw so he deemed it appropriate I suppose you could say. Anyway, Rose what is your dearest ambition?”

“What? Oh, yes right. Well I want to live up to the Weasley name. Everyone expects something big from me. And I just want to be happy one day. Kind of an interesting ambition for a Slytherin one might say.” She looked up to see a kind hearted Scorpius looking back at her.

“Well Rose, if you’re happy I think that alone will live up the Weasley name. They have to be one of the happiest and loving families I’ve ever seen. So be happy, go be a healer, and screw everyone who wants more!”  Scorpius said with a quick laugh.

“You always know what to say don’t you?” She smiled up at him and he almost, almost kissed her. But no, his father taught him to be gentlemen and he would wait for the perfect moment.

“Only with you Rose, only with you. Oh we’ve been out late it almost curfew! I’ll see you tomorrow Rose!” With a quick hug and a nice whiff of her lavender scent Scorpius jogged back to Ravenclaw tower all the way from the Slytherin dungeons.

Scorpius again dreamt of Rose. He dreamt of kissing her and how happy they were. He dreamt of dating her and getting to call her his own. When he woke up he was just content and happy. He looked at the time and realized he’d have to rush to make breakfast and quidditch tryouts.

When he got down to the pitch he began to chat with the old team while Rupert organized everyone. Marly McCabe had always had a soft spot for Scorpius, they even dated a brief time during his fifth year. However she was much too clingy and overly affectionate for him. She was a pretty girl though, she had curly blonde hair and light freckles, and the other chaser Jessica Boot was rather tall. She was a quiet girl with black shoulder length hair, brown eyes, and a nice smile. Jeremy Hines, a fourth year, was easily the smartest Ravenclaw in his year. He had short curly brown hair and was always laughing. He was very well liked and an exceptional beater.

The tryouts went by quickly. A few or the beaters were okay, but only two were good. Those that were dismissed actually got into a fight that Scorpius and Lysander had to break up. Only two people tried out for Chaser, one of them was quite good and only in third year, Rupert decided upon Luke Phelps though. He would be an excellent addition and was a fifth year. Only one person tried out for seeker besides Scorpius. He was a young third year name Reese, he would be great to replace Scorpius one day. Scorpius easily outflew him but he did have talent. Later when Rupert announced the team the only new additions were Damien Harolds as a new beater and Luke Phelps as chaser. Scorpius could tell Rupert was happy with the decisions. Scorpius noticed Reese walking off and went to catch up with him.

“Oi, Reese! I wanted to let you know you are a good seeker, would you ever like to practice together? I’ll be graduating next year and you’ll make a fantastic replacement!”

“Really!? Yea Scorpius that would be fantastic! Thank you so much! You’re such a good seeker I knew I couldn’t outfly you but I just wanted to get my name out there for when people thought of replacements one day but this is even better!” Reese suddenly seemed way younger but Scorpius thought he seemed like a nice kid.

“Hah no problem Reese, I’ll let you know when we can start.”

Scorpius went for a shower and made sure to smell good and shave well. Today he was going to ask Rose to Hogsmeade. He was already crazy about this girl, he laughed to himself. He couldn’t believe fate would make him fall for a Weasley. He wondered if he should tell his father. He decided if it became official he would. His mother would support him anyway. Scorpius left the tower and began to search for Rose. He eventually found her in the Great Hall playing wizard’s chess with her brother Hugo.

“Hello Rose! Hello Hugo, nice to meet you.”

Hugo looked taken aback by Scorpius’s friendliness. “Oh hello, nice to meet you as well.” Hugo had to be the shyest Gryffindor. Then again coming from a very boisterous family it was a gift finding a quiet Weasley. “Check mate.”

“Ugh Hugo how do you do that every time! I swear!”

“Hah, well Rose you just don’t have the gift! So would the logical Ravenclaw here be up for a game?”

Scorpius knew to earn the trust of Rose’s family he should start with Hugo so he agreed happily. “I’d love too; just prepare to end that winning streak Weasley.”

As they played Scorpius would make small talk with Hugo and occasional comments to Rose. Eventually Scorpius lost but Hugo looked thoroughly impressed. “Well that was the most challenging match I’ve had in quite some time, I have to go study now. Nice meeting your Scorpius.”

When he left Scorpius turned to Rose. “So Rose I had a question for you,” gosh she was gorgeous, her kind brown eyes and dark red hair, he began to feel nervous as he prepared to ask but he knew he had to now, “wouldyougotohogsmeadewithme?”

“Um come again Scor? You kind of mumbled.”

“Oh sorry. Um. Would you go to Hogsmeade with me?”

She looked at him for several seconds making him more nervous than ever before when she broke into a wide grin. “FINALLY! Scorpius Malfoy you better be worth waiting on! Weeks I’ve waited for you to ask me!”

He laughed at his own stupidity at waiting so long and he laughed at Rose’s bluntness. “You know you still haven’t answered my question Rose” he gave her the custom Malfoy smirk as he said this and she replied with a warm smile. “Yes Mr. Malfoy I would be honored to accompany you to Hogsmeade this weekend.”

A/N About time he made a move right? Also what do you think of Hugo? Lastly, anyone have a guess as to where the office could be? Review, review, review! Praise and constructive criticism are loved! Also here is a note on the quidditch team! Any time there is a match I’ll be sure to post it for you!

Ravenclaw Team: Seeker-Scorpius Malfoy Keeper-Rupert Dodgins Chasers-Jessica Boot, Marly McCabe, Luke Phelps Beaters-Jeremy Hines, Damien Harolds


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