She looked so beautiful, stood in front of the mirror, examining herself in the dress that was just so Alice it made me want to cry.

Two of my best friends in the world were getting married today, on New Year’s Eve. It had snowed over Christmas, so the fairy-tale mansion they’d rented for the wedding weekend was coated with a thick layer of pure white, the lengthy grounds a pristine sheen of untouched land.

“Do you think he’ll like it?” Alice whispered to Bea and I as we stood either side of her, already dressed in our scarlet bridesmaid dresses. Alice and Drew had decided on an almost Gryffindor themed wedding, which was absolutely hilarious to us, yet it seemed right. And of course, seeing as Alice had planned and decorated it, it was tasteful.

“Alice, you look stunning” Bea reached for her best friends’ hand and squeezed it. I mimicked her actions, smiling happily at my beautiful friend through the mirror.

“He loves you so much” I reassured her, I could understand her fears on her wedding day. I remembered a time when I’d thought that James didn’t love me, even though I loved him so much, and even now, I sometimes thought it was all just a dream, as it was so perfect. Don’t get me wrong, there were strains in our relationship, it wouldn’t be normal if we didn’t, but we worked through them together. We’d beaten a few people by having our first argument at the same time he’d asked me to be his girlfriend.

“Be my girlfriend, Lise?” James smiled as he lightly trailed a finger up my spine, holding my body close to his as he stared into my eyes.

I frowned at him. “Do you promise me that you have no feelings whatsoever towards Annabelle?”

James rolled his eyes and pulled me closer to him, pressing a kiss to my forehead sweetly. “Of course I promise! I told you, it was to make you jealous… she’s in love with one of her best mates anyway… ironic, isn’t it?”

I bit my lip to stop myself laughing at him, and studied his expression carefully. I loved him so much that I was painfully aware of how much it would hurt if I lost him somehow. I had to be sure, even though I already knew I could trust him this time.

“Promise never to make me jealous again?”

James’ tongue darted out to lick his lips nervously. “I’m not sure if I can promise you that.”

I arched an eyebrow at him and he blinked unsurely, as if formulating his words so I understood what he was trying to say.

“I just mean that there are always boys fawning over you! They’re all completely in love with you! I need to make sure…”

“James, shut up. I’m almost certain that you are the only boy who is in love with me, and even if you weren’t, it would never be them, would it? Because I’m in love with you, not them.”


“Yes” I rolled my eyes. “Because of all of your redeeming qualities, like jealousy, and protectiveness, and…”

“Alright, alright!” James sighed, leaning down to kiss me again. “I promise not to try and make you jealous.”

“Ok then” I smiled happily, reaching upwards to entwine my fingers in his hair and pull his lips to mine.

“Ok to what?” James persisted and I chuckled softly at him.

“Ok, I’ll be your girlfriend you dimwit” I grinned at his happy bark of laughter and kissed him fiercely.

Everything was perfect now in my life. Sure, my job was a bit pressing at times, as it seemed to take up any free hours James and I could fit in around his Quidditch training and matches, but somehow we did it. We’d spent Christmas at the Burrow, as per tradition, although I had taken Boxing Day out to spend time with my Dad. Naomi had come to stay after Christmas, and had spent the last week with us all at the flat (sleeping in Fred’s bed.. urgh). Mum was far off in some country with Edward, but she’d promised that she’d be back in time for Alice’s wedding, and I’d seen her this morning. Boxing Day had been nice, Dad and I had gone out for lunch and spent the day together, and then we went to watch one of James’ matches, along with the whole of the Weasley and Potter clan. James and my Dad had gotten on really well thankfully, spending hours talking Quidditch with one another and satisfying their need to discuss a subject I didn’t know much about.

To be perfectly honest, the fact that my father had told James he had no problem with me marrying me, made me absolutely certain James was perfect.

