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Chapter Six: Notorious Notions


Stereotypes do exist, but we have to walk through them.
-Forest Whitaker


I blinked through the shining sun. Why is the curtain open? I began moving my legs. Why are my pants still on? Where is my bed? I opened my eyes fully and sat up. Dizziness came over me, confusion setting in for a moment before I remembered class.


“We are discussing more of the Chaldean method when it comes to this topic, Mr. Reith. Better luck next time,” I heard a deep voice say somewhere near my head. What is happening to the world?

“Maybe Ms. Grey can help us out with this particular problem?”


“Um,” I leaned my head on my hand. Am I in Arithmancy? “Would this be the number nine?”


The man looked perplexed. Oh, right, I’m a Ravenclaw…I’m supposed to be smart and always paying attention. Oops. “That is incorrect, the Chaldean method does not deal with the number nine at all. In fact, the Aramaic—”


Drone on and on and on, little man. No one really cares, all this is to try and show us things that will not better our lives, no, and it will only cause us pain. This chapter won’t even be on the N.E.W.T’s, why need we bother learning about it?


I could be sleeping right now, or tracking down Regulus in a hall and pulling him into a closet and—


“For tonight I want you all to write about how the Chaldean method differs from the Agrippan method,” He closed his textbook. “And Ms. Grey, try and get some sleep during the night and not in my class.”


I felt my face flush as people laughed their way out of the classroom. I took the back door, a quicker way to get to the Great Hall for early mealtime. Barely able to walk, I sluggishly made my way down two flights of stairs. These early morning Arithmancy sessions are going to ruin me.


“Bloody hell, you look like shit.” Ah, and that is what best friends are for.

“Thanks, Mar,” I rolled my eyes and sat across from her at the Ravenclaw table. “Where’s Andrew this morning?”


A light blush coated her cheeks; dear merlin…


“He has a DADA essay due next,” She sighed off into the distance. “He just came in to grab a muffin.”


“What’s with the expression?”


“Huh?” Clearly I snapped her out of her daze. The pink on her face darkened and I internally rolled my eyes. “Oh, um, just thinking.”


“About what?” I asked and took a sip of the juice in front of me.


“Do you think Andrew and I would be good together?”


That came out of nowhere; or did it? Why the hell am I acting all oblivious today? Lack of sleep, let’s go with that. Well, Mar…he is nice, we’ve known him for a while…as long as a break up won’t be awkward towards our friendships, you have my approval.


“Scourgify,” I waved my wand to clean up the juice that had splattered over the table, thanking Merlin that I’m not facing the Slytherin table today. “I think you two would be great together, you have my approval.”


She rolled her eyes, “Gee, thanks a bunch.”


“I was just surprised…”


“Well, I think he may ask me to the Hogsmeade trip this weekend,” She smiled dreamily again. “You should get Reg to ask you, then we can meet up of someth—”


She stopped, eyes widening and looked up and over my left shoulder. I raised an eyebrow and turned to face the crotch of Regulus Black. I lifted my eyes and smiled.


“Good morning.”


He coughed, “I just came over to ask if you wanted to meet by the Staring Portrait for our rounds tonight.”


“Sounds great, I’ll see you then,” I continued smiling up at him as he shuffled a bit.


“Yeah, see you then,” He mumbled and walked away.


“Now, what were you saying, Mar?” I turned to face her as I asked.


Her mouth was slightly open and she blinked, “What in the name of Merlin’s pants was that? Lynnette Grey…when did you get so…flirty?”


“I wasn’t being flirty,” I scrunched my eyebrows and faced my muffin. “What else was I supposed to do?”


“Be the shy Lynnie I knew from last year!” She threw her hands up. “I mean, I am one-hundred percent okay with this new you, I haven’t a clue where it came from though.”


Now that is a good question, I have become a bit less like my self—or maybe this is just how I’m supposed to be?


“Sorry, Mar,” I stood and began to make my way to Defense; luckily I had completed my essay. “I don’t know either.”


As I walked away I heard her mumble, “and then she just walks away from me. What is happening?”


With a sigh, I picked up my pace.



Apparently in my past years at Hogwarts, I have labeled myself as the shy girl who knows a hell of a lot more than she lets on. At least that’s what Andrew told me when I asked him what people thought of me. I then snapped at him for knocking over my bag and spilling my books. He then labeled me the bitchy girl who knows too much for her own good. He then apologized and walked away.


He isn’t speaking to me at dinner, nor is Mar. Of course, that may be because I went to the kitchens for my meal…but still.


So, here I am eating my French Onion soup in peace with a book on pureblood family histories. New to the library, it is written by some guy advertising blood status. The Black family: the most high status family in the Wizarding World. It’s quite an interesting read, actually. The author believes that the family has a tapestry of themselves, but if one commits an offense, they are to be blasted off. What a ridiculous notion…not even the Blacks would be that cruel. I put my bookmark on that page and set it down.


