I was in a state of euphoria after that night I had spent with James, the night I had almost shared a kiss with him.  Unfortunately it was extremely awkward between us, and though I had my guesses, I wasn’t completely sure.  My guess was that he thought he overstepped his boundaries, took advantage of me, but the thing was, we were both at fault for that kiss to almost happen. 


It had been two weeks, early February, and now it was a matter of time, before I gave up my pride and told him how I truly felt, ignoring the ‘I told you so’ and before either James or I couldn’t handle the tension between us.  Now it was a matter of who was going to crack first, and we both knew it.


James was busy with Quidditch practice, one of the few times he had it during the week, no doubt putting his players through intense training, given they were soon to be playing Slytherin.  Alice was off with her boyfriend, I hadn’t really seen her much since she started dating him in December, and it was now February.  Mary was busy studying for her NEWTS, as always, on top of being busy with Quidditch.


She was so girly, yet she was playing a male-dominated sport, I didn’t understand. 

Then again, some of the fittest blokes at our school played for Gryffindor, so Mary may not be so stupid.  She may not have dated a lot, but she loved blokes, and they loved her.


Bianca and I seemed to be best friends now, except for the fact that she was starting to give Sirius a chance, yet I couldn’t chastise her, because I fancied James, and though I hadn’t told her so, I was pretty sure she knew.


I was busy finishing my DADA homework, which involved writing a 12-inch essay about the importance of non-verbal spells and how to correctly repel and understand what spell is being cast.  It was relevant, I understood, but it was a bore, and I delighted in the fact that I finished it; unfortunately, I couldn’t even remember what I wrote.


I walked over to Bianca, who seemed keen on speaking with Sirius, but I was bored, so I interrupted them, “Yes, of course you would win in a scuffle with a Hungarian Horntail, given you’d get your hair burned off, and break half your bones.”


Sirius chuckled, “Pruitt, I feel like you have no faith in me.”


“It’s because I don’t, Black.”  She crossed her arms at her chest, smiling at him playfully, and he just stared back at her exasperated.


“If we’re gonna make this friendship thing work, you’re going to have to be polite Pruitt.”  Bianca thought for a moment thinking of a response.


“I am being polite, Black,” she looked at me, finally noticing that I had resorted to staring into the fire, “and if you don’t mind, we have a visitor.”


“Well if it isn’t Lily Evans, long time no see, you keeping our Prongsie in check?”  I glared at him playfully, albeit I was a bit put off by the statement.


“Ha ha, Sirius,” I glared, “I haven’t really seen James all that much this week, and I haven’t had time anyways.”


“It doesn’t seem like Prongs to avoid, especially since it’s you we’re talking about, I’m sure he has his reasons.”  For once Sirius was giving thoughtful advice.


Bianca and I stared at him surprised, “Wow, Sirius.”  Bianca teased.


“What?  I can be thoughtful when I chose.”


“I guess you don’t chose often then, huh?”


“Ha ha.”  He glared back at her, before looking behind her. We looked behind us to see the 5th year female Gryffindor prefect waiting to be acknowledged.


“Yes, Angelica?”  I answered for the group.


“I was told to give this to you, it’s from Dumbledore.” She muttered monotone, handing me the letter and walking out of the common room without another word, I stared at it for a moment.


“What’s it for?”  Bianca questioned curiously.


“Yeah, what’d Prongs do?”  Sirius questioned playfully.


“First off, how do you even know it involves James, and two I don’t know what it’s for?”  Sirius was about to retort but instead closed his mouth.  I stared at the letter.


It wasn’t like Dumbledore to inform James or I like this, I feared the worst.  I opened it, curious of what it could entail.


Dear Miss Evans,

            I am requesting an audience with both yourself and Mr. Potter, concerning events that have recently occurred.  You have no reason to worry that you’ve been committed of a crime you did not commit, this just involved occurrences outside of this school, and I’d like to speak with you about your future.  Your presence is suggested, and I would like to speak with the both of you as soon as possible.  I would like to see the both of you in my office at 9 p.m. this evening; the password is “licorice wands”.

                                                                                                Sincerely Your Headmaster,

Albus Dumbledore.


“It says I’m needed at Dumbledore’s office later this evening, along with James.”


“I told you, Evans.”  Sirius smiled, crossing his arms at his chest, at his little achievement.