Bea kept on joking I’d be next to walk down the aisle and become Mrs Anneliese Potter, and as wonderful as it sounded, I wanted to be older than eighteen when I got married. But then, Alice and Drew seemed perfectly happy to go for it now, but they’d always been the happy-go-lucky pair, and they were the kind of people you knew would love each other for eternity.

Not that I didn’t think that about James, but I just didn’t want to get married right now.

“It’s nearly noon” Bea giggled nervously, glancing at Alice who was biting her lip. With a great, shuddering sigh, Alice smoothed out her dress and stepped towards the door.

“I’m getting married!” she muttered, shaking her head in disbelief as her hand fingered the door handle.

I grinned and handed her the bouquet, a collection of red and gold roses, and kissed her quickly on the cheek.


“I now pronounce you husband and wife!” the minister clapped his hands together and smiled as Alice and Drew kissed one another heartily. Bea and I were cheering through our tears, and my hand was wrapped firmly in James’ (who had sat beside me and tried to make me giggle during the most serious parts of the ceremony).

“I’m not even joking Lise, but are you in love with Drew or something? Because it’s not normal for you to cry so much when people get married…” James stop as I stifled one of my sobs and punched him in the gut.

“Shut up” I sniffled. “They’re happy tears! Because I’m happy, because our best friends just had the most beautiful wedding ever and…”

“Alright, alright love” James laughed, bending down to kiss me (most likely to shut me up) and then pulled out his wand and vanished the tears from my face. “You’re adorable, did you know?”

“Yes, actually” I smiled up at him, cuddling into his side and slipped my hand around his neck to pull him in for another kiss.

“Seriously you two” Fred boomed as he appeared at James’ side, wrinkling his nose distastefully. “I think you’re even worse than Bea and Nick now!”

“We’re allowed” James smirked, waggling his eyebrows at his cousin. “Because we’re in lurve…”

“Shut up you mushy sod!” Fred swung his arm around James’ neck and pulled him into a headlock.

“Good to see they’re still as immature as ever” Bea raised her eyebrows at the pair as she arrived at my side. “It’s time to go for the dinner, by the way.”

“Food?!” Fred yelped, springing away from James instantly, gazing intently at Bea. “Point in the direction of it, Beatrice if you please?!”

Bea rolled her eyes and pointed at the door to the right of us, where the grand main hall entrance was. Fred bounded off without a moment’s hesitation and we laughed as we watched him leave, James immediately slipping his arm around my waist after straightening out his suit.


The Potter’s, the Weasley-Johnson’s and Naomi joined James, Fred and I at our table just beside the bride and groom. Bea and Nick were sat with Drew and Alice and their family, but despite being a bridesmaid I’d assured Alice I was perfectly happy to spend time with the Potters and one family of Weasley’s, not to mention Naomi would want to sit with me as she didn’t know everybody here.

The Potters and George and Angelina had been completely taken with Naomi as soon as they’d properly gotten to know her as my friend, rather than James’ girlfriend, and Mrs Potter and Naomi were currently gossiping away on my left side.

I had a sneaking suspicion that they had all been so enthusiastic in welcoming Naomi purely because they had noticed that Fred actually looked up from his food once in a while (which is a rarity), purely to stare at Naomi, blush when he saw that James and I had noticed (James was always sniggering at Fred), and then Fred would return to his meal, to then repeat it all over again in a few minutes.

Roxanne and Lily kept making snide, sexual jokes just to make Fred blush as Albus had told them about Naomi and Fred because Fred had hexed Albus the other evening at a family dinner for fun. So far Naomi hadn’t heard any of them yet, but I was wondering how awkward it could become if she did. I’d gathered that Fred and Naomi still hadn’t spoken yet, although Lily had mentioned to me earlier if I knew that Fred kept appearing on the Marauders Map throughout the week and then disappearing in a few minutes. I wondered whether that’s where Fred was sneaking off to, Hogwarts, but Naomi hadn’t mentioned anything and I was fairly certain Fred had sworn off shagging Hogwarts girls once we’d left.

