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It was relatively quiet at Hogwarts. Sure, the Whomping Willow was actively protesting the roosting of migrating birds in its usual manner- simply obliterating one bird before the rest of the roosts’ eyes would suffice. But this winter, not many students had lingered on campus. T’was the season to stay at home. Thus Hagrid was able to breath properly and actually put a foot up at home. Home…

            He’d never thought of himself as the marrying man. He’d always figured he would remain at Hogwarts forever, be the Care of Magical Creatures professor until his last breath and live a happy life alone in solitude with Fang and a few dangerous creatures. Of course, the Tri-Wizard Tournament had changed those thoughts once the Beauxbaton contingency arrived. He even combed his hair for her. Olympe. Dear, sweet Olympe. They’d gone undercover to find giants, fought manticores and lived to tell the tale. So five months after the war had ended, Hagrid, dear sweet Hagrid, proposed to his love. She accepted on a few conditions:

            “Zis ‘ouse! Eet must be eemproved! I am zinking perhaps a few more stories, with a nouveau exterior. Eet must look like a chateau, or else I shall not be able to zink!”

            Hagrid just nodded with a grin. He did what she wanted. He expanded the hut- with help from Harry, Ron and Hermione ‘o course- and renovated the outside to look less rough and more refined (it was not, perhaps, his style, but what Olympe wanted she would get.) Olympe had been astounded. Of course she said, “Eet will do” but she blushed as she saw it. It was her dream home.

            That spring, Hagrid married Olympe Maxime. Minerva McGonagall actually smiled as she facilitated the proceedings, which took place at the edge of the Forbidden Forest so that Grawp and some of the centaurs could attend. Olympe had made sure it wouldn’t be a country wedding however, and was determined to make the most of their setting. She had contacted all of her alumni in Paris. They Flooed over and helped transform what could have been a hideously simple wedding into one filled with extravagant décor. By the edge of the Lake, the Giant Squid waved a tentacle in salute. Several mermaids quietly cried tears of happiness as they saw their favorite half-giant get married off. And Hagrid’s favorite students, Harry, Hermione, and Ron, sat right in the front, beaming at him. Even students he hadn’t been particularly fond of, including Draco Malfoy and Lavender Brown, were in attendance. As McGonagall announced the words

            ‘I now pronounce you husband and wife’

            George set off enormous firecrackers- giant-sized, he joked- filled with pictures of Hagrid and Olympe. Instead of looking affronted at the unexpected entertainment, the giantess whispered a “merci” at the redhead.

            It had been an unforgettable event, and was featured in the Quibbler. But that had been several years ago. Hagrid’s life went back to normal. Olympe retired as Head of Beauxbatons, to the chagrin of many students, and opened up a boutique in Hogsmeade featuring French-styled wizarding robes for wizards and witches of all ages. For a while, the couple was utterly content with their normal life. It all changed eight months ago however…

            ‘Hagride, I am zinking something zat is tres extraordinaire.’

            ‘An what could that be, Olympe?’

            ‘I am zinking zat you should ‘elp me wiz zee neeuw furniture zat I have bought for zat room.’ She pointed to one of the many guest rooms across the hall.

            ‘O course. Hmm, where is it?’

            ‘Outzide by zee door.’

            Hagrid walked out to the door, only to find one ginormous crib.

            ‘O…Olympe? What is that?’

            ‘Eet is, uh, what do you say? Eet is…ah! A bed for the babies.’

            ‘Are you…are we…am I goin’ to be a Daddy?’

            ‘Oui,’ Olympe beamed. ‘Of course, zees is devastating for my figure, but I love babies so eet will be, as you say, ok.’

            Hagrid had kept his calm. That meant running to Madame Pomfrey, worrying about how to take care of a baby. Slowly but surely, with more than a little bit of direction from Molly Weasley, Hagrid grew accustomed to the thought that in less than a year, there would be a new family member. The last addition to any family he’d had, excepting Olympe, was Fang the Third.

            But today was eerily quiet. He and Olympe had been planning to attend the Christmas Feast up at the school today, but he could not find Olympe. He guessed that she probably was already up there, waiting for him, so he set off to the Great Hall.

            “Ah, Hagrid! How are you, old chap?” the speaker was the new History of Magic teacher, Professor William Willard. Hagrid wasn’t too fond of Mr. W-W, as he asked his students to call him. Reminded him a bit too much of Gilderoy Lockhart.

            “O, ye know, not too bad. It’s Christmas after all, eh?” he smiled.

            Willard smiled uneasily and entered the hall.

            “Hagrid, why on Earth are you here?” McGonagall admonished.

            “For the feast, Professor…?”

            “Well I can see that. What I mean is, why aren’t you with Olympe?”

            “I though’ she’d be here, Headmistress…”

            “Oh dear Merlin! You mean, nobody’s told you?”

            “Tol’ me wha’?”

            “Olympe’s at St. Mungo’s! She’s in labor.”


            Hagrid started freaking out. His wife was having a baby. He was going to be a dad.

            “Professor, wha’ if the baby don’t like me?” Hagrid started.

            Minerva stared at Hagrid.

            “Wha’ if I scare him?”

            “Hagrid, you’ve had 8 months to dwell on that subject. Now you need to march yourself to St. Mungo’s and support Olympe. Merlin knows she’ll need it.”

            Hagrid blushed. He hadn’t thought of that. Poor Olympe, without him. She was probably very distraught, and probably very irate that these Healers would not be doing it ‘zee right way!’

            “Ahem, don’t you have somewhere to be?”

            Minerva’s voice pulled Hagrid out of his reverie.

            “Oh, o’ course! Thanks, Professor!”

            The tables shook as Hagrid sprinted out of the Great Hall.



            He made it there on time.

            “Congratulations, it’s a girl,” the Healer announced.

            “We…we will name herr Jacqueline Mia Chloe, oui?” Olympe huffed, thinking of Hermione Granger.

            “And congratulations, it’s a boy,” the Healer announced again.

            “He will be Henri Ronalde Eliot, oui?” Olympe smiled, thinking of how happy Hagrid would be that she named their son after his two favorite male students: Harry Potter and Ronald Weasley.

            “Hagride? What do you zink?”

            Olympe tore her eyes away from her sleeping babies to search for her husband. He had fainted. She rolled her eyes. Men could be such babies.


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