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'My Lady.' The servant bowed, holding the silver platter above his head, 'A message from Mordred.'

Morgana picked up the letter and dismissed the servant with a wave of her hand. 

Sighing, she turned to the window, 'This storm needs to stop.' And once the words left her mouth the rain let up.

She smiled, glad that not only did the King grant her everything she wanted but now Nature did as well. 

Standing, she broke the seal on the letter and gently pulled it open. She started to smile, but stopped when she saw the message:

Arthur is falling for her.

She crumbled the letter and threw it into the corner. Her green eyes lit up to gold and the paper burst into flames.

The Lady jumped, yelling for her servants. They doused the flame and were gone just as quickly as they had come.

Only her maidservant stayed behind, 'Is everything alright my lady?'

Morgana nodded, 'Yes, but get the carriages ready at once. I want to be in Camelot by the feast tomorrow.'

'Put, my lady it is almost midnight.' The maidservant tried to explain.

Morgan turned her cold eyes on the servant who cowered, 'Now.'

'Yes my lady.' She gave a slight curtsy and disappeared from sight.

Morgana gave a cruel smile as she stared out the window of the small castle.

A plan of evil ran through her head, one that would put the servant's friend in her place and remind Arthur just exactly who he belonged too.

If only that isolent girl had listened to her, she would not get what was coming to her.

Morgana looked to her fireplace, focusing all of her magic on it. The fire blazed and grew larger as the Lady smirked. A new power was always welcome.


I yawned and rolled over. A smile had stayed on my face all night, and it just grew when I caught sight of the cloth cover dress hanging up on the front of my wardrobe.

I hadn't looked at it yet. I wanted at least one surprise left for today.

Excitement fluttered through my veins as I slowly got out of bed and walked towards the dress.

Taking a deep breath, I started to pull up the soft slip of fabric. The first colors to reach my eyes was a deep Amethyst purple. 

My breath was stolen as I gazed at the dress. The main body of the dress was the Amethyst color, but a brilliant ivory-white trim went around the bottom of the dress and the square neckline. The three quarter sleeves stopped at the elbow, were a sheer flowing sleeve started.

The emperor waist would fit me perfectly and would give me a figure to be proud of. I could hold my head high today.

I pulled the dress from the hanger and held it up as I twirled around the room, feeling like a young girl again.

When I stopped, getting a tad to dizzy, my eyes fluttered over to the floor where a small piece of paper lay. Curious, I laid the dress on the bed and walked over to pick it up.

'To my dearest Hermione—' My heart fluttered at the words and my voice got caught in my throat.

I hope the dress is to your liking. I can not wait to see you tomorrow, I will be counting the hours.

                 Prince Arthur

My eyes wandered to the window. The sun was up pretty far already. Hurriedly, I dress and got my hair to settled down as best I could before adding a touch of my perfume. I snuck my wand into my sleeve as a precaution.

Overall I was pleased with my reflection. I looked like a Lady of the Court, not a simple friend of a servant.

I had just walked into the main room when a knock sounded on the door.

Merlin looked up from his breakfast, a playful smile on his lips and his hair sticking out, 'You look lovely, Hermione.' I couldn't help but smile back, partially for his compliment but also becuase he looked as if he had just rolled out of bed himself.

Taking a moment to settled my fluttering heart I walked over and opened the door. Arthur looked up from the floor and gave a boyish smile. Surprisingly, he was dressed in common cloths: a simple black tunic with brown-tanned pants and boots.

'You look lovley.' He smiled.

I blushed a bit and turned away, throwing a quick glance and smile to Merlin, 'That's not the first time I have heard that today.' Arthur looked over my shoulder. His smile falling just a bit as he saw Merlin, who gave him a slight wave.

'Merlin, shouldn't you be getting my armor ready for today?' Arthur said, his prince voice back. Merlin rolled his eyes but stood, moving to his room to get ready for the day.

Arthur gave an arrogant smirk which ended when he looked down to his hands, which were twisting something shinny around, 'Oh, this—this is for you.' He held out the large, silver circlet to me with a awkward smile. His original nerves were back now, Arthur was once again a normal boy going on a first date.

I couldn't help but smile, 'Thank you.' I said as I took it, completely at a loss as what to do with it. Did I put it on or did he do that because he was the Prince?

''s a circlet...for you.' Arthur smiled, apparently at a loss for words, 'To wear...of course...but only—only if you want too.' He smiled boyishly again, just as uneasy as ever, 'You don't have too...but you can if you want...'

I smiled and carefully placed it on my head, feeling like a complete child but smiling just the same, 'Does it look alright?'

'Beautiful.' He said, his eyes locked on mine. I turned away with a blush.

Arthur cleared his throat and offered me his arm, 'Well, are we ready?'

I nodded and accepted his arm, having to remind myself to breath.


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