“Naomi” I’d grabbed my friends’ arm as soon as she’d stepped up from the table to visit the bathroom. “Mind if I join you?”

Naomi smiled unsurely, momentarily glancing over to Fred, before flicking her gaze back to me and nodding her head.

“Be back in a minute” I quickly squeezed James’ hand and joined Naomi on the walk to the loo.

A few minutes later found us stood in front of the sinks and the mirrors, touching our faces up and fiddling with stray stands of hair.

“So…Naomi” I mused as I tucked a loose curl up into my hairdo. “Is there something you need to tell me?”

“Concerning what?” she replied coolly, smacking her lips together as she applied a new coat of lip-gloss.

“Fred?” I turned to face her with an accusatory gaze, resting my hands on the sink behind me. “Is something going on with you two?”

“What makes you think that?” Naomi raised her eyebrows, but refused to look me in the eye.

“Because the pair of you are acting weird, and Fred keeps blushing…”

“I’m not acting weird” Naomi sighed and turned to face me. “The real reason you’re suspicious?”

“Lily told me she’s seen Fred at Hogwarts these past couple of weeks.”

Naomi choked on her own spit at this, and she spluttered and coughed before calming herself and looking at me with wide eyes.

“So what’s he been doing in Hogwarts, Naomi?” I folded my arms and glared at her.

Naomi bit her lip, twiddling with her fingers for a few moments before sighing heavily. “Alright, alright” she groaned. “He’s been with me… we’re…”

“Are you two together?!” I gasped and Naomi instantly looked horrified.

“Ew! No! We’re just… I’m still… Theo…”

“Oh, bloody merlin Naomi; if you’re Fred Weasley’s fuck buddy I’m going to murder you!”

“Shit?” she grinned cheekily, before whipping around and legging it out of the bathroom before I could stop her.

James glanced at me with an inquisitive expression on his face as I appeared at the table slightly breathless, just after Naomi who was grinning broadly.

“Did you two race each other to the table, girls?” Angelina laughed and we both nodded, giggling nervously.

James didn’t seem to buy it, because he instantly leant over as soon as I sat down and whispered in my ear,

“What’s going on?”

“Fred and Naomi are fuck buddies” I murmured back quietly, and James instantly spat out his drink he’d been sipping.

He stared at me with wide eyes as the family fussed around him, Lily complaining how vile he was and Mrs Potter reprimanding him for spitting on the table.

James didn’t appear to take any notice; instead he winked at me and turned to Fred with a fearsomely cheeky smirk on his face.

“So… Freddy… ouch!” James winced as I slammed my heel down on his foot viciously, attempting to shut him up.

“What was that for?!” James hissed, narrowing his eyes at me.

“Don’t you dare say a word about it until you’re alone with him, James” I warned my pouting boyfriend, and then proceeded to kiss him lightly on the lips. “Foot feeling better now?”

“You might have to massage it later” James smirked, leaning in to press another kiss on my lips before turning back to his family, who were all watching us with identical smiles.

“I know I should be disgusted by my brother making kissy-faces as his girlfriend…” Lily sighed wistfully. “But you two are just too bloody cute to get annoyed with!”

“No, trust me” Fred grumbled. “They get annoying.”

“Aw, feeling lonely and single are you, Freddy?” Lily patted his arm sympathetically, shooting him her cutest expression (complete with wide eyes.)

“Na, Fred’s alright, aren’t you mate?” Albus smirked as Roxanne’s face lit up with a mischievous smile.

“Yeah, Fred, I hear you’ve been having loads of fun with certain ladies” Roxanne waggled her eyebrows at Naomi, who caught my eye and blushed profusely.

“Roxanne! Don’t talk about things like that at the dinner table!” Angelina exclaimed, pursing her lips at her fifteen year old daughter.

“You’ve got a girlfriend then, Freddy?” George smirked at his son, knowing full well that something was going on between Naomi and Fred (it was so damn obvious).