“What time is it?”  I yawned, knowing I’d have to be at his office soon.


“It’s 8 o’ clock, you have about an hour.”  Sirius eyed the watch he had received recently, admiring it for a moment before waiting for my response.


“Where’s James?”


“James is still at practice, it won’t be out for another half hour, though I’d go and warn him, because that bird loves to take his time.”  With that I was out of the common room and down by the quidditch pitch.  From hundreds of yards away I could hear James’s strained voice, yelling loudly at his players.


I waited in the stands, watching with interest as James controlled his players, so concentrated that he didn’t even notice me watching him.  He seemed so calm, so in control, and I had never seen him in this state, I found it interesting.


The hour sped by quickly and the team was excused to go change, I watched as James spoke to some of the younger players, trying to give them advice, it was incredibly adorable, but he looked fatigued, and I almost hated to break to him that we had a meeting with Dumbledore, I walked down to the changing rooms, from the outside I could hear the loud sounds of males, I walked by a few of the girls on the team.


“Put on a shirt you tosser!”  A male yelled in the background, and James just smirked.


“I’ll put it on when I reach the school, besides it’s hot.”  James responded, I could hear that he was just in front of the door.


“You’re just hoping that for some reason Lily will be over here to catch you shirtless, so you can show off.”  He charged, and James chuckled again.


“That too.”  He opened the door, and I froze, realizing the inevitable.


James turned to look at me as soon as he opened the door, and after closing the door behind him, so no one else could see our interaction, he froze, unable to move or speak.


“Umm,” I muttered, unable to take my eyes off of his lush stomach, he was wearing loose muggle sweat pants with his trainors, with his t-shirt and cloak in his hands.  I realized it must have been a more muggle-type of training session, what with running and such, “I-I wanted to speak with you.”


“I-I apologize,” he blushed, grabbing his shirt and putting it on, I took every opportunity to inspect every bare inch of his upper body before it was hidden from me.  Merlin, he was so fit, “I didn’t expect you to be outside.”


“I-it’s quite alright, I shouldn’t have intruded without warning.”  I watched as he put his cloak in his school bag.  His arms were still well on full display, and I took the opportunity to stare at his biceps.  It was a little indecent; to be staring at him so, I admit, but I rarely got the chance to see his body because he was always covered up; so I took advantage of it.


“What did you want to speak with me about?” He broke the awkward silence at brought me back to reality, the reason I was here.


“I, uh, Dumbledore wanted to speak with us about something.”  James nodded before walking forward, and I was left watching him walk away.  I took the opportunity to watch him, noticing he also had a decent bum. 


Merlin, it was getting worse.  I was nearly acknowledging that I fancied him, but now I was making it obvious.  He was fit sure, but I didn’t have to acknowledge it the way I did, but again I couldn’t help it.


“Lily?”  He questioned, noticing I was just staring at his fleeting figure, “Are you coming?”


This brought me out of my daydream, thankfully, and I hurried to catch up to him.


“Do you know what Dumbledore wants to speak with us about?”  He questioned, looking forward towards the castle, which was being illuminated by the nearly-full moon.


“All I know is that he wants to talk to us about our future outside of this castle, but I’m not really sure.”


He nodded, remaining silent, indifferent, before he reached the castle door, opening it for me.  I nodded to thank him, and we walked in more silence towards the Headmaster’s office.  Merlin, not only was it awkward because we had almost kissed, but know I would have to worry about the awkwardness of I seeing him half-naked.


A/N:  So believe it or not this is supposed to be a cliffie.  Well anyways, there's a second part to this chapter.  ANYYWAAYYYS, I've decided to start this novel back up again with the knowledge that I'm in the middle of finishing another novel and wanting desperately to start about three more...and and top of that I get an hour of writing time a day total(and by that time I'm exhausted) due to afterschool activities and homework.  But I really think it would be good to finish this.  

Besides that point.  I'm hoping you enjoy my novel so far and if you haven't realized I've tried to make it as conanical as physically possible because...well it's easier for me this way.  But I would LOVE plot ideas and criticism.  Because well, we all know the ending, but even I'm having trouble trying to figure out the middle.  THANKS for even reading this, it means so much.  And PLEASE review, like even 1 would make my day(or just a simple yeah I'm reading your story kinda comment would be good too lol).  THANKS :))

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