I took a sip of my soup as I heard the pear being tickled. Quickly I grabbed my wand and tried change the cover of the book, but it wouldn’t work. Of course the library would have spells on their books to keep them from being defaced.


I hid the book in my robes and hoped that whoever entered would leave quickly.


“Oi, Prongs, you think we can—”


The dark haired male stopped when he caught my eyes. Three others followed him through the entrance and gave me the same treatment.


“Um. Okay, I was just leaving,” I stood up with my wand and bag and started walking past the Marauders. Their little group was known for causing embarrassment and pain, and I knew I should not become part of it. The book clutched tightly under my left arm, I realized I should have just put it in my bag.


“Wait a tick,” Sirius grabbed my arm and I stumbled as I watched the book tumble to the ground, mark falling out of it. “Whoa, sorry.”


“It’s alright,” I mumbled and tried to pick it up before anyone could see it.


“The Pureblood Life? Wait, aren’t you that Ravenclaw—”


I cut the Head Boy off, “Yes, I am that Ravenclaw. Now may I go?”


I stood up as he said to Sirius, “She’s the one partnered with your brother.”


I sighed, something I’d been doing a lot lately; this is degrading, Lynn, you need to find a way out of here.


“What’s a Ravenclaw doing with that kind of book?” The short, fat one asked. “I thought they were nice.”


“They can be nice,” I rolled my eyes. “The Hufflepuffs, clearly the nicest are only first because apparently intelligence can make people a bit bitchy.”


His eyes widened and he stepped back a bit, hah, so much for Gryffindor courage. The fourth one spoke next, in a knowing tone.


“She was clearly just looking for information,” He answered his friends. “Let’s just get some food, alright?”


Sirius’ eyes had darkened considerably and I realized how much he and his brother are alike in looks. “He is not what you think he is, trust me. He will hurt you.”


Let me guess, you got blasted off the tapestry? “Alright, may I have my book back?”


He handed it over to me and I looked at the time. The patrol would be starting in three hours, and I had work to do.



“You look hot.”


I did a twirl for effect and she whistled. “I definitely need that skirt back when you’re done.”


At least it made her happy to dress me up in her clothes, even if I’m sticking to my thoughts that al Hogwarts uniforms look the same. I checked out my ass in the mirror again. Alright, I may have mistaken. Shorter skirt, black vest and Ravenclaw tie…those Muggle videos of the sexy schoolgirls have nothing compared to this.


When did I get cocky? I like it.

“You’d better go, the patrol starts in ten minutes,” Mar smiled and wiped an imaginary tear from her face. “My girl is growing up.”


“Shut it,” I rolled my eyes and grabbed my robe. “See you later.”


“Tomorrow, most likely, I have to get my beauty sleep for Hogsmeade,” She smiled and fell back on her bed in happiness.


I laughed and closed the door behind me. Her squealing phase had ended shortly after she said yes to Andrew’s question, thank Godric, but it took a lot out of me all the same. When I reached our new meeting location, Regulus was there waiting.


“Hi,” I spoke with a smile on my face and tugged at my robes.


He looked up and got an odd expression on his face before shaking it away with a smile. He held out an arm in greeting and I took it, similar to the first patrol.


“How are you on this fine Friday night?” He asked looking down at me. I’m really not that short, only compared to him, and Mar, and Andrew, and McGonagall.


“Alright, I guess,” I lifted my eyebrows in an uncaring way. “Far too many essays for a Hogsmeade weekend.”


“You’re going then,” He blurted. “To Hogsmeade, I mean.”


“Yes, my two friends and I usually go together,” I paused. “Of course…they’re going together…so maybe I’ll just be drinking alone in the Three Broomsticks.”




“Yes,” I stopped. “Did you hear that?”


A light knocking noise seemed to come from a broom closet. I pulled Regulus toward the source and he pointed his wand at the door, muttering something.


A shriek, followed by sounds of fabric pulling, followed by some bloke being dumped on my foot occurred. I shined my light at his face revealing—


“Pucey,” Regulus said with disgust on his face. “You know the rules.”


“Aw, come on,” The fifth year pulled his shirt back on. “Won’t happen again, promise.”


Regulus looked pained before saying, “Twenty points from Slytherin, ten from both of you.”


I glanced in the closet to see some girl buttoning her own shirt. I shuddered, a broom closet, really? At least try for an empty classroom or someplace…clean. Prefect, Lynn, you’re a Prefect.


“Don’t let it happen again,” I spoke harshly as the flushing girl stood from the closet. “Back to your Dorms, now.”


“Got a feisty one there, don’t you, Black,” Pucey smirked and raised his eyebrows twice.


I rolled my eyes, “Five points from Slytherin for disrespecting a Prefect. Now go.”


Pucey scoffed before turning to catch up with the girl.


I turned to Bla—Regulus. “Well, that was interesting.”


“Yeah, it was,” He looked at me with that expression again. “Hey, Lynn?”




“Would you like to have company in the Three Broomsticks tomorrow?” 


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