“Erm… no. Roxanne’s just being an annoying midget” Fred ruffled a hand anxiously through his hair and glared at his little sister who was giggling madly at him, along with Lily.

Naomi just stared down at her lap, refusing to meet his gaze when Fred looked at her for a full minute.


“They’re great together, aren’t they?” I smiled as I leant back on James’ chest, watching Drew and Alice have their first dance as man and wife.

We’re great together too” James mumbled and placed a kiss on my neck.

“James…” I batted his hand away, as it was slipping too far down my stomach and nudged his head away from mine. “Not here!”

“Urgh, can we ditch now? You are looking absolutely beautiful and I just want to…”

“Calm you’re sex-filled mind down now, James Potter” I pouted at him, narrowing my eyes and attempting to look as scary as Mrs Potter does when she glares.

“It’s not working” he smirked, winding his arms around my middle again. “In fact, I’m even more attracted to you now.”

“Can’t you wait just a few hours, babe?” I giggled as he kissed my nose softly, moving to kiss my cheeks as well.

“Fine” he huffed, and then grabbed my hand and grinned. “Fancy having your last dance of this year?”

I dragged him out onto the dance floor and slipped into his arms, dancing with him slowly just like all the couples around me, Alice and Drew, Bea and Nick, Mr and Mrs Potter, Mr and Mrs Weasley, Roxanne, Lily and two very lucky cousins of Drew’s, and… is that Naomi and Fred?!

“He asked her to be his girlfriend just now” James muttered as he caught my bewildered expression.

“She said yes?!”

“No” he snorted, pulling me closer to him. “He was only asking because he’s spent the day with his Mum and he felt guilty for using her or some shit like that” James frowned. “And then he asked her to dance after they’d agreed it was purely physical.”

“You never know… someday they might…” I mused and James rolled his eyes at me.

“You’re so optimistic sometimes.”

“Optimism is a good thing!” I tutted, leaning my head on James’ chest and listening to his heartbeat. “It’s nicer to think everything’s going to be perfect.”

“Delusional” James sniggered. “Not everything’s perfect… this is perfect, you are perfect… Freddy and Naomi are not perfect.”

“You’re so soppy” I smiled up at him as the countdown to New Year began to boom out across the room.

“Ten…nine….eight…” the crowd chanted as James and I moved closer to one another.

“The first time I kissed you was exactly this time last year” James smirked down at me, tightening his grip on my waist as I lifted my chin to touch my lips to his.

“Want to make it a tradition?” I replied with a smile against his lips as the clock struck midnight.

“Every year, me and you?” James asked curiously. I nodded and James beamed down at me. “You bet I do, beautiful.”

And then he leant down to kiss me, and everything that the world called cliché happened, fireworks, wobbly knees and butterflies in my stomach.

Because, let’s face it, the romance of James Potter and Anneliese Lynch has been incredibly cliché.



OH MY MERLIN THIS IS IT! MY FIRST EVER FULL STORY FULLY COMPLETED! This is a serious achievement, not sure I’ve ever done this before, even before I wrote hpff! :O Anyway, thank you so much to everyone who has read, and to those who have reviewed, I honestly love you all for ploughing through James and Lise’s bipolar, cliché romance! I hope you all liked the ending, yep… it was soppy, and that’s what I wanted for it! Love the thought of James in this chapter making you all swoon! I can promise you now, I am almost 100% certain there will not be a sequel, I just don’t have that many more ideas for any of these characters!  However, I have exciting news (or so I hope!) I’ve decided to write a missing moment’s story based on For The First Time, just to add in all those little scenes we never saw because the story was from Lise’s POV. That will be up as soon as possible, so please keep an eye out! Also, I am working on some new stuff, which I’ll hopefully be posting if I finally write something I like. In the meantime, please do read my one-shot I wrote ages ago, Scarlet, it hasn’t had that many reads or reviews! Hope you all enjoyed this happy ending! Lots of love and kisses (and so much thanks for reading!), weasleytwins123 x


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