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He placed his hand on the mirror; the tips of his fingers felt a stabbing pain but he dismissed it gently. Pain didn’t bother him anymore. To Gellert, pain was second nature. It with the frivolous things like happiness and love that brought about fear and darkness. With pain he knew what would come, but happiness gave him a sense of false comfort and made him feel human; he detested that feeling. When he had been happy with her he had felt human; but being human came with liabilities like guilt and a conscious.

The mirror smashed and suddenly his fingers were covered in blood. His blood. Gellert closed his eyes and let the blood seep onto the hard, stone-cold ground. It would not matter how much blood he lost, it would never be enough to how much she lost. He could still remember that night, that fateful night when she had lost control. She was only trying to help. Before he knew it, Gellert was crying. His tears dropped into the pools of blood.

She had been his sweetest downfall; with her perfect brown hair and those haunting blue eyes. She always saw the good in people, even him.

“Ariana,” he choked out through his tears. But Ariana Dumbledore just couldn’t control herself. She had loved her boys so much that she just had to help. She just had to stop the fighting. In the end, she did but just not in the way anyone expected.

Gellert stood to his feet, blood dripping lazily from his hands. He knew deep down that, even though he had lost his humanity the moment he had been born into his family, he knew that Ariana compensated for his lack of humanity.

He had always wanted a caring family. A family that would comfort him when he cried and that would listen to his pointless problems. ‘Maybe,’ Gellert thought bitterly, ‘maybe if I had been raised by a different family then maybe I would have been born with a heart and not an empty hole where my heart had been so obviously carved out.’

Gellert muttered a few words under his breath and his blood stained tears vanished. A few small stains remained on the ground but he doubted anyone would ever see it again. No one ever found things they weren’t looking for. He ran his still-bloodied fingers through his slick golden hair. He hated it long, yet refused to cut it. He hadn’t cut it since her heart stopped beating. He cursed sentiment harshly under his breath.

“Do not go gentle Gellert,” her voice rang through his ears. Those words, those five simple words where the last things she had ever said to him. He gave one last glance at the broken mirror and allowed her words to sink in once more. “Do not go gentle Gellert,”

Gellert knew she could not hear him but he said it anyway. Just like he did every day. “I will love you forever my dear,”

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