Fred hadn't realized how far he had wandered just thinking about her.He was around the back of the burrow near the orchard where they had played Quidditch the previous summer's gone by.

There was a sudden rustling noise from behind him, it interrupted his train of thought on the girl that he wanted so bad. Stumbling from out of the reeds behind him came Hermione looking scared and slightly flustered.

"Hermione what are you doing out in the reeds on your own" Fred asked her curiously

"oh thank god, is that you George? i was trying to get away from Viktor"

"I'm not George I'm Fred and anyway i thought you were dancing with Krum to make ickle Ronnie kins jealous " joked Fred

"I'm sorry Fred i can never tell you and George apart" Hermione said apologetically

"its ok but you should be able to tell us apart now,i mean George is 'saint like"

"oh yeah, George is missing an ear,but we shouldn't really joke about that should we its no laughing matter " she sounded serious so Freds' grin faded

quickly changing the subject Fred jokingly repeated "i thought you were only dancing with Krum to make ickle Ronnie kins jealous"

"well i was but then he asked if we could somewhere more quieter and private, so he brought me out here and tried to make a move on me but i managed to escape by saying that i needed the bathroom , i must say Ron didn't look the most pleased when he saw us walking off towards the reeds "

" i bet he wasn't, you should have taken a picture and put it on wizards book with a caption saying ' Viktor and me - Weasley wedding 2k97' Fred's voice started to break as he said this

"Fred are you ok and why are you out here on your own,how come your not with George?" asked Hermione

Fred's voice was quivering a bit as he said "I'm not ok there's this girl i like who I'm madly on love with and i don't think she knows i exist and we have barely spoken apart from the odd few times and i just don't know what to do - your so clever will you help me, please Hermione,please"

Hermione looked at him and there in his eyes was a little glint of hope, how could she just refuse him when he had asked ever so nicely

"well..." she started to say " you could start to talk to her more, or offer help with homework, you could tell her with a letter saying how you feel or you could tell her face to face or you could just simply show her"

"you mean like you have Ron"

"no i mean that's completely different , we've known each other for 6 years years, were best friends ,for gods sake, who am i kidding it might never happen, i mean does he really only think of me as the bookworm who always helps him with his homework when he cant be arsed or when its wrong, no i mean when will he ever get the message that i like him more than friends" she half sobbed

"aww Hermione i never wanted to make you cry, but what if  could tell the girl I'm madly in love with, what if could tell her now, face to face just like you said.

"what is she here tonight"

"yes of course, its you Hermione, you're the girl I'm madly in love with " ......


sorry for the cliff hanger but the next chapter should be up soon . Read and Review